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The Missionaries Over At Mormon.Org, Are Getting A Little Upset These Days When Confronted By The "Real Truth." Remember Guys...Slow To Anger!!

I've taken the time over the last week, to confront a couple more missionaries or volunteers, or whatever they hell they are, over at Mormon.Org. The one I just talked to, was a complete asshole and just cut me right off, when I accused him/her of lying, which they were. Here is a link to the other chat I had, in case you missed it.

Gee, wouldn't a representative of Jesus Christ be kinder and more loving and want to see why I thought they were lying and then express to me why they weren't lying, despite all of the evidence showing otherwise? I guess not!! By the way, the name of the person I was talking to was Adrian. Anyone else have a run-in with the friendly Adrian?

How much longer will this charade last(the cat's out of the bag dumb asses), as they must be getting bombarded by ex/anti-Mormons every single day. How many real people are actually going there to talk to them.

It must be the same bullshit day after day, being confronted with the shocking truth, then not answering our questions and telling us to read the Book of Mormon; because if it's true, Joseph Smith was a Prophet, the church is true and nothing we are asking them even matters, which is exactly what they tell me and everyone else that ventures in there.

Anyway, I'll post the 2 transcripts below so that you can all read them. The first one is about Dallin H. Oaks saying that they can't Ever criticize their leaders, even if the criticism is true and I then worked in Mountain Meadows Massacre and his admission that "without a doubt" Mormon leaders committed the slaughter.

The second one is about how they claim they don't condemn other religions, while openly condemning them from the First Vision forward, especially in the Book of Mormon. Adrian actually denied it again, right in the chat...OOPS!!

These guys know they are lying, when the truth is so obvious and clear; but they just think we are all idiots and will easily believe their den of lies and want to join the cult tomorrow.

Also, the Mormon Hierarchy has disabled the cut and paste option that used to be there in the chats, so now, all you have to do, is go up to File and click on Save as, and save it as a text file. You will have to do some editing, but at least we can still post our conversations with these brainwashed Mormons, for all the world to read.

Conversation #1:

Speak With a Missionary-Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and for your interest in the Church. Please know that you are welcome to worship with us any time, request a visit from Mormon missionaries, order a Book of Mormon, or continue to browse our Web site to learn more answers to life's greatest questions.

Addie: Hello! What can I do for you today?

Samuel: Yeah, I was curious to know more about the Mormon faith, after watching the PBS documentary called the Mormons.

Addie: Yes. That was an interesting program. What were some of your questions/concerns?

Samuel: Well, I was wondering if you are ever able to criticize your leaders and if you are punished when you do? They talked about all of the intellectuals that were excommunicated for speaking out and that is very troubling to me. So, are you allowed to criticize your leaders, especially the Apostles or Prophet?

Samuel: From what I've discovered, Dallin H. Oaks is one of your Prophets and he said the following:

Samuel: Sorry, go ahead and then I'll post the quote by Oaks

Samuel: Are you still there? (I'd waited like 5 minutes with no response at all and there was at least a 2 minute gap after almost every question I asked them.)

Addie: We believe that when a prophet speaks he does so by revelation and speaks the word and will of the Lord. The members of our Church sustain our leaders, which means committing to support them in their decisions. Also,

Samuel: So, they can never EVER be wrong? They are perfect and infallible? Aren't they imperfect men, just like any other man? That's what I've always believed, that no one is perfect...

Addie: in that process, they have the opportunity to voice objections and oppositions to those leaders. However, there is a difference between voicing objections and speaking against established doctrine

Addie: Prophets are not perfect.

Samuel: So, you can criticize them publicly, if you feel they are wrong or out of line, without any problems?

Addie: However, when they speak as directed by revelation, which is not everything they say, we believe it is the word of God

Samuel: If Prophets are not perfect, then anyone should be able to criticize them in my opinion, including Mormons themselves, right?

Samuel: How do you or does the world know when they are speaking by revelation or just as common men that make mistakes?

Addie: We are encouraged to pray about their words when they speak. Always, they invite us to know for ourselves and asking the Lord if what they speak is the truth. They never ask us to blindly obey.

Addie: Also, they will usually inform us of their opinions

Addie: For this reason, I personally have never found reason to criticize them

Samuel: So, let's say that they are not speaking by revelation and say something that isn't true? Can you openly criticize them for it with no fear of punishment?

Samuel: So, it's all based on what someone feels, whether it's true or not? What if you feel it's revelation and someone else doesn't?

Samuel: They don't ask you to blindly obey? But what if you pray about what they've said and you feel that it's wrong? Then what? Is that a problem?

Addie: When prophet is speaking by revelation, they make it clear that revelation is the source.

Samuel: Here's my question again; if you feel, after praying, that the Prophet or Apostles are wrong in what they are saying; can you openly criticize them for it without being punished?

Samuel: Do they allow you to speak your mind, even if it's against what they are saying? You said they aren't perfect, therefore they could screw up and make mistakes, teach false things, etc, right?

Addie: Why would you want to be part of the church if you feel that the prophets and apostles are wrong?

Samuel: Well, you earlier admitted that they aren't perfect, therefore they could be wrong. Either they are perfect and infallible or they aren't, right?

Addie: I know, from personal experience that these prophets are men of God. I trust their judgment and accept that they are not perfect. But I believe that I can trust in the counsels that God gives to them.

Samuel: I'm just trying to understand this, I really am. I have a lot of friends that are Mormon and they seem to blindly obey, saying that their leaders can never make a mistake or lead them astray in anyway and that if they try, God will literally remove them, is this true?

Addie: The most important thing that we can do is to seek

Samuel: But you still haven't answered my main question; can you criticize them, ever?

Samuel: even if they are wrong?

Addie: God's guidance through prayer to know if the prophets are acting according to the will of God.

Samuel: By admitting that they are human, they can make mistakes and can you then state openly how you feel about those human mistakes and errors, thus criticizing them?

Samuel: So, you do follow them blindly?

Samuel: Why pray to understand them or know what they are saying is true, if they can't ever teach anything wrong? It seems very redundant to me to pray about something that you already know can't possibly be wrong, ever?

Samuel: Look, here's the quote from Oaks:

Addie: Samuel I'd love to answer your questions, but it's tough to answer four at a Time.

Samuel: "It's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true."

Addie: Can I answer them one at a time?

Samuel: 4 at a time? I've been asking you the same exact question over and over, without you being willing to answer it. Again, can you openly criticize leaders of the Mormon church? I'll answer it for you, since you refuse to, and the answer, because Dallin H. Oaks says you can't, even if the criticism is true and that's what troubles me greatly as an investigator and someone trying to learn more about your church.

Addie: I'm glad that you've got sincere desires to learn.

Samuel: I consider myself to be an intellectual and inquisitive person, therefore not being able to ever object to anything these imperfect men say would be hell for me and would take away my freedom of expression and thought.

Addie: One thing that Jesus taught us in Matthew Chapter 6 is that we are not to cast judment on others whether they are prophets or not. We can disagree with views that they have, but criticism is really not necessary; that is a form of judgment

Samuel: I found that comment by Oaks to be so offensive, that I about fell off of my chair. It's like he thinks that he is God or Jesus Christ and cannot ever be criticized, even it the criticism is true. Those are not the words of man who sees himself as imperfect and that's not free agency or freedom at all.

Samuel: Would you ever state Addie that no one should ever criticize you, even if the criticism is true? Do you understand why this troubles me, when earlier you admitted that they aren't perfect, yet they say that they are beyond any criticism? It seems very contradictory to me in every way.

Addie: I understand perfectly. It's alright to express your concern with those whom you are concerned with. But that issue is between you and the person you disagree with. I welcome counsel and constructive criticism, but there isn't a point in pointing out.

Addie: weakness publicly whether prophets or not.

Samuel: Also, when talking about Mountain Meadows Massacre, Dallin H. Oaks said that:

"I have no doubt, on the basis of what I have studied and learned, that Mormons, including local leaders of our church, were prime movers in that terrible episode and participated in the killing."

Samuel: So, if you disagree with the Prophet or Dallin H. Oaks for example, can you go sit down with him and discuss it in private? Do they allow any member to meet with them?

Addie: They are always welcome to letters and other forms of communication.

Samuel: So, can you publicly criticize the Prophet with "constructive criticism?"

Addie: Can I ask, what do you understand a prophet to be?

Samuel: So, let me ask you this; Dallin H. Oaks openly admits that Mormon leaders killed all of those poor people at Mountain Meadows, but you aren't allowed to criticize them for the horrible murders they committed? According to Dallin H. Oaks, even if they murder innocent men, women and children, as he has now admitted to, you CAN'T criticize them...that's insane!

Samuel: He also hopes that the Lord will forgive these murderous Mormon leaders, when I believe murder is the unforgivable and unpardonable.

Samuel: I believe a Prophet is a man of God, who speaks and acts for God

Addie: Samuel, I don't feel that you're being very sincere about listening to theanswers to your questions. Those acts of those men who committed that horrible act were not endorsed by the prophet and when he heard of their acts he was very disappointed...

Samuel: Disappointed? 120 people were slaughtered by Mormon leadership and he was disappointed? I just don't know how to overcome these major concerns, as all my friends are trying to get me to take the missionary discussions and get baptized. That's why I'm here today, to see if I can resolve these concerns with you...

Addie: with them and they were excommunicated.

Addie: The real question you need to ask is to God.

Addie: If these men speak and act for God is there reason to criticize?

Samuel: So why did Oaks say that Mormon leaders were the "prime movers" and "participated in the killings?"

Addie: He was speaking of the local leaders, not of the prophets (so like a bishop). We do not consider such men to be prophets.

Samuel: So, it's okay to publicly criticize a Bishop then? Only John D. Lee was executed or excommunicated for those crimes and there were over 100 men committing the murderers.

Addie: Do you believe that God can answer prayers?

Samuel: Okay, let me ask you this, as I've been researching this Mountain Meadows tragedy....was John D. Lee guilty of murdering these poor people or not?

Samuel:I don't believe God has to answer questions that are already answered by the facts and truth, nor do I have to ask him if they answers are already obvious and clear.

Addie: I understand your concerns, but I know that all the questions you have will be answered by a much simpler question. "Is the Book of Mormon true?"

Samuel: What?

Samuel: Mountain Meadows Massacre is discussed in the Book of Mormon?

Samuel: I had no idea...

Samuel: What part?

Addie: If the Book of Mormon is true then the church is true and so are the prophets. That act was not an act of the Church, but of misguided men, and as such really doesn't effect a person's testimony of the doctrines of the church.

Samuel: I discovered that John D. Lee was also sealed to Brigham Young too, which is strange. Back then, men sealed themselves to each other in the Mormon temple?

Addie: If you find out that the Book of MOrmon is true you will still understand that this was a horrible act that should never have taken place, but you will also know that it was not an act of God, and that the church, which tried to stop it, is of God.

Addie: I would invite you to pray and ask god of if the Book of Mormon is true with a sincere heart. Will you do that?

Samuel: So, if the Book of Mormon is true, then the Mormon church is perfect and true and has never, ever made any mistakes and their leaders are infallible and can never, ever be criticized(even if the criticism is true), and they have never made any mistakes?

Samuel: Was John D. Lee a murderer?

Addie: Samuel, will you pray with a sincere heart?

Samuel: Answer my last question please

Samuel: I'm only asking you about John D. Lee, because I don't know if you are aware or not, that in 1961, the Mormon Hierarchy fully restored his blessings and forgave him for all of those awful and tragic murders he committed, of men women, children, even babies...and that also shocks me and troubles my soul deeply. Why would they do this?

Addie: I really don't know enough about that event to give you a difinitive answer, but I do know that this church is Jesus Christ's. If you will pray with a sincere heart and faith, you will find the same.

Addie: I hope you have a great evening.

Samuel: John D. Lee was the adopted son of Brigham Young, through their sealing together in the Salt Lake City temple and he was executed for his crime of mass murder and they've now forgiven him. Why?

Samuel: Praying won't answer these questions and you never told me if Mountain Meadows is discussed in the Book of Mormon, as you seemed to indicate.

Samuel: Do you not care at all about facts or evidence?

Samuel: So, is the Mormon church the one and only true church on earth?

Addie: I care about the spirit of God. I know the Book of Mormon is true and as such, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true and living church that is guided by God himself on the earth. If you simply find that out the other questions won't...matter anymore.

Samuel: Is my church really an abomination, with false doctrines and corrupt professors, as Joseph Smith clearly indicated. You are the only people on earth that have the truth? Everyone else is guided by Satan?

Addie: Please pray. I know you'll get an answer.

Samuel: The other questions won't matter anymore? Are you serious?

Addie then cut me off and abruptly ended the conversation, refusing to answer any of my questions, insisting that the only thing that mattered, was the Book of Mormon and that "If you simply find that out that it's true, then the other questions won't matter anymore."

Now, those are the true fruits of Mormonism folks. Facts, truth, logic and reality mean nothing and all that matters is that you believe the Book of Mormon is true, end of story, if it's true, it's all true, Joseph Smith was a Prophet and the church is true, and nothing else matters.

Conversation #2:

Speak With a Missionary-Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and for your interest in the Church. Please know that you are welcome to worship with us any time, request a visit from Mormon missionaries, order a Book of Mormon, or continue to browse our Web site to learn more answers to life's greatest questions.

Referral Support: Hello, My name is Adrian how can I help you?

Mike: Hey Adrian, where are you at?

Mike: Are you an actual missionary from the MTC?

Referral Support: were are in Utah

Mike: I figured that, but are you a student, a missionary, or what? I've heard that
the folks on here are from the MTC or BYU?

Referral Support: I am a member of the Church.

Mike: Uh yeah, I figured that too...I mean what are the odds that the Mormon church would put somebody on here that wasn't even a Mormon? So, I guess you can't tell me what you are, if you're a missionary, student or whatever, which is fine.

Mike: I just wondered where I was talking to, if you were in Salt lake, Provo, etc, but obviously you aren't allowed to share that information with the public.Well, hopefully you can help me out anyway and will be more forthcoming on my other questions...

Referral Support: you are correct, I am not to share that kind of information.

Referral Support: I will do my best to answer yor questions

Mike: Sounds a little paranoid to me, since it was just a general question, but okay, hopefully they'll allow you to speak freely regarding other things.

Mike: I've always heard how secret the Mormon church is, especially regarding the temple, and I guess it's true.

Referral Support: Ok mike , I dont want to give you information about myself that is all

Mike: Anyway, I've been Catholic all my life and since moving to Utah, I've become interested in learning more about Mormons

Mike: Yeah, because I might track you down, right? LOL

Mike: whatever man

Mike: But I've read in Mormon Doctrine, which was written by one of your Apostles and also I've been reading in the book of Mormon

Referral Support: I dont want. it is simple , I am not goint to ask about your personal information.

Referral Support: ok

Mike: and it looks like you guys have really issues with Catholics or any other religion

Referral Support: we dont

Mike: Looks like we got off on a very bad foot

Mike: You don't?

Referral Support: I was catholic

Referral Support: all my family is catholic, I love them

(For some reason at this point, we were suddenly disconnected. I quickly logged back in and happened to get Adrian again and so we continued on with out conversation for a little while longer. Adrian had no idea what happened and it certainly wasn't anything I did. It must have been that Mormon God, intervening to help his servant and representative...LOL.)

Referral Support: Hi mike, I dont know what happend

Referral Support: sorry we got disconected

Mike: Yeah, me just disconnected...I thought you hung up on me

Referral Support: no I didnt

Referral Support: ok , so do you have some questions

Referral Support: ?

Mike: Anyway, like I was saying, it looks to me like you guys have serious issues with Catholics or any other religion

Mike: Maybe you can help me understand somethings

Referral Support: okay

Mike: First of all, do you believe that your church is "the one and only true church" on the planet earth?

Referral Support: yes I do.

Mike: I believe the First Vision of Joseph Smith says that Jesus said, that all other churches are abominations with corrupt professors(preachers) and wrong doctrines, or something like that...

Referral Support: they are not guided by God.

Mike: So, if you have "the one and only truth", what does that say about my religion and the religions of most of my friends and family? Why do we have to become Mormon?

Mike: So, you are telling me that my religion is not guided by God? By what authority do you tell me this?

Mike: You realize that's offensive, right?

Referral Support: well, that is what I believe (No apologies of course)

Referral Support: dont take offence on that

Mike: It's funny how Mormons and your leaders always say that they never cut down any other religion...but you clearly do, by saying that you have the only truth on earth and that all the rest are abominations, corrupt and wrong.

Mike: Yeah, but your church believes that everyone needs to be a Mormon, in this life or the next, right? That's why you baptize dead people.

Mike: So, if Mormonism is "the one and only true church" on earth, then all the other religions are indeed false, right?

Referral Support: We are the only true Church, I know that. we have prophets and apostles that recieve revelation from God. All other Churches are full of great people, great feelings and amazing teachings , but lack authority to act in God's name

Mike: Do you believe that Satan runs my church and that it's of the Devil?

Mike: You believe this why? (This was an answer to their last comment)

Referral Support: no, I dont think so.

Mike: Aren't you just making the same claim that most religions make?

Referral Support: well you tell me what do you believe?

Mike: You believe in the Book of Mormon, right? Joseph said it's the most correct book on earth or something like that didn't he?

Referral Support: what do you believe about the LDS church and your church?

Mike: I don't believe that you have to belong to one particular church in order to be saved...I believe it's based on the kind of person you are and how you treat others, not whose church you call home.
Referral Support: well you said you were catholic, and that is not what they believe

Mike: Well, we are talking about what you believe and preach, not what I believe and in the Catholic church, we don't go around openly condemning other churches, calling them the church of the devil and abominations, whores of all the earth and Mothers of Harlots and we try to be kind to everyone.

Referral Support: but what is your doctrine?

Mike: So, you tell me what my doctrine is, since you are so well informed about it

Referral Support: you certanly believe exactly what you are criticizing from the LDS church

Mike: That unless you are a Catholic, you're screwed? That's what I believe?

Referral Support: the catholic Church to be the only true church.

Mike: Well, at least we don't preach that Mormons and all other churches are the church of Satan and the whore of all the earth

Referral Support: we dont prach about anybody else, We actually dont preach about others at all. (Can you believe that shit? I can't believe they actually said this? Now tell me that they didn't know they were outright lying when they made this statement!!)

Mike: Still there?(There was a very long pause before their last comment and this comment of mine, as they both popped up at the same time.) You believe in the Book of Mormon, don't you? Well, it greatly insults me and any other religion out there, yet your church claims that we are all evil

Mike: Saying you don't preach about other religions is an outright lie and you know it

Referral Support: Mike , is not a lie, and please remember what your religion claims before you criticize the LDS church for what it claims

1 Nephi 14:10.....Behold there are save two churches only, one is the church of the lamb of God and the other is the church of the DEVIL, wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS; and she is the WHORE of all the earth.

1 Nephi 13:34...wherefore, after I have visited them in judgment, and smitten them by the hand of the Gentiles, and after the Gentiles do stumble exceedingly, because of the most plain and precious parts of the gospel of the Lamb which have been kept back by that ABOMINABLE church, which is the MOTHER OF HARLOTS, saith the Lamb--I will be merciful unto the Gentiles in that day, insomuch that I will bring forth unto them, in mine own power, much of my gospel, which shall be plain and precious, saith the Lamb.

Referral Support: Take care

Mike: Where are you going?!! I wasn't done...

That was the abrupt end of the chat. I guess they can't handle "the real truth", can they? Hypocritical jackasses!!

I look forward to everyone's comments on these chats.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Mormon Church, Foundation At Odds Over Mountain Meadows Monument...What A Disgrace!!

I just want to say thanks to Demon of Kolob for posting this article in my comments section and on his blog. I hadn't seen the article until he posted it. I think this article is 100% clear in showing the world how little respect the Mormon Hierarchy, is treating the families of the victims of Mountain Meadows Massacre with.

Here is the entire article from the Salt Lake Tribune, for those that haven't read it yet:

Mormon church, foundation at odds over Mountain Meadows monument
The Associated Press

Descendants of a 120-member Arkansas immigrant party say their plea for federal stewardship of the Mountain Meadows mass grave site has been rejected by LDS Church.

Phil Bolinger and Scott Fancher of the Arkansas-based Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation say they got the news June 6 in a telephone call from Elder Marlin Jensen, who oversees the church history department.

"He told us that President (Gordon B.) Hinckley had turned us down. He doesn't think it's in the best interests of the church to allow federal stewardship in the meadows," said Bolinger, the foundation president who is related to 30 of those killed. "That really bit me bad."

Jensen declined an interview, but confirmed through spokeswoman Kim Farah that the church will not pursue federal stewardship of the site. A similar request was also rejected in 1999.

Descendants want the site in the hands of a neutral third party because they believe the institutional church is complicit in the murders.

"It's not right for the people who had complicity to the killings to be the grave owner," said Bolinger, who discussed the issue with Jensen on April 25 in Salt Lake City.

"I asked him, 'How you do you think the Kennedy family would feel if the Lee Harvey Oswald family had control of the Kennedy tomb?'"

History hangs the Sept. 11, 1857, event on southern Utah Mormon leaders and a small band of Paiute Indians, leaving the culpability of then-church president Brigham Young up for debate. An upcoming book from church historians takes the same position.

Headed to California, the wagon train led by Capt. Alexander Fancher and John Baker arrived in the Utah territory at the same time the federal government was mounting pressure on the Mormon church for its practice of polygamy and disregard for federal oversight.

They camped first near Salt Lake City and then headed south to the meadow, a well-known stopover on the old Spanish Trail. The immigrants were attacked and spent a week engaged in gun skirmishes before local Mormon Elder John D. Lee rode in on horseback with a white flag to negotiate their rescue.

Persuaded to walk single-file and unarmed from the valley, the immigrants were shot at close range, stabbed or beaten to death. Their bodies were not buried.

Seventeen children were spared, all of them under age six-young enough, some said, not to remember or speak of what they saw. The youngsters were adopted by local families and later returned to their relatives in Arkansas.

Lee was tried, convicted and executed for the massacre 20 years later and is the only person ever held responsible.

Today, the Mountain Meadows monument site is a 2,500-acre parcel in a rolling scrub-pine and sagebrush valley about 35 miles northwest of St. George.

The land is a patchwork of public and private holdings, some of which was passed down through families from pioneer ancestors.

There are four known mass grave sites and two memorials-the rock pyramid known as the Carelton Cairn on the valley floor and a memorial wall on Dan Sill Hill, which overlooks the valley and is inscribed with the known names of victims from the 29 different families on the wagon train.

The monument is already on the National Park Service's Register of Historic Places, but the designation doesn't guarantee public access or public input before construction or other site changes, foundation attorney Scott Fancher said.

Foundation members believe a higher designation, such as national monument status, would better protect the interests of all and salve the wounds of many Fancher party descendants, said Bolinger, of Hindsville, Ark.

"Federal stewardship of this grave site ... that's all it would take to put this to bed," he said.

Federal oversight might also have prevented the Aug. 3, 1999, maintenance work on the cairn when a church crew accidentally unearthed the remains of at least 28 men, women and children. A forensic evaluation was begun, but cut short on an order from Utah's then-Gov. Mike Leavitt, a descendant of some who participated in the massacre.

At a dedication ceremony of the rebuilt cairn that September, Hinckley said the church carries a moral responsibility to remember the victims, but fell short of acknowledging church complicity to the crime.

Mormon church leaders are committed to appropriately preserving the Mountain Meadows site, Farah said.

"The church has owned the monument site at Mountain Meadows for many years. The property is open to the public and considerable time and resources are allocated to ensure that the property is well-maintained, open to the public and that those who perished there are appropriately remembered," she said.

Farah also confirmed what Washington County recorder's office records show - over the past few months, the church has increased its holdings in the meadow. Since March at least two families have deeded their property over to the church.

"The church intends to administer and maintain this property in like manner, thereby preserving it from either residential or commercial development," said Farah. (Until Jesus Christ supposedly gives them a revelation to build a mall or a temple that is.)

Bolinger said the foundation, one of three descendant groups, shared concerns that residential development in fast-growing Washington County would damage the site. But he's rankled by the church's acquisition of more land and says he'll continue to push for federal stewardship.

"It's the highest honor we could pay these people
," Bolinger said


It truly is sickening and hard for me to even fathom!! It is despicable and revolting how little regard Hinckley and co. have for these families and their pain and loss. Their is no love, no compassion and no concern whatsoever. But then again, I guess that's how criminals act, right?

So, I guess Marlin K. Jensen really is the new asshole in charge and official Mormon Spokesman eh? Whether it's "The Mormon" documentary or homosexuals on Nightline or now Mountain Meadows Massacre...he's your man and go-to guy and a complete jackass loser I might add.

They are purposely causing these people more pain and putting them through a living hell, just like they do to anyone that ever accuses a Bishop, Stake President or any leader or member of sexual abuse.

They sic Jesus' Lawyers on them, call them liars and re-victimize them all over again, as they try to discredit the person by attacking every aspect of their life, accusing them of false things they never even did and blaming them for what happened.(Just like they did to Galatians brother, when he was fighting for custody of HIS child, which was literally kidnapped from him).

When found guilty, as they often are, because they are indeed guilty, the Mormon church(Jesus Christ) then appeals with everything they've got, re-victimizing them yet again, with no Christlike!!

In most cases, they know damn well that the Bishop, leader or member did what he's accused of, but go forward, at all costs, defending him and the church, to protect it's "precious reputation." As the Bishop's handbook of instructions says over and over; that's their number one priority, to protect the reputation of the Mormon cult, even ranking apostates as more of a threat or danger than predators. WTF?!!

Their Jesus Christ must be so proud of them, as this is revelation directly from him to do this and they are just being obedient, right? Kind of like banning blacks from the Priesthood and cursing them as the "seed of Cain"...right? According to "OFFICIAL" Mormon doctrine, Hinckley is THE ONLY MAN ON EARTH, that can speak for and on behalf of yes, he's off the hook and just obeying his wonderful, loving Mormon God of make believe.

Here are some quotes by current Apostles, regarding how important it is to protect the church's reputation at any cost:

"My duty as a member of the Council of the Twelve is to protect what is most unique about the LDS church......Everything may be sacrificed in order to maintain the integrity of those essential facts. Thus, if Mormon Enigma reveals information that is detrimental to the reputation of Joseph Smith, then it is necessary to try to limit its influence and that of its authors."-(Apostle Dallin Oaks, footnote 28, Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith: Psychobiography and the Book of Mormon, Introduction p. xliii)

“You seminary teachers and some of you institute and BYU men will be teaching the history of the Church this school year. This is an unparalleled opportunity in the lives of your students to increase their faith and testimony of the divinity of this work. Your objective should be that they will see the hand of the Lord in every hour and every moment of the Church from its beginning till now.”

“Church history can be so interesting and so inspiring as to be a very powerful tool indeed for building faith. If not properly written or properly taught, it may be a faith destroyer.”

“There is a temptation for the writer or the teacher of Church history to want to tell everything, whether it is worthy or faith promoting or not.”

“Some things that are true are not very useful.”

“That historian or scholar who delights in pointing out the weaknesses and frailties of present or past leaders destroys faith. A destroyer of faith — particularly one within the Church, and more particularly one who is employed specifically to build faith — places himself in great spiritual jeopardy. He is serving the wrong master, and unless he repents, he will not be among the faithful in the eternities. ... Do not spread disease germs!"- (Boyd K. Packer, "The Mantle is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect", 1981, BYU Studies, Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 259-271)

"Indeed, in some instances, the merciful companion to truth is silence. Some truths are best left unsaid."

"Any who are tempted to rake through the annals of history, to use truth unrighteously, or to dig up “facts” with the intent to defame or destroy, should hearken to this warning of scripture:

“The righteousness of God [is] revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.” (Rom. 1:17-18.)

"I repeat: 'The wrath of God is … against all … who hold the truth in unrighteousness.'"

"To anyone who, because of truth, may be tempted to become a dissenter against the Lord and his anointed, weigh carefully your action in light of this sacred scripture:"

“These dissenters, having the same instruction and the same information … yea, having been instructed in the same knowledge of the Lord, nevertheless, it is strange to relate, not long after their dissensions they became more hardened and impenitent, and … wicked, … entirely forgetting the Lord their God.” (Alma 47:36.)

"We must realize that we are at war. The war began before the world was and will continue. The forces of the adversary are extant upon the earth. All of our virtuous motives, if transmitted only by inertia and timidity, are no match for the resolute wickedness of those who oppose us."- (Russell M. Nelson, “Truth—and More,” Ensign, Jan. 1986, page 69)

Now, I posted Dallin H. Oaks' arrogant and outlandish comments from "The Mormons" PBS documentary the other day(I can't get his arrogant, pompous ass, condescending smirk out of my mind); about not being able to EVER criticize Mormon Leaders, even if the criticism is true, and I wasn't aware that he had a history of making such comments and was only reconfirming what he'd said countless times in the past.

Here are some of those other times:

"It is one thing to depreciate a person who exercises corporate power or even government power. It is quite another thing to criticize or depreciate a person for the performance of an office to which he or she has been called of God. It does not matter that the criticism is true."

"As Elder George F. Richards, President of the Council of the Twelve, said in a conference address in April 1947, 'when we say anything bad about the leaders of the Church, whether true or false, we tend to impair their influence and their usefulness and are thus working against the Lord and his cause.' ... The Holy Ghost will not guide or confirm criticism of the Lord's anointed, or of Church leaders, local or general. This reality should be part of the spiritual evaluation that LDS readers and viewers apply to those things written about our history and those who made it." -( Dallin H. Oaks, "Reading Church History," CES Doctrine and Covenants Symposium, Brigham Young University, 16 Aug. 1985, page 25. also see Dallin H. Oaks, "Elder Decries Criticism of LDS Leaders," quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday August 18, 1985, p. 2B)

"Truth surely exists as an absolute, but our use of truth should be disciplined by other values. ... When truth is constrained by other virtues, the outcome is not falsehood but silence for a season. As the scriptures say, there is “a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.”

"Does the commandment to avoid faultfinding and evil speaking apply to Church members’ destructive personal criticism of Church leaders? Of course it does. It applies to criticism of all Church leaders—local or general, male or female. In our relations with all of our Church leaders, we should follow the Apostle Paul’s direction: “Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father.” (1 Tim. 5:1.)

"Government or corporate officials, who are elected directly or indirectly or appointed by majority vote, must expect that their performance will be subject to critical and public evaluations by their constituents. That is part of the process of informing those who have the right and power of selection or removal. The same is true of popularly elected officers in professional, community, and other private organizations."

"A different principle applies in our Church, where the selection of leaders is based on revelation, subject to the sustaining vote of the membership. In our system of Church government, evil speaking and criticism of leaders by members is always negative. Whether the criticism is true or not, as Elder George F. Richards explained, it tends to impair the leaders’ influence and usefulness, thus working against the Lord and his cause."

"Public debate—the means of resolving differences in a democratic government—is not appropriate in our Church government. We are all subject to the authority of the called and sustained servants of the Lord. They and we are all governed by the direction of the Spirit of the Lord, and that Spirit only functions in an atmosphere of unity. That is why personal differences about Church doctrine or procedure need to be worked out privately." - Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, “Criticism,” Ensign, Feb. 1987, page 68

Notice that the quote from George F. Richards, which Oaks is so proud of, includes LOCAL or general leaders. I've taken some heat lately, for saying that Oaks is saying that we can't criticize the "LOCAL LEADERS" that he admits committed the Mountain Meadows Massacre. TBMS or pathetic Mormon apologists, are saying that he only meant the highest level of leadership like Apostles or the Prophet.

Now we have complete clarity on the issue, from Oaks' very own words, so you Mormon apologists can go screw yourselves with your bullshit excuses and false interpretations of exactly what he was saying. He said exactly what he meant and meant exactly what he said; that you can't criticize ANY MORMON LEADER, AT ANY LEVEL, even those that he has no doubt massacred all those men, women and children at Mountain Meadows.

Like he says above: "Public debate—the means of resolving differences in a democratic government—is not appropriate in our Church government."

To Oaks and all the other GAs; it is wrong to criticize any level of Mormon leadership, be it a Bishop, Stake President or the Prophet himself, because they were called by divine revelation, directly from the Mormon God, CASE CLOSED!!

This blind loyalty and following, even to the literally giving of your life for the Mormon cult, is also confirmed in the Mormon temple ordinances:

"And as Jesus Christ has laid down his life for the redemption of mankind, so we should covenant to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the Kingdom of God."

"All arise. Each of you bring your right arm to the square. You and each of you solemnly covenant and promise before God, angels, and these witnesses at this alter that you will observe and keep the Law of Sacrifice, as contained in the Old and New Testament, as it has been explained to you.

Each of you bow your head and say 'yes.'"

Before 1990, in the spirit of Brigham Young's "blood atonement", all members that went through the temple, including myself and a lot of my family members and many of my friends, had to take death oaths, literally acting out and pantomiming their own deaths, together as a group in unison. Isn't that cult like? Nah...not at all!!

Here are those death oaths:

Death Oath #1:

ELOHIM: "All arise." (All patrons stand.)

ELOHIM: "Each of you make the sign of the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, by bringing your right arm to the square, the palm of the hand to the front, the fingers together, and the thumb extended. This is the sign. Now, repeat in your mind after me the words of the covenant, at the same time representing the execution of the penalty."(The Execution of the Penalty is represented by placing the thumb under the left ear, the palm of the hand down, and by drawing the thumb quickly across the throat to the right ear, and dropping the hand to the side.)

"I ________, think of the new name, covenant before God, angels and these witnesses that I will never reveal the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its accompanying name and sign, and penalty. Rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken."
(Patrons perform the action as the Officiator guides them.)
"That will do." (Patrons sit down.)

Death Oath #2:

PETER: "The sign is made by bringing the right hand in front of you, with the hand in cupping shape, the right arm forming a square, and the left arm being raised to the square. This is the sign. (The officiator demonstrates.) The Execution of the Penalty is represented by placing the right hand on the left breast, drawing the hand quickly across the body, and dropping the hands to the sides. I will now explain the covenant and obligation of secrecy which are associated with this token, its name, and sign, and penalty, and which you will be required to take upon yourselves."

PETER: "All arise. (All Patrons stand.) Each of you make the sign of the Second Token of the Aaronic priesthood by bringing the right hand in front of you, with the hand in cupping shape, the right arm forming a square, and the left arm being raised to the square. This is the sign."

"Now, repeat in your mind after me the words of the covenant, at the same time representing the Executing of the Penalty."

"I, _________, think of the first given name, solemnly covenant, before God, angels, and these witnesses that I will never reveal the second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its accompanying name, and sign, and penalty. Rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken."
(Patrons perform the action as the Officiator guides them.)
"That will do." (All patrons sit down.)

Death Oath #3:

PETER: "All arise. (All patrons stand.) Each of you make the sign of the First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood or Sign of the Nail by bringing the left hand in front of you with the hand in cupping shape, the left arm forming a square; also by bringing the right hand forward, the palm down, the fingers close together, the thumb extended, and by placing the thumb over the left hip. This is the sign."

"Now repeat in your mind after me the words of the covenant, at the same time representing the Execution of the Penalty(The Execution of the penalty is represented by drawing the thumb quickly across the body, and dropping the hands to the sides):"

"I solemnly covenant in the name of the Son that I will never reveal the First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood or Sign of the Nail, with its accompanying name,and sign and penalty. Rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken."(Patrons perform the action as the Officiator guides them.)

"That will do." (All patrons sit down.)

You guys think these are bad; check out what the penalties were before the 1930s:

...Should we do so, we agree that our throats be cut from ear to ear and our tongues torn out by their roots."

ADAM: "All bow your heads and say Yes."

TEMPLE PATRONS: "Yes." (All patrons sit down.)

"...Should we do so, we agree to have our breasts cut open and our hearts and vitals torn from our bodies and given to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field."

"All bow your heads and say yes."

TEMPLE PATRONS: "Yes." (All patrons sit down.)

"...Should we do so, we agree that our bodies be cut asunder in the midst and all our bowels gush out."

"All bow your heads and say yes."

TEMPLE PATRONS: "Yes." (All patrons sit down.)

I'd also like to put to bed, for good, the "is the temple ceremony SECRET or SACRED(as all TBMS and Mormon apologists claim)? In 1984, the following appeared in the temple ceremony that should answer this question:

ELOHIM: We will now give unto you the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood with its accompanying name, sign, and penalty. Before doing this, however, we desire to impress upon your minds the sacred character of the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its accompanying name, sign, and penalty, as well as that of all the other tokens of the Holy Priesthood, with their names, signs, and penalties, which you will receive in the temple this day. They are most sacred, and are guarded by solemn covenants and obligations of secrecy to the effect that under no condition, even at the peril of your life, will you ever divulge them, except at a certain place that will be shown you hereafter. The representation of the execution of the penalties indicates different ways in which life may be taken.(Does that sound like the penalties aren't literal to you, as TBMS and Mormon apologists also claim?)

One question that everyone should be asking themselves is this: if the Mormon Hierarchy had absolutely nothing to do with this horrific massacre at Mountain Meadows and they have no idea what happened there in Mountain Meadows on September 11, 1857, as current Mormon Prophet Gordon Bozo Hinckley claims; why are they so desperate to hang onto this land and not only keep the land they already have, but continue to expand their land holdings in that area. WHY?!!

If they were completely innocent in this matter, had nothing to do with it as Hinckley claims; they would turn this land over in 2 seconds....or should I say anyone with any human decency would do that. Gee, maybe they plan to one day build a mall on top of it or maybe a temple or a Stake Center...why not?

They'd probably have some big ceremony to dig up the bodies and move them somewhere else, to make room for their mall, or building or housing development. They'd spin it as how sensitive and kind they were to do this and that they cared so much, that they spent all that sacred money of Jesus Christ, to move the bodies of people that they didn't even kill. They would want everyone to pat them on the back and sadly, TBMS would do just that and rejoice and agree with everything they said and did, singing "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet."

The Hierarchy would of course have their perpetual video camera there, to film a 2 hour special to play in betweens sessions of the next General Conference. They'd have the camera man go around and ask people what they thought of their kind gesture and only play the positive responses from die-hard TBMS in their 2 hour "we are wonderful" bullshit propaganda show.

I'm sure they'd also mix in plenty of Marlin K. Jensen, Daniel C. Peterson and Ken Verdoia, the new 3 headed Mormon apologist monster; to tell the world how wonderful it was that God's servants, would do such a magnificent thing and how much they loved these poor, innocent men, women and children, that the Mormon leaders butchered and slaughtered, without a doubt, as admitted to by Dallin H. Oaks.

They already dug up 28 bodies when building their bullshit, cover-our-ass(we just did it out of the blue, because we're really, super nice and feel bad the Indians or anti-Mormons killed your relatives) monument in 1999. As Hinckley says, "let the book of the past be closed." Why? I think we should let the book be wide open!!

But I guess that's easy to say for Hinckley, when you are the one trying desperately to cover up a mass murder that former Mormon leaders committed and celebrated. Their culpability might just affect the ol' "we're the one and only true church on the face of the earth" statement. Brigham Young angrily tearing down the monument is also absolute proof of his culpability in the whole thing. Why would he tear down a monument to the 120+ innocent men, women and children that were massacred?

In fact, even if Brigham Young didn't personally order the massacre, being the infallible, can't ever lead you astray Prophet, Seer and Revelator, that they all claim to be; he should have at least known about it from his latest conversation with Jesus Christ, right? Oh, it didn't come up in the conversation? Oh, okay, I guess it was meant to be and other things were more important, like blacks are the "seed of Cain" and should be executed and how to stick a javelin through your cheating wife and how to deal with and kill those evil, anti-Christ apostates.

The Mormon Hierarchy past and present, have no regard for those that died that dreadful day and have no regard for the families of the victims now. As I've mentioned, Dallin H. Oaks now admits, "without a doubt", that local leaders and Mormons committed the massacre and I wonder who the local leaders answered to...maybe Brigham Young? Ya think?!! Figure it out TBMS, as it's not difficult to connect the dots if you even have half a braincell functioning. Even the most brainwashed, deluded, TBM Mormon should be able to put this one together.

Anyway, I found this article to be both revealing and shocking and damn I'm glad it's out there, so that everyone can see what evil bastards the Mormon Hierarchy really and truly are and always have been. These are difficult times for the brainwashed TBMS in denial, who have been lied to since birth or conversion and especially the Mormon Apologists, like Daniel C. Peterson and Van Hale, who make a living making up pathetic, bullshit excuses for every vile teaching or doctrine they've ever taught and every dark sin and atrocity that they have committed, as if none of it ever really happened.

They bank on the fact that the world, specifically the Mormon members, are just a bunch of brainwashed dumb asses, who follow like little sheep and believe every word they say. Sadly, in many cases, they are right when it comes to the average Mormon, due to the deep indoctrination and brainwashing since birth. I'm just glad that I was able to break my death chains or darkness and brainwashing and see the light.

There is blood, that is literally on the hands of the past and current Mormon Hierarchy, along with their multitude of skeletons. How embarrassing it must be, to have to publicly defend these assholes to the world, as if none of it is true or ever happened. You couldn't pay me enough to defend these vile thugs, that masquerade as "servants of God", and sacrifice my integrity and reputation. Apparently some people can be easily bought off, as they have literally sold their souls to the Mormon Hierarchy.

Those that defend the Mormon Hierarchy, after having the truth and facts, are pathetic and a complete disgrace to all mankind and humanity.

As always, I look forward to your comments.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Come The Mormons With "Truth Restored!!" They're Getting Ready To Blitz The World Through TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboards And The Internet.

I first want to thank Kay over at the "Ex-Mormon Skeptic blog", for writing the post that brought this to my attention. There are also a couple of condensed versions of this video over on Youtube. One is on already on their blog and here's a link to the other "enhanced version", that I highly suggest you watch.

This is the "new" marketing plan/blitz/campaign that is being rolled out by the Mormon cult Hierarchy(in order to suck more people into their cult), which was supposedly revealed to them by Jesus Christ himself, since they are his "special witnesses."

They claim to be the only men on the entire planet earth that have the authority to speak for Jesus, with Hinckley holding ALL the "keys." Has Hinckley ever used his keys even once? Does he or anyone even know what the keys really are? They claim that THEY are the "one and only true church" and all the rest are abominations, corrupt and false.

They teach in "Preach My Gospel, the official missionary teaching guide used everyday all around the world, that you CANNOT have Eternal happiness or be with your friends and loved ones in the next life, unless you are a Mormon.

Like their Book of Mormon declares repeatedly; there is the church of God and the church of the Devil and if you aren't Mormon, then you are in the church of Satan himself and there is NO disputing this TBMS and apologists, so don't even try. You're apologetic bullshit won't work here!!

They never even mention that this new cult campaign "Truth Restored", came from Jesus Christ, but it had to if they speak for him as they claim, right? Strange that they didn't give him the credit though, isn't it? Hmm...maybe since it was their idea and had nothing to do with any God or Jesus, it might explain this obvious and very grievous omission.

They are going to blitz the radio, TV, billboards, magazines(playboy?) and Internet with ads, that have nothing to do with Mormonism, rather feelings and burning bosoms. The funny thing is, that I thought they'd already been doing this for the last 20 years plus?

They are simply re-dressing and re-naming their already failed plans of the past and trying again, spinning it as something new and exciting, that will breakthrough and be wonderful and motivate the Morgbots.

Hmm...I guess all of those TV/Radio/Billboard/magazine ads that I've been seeing and hearing since my childhood and then my whole adult life, wasn't really them or they were just completely ineffective, which is what I've always suspected. No more free stuff being offered either, by toll-free 800 numbers on TV commercials, as it was ineffective and cost them/Jesus Christ too much money. They just figured this out? Mormon God/Jesus, where are you man?

Of course, these are the dumbasses that stand at the pulpit and declare with a straight face, that "they can't ever lead you astray" and "to keep your eyes riveted on them." What are we waiting to see?

Also, I thought that they were strongly against the Internet, constantly preaching to everyone how evil and dangerous it is, even banning YouTube and other dangerous sites at BYU and getting all of my videos and Chymiron's banned from Youtube. Now they say that "These people live with the Internet" and "it's a very familiar tool with them." WTF?!!

Now they are also going to give you "pass-along cards"(or maybe you'll have to buy them at Jesus' Deseret Bookstore) to pass out to all of your non-member family and friends. These cards will lead the poor suckers to Mormon.Org, where they can go and NOT learn the truth and just read a bunch of BS, half-truths and outright lies.

Any mention there of blacks being forbidden to have the Priesthood, that blacks are the seed of Cain and represent Satan, women not being able to pray in church for 10 years or Joseph Smith's polygamy and marriage to little girls and other men's wives, with the promise of Celestial glory, in the name of God, due to being threatened by a homicidal angel wielding a flaming sword?

No, of course not, because that's the meat/AKA skeletons they hope you never find out about. Trust me, there will be no mention of any of this or any doctrine at all, in their campaign scam they'll be running soon, in a neighborhood near you.

They should rename the campaign "Truth Revoked" or "Truth...what's that" or "Truth...Just Give Us Your Damn Money!!" In the comments, leave your other suggestions as to what they could name this BS PR campaign.

It's funny too, because they act like they just discovered the Internet and banner ads and are SO EXCITED..LOL!! I guess that silly Mormon God/Jesus Christ is a little behind the times as usual.

Maybe he was too busy up there on Kolob, running around doing his genealogy or having sex with his wives without number, to pay attention to what was happening here on his little earth? He's like, "holy shit, my church is going down the toilet, Satan is stronger than ever and I'd better re-tool things quickly as those dumbasses running it don't have a damn clue."

Also, watch for the human statue, barely a pulse and non-expressive Richard G. Scott, Mormon Apostle, that usually talks excessively about sexual purity and morality, to say twice; "I'm just so excited." No matter how often he tries to say how excited he is, while straining to look excited; he doesn't look excited...LOL!!

This video smacks of desperation and it just look like 2 old men, M. Russell Ballard(direct descendant of Joseph Smith, who doesn't care if missionaries get hurt or killed) and Richard G. Scott, who realize their time has come and gone and that they have failed miserably and now they are desperately trying one last ditch effort to recover something that isn't recoverable.

Ballard Not Caring If More Missionaries Die-MP3 Download

I mean hell, give me billions of dollars to work with and let's see what kind of marketing campaign I can put together. Are these guys really that dumb and clueless? Actually, they are that dumb and just plain cheap and are just now realizing that they are going to have to spend a lot more of Jesus' sacred mall and downtown reconstruction money, if they have any shot of getting any converts and more tithing money and donations rolling in.

It also helps keep them in business, when brainwashed customers voluntarily give them 10% of their money and all other kinds of donations, even though they get very little or nothing in return.

Ballard says something like "the day of waiting for something to happen is over." Well, what the hell were you thinking there Ballard? After all, aren't you the head of the Church's missionary efforts and have been for a damn long time? You have no one to blame but your old pathetic self!!

I think the average number of baptisms per missionary, all around the world, is between 4-5 per missionary per year. That of course factors in the missionaries in South and Central America, who are baptizing 20+ people on their missions. Many USA missionaries and those in Europe, are lucky to even get one in 2 years.

If this was a corporation and these were their sales numbers; they'd all be fired, starting with CEO and they'd probably be bankrupt too. Of course it helps out when the salesmen all work for free and actually pay the corporation cult for the privilege of not making any sales and their utter failure.

The magic of the late 80's and early 90's is gone forever folks and will never be regained, as people just aren't as stupid and gullible anymore, with the truth being spread around the world on the Internet. Isn't this new information age wonderful?

They can no longer hide their skeletons in the closet, while pretending that they don't exist, as they have fallen out and are now laying everywhere you look, all over the ground.

They are so far behind reality and the truth is already out there for the world, and the cat is out of the bag and can't be put back in and the massive exodus out of Mormonism is only going to continue to roll forth, like that giant stone they always reference from Daniel.

It's amazing that the Mormon Hierarchy have allowed this video to be seen by the public and that they even allow and encourage you to download it on their main site, in order to share it with family, friends, etc, as they encourage in the video itself, which is exactly what I'm doing. A big thanks to "Truth Seeker" for making this video available for all of us and for allowing me to write the description.

In addition to allowing downloading for personal and noncommercial use, they also say, "In addition, materials may be reproduced by media personnel for use in traditional public news forums unless otherwise indicated." I would say that Google video is pretty traditional, as is blogger.

Their wish is my command, so enjoy everyone, as I'm just reporting the news!!

I wonder if the influence of "Mormon Truth" had any influence on them using "Truth Restored?" They read my blog all the time from the church office building and shut down my videos, but's just a coincidence I'm sure?

But, I'm really looking forward to comments on this gem of a video and the new plan of Jesus Christ, called "Truth (now) Restored."

Thanks everyone for your support and all that you do to spread the truth of the Mormon cult to the world.

Samuel the Utahnite

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"I have no doubt, (based on)what I have studied..that Mormons, including local leaders of our church, were prime movers/participated in the killing."

MP3 File

This is the audio clip of Dallin H. Oaks, from "The Mormons", declaring:

"I have no doubt, on the basis of what I have studied and learned, that Mormons, including local leaders of our church, were prime movers in that terrible episode and participated in the killing."

He then also says:

“I pray that he(The Lord) can find a way to forgive those who took such a terrible action against their fellow beings.”

In reality, the Church has already completely forgiven John D. Lee, the only man ever held accountable, who was executed for the crime, while over 100 other men were never held accountable by Brigham Young or anyone else, due to their “vow of silence”, which would result in death if broken.

In 1961, the Mormon First Presidency reinstated all of John D. Lee's blessings, including his temple blessings, meaning that they, the Mormon Hierarchy and Prophet, have indeed completely forgiven John D. Lee, as if he did nothing at all and his sins are now white as snow.

"For more than a hundred years, the families of John D. Lee have borne the opprobrium of the massacre alone. For that reason, they have welcomed every effort to probe the question; certainly no truth could be worse than the stories to which they were subjected. Now they have special cause to rejoice, for on April 20, 1961, the First Presidency and the Council of Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met in joint council, and: 'It was the action of the Council after considering all the facts available that authorization be given for the reinstatement to membership and former blessings [temple marriages] to John D. Lee.' Word of this was sent out to members of the family, and on May 8 and 9, the necessary ordinances were performed in the Salt Lake Temple. A complete record is in the files of the Latter-day Saints Genealogical Society." (Mountain Meadows Massacre, p. 223)

It's hard to understand this reinstating of John D. Lee's complete blessings, when Joseph Smith and Mormon doctrine clearly teaches that Murder is unforgivable, let alone MASS MURDER. Gee, I wonder how they explain this?

I beg all TBMS and Mormon Apologists, to enlighten all of us evil ex-Mormons, as to how this can be. Doesn't this contradict your beloved Joseph Smith and his teachings?

Joseph Smith supposedly received the following revelation from Jesus Christ:


27 The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, which shall not be forgiven in the world nor out of the world, is in that ye commit murder wherein ye shed innocent blood, and assent unto my death, after ye have received my new and everlasting covenant, saith the Lord God; and he that abideth not this law can in nowise enter into my glory, but shall be damned, saith the Lord.

To further support what was recorded in the D&C, Joseph Smith also clearly taught that murderers cannot have eternal life, cannot be saved, cannot be baptized for the remission of sins and that they will all literally go to hell, which must be outer darkness, since hell is not a Mormon glory.

Joseph Smith said:

“A murderer for instance, one that sheds innocent blood, cannot have forgiveness.” (Teachings Of The Prophet Joseph Smith-Page 339)

I also hope that since, Dallin H. Oaks and the Mormon Hierarchy, have now finally admitted that “Mormons, including local leaders of our church, were prime movers in that terrible episode and participated in the killing”, that this will free up the families of those who were brutally executed that day at Mountain Meadows, to finally be able to file a class action lawsuit against the Mormon church and the current Hierarchy.

This statement by Dallin H. Oaks, admitting fault, also contradicts Hinckley, who said the following on Sept 11, 1999:

"No one can explain what happened in these meadows 142 years ago. We may speculate, but we do not know. We do not understand it. We cannot comprehend it. We can only say that the past is long since gone."


"That which we have done here must never be construed as an acknowledgment of the part of the church of any complicity in the occurrences of that fateful day."

It looks like Hinckley, the current Mormon Prophet and Dallin H. Oaks, current Mormon Apostle, need to have a private meeting and discuss the descrpencies that exist their public statements.

Also, based on the other comment by Dallin H. Oaks, which I just posted the other day, clearly stating that, “It's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true”, this means that even though he has now admitted that church leaders "were prime movers in that terrible episode and participated in the killing” of around 120 innocent men, women and children; you cannot criticize them for it and in fact, he probably wants you to follow his lead and pray that they will all be forgiven, just like they’ve forgiven John D. Lee.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Dallin H. Oaks-Mormon Apostle/Cult Leader, Arrogantly Says: "It's Wrong To Criticize Leaders Of The (Mormon)Church, Even If The Criticism Is True."

MP3 File

Above is both the video and audio clip of Dallin H. Oaks, current Mormon Apostle/cult leader, from the PBS documentary, "The Mormons", declaring unequivocally:


This statement is truly the epitome of arrogance and unbelievable!! If this doesn't prove that Mormonism is a totalitarian regime/cult, then I don't know what does.

Why would anyone want to be under a literal Mormon dictatorship of normal, everyday men, that are masquerading as Prophets, Seers and Revelators of God; while they are robbing you blind of your money and freedom of thought, expression and opinion. Wake up folks and see the light!!

If this doesn't bother you Mormon true-believers and followers out there, then nothing ever will!!

I mean hell, "even if the criticism is true", you can't say anything? Is he serious?!! That doesn't remind any of you true-believers of a communist country or the Nazis, does it? Isn't that how they ran things?

Gee, and here I thought that the Mormons taught everyone that we fought a war in heaven, so that we could have our free agency here on earth? FREE AGENCY? That doesn't exist in Mormonism and Mr. Oaks just proved it, for all the world to hear. I guess everyone is FREE to OBEY THEM OR ELSE, right?

I will also be doing a follow-up podcast(on my Mormon Truth Uncensored Podcast), regarding this statement alone and what exactly it means in the big scheme of things and how it stands alone in showing the world that Mormonism is absolutely a fraud and a cult, a la Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate, The Moonies, David Koresh's Branch Davidians, etc.

Of course, the Mormon Hierarchy is a bit smarter then those guys were, since they don't want to command everyone to drink the poisoned punch, because then they wouldn't be getting anymore tithing, fast offerings and the other vast array of donations, that they beg and plead for every single day.

If they ordered a mass suicide, where would they get the easy billions that are rolling in, to buy their next malls or re-design downtowns or build luxury resorts or buy cattle ranches and gaming preserves, or to purchase 663 acres(adding to their already 6,000 that they own) in Laie, Hawaii, to build a 550 home housing development, right? What would the corporation of the President or corporation of the Presiding Bishopric do without all those easy billions?

But I just wanted this quote and several other quotes, to be stand alone downloads, so that everyone can download the exact quotes and then pass them around to the world, and their Mormon friends and family, without any additional commentary by me.

I will also be posting many other quotes for everyone to download and have, to hopefully help family and friends that are brainwashed and still stuck in the Mormon cult, to see the light and escape. The audio of this particular quote, will also be posted on my main Mormon Truth blog for everyone to listen to, download and link to.

Remember everyone, that the truth shall truly set you free, from cult leaders like Thomas S. Monson, Dallin H. Oaks, Boyd K. Packer, Gordon B. Hinckley and many others, both current and future, who will punish you for criticizing them, "even if the criticism is true"; because they are infallible and claim that their Mormon God will literally, physically remove them, if they ever try to lead you astray, therefore, they can do no wrong, EVER, and basically consider themselves to be Gods on earth, who answer to NO ONE.

My advice folks....GET OUT NOW!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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