Monday, March 17, 2008

MORmON PRophet Thomas S. Monson And His Friends Just Wanted To Wish Everyone A Very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I just thought all you ex-Mormons out there would enjoy these videos(sorry they're a couple of weeks late) and I have many more to come. Comments are now, unfortunately by moderation only and only for those that have a Google account; due to a massive spamming campaign targeted at my blog, by a bunch of MORmON cultist losers...sorry guys, but that's they way it is.

I will check my comments every day now and if you have something decent to say and I like it, I'll post it, if not, I won''s just that simple!! I'll just use the MORmON Hierarchy's brand of censorship, to even things out and make it all fair and give you your own treatment in return.

This new policy will leave all of you fucked up MORmON apologists/ASSHOLES out in the cold(where you belong) and out of the loop FOREVER on my grow up and deal with it and go study up for your Sunday cult indoctrination meeting; instead of lurking on my blog bitching and spamming it, while repeatedly threatening to kill me and my family in various "PAINFUL" ways, in the name of the "MORmON God" and Joseph Smith's COCK, which he used to rape little girls and other men's wives, at the "MORmON God's" command!!

You hear me Tommy Boy "I hate homosexuals and love to shock them or make them vomit, while viewing pornography at BYU" off your dogs, because I ain't going anywhere ASSHOLE, as I've only just begun to expose you and your BILLION DOLLAR CULT and it will be FUN!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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