Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Former Mormon Bishop Timothy Mccleve, Is Accused Of Sexually Abusing 3 Young Girls, As They Trusted Their Former Bishop. Are There Even More Victims?

I wanted to say a special thanks to Elder Joseph for making me aware of this news story and video. With all that I have going on, I somehow missed it. It was also on at least one other local Utah TV station last night. They have seized this guys hard drive and are now wondering if there are more victims. Timothy Mccleve was the local Bishop until 2004.

This is just another example for you TBMS out there reading this, that your leaders are not inspired, right up the line to your beloved, so called Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, or they would know about these things far in advance and prevent them, with their amazing "spirit of perception", which doesn't exist.

Hard to believe that this man, if guilty, just "suddenly" became a pedophile and we'll see what other evidence they find and how far it goes back. One thing for certain, if he did do this, is that he used the trust he gained from being their Bishop, to gain access to the victims and their family, which is why he isn't being charged with 3 regular felonies, but 3 special ones.

Oh yeah, and don't give me that "free agency" bullshit!! How many times have I heard from you TBMS; "Hinckley and gang must allow the free agency of sexual predators, to attack, rape and even kill little girls, because it's God's plan and they can't interfere with it, etc, etc, etc? How pathetic!! Then what the hell is a Prophet for? So, are they actually saying that he knows, but just like God, does nothing about it? By the way, the Christians I've talked to use the same EXACT excuse for God and why he can't intervene.

In other words, human beings have more love, compassion, willingness and ability to stop sexual predators, murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc, than God does. Yeah, that makes sense that human beings have more power than a God that is supposedly Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, doesn't it? Give me a break!!

I also find it interesting that these nuts say they would save their child, loved one and friend, if they knew the date, time and place of where they were going to be killed or attacked, but then go onto defend why God doesn't and CAN'T intervene, despite having all that information, if he is what they claim he is.

But using that type of jacked up logic, I guess that would explain how George P. Lee from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy, got away with sexual abuse right under the noses of the Mormon Prophet, his counselors and the Apostles, for 3 years, right? Tell his victim it was meant to be. As Demon of Kolob has pointed out in our Skypecasts, the Prophet and co. didn't do anything about George P. Lee, until he started speaking out about the church leaders and then the sex abuse scandal suddenly broke. Interesting timing, isn't it?

Gee, it almost sounds like they knew, doesn't it? Hard to believe that it could go on for 3 years and nobody knew anything, especially with their direct connection to God and Jesus, right? Then again, we are talking about the same God and Jesus of the Bible, that ordered mass executions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN, so maybe it does make sense, if he's the same scumbag, loser, murderer of a God, that is "leading" and "inspiring" the Mormon Prophets.

I guess if the Mormon God can create the Mountain Meadows Massacre through his Prophet Brigham Young, why would he give a damn about anybody, right? After all, blood atonement was a big deal to Brigham Young and he claimed it came inspired, directly from his loving God.

I've asked the question before and I'll keep asking it, to drive home my point; if Gordon B. Hinckley, the head cheese in Mormonland, can't stop child sex abuse predators(right under his nose, i.e. Mormon Bishops/Stake Presidents/Bishopric members/choir members/BYU Professors), before they strike, then just what the hell good is the guy, as he's completely worthless.

I'd also like to point out once again that the Mormon Hierarchy prides itself on doing background checks on all people(Oleg Barabash...oops!!) that submit articles to their beloved Ensign magazine(Jesus' monthly magazine), but do not bother or care to do them for Bishops, Stake President, Sunday School and Primary teachers, etc and just rely on their "power of discernment" and the Mormon "Holy Ghost." Interesting isn't it, that the Mormon "Holy Ghost" can work for discerning callings, but not for who is writing articles for Jesus' monthly magazine? WTF?!!

So, Gordon B. Hinckley, through his supposed "great Prophetic powers from on high"(the only man on the entire earth that can speak and act on behalf of God in official capacity), can't stop sexual predators, murders, rapists, pedophiles, can't predict earthquakes or Tsunamis or fires or anything else that I'm aware of. And you guys "thank God for a Prophet" that can't and doesn't "guide you in these latter-days?" What does he exactly prophesy about?

In fact, other than spending billions of dollars buying malls and reconstructing downtown Salt Lake City, telling women how many earrings to wear, issuing a challenge to everyone to read the Book of Mormon, speaking in conference every 6 months, and dedicating more temples(the majority of which sit empty most of the week outside of Utah), while waving around his cane or white handkerchief; WHAT DOES HE ACTUALLY DO?!!

After all, anyone one of us with half of a functioning braincell, could easily accomplish those elementary and effortless tasks, without any guidance from some God or inspiration from above.

Explain to all of us in ex-Mormon land and the real world, how Hinckley is different from an ordinary person and has these supernatural powers from God and how he uses them; yet make sure you keep claiming how he's also just a man, a normal guy and only mortal like the rest of us.

Then realize that your explanation of him completely contradicts itself and is just excusing his lack of doing anything worthwhile or prophesying, because he's either an inspired "Prophet of God" and a "Prophet, Seer and Revelator", that "can't ever lead you astray without God removing him" or he's just a NORMAL DUDE and a complete "fraud", to use Hinckley's own word. Like he himself says, it's all either "black or white", with "no middle ground."

When will you wake up and stop standing at attention, with tears in your eyes, when this mere mortal of a man just walks into a room, waving his cane around? When will you stop giving him your money, so that he can blow it on whatever he wants to, with absolutely no accountability or reporting back to those that gave it to him?

Wake up folks and realize that it's all a scam and unfortunately, a lot of people are being hurt in the process, by trusting and believing in these "special powers of discernment" and "the spirit"(that are 100% non-existent), like these 3 little girls and their families.

Let's hope that if this former Bishop, Timothy Mccleve, is indeed a sexual pervert/pedophile and guilty of being a sexual predator(just like Joseph Smith Jr. was), that there won't be any more victims, past or present, and that they caught him, before he could prey on more innocent little girls. Notice that it's always the police that catch them and not any inspiration from God or his so called Prophets?

It's time to realize that Mormonism is nothing more than a destructive cult; always has been and always will be and good, honest, trusting people are being tremendously hurt, completely devastated and taken advantage of in the process.

Hey, this reminds me of a talk, given in the April 2005 Mormon General Conference entitled: "Beware of the Evil behind the Smiling Eyes." Yeah, beware is right, because these smiling eyes are the Mormon General Authorities. Ironic title for a talk, isn't it?!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Live Mormon Truth Skypecast Begins In About 40 Minutes. Hope To See Everyone There!!

The Live Mormon Truth Skypecast begins in about 40 minutes and I'll see you all there!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Did The Mormon Apostle And Future Prophet Heber J. Grant, Actually Utter The N-Word From The Pulpit At General Conference?

The answer sadly, is YES he did!! I'm not sure how Mormon Apologists are gonna explain this one away, other than to say, once again that "he was just a product of the times" and he was "just speaking as a man", etc, etc, even though he was addressing the Saints in a General Conference in October of 1900, in the second day-afternoon session, right in front of the Prophet himself, who made no corrections.

To me, it doesn't matter if they said this in the year 1900 or 2007, it's equally wrong, offensive and a complete disgrace for the world to see and supposed "Prophets of God", should have known this, right? If they have no more insight than the average person, then what good are they? They should change their famous song to "We Thank Thee O God For An Average Man, Who Knows No More Than Any Other Man."(and in many cases, much less than the average, decent man)

Regarding the history of Mormonism, Hinckley said , "I knew a so-called intellectual who said the Church was trapped by its history. My response was that without that history we have nothing." And in many cases, WITH that history, you have NOTHING!!

Boyd K. Packer said, "Church history can he so interesting and so inspiring as to be a very powerful tool indeed for building faith. If not properly written or properly taught, it may be a faith destroyer." AMEN to that statement too!!

In the same speech, Boyd K. Packer also quotes Joseph F. Smith, who said:

It has not been by the wisdom of man that this people have been directed in their course until the present; it has been by the wisdom of Him who is above man and whose knowledge is greater than that of man, and whose power is above the power of man; for it is unto God, our Father, we are indebted for the mercies we have enjoyed and for the present prosperous condition of the people of God throughout this inter-mountain region and throughout the world. The hand of the Lord may not be visible to all. There may be many who can not discern the workings of God's will in the progress and development of this great latter-day work, but there are those who see in every hour and in every moment of the existence of the Church, from its beginning until now, the overruling, almighty hand of Him who sent His Only Begotten Son to the world to become a sacrifice for the sin of the world, that as He was lifted up so He, by reason of His righteousness and power and the sacrifice which He has made, might lift up unto God all the children of men who would hearken to His voice, receive His message and obey His law. (Conference Report April 1904-First Day Morning session.)

Boyd K. Packer then says, after quoting Joseph F. Smith:

"If we do not keep this constantly in mind-that the Lord directs this Church--we may lose our way in the world of intellectual and scholarly research."

I've had so many debates and downright nasty arguments with TBMs and Mormon apologists both, regarding the history of racism in Mormonism and the next 3 posts I do, should help put an end to any and all arguments and cement the Mormon racism as absolute FACT, that CANNOT BE DENIED, unless your completely lost in Cognitive Dissonance or just a racist yourself.

There really isn't any in between on this matter and even Gordon B. Hinckley says there's "no middle ground", when it comes to the church being true or false. Did you hear than everyone; NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Of course, we have to once again consider that they claim they can't ever lead you astray, in any way, or EVER teach false doctrines, or God will literally step in and REMOVE them, so I'm guessing that saying the word "nigger" from the pulpit in General Conference, is perfectly fine with the majority of the Mormon apologists, right? I can't say that I've ever seen these exact words addressed by any of the Mormon apologists and certainly not by any of the Mormon Hierarchy.

So, now that I've shown everyone that the Mormon church teaches that "every hour and in every moment of the existence of the Church, from its beginning until now", is inspired directly by their God, we can move onto to what I stated in the Title of this post.

Heber J. Grant, related the following story(I wish I could have been there for this one or that we had audio or video of it), I guess finding it rather humorous:

I went to a negro minstrel show once, and there were about ten or fifteen on the stage. One of them rushed in with his hat off and said. "which of these here niggers am lost two dollars?" holding up a two dollar bill. There hadn't any of them lost two dollars. "Well," he said, "if none of you have lost it, I found these two dollars right by the door here and it is my money."

They said all right, and he put it in his pocket. No sooner had he got it in his pocket than up jumped a nigger and said: "Look here, George Washington Jones, you owe me two dollars; pay your honest debts!" He handed the two dollars to him. Another nigger jumps up and says: "Look here, Julius C. Brown, you owes me two dollars; pay your debt."

He got it, and in this way it went clear round. When the last man got it, up jumps George Washington Jones, and says: "Here, give me back the two dollars; you owes me two dollar." No sooner had he got it in his pocket than a fellow rushes in and said "which of you niggers has found two dollars?" George Washington Jones took it out of his pocket and said: "Here, take your money and go home; we've all paid our debts."

I desire that the Latter-day Saints should all pay their debts. One reason why I desire this is, I am in debt myself and I want to pay my debts. I want to live to see the day when I shall owe no man anything. I want the Latter-day Saints to not only pray for me but to keep a little more money in the country so that I will stand a better chance to get some of it. If they will keep the commandments of God and do less praying, I will be obliged to them.

Wow, now that was truly inspiring, from a so called Apostle of God, wasn't it? Heber J. Grant wasn't the only one to use the term "nigger" in General Conference either. There was also Reed Smoot, who was an Apostle from from 1898 until his death in 1941.

He had the following words to say in the General Conference of 1907, third-day morning session:

I want to speak, for a short thee, upon fakes and fakirs. I am led to speak on this line because of the fact that, not long ago, in one of the counties adjoining this, in a town inhabited almost entirely by Latter-day Saints, there came in the midst of the people-heralded by newspapers-a man claiming that he was the greatest doctor in the world. He was a phenomenon. He had such great wisdom that he could cure all the ills that mankind is heir to. He was well dressed and looked like a gentleman.

One of the first things he did on arriving in the town was to hire the brass band, for the purpose of drawing a crowd and preceding his carriage to all meetings. He went to one of the business corners of the city, where a little stand was erected, and in order to hold the crowd until he could convince some of them that they had worms, or something worse, he had three or four niggers sing songs-by the way, I have been told that the niggers furnished the best part of the entertainment.

Let's just be honest; the Mormon church has been racist since day one and Joseph Smith supported Slavery, as did Brigham Young and John Taylor and many others, as they felt it was truly a "divine institution" of God, which explains why they hated the ABOLITIONISTS so much.

Joseph Smith, in regard to teaching the slaves, said:

"All men are to be taught to repent; but we have no right to interfere with slaves contrary to the mind and will of their masters. In fact, it would be much better and more prudent, not to preach at all to slaves, until after their masters are converted..." (Messenger and Advocate Volume 2, number 7, page 291)

In the same addition of the Messenger and Advocate I just mentioned, from April 1836, it has an entire section regarding the Abolitionists and says:

"If those who run through the free states, exciting their indignation against our brothers of the South, feel so much sympathy and kindness towards the blacks, were to go to the southern states, where the alleged evil exists, and warn those who are guilty of these enormous crimes, to repent and turn from their wickedness, or would purchase the slaves and then set them at liberty, we should have no objections to this provided they would place them upon some other continent than ours. Then we should begin to believe they were acting honestly; but till something of this is manifested, we shall think otherwise. What benefit can the slave derive from the long harangues."

And the following:

"Where can be the common sense of any wishing to see the slaves of the south set at liberty, is past our comprehension. Such a thing could not take place without corrupting all civil and wholesome society, of both the north and the south! Let the blacks of the south be free, and our community is overrun with paupers, and a reckless mass of human beings, uncultivated, untaught and unaccustomed to provide for themselves the necessaries of life-endangering the chastity of every female who might by chance be found in our streets-our prisons filled with convicts, and the hang-man wearied with executing the functions of his office! This must unavoidably be the case, every rational man must admit, who have ever travelled [traveled] in the slave states, or we must open our houses, unfold our arms, and bid these degraded and degrading sons of Canaan, a hearty welcome and a free admittance to all we possess! A society of this nature, to us, is so intolerably degrading, that the bare reflection causes our feelings to recoil, and our hearts to revolt.

We repeat, that we have long looked upon this subject with deep feeling, and till now have remained silent; but for this once we wash our hands of the matter.

We have travelled [traveled] in the south, and have seen the condition of both master and servant; and without the least disposition to deprive others of their liberty of thinking, we unhesitatingly say that if ever the condition of the slave is bettered, under our present form of government, it must be by converting the master to the faith of the gospel and then teaching him to be kind to his slave. The idea of transportation is folly, the project of emancipation is destructive to our government, and the notion of amalgamation is devilish!-And insensible to feeling must be the heart, and low indeed must be the mind, that would consent for a moment, to see his fair daughter, his sister, or perhaps, his bosom companion, in the embrace of a NEGRO!"

Were all of these words inspired by some God? Now, for those that aren't familiar with exactly what the "Messenger and Advocate" was; it was similar to the Ensign today and was the second periodical of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was published at Kirtland, Ohio, from October 1834 until September 1837. Each issue consisted of 16 pages, and it was published once a month. It was the "official opinions" and "beliefs" of the church and cannot be disputed.

It was decided to start the "Messenger and Advocate" at a meeting that was held on September 11, 1833, and consisted of F.G. Williams, Sidney Rigdon, Newel K. Whitney, Joseph Smith Jr., and Oliver Cowdery. At the time of the above printing, it was being edited by Oliver Cowdery, Joseph's Right hand man and the "Second Elder of the church", "Assistant President of the Church", which was the modern day equivalent of First Counselor in the First Presidency, which is the position Thomas S. Monson holds today. In other words, Oliver Cowdery was just a heartbeat away from being the head cheese and running Mormon Inc.

Of course, after he rejected polygamy and accused Joseph smith(rightfully so) of adultery(a dirty, nasty, filthy affair with his maid Fanny Alger-in secret behind Emma's back), he was excommunicated. He was later re-baptized about 10 years later, when Joseph was dead and gone.

Now, to help cement that the racism in Mormonism came from the very founder himself, Joseph Smith Jr., I want to end with the following quote, directly out of his very own teachings:

"Had I anything to do with the negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species, and put them on a national equalization." (Teachings of Joseph Smith-Section Five 1842-43, p.269)

I could relate countless other examples of Mormon racism and how they felt toward blacks or anyone of "dark color" or of a "different race" other than Caucasian, but I've covered that in other posts already and I will cover it more in future posts. I think the evidence I've provided here is pretty compelling, thorough and shocking to the average person that wasn't aware of it and hasn't ever read it before and this will suffice for now.

I'll now ask the question I've already asked a thousand times and I'll probably have to ask a thousand more times; has the Mormon Hierarchy ever repudiated these awful racist teachings and statements and the fact that Heber J. Grant, the future Prophet, used the word "nigger" from the pulpit at General Conference, along with the Apostle Reed Smoot?

Mormon apologists out there reading this, please direct me and everyone else, to these repudiations that I can't seem to locate anywhere, so that we can set the record straight and be fair. Also, don't give me any of your bullshit excuses about "everyone was a racist back then" and "they were just men", etc. You know that's BS and just a pathetic excuse that you all use to defend the "one and only true church", because you can't accept the "other alternative"...which is that it's all a fraud and false, led by men that are nothing more then men and not directed by any God.

Hinckley summed it up perfectly(link for the audio) in the April 2006 Priesthood session when he said the following:

"I remind you that no man who makes disparaging remarks concerning those of another race can consider himself a true disciple of Christ, nor can he consider himself to be in harmony with the teachings of the Church of Christ. How can any man, holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, arrogantly assume that he is eligible for the Priesthood while another who lives a righteous life but whose skin is of a different color is ineligible."

Well, I know that the above statement, if true(and he wasn't just speaking as a man), cancels out Joseph Smith Jr., Brigham Young, John Taylor, Heber J. Grant, Joseph F. Smith, Joseph Fielding Smith, Spencer W. Kimball and many others from being "true disciples of Christ" or "eligible for the Priesthood", or "Prophets, Seers and Revelators" that can't lead the Saints astray, without God removing them.

Some argue that God did actually remove Joseph Smith, which would actually make a lot of sense, considering the awful things he was a part of, in addition to his racist attitudes. Of course, to those that revere him, the thought of God removing him is preposterous, because he never did anything wrong, was a "man of God" and they now sing "Praise To The Man."

So, even if God did remove Joseph Smith, it wouldn't explain everyone else on the above list of "ineligibles", as defined by Hinckley, especially the tyrant and disgrace of a man Brigham Young. The reality is; there wasn't any God that had anything to do with any of this and never has and never will, as it's all man made and run. It's not hard to figure out folks, if you have the courage to consider that alternative possibility.

So, in summary, either these men were racists, not inspired or called by any God or Hinckley is wrong now in degrading these beloved, racist Prophets. You can't have it both ways guys!! Hinckley also calls any man who thinks he's eligible for the Priesthood, despite being such clear racists, to be ARROGANT and "not in harmony with the teachings of the Church of Christ." Hard to argue with that, isn't it?

Finally, let's end with more of Gordon B. Hinckley's EXACT WORDS:

Each of us has to face the matter—either the Church is true, or it is a FRAUD. There is no middle ground. It is the Church and kingdom of God, or it is NOTHING.

It is indeed a FRAUD AND NOTHING!! Remember Mormon apologists, according to your current and beloved Prophet, who talks to and for God, "THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!!" Gee, I wonder how FARMS and the Mormon apologists fit into the "NO MIDDLE GROUND" situation? I guess we'd have to ask "NO MIDDLE GROUND HINCKLEY", who made FARMS an official part of BYU in 1999 and was very excited about it and the future of FARMS.

So, what good reason or excuse are your Mormon apologists gonna try to use, to defend Heber J. Grant and Reed Smoot, using the term "nigger", in General Conference? Are you really okay with it? Are you actually gonna tell us it's no big deal and pull a Hinckley and just say "it's in the past" and this is just another example of the racist "little flicks of history." For your sake, I sure hope not.

I look forward to everyone's comments, as I'm sure many of you out there, are reading some of this stuff for the very first time.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hey Everyone, These Loving Christians Are Now Threatening To Have My Entire Blog Deleted Through Hacking. So, If It Vanishes...We Know Who Did it!!

I'm going to start out by saying that I have no idea who is sending me these threatening Emails, so I'm not going to accuse anybody personally, as that would be foolish. I do know however that this person or group of people are in the Evangelical movement, and deeply involved in the passing out of these DVDS, but I have no idea how high up the ladder it goes.

These Emails tell me that I've permanently damaged their plan and caused them irreparable harm financially and that they are going to pay me back. Yeah, well maybe they shouldn't have "secret combinations" going on and moles on the inside feeding this information to people on the outside like myself.

Maybe they need to get their shit together and find out who the loose end is and worry about themselves and their problems, not me. I'm the least of their problems right now, as any future projects they plan on doing, will be made public knowledge through me or somebody else that is chosen by their mole to release it.

So, on one hand, they have a mole, exposing all their plans and then on the other hand, they have members of their organization that are now willing to participate in criminal activities, in order to silence me or others.

Guys, seriously, right your own ship and quit worrying about me and what I'm doing or saying, because your organization appears to be completely spinning out of control at the moment and you all need to do some very serious introspection.

They have basically told me to either remove the post immediately or "suffer the consequences of having all of my blogs hacked and deleted." They say that they "know people who can take care of this for them." Yeah, this is very Christlike and ethical, isn't it?

And they claim that the Mormon Hierarchy tries to control the flow of information and suppresses their members and their freedom of speech? What the hell would you call this? Is this Christlike and what their Jesus would have them do? Is this how they think it should work...the ol' "nothing is too good for the Lord", even if it's criminal?

I'm going to say again, so that it's crystal clear, that I have NO IDEA, who is behind this potential criminal activity, or if they intend to follow through with it; but I am in touch with who I need to be, regarding all of this and those involved will be very very sorry and I plan on pressing charges to the full extent of the law, if they carry out their plan and delete my blogs and constitutionally protected free speech.

Amazing isn't it, that here in the USA, even the FBI and CIA don't delete bloggers who compare the President to Hitler, or burn American flags in the streets or even worse(it's called freedom folks), but yet these Evangelicals want to delete my blog and silence me and take away my constitutional rights to freedom of speech, because I blew the cover on their little plan to Evangelize all the Mormons.

I also want and need to say, that as much as I strongly dislike and disagree with the beliefs and methods of Eric Hoffman, Aaron Shafovaloff and many others, that are locally involved in this project; I don't believe that they would ever be behind something criminal like this or encourage it.

Yeah, now I'm even defending them too, because I have, this has been a strange week, hasn't it? These guys are die-hards in their beliefs but I don't think they want to be reading the Bible while sitting in prison and are much smarter than that and they have families, kids, etc. I just don't believe in my heart, that they would ever do such a thing and cross that line and so we need to find out who it is that is behind this and look for the "real source."

I don't know if any of you Evangelicals out there reading this, are aware of these plans to hack and delete my blog or know of them(they claim that you do), or have been contacted about them, but just a quick warning; if you know about it and do nothing, and basically sit by and allow it to happen, you are complicit as well, which isn't a good thing. If any of you out there know who is behind it, do them and yourself a big favor and stop them, before they permanently screw up their lives and drag you into it.

Anyway, just wanted to let all "Mormon Truth" readers know what was going on and that if my blogs suddenly vanish today or in the near future, you know who did it and why. The good news is that I have multiple copies of all my blogs and they will be posted right back up on the Internet and running within the day, if someone does actually try to do this.

So, not only will their criminal attempts to hack my blog and silence me fail, and cause them immense personal pain in their life(and that of their family and loved ones) legally, emotionally, etc, but I will be right back up again, with the same exact information that they just deleted and it will have all been for nothing.

But then again, criminals usually have little or no common sense and live for the moment, without any thought to what will happen if they get caught. Anybody ever watch the weekly Dateline series "To Catch A Predator?" Yeah, if you have, you know what I mean. They are willing to literally throw away their whole life and future(and cause terrible pain to their family) and be stamped a sexual predator for life, all for a few minutes of self-gratification.

Damn and to think that I originally backed up my blogs in case some die-hard Mormon tried to delete them; I never imagined that it would be an Evangelical Christian instead. Well, I guess we'll see what happens today.

I appreciate everyone's support and always remember that "the truth shall set you free!!"

Samuel the Utahnite

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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Evangelicals Are Planning A Massive Door To Door Campaign In Utah, On March 25, To Distribute The New Joseph/Jesus DVD And Try To Convert Everyone

I've been sitting on this story for well over a month now and I wanted to wait until the radical, fanatical Evangelicals had all their ducks in a row and plans for March 25 set in permanent cement and and stone. I didn't want to give them much advance warning, which would allow them to easily change the day or alter their tactics and plans. I also didn't want people to forget what they were going to do, by reporting it too soon. The "code name" for this project is "distribution 3:16", referring to John 3:16. It is going to be a nationwide distribution, but I'm focusing on the Utah part of "distribution 3:16."

Now, I've actually watched this new video that they are going to hang on everyone's door on March 5 and the facts in it are pretty good, the video is pretty slick and professional and I normally wouldn't care what these fanatics are doing(since they are exposing Mormonism), if they didn't have an agenda that reached the moon, Kolob and beyond.

However, when the ultimate goal of this video and everything they do, is to convert everyone to their belief system, their God/Jesus and they actively preach that everyone who doesn't believe as they do, will literally burn in hell, with Satan forever; I have serious issues with them and I do not support what they are doing.

For those that want to watch the video and know exactly what I'm talking about, here is the link and for the user name, type in "MISSIONARY" and then "SAINTSALIVE" for the password. I'm guessing that once they read this post and the word spreads; the link will be quickly removed, so watch it is as soon as you can, if that is your intention.

Open and blanket condemnation of all Mormons specifically, which is what these folks do on a daily basis, is unacceptable to me, since I still have many innocent family members and friends in the Mormon cult. I felt that the Mormons in Utah deserved some advance warning about what these guys are gonna be doing. I'll just put out the info, as the messenger(which is what they claim they are for their Jesus) and then let the Mormon Hierarchy, its members and these Evangelicals go at it for the next 3 weeks.

Apparently many other Christian churches are also against what these guys are doing and are also putting out warnings to all Mormons, about March 25, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Of course these radical Evangelicals are very upset about this and can't understand why these other Christian churches, who they thought were one with them, don't want to be so damn hateful and publicly support them on their mission of condemnation and hellfire. It's amazing that these fanatical Evangelicals just don't get it, isn't it?

So, they want to bring all Mormons to the light, which is their "one and only true light", and feel that the best way to do it, is to openly and strongly, on a regular basis, condemn them to burn in hell with Satan for all Eternity. What am I missing here? Is that the best way to approach somebody that you claim to love and care so much about? Yet they condemn Mormons for saying that they have "the one and only true church." So, what makes them so right and Mormons so wrong? They each have their own interpretation of things, right?

Now, let me share some of the private and "secret" plans of these guys. They like to actually use the term "TOP SECRET"...LOL!! Hell, you'd think they were heading into a real war or something the way they talk about what they're gonna do. Let's just say that these guys have a big time mole in their organization, that keeps me well informed, as to what they are doing and I appreciate it very much...Thanks!! I don't even know who this mole is, as everything is sent to me anonymously, from anonymous Email, but so far, everything they've sent me is spot on and that's why I'm posting this, without any fear that it isn't true.

The following information was sent to me about a month ago:


Dear Fellow Christian,

Enclosed is the sample copy of the brand new Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD.

CAUTION: This video is to be viewed by CHRISTIANS ONLY until AFTER the nation-wide distribution which is scheduled for March 25, 2007. In-other-words, do not allow any Mormon people to view the video or learn of our intended evangelistic outreach until after March 25, 2007.

Why such extreme caution? If the leadership of the Mormon cult learns of our plans, they will publicly instruct their people not to watch the video and many Mormons will blindly obey.


All that is required – HANGING THE DVD ON DOOR KNOBS THE VIDEO DOES THE TALKING and, in fact, we do not advise or encourage interaction with Mormon people until sometime after the distribution is complete.

The reason for this approach is because the Mormon Church instructs its members to not receive any materials which are not "faith promoting" in regard to Mormonism. By simply hanging the DVD on doors, Mormon people do not have the option of refusing to accept it. After the DVD is in their home many will, out of curiosity, watch it.

We encourage distribution of DVDs in neighborhoods surrounding LDS churches and/or Temples. Consider the following facts gleaned from previous similar distributions:

FOR MORMONS - The DVD will be instrumental in leading them out of Mormonism and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

FOR NON-MORMONS - The DVD exposes the false teachings of the Mormon
cult. As a result, people who view the video are much less likely to be converted to Mormonism and these people often use the information found in the DVD to challenge their LDS neighbors and/or LDS missionaries.

THIS OPPORTUNITY IS TRULY A GOD SEND – God has led the producer of this video to freely give the DVD to Utah ministries (a gift exceeding a quarter of a million dollars). The producer has also offered this DVD at the production cost of .50 each to any Christian ministry outside of the state of Utah who will agree to participate in the NATION-WIDE distribution on March 25, 2007.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormonism, is one of the largest, most powerful, and fastest growing cults in the world today.

Most people have been deceived into thinking that Mormonism is just another Christian religion. Most LDS converts are proselytized from Christian denominations.

Within the state of Utah, the number of Mormons has steadily declined over the past 10 years which teaches us three things:

#1 - Within Utah, we are doing a fairly good job of combating Mormonism;

#2 - The growth of Mormonism is outside of the state of Utah which makes this NATION-WIDE distribution essentially important.

#3 - The Mormon Church is vulnerable. We firmly believe that with enough exposure, Mormonism will crumble and become a shadow of what it is today.

Please join us in our efforts to shut down the Mormon machine and lead a multitude of lost souls out of this cult and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that meditation upon JOHN chapter 15 (the entire chapter) will encourage you and answer your questions as to whether you should participate. WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP, PLEASE HELP US.

For more information or to order quantities of DVDs contact Chip Thompson at:

E-mail: Phone: Office –

435-283-0178 or Cell – 435-851-4588


Now, I have received other information and I'm gonna just summarize it and point out the highlights from the other documentation that I've received.

They are asking for donations from all over the country, in order to collect $6,000, to air the Joseph Smith/Jesus DVD the same day they distribute the video, March 25, on channel 16 here in Utah(and in LA County, California on PAX). Channel 16, is one of the local channels here in Utah, that has a lot of religious stuff and preachers on it all the time. They are hoping for a few hundred thousand people to see it in Utah and potentially 5 million plus in LA County.

Now, it looks pretty good that they will raise the money, because in reality, they only need $3,000 and the guy financing the video, will kick in the other $3,000. I could give you the address of where to send donations, but I won't, because I don't want to appear to support their cause in any way, shape or form, not that most people reading this would even want to help them in their cause.

Now, they are officially calling this an "outreach" in their correspondence, but please....they want to condemn and then try to convert, and then condemn again if they don't convert to their ideology, that's all. Now, the number that they are throwing around, is that around 200,000 DVDs have been donated by this ex-Mormon Christian, just to Utah alone, to all be distributed on March 25. They are asking people to pray that all the Christian churches, including the pastors and congregations, will want to get involved, especially in the Provo/Orem area, but they aren't having much luck in that area, as I mentioned above and I found it downright funny and ironic.

Here they are, the radical, fanatical Evangelicals(preaching my way or the highway to hell), with this huge project and hardly anybody wants to join them in openly condemning Mormons and distributing the DVDs. I give huge kudos to these Christian churches that have refused their invitation and won't join them in their pathetic crusade, because they themselves find it offensive, knowing what they are trying to do.

Even they know and understand that these radical Evangelicals are out of their freaking minds and too fanatical and will only hurt their true "outreach" to Mormons. They know that their methods are nothing but methods of failure, offense and hate. The fanatical Evangelicals are claiming to be so upset by this unexpected turn of events(being rejected by so many Christian denominations), that they are very sad and asking everyone to pray for a change in heart of the pastors and especially from the biggest Christian church in Utah county, which has also turned them down.

They've even asked the question, "what is the point of these churches(that turned them down), if they won't Evangelize with us against the Mormons?" Wow, I guess they really do think they are the chosen people of God, don't they? Are they now actually condemning other Christians too? Are those who refuse to participate going to burn in hell and gnash their teeth for all eternity too?

What is so wrong, with these other Christian churches, wanting to be friends and friendly with Mormonism and not create more tension than there already is? Wow, how evil, how awful!! It's BLASPHEMY damn it!! Yeah, they don't want to be seen as anti-Mormon or offensive to the Mormon community and dare we say; they want to actually try to be Christlike and live up to the term "CHRISTIAN?" Oh no, we can't have that, can we? Too bad Eric, Aaron and the rest can't take a lesson from the example being shown before them, of Christianity, if they truly love Mormons so much, as they claim to.

Eric Hoffman even basically condemned Greg Peterson(I think that was his name- as he's one of the Christians here in Utah, trying to close the divide between Mormons and Christians) in our Skypecast(which I'll hopefully release by tomorrow), for trying to build on common ground with Mormons and not Evangelizing and openly condemning them like they do. Can you believe it? They are actually really pissed that so many Christians are actually trying to reach out, with real love and sincerity to Mormons, which is something they'll never do or understand. It's so far beyond their ability to comprehend, they are just shocked. They want fire, damnation, hellfire, gnashing teeth, blanket condemnations, pain and anguish, but all in the name of their supposed "real love" for Mormons and their Jesus/ pathetic!!

Also, according to Eric, all of these other Christian denominations(and Sandra Tanner) openly condemn all Mormons to "burn in hell for all Eternity", just as he, Aaron and Calvary does, but it sure doesn't look like it, does it? Maybe if these other churches do actually believe that all Mormons will live in hellfire someday, they just want to approach them in a nicer, less abrasive, forceful way, before condemning them to burn forever? It's funny how these radical Evangelicals talk about Mormons being so easily offended, when they are offended by every word Mormons and people like myself say about them.

In other words, they can dish it out complete with fire from above and threats from their God/Jesus, but God forbid you come back at them or challenge them in anyway. Nobody is more sure of themselves and arrogant, claiming that they have the "only truth", that I've ever met in my life, than these fanatical Evangelicals.

Now, one comment that stood out to me, was how they are so sad, that so few of these Christian churches want to help them in this "outreach" and instead are willing to let all the Mormons in Utah, "spend eternity in a lake of fire." Here we go again, with the hellfire and damnation, for ALL Mormons, who don't follow them and their "only true path." These people need some professional help in my opinion!! They seriously need some type of intervention.

At this point, they are flat out desperate for people to help them pass out these DVDs and it doesn't look good at all, as they keep asking for everyone to pray, pray and pray some more. Personally, I hope their little project falls flat on its ass, which it looks like it might, especially with the advance warning from myself and all of these other Christian churches that have rejected them and their cries for help. Who would have thought that I'd be sort of teaming up with other Christian churches, to expose the fanatical Evangelicals and their little plan, in order to warn and help Mormons? LOL!! Funny turn of events, isn't it?

It's also funny how it isn't enough for them to simply reveal "the truth" of Mormonism(as I and so many others do), but that they then have to tell them and basically FORCE them to follow them and their beliefs or yes, live in flames and a "lake of fire for all eternity." What happened to free agency and freedom of choice? What happened to allowing people to decide for themselves, what they want to believe and allowing them to discover what is best for themselves and their family after leaving Mormonism, as I do.

They are so terrified that these Mormons don't have a "saving relationship with Jesus Christ." Who are they? Are they God? Do they literally speak for God?!! I guess they think they do. There's quite a history of people who claim to speak with God and that he speaks with them, and they aren't all good stories folks, going all the way back to the Old Testament. They want people to leave Mormonism and be saved, so that they can wake up everyday and look in the mirror, as so many fanatical Evangelicals apparently do and say "I'm worthless, I'm a pile, I don't even deserve to live."

The fanatical, Evangelical guy the other night, on the "Mormon Truth Skypecast", said that he(and everyone on earth) "was a pile", "was a filthy sinner from birth", "deserved to be massacred", "deserved to burn in hell", "deserved to be burned in flames", "was a sinner from the time he left the womb" and even that the children and innocents(he calls them sinners) in Africa, that are being brutally slaughtered and/or dying of starvation, DESERVE IT!! This is the wonderful Christianity they preach?

He also flat out said(and those that were there can verify this), that those children who died in New York, in that awful, tragic fire this past week(including a little baby), "DESERVED TO DIE, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL EVIL SINNERS, WHO DIDN'T DESERVE TO LIVE, JUST AS HE, NOR ANY OF US DESERVE TO LIVE." Holy shit...are you serious!! This is happiness and joy? Yeah, this is the best, that radical, fanatical Evangelicals have to offer the thanks!! Who the hell wants this shit?

They think this is a good alternative to the demands of Mormonism or any other religion and will make people happy or happier? How could anyone live their life that way, feeling that they are so damn worthless and nothing in the eyes of God? Anyone got stats on the suicide rates of fanatical Evangelicals? Then again, maybe they are just all talk and just say that shit for attention and shock value, but really don't believe it...who knows?!! Sadly, I think they do truly believe it and that is the most disturbing and sad part about it. I think their cult is far worse than Mormonism, which is pretty damn bad.

Anyway, back to the "distribution 3:16" topic...since they've been rejected by so many other Christian churches, which has completely shocked them to the core; they are convinced that it's Satan himself, God's old nemesis, standing in the way of their distribution plans and I'm sure they'll consider me(and anyone that comments here), to now be an official part of Satan's grand plan too...LOL!!

It's funny, they sound just like the Mormons, claiming that Satan is at every turn, just waiting to trick and deceive you, hinder you and destroy you and lead you down to complete and utter destruction. Now both the TBM Mormons and the fanatical Evangelicals will think I work for Satan himself....SWEET!! He's really not that bad to work for guys...give him a break...LOL.

I'm sure my anonymous Christian mole, has been planted by Satan too, right guys? Wow, that Satan is one tricky, slick, intelligent and powerful guy...uh..serpent, isn't he? Too bad their loving/hate-filled God/Jesus guy can't figure this stuff out and warn them in advance or tell them who their mole is, so that he/she can't keep leaking me this information, which is exposing to the world, their "TOP-SECRET" plans on how to deal with Mormons. I guess they need to take a look around and do some house cleaning, using their claimed inspiration from above. Their God will guide them, I'm sure of it, since they have "the one and only truth."

Look, here's the bottom line: I know that posting this information will only piss them off and create more enemies for me and more people that hate and despise me and what I do, which I don't give a rat's ass about, obviously. I gave up caring about that a long time ago in this journey, so why stop now? Besides, it should help them fulfill their Prophesy about Satan attacking them and trying to hinder their work of truth, etc.

In fact, it will probably confirm to them the truth of what they are doing, right? Gee, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? It's called a persecution complex, which they also suffer from in a big way. They supposedly love opposition, so now you've got some guys and your dreams are coming true. I'm glad I could help you out.

Hopefully, it will help the common Mormon to know and understand that I don't hate or condemn them, rather their hierarchy and all of their lies, fraud and deception. I do have compassion for the "innocent" Mormons that are happy and that don't know any of the stuff I've discovered over the last 21 months(and don't want to know it) and I feel that it shouldn't be forced upon them, rather something that they go looking for, when the time is right for them. Somebody tried to FORCE it on me about 10 years ago and I just knew, without a doubt, that they worked for Satan. It wasn't my time and I wasn't ready yet, plain and simple.

But, I felt that everyone should know what these fanatical Evangelicals are up to and that they will be trying to FORCE their propaganda on everyone and approaching their houses, uninvited, similar to what Mormon missionaries do and what I and many of you once did. It's offensive and wrong, no matter what truths their message contains, since they are deceiving innocent people, just like the Mormon missionaries are, unbeknownst to the majority of them of course.

However, the difference is the majority of Mormon missionaries really are completely brainwashed and believe everything they are saying and don't believe they are tricking anyone, since most of them have been indoctrinated since birth, just like I was. These Evangelicals know exactly what they are doing and are not innocent, at least the ones running the show and planning this type of shit. They know that they are putting out this video, in order to then tell Mormons that they had better follow them or "burn in hell forever." What BULLSHIT!!

In other words, they aren't little 19 year old brainwashed kids, rather grown men, doing what they do best, which is bait and switch, to further their pathetic cause,knowing full well, exactly what they are doing and they are proud of it. Yes, they too believe in their cause strongly, just like the Mormon missionaries, but are knowingly using dirty, filthy, underhanded and offensive tactics to accomplish it. I guess it's the ol' Mormon/Hinckley phrase of "nothing is too good for the Lord", right?

To prove the point I just made, let's revisit once again, some of the instructions(posted above) being included with each DVD:

All that is required – HANGING THE DVD ON DOOR KNOBS THE VIDEO DOES THE TALKING and, in fact, we do not advise or encourage interaction with Mormon people until sometime after the distribution is complete.

The reason for this approach is because the Mormon Church instructs its members to not receive any materials which are not "faith promoting" in regard to Mormonism. By simply hanging the DVD on doors, Mormon people do not have the option of refusing to accept it. After the DVD is in their home many will, out of curiosity, watch it. We encourage distribution of DVDs in neighborhoods surrounding LDS churches and/or Temples.

Did you all catch that? "MORMON PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION OF REFUSING TO ACCEPT IT." You see, they don't believe in free agency at all or letting people choose for themselves; rather they want to FORCE their beliefs on others, which would be the Mormons in this case. My blogs, podcasts and videos are all optional as you all know and anyone can leave anytime they want or refuse to ever read them or comment, if they accidentally come across them. I don't FORCE myself on anyone, rather I give them COMPLETE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, to choose what they want to do with their life.

At least the Mormon missionaries have cojones and aren't such wimps, like these Evangelicals, that are not even willing to engage the Mormons in honest discussion and actually ASK THEM if the want their damn DVD. Why? Because 95% of people would tell them to go screw themselves, especially in Utah, just like they do the Mormon missionaries, all around the world, when trying to hand out Books of Mormon. I never personally gave anyone a Book of Mormon on my mission, that I didn't at least talk to and ASK if they wanted one.

At least have the common courtesy, courage and decency, to actually talk to them, face to face, instead of this underhanded bullshit approach that you've been instructed to use by your cult leaders. Come on guys...if your message is so damn wonderful and so full of love for the Mormons and world and your Jesus/God is running the show; EVERYONE SHOULD WANT ONE, RIGHT?!! But no, you just want to slip it on their doorknob and run, like little 2 year old kids playing a game. Grow up and do it right!! I'm sure they'd respect you much more(until you condemned them of course), if you actually talked to them and didn't cower in fear.

So, hey, all you die-hard, radical, fanatical Evangelicals out there; why don't you back off, and try showing some real "Christian love" and let people decide if they want your damn DVD or want to hear about how you condemn them to burn forever, instead of cramming it down their throat or putting it on their door knob without their permission.

Respect them, respect their properties and respect their right to believe whatever they want to believe. If they have a change of heart and want to know about what you're teaching, I'm sure they can find you, since you guys are all over the place and supposedly all teach the same exact things. If it isn't about them joining one particular church, then you won't care where they join, right?

I don't know Utah laws on this type of thing, but is it even legal to do this? I mean as I've mentioned, at least the Mormon missionaries actually try to talk to the people, before asking if they want the BOM, unlike you guys, who actually instruct everyone, explicitly, NOT to talk to them, in order to pass out your DVD.

I also know that there are neighborhoods and cities, that have outlawed door to door solicitation of any kind, so I encourage everyone reading this, especially those living in Utah, and those around churches and temples particularly, to find out what your cities laws are and then help enforce them.

If it's illegal in your city and they leave their DVD at your house; report them to your local city or law officials and that should put an end to it for the future. If they don't respect you, your space and home, why should you respect them, especially if it happens to be illegal.

So, be prepared everyone as March 25, 2007 is the big day for the TOP-SECRET "DISTRIBUTION 3:16" and approaching soon, when these Evangelicals will be canvasing neighborhoods, targeting you in their crusade of condemnation; that is if they get enough people and churches to do it and help them out. I mean if this is just a Calvary chapel deal, or a few churches here and there, I'm guessing it will go down in flames, as they can't have that many members. In any case, the cats out of the bag and now everyone knows their "secret plans."

I guess time will tell, but I look forward to your comments on this now and after March 25, if your house is one of the "lucky" ones, that gets a DVD. If they come to your house, whether your Mormon or ex-Mormon or never-Mormon...please try to engage them in a conversation regarding their motives and make them violate their "rules of engagement" by forcing them to actually talk to you. After all, the longer you can keep them talking, and stall them, the less DVDs they'll be passing out, right? LOL!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Live Mormon Truth Skypecast Begins In About 20 Minutes...I Hope To See Everyone There!!

*** Update*** The Skypecast has begun for those that are still around and want to participate. Here is the direct link. Sorry for the delay!!

The Skypecast will be at 6 PM Mountain Time, 5 PM Pacific, 7 Central or 8 if your in the east. Now for those in other countries....well, I'm still going to post time zones from all over the world on a post later tonight.

Anyway, for those that want to join the Skypecast and just listen in, you only need earphones or speakers. For those that want to actually participate, you need either headphones or speakers and a microphone. Headphones work out better for all of us. Also, high speed Internet connection or DSL works best if you want to talk. Also, USB headphones are far better than the standard ones.

Up to 100 people can participate at one time and it's the first hundred that get in. I think as we get through the next few weeks, it will be full every week, so get there early and don't miss out!!

You need to download Skype on your computer, which is completely free. It is also free, no matter where you are in the world, even if your on Kolob, to participate. I'm still hoping the Mormon God might join us tonight...Last week he was a no show...LOL!!

I would give you the direct link, for those that want to join tonight, but either some TBM Mormon or some asshole, nut-job fanatical Christians(Aaron and Eric?) took offense to my podcast description. I guess it was the part where I said: "Anyone is welcome, but I will have a very low tolerance for any of you die-hard, condemning, fanatical, Christian nut-jobs. I can always just mute you and then boot your ass out, which I'll do!!"

I guess they want their freedom to condemn all Mormons and the whole world to burn in hell and Skype supports that, but God forbid I say the truth and what I feel about them, right? Typical hypocrites!! And they attack Mormons? Amazing that Skype is now following on the heels of YouTube and attempting to silence me, isn't it? Of course Skype has masturbating and cybersex Skypecasts, but exposing Mormonism or fanatical Christians, is way out of line, forbidden and banned.

The message Skype left me was: "This Skypecast was removed as it was identified as inappropriate." Community Guidelines. I guess after exposing Eric Hoffman as a fraud and liar last week, they couldn't take it eh?

I will be recording all of these Skypecasts and releasing them as podcasts, so keep that in mind if you plan on participating and don't want your voice out there for the masses to hear.

I control who speaks and who doesn't and I'm probably gonna limit it to 2 people in addition to myself, that are in the speaking area at one time. If you are in the listening area and really have something you want to say, just Text message me and you can move into the waiting area.

Take care everyone and I hope to see you there in about 20 minutes. Just look up Skypecasts and search for Mormon and you should be able to find the Mormon Truth Skypecast, unless I'm permanently banned. I just have to start it right at the moment, since they deleted my set time for tonight. All I can say, for those behind getting my Skypecast canceled, is that payback is a bitch guys and I can play the game better than most.

Talk to you all soon,

Samuel the Utahnite

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Does The Mormon Church Literally Kidnap Babies And Children And Strip Parental Rights From The Fathers And Mothers? It Sure Looks That Way!!

I received an awesome, incredible, revealing and tragic Email from Galatian, the creator and writer of the"Exposing Mormonism" blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, you all really need to, as it's great!! She wanted to tell her story and has chosen "Mormon Truth" as the place to tell it. I'm incredibly honored that she would want her story published here and I hope that it will help many of you out there that read it. Every time I think that I've uncovered everything there is and that nothing else will surprise me, something new comes along and I discover more skeletons, that I didn't even know existed.

I cannot believe what Galatian and her brother have been through, due to this evil Mormon cult and I'm sure that many of you will also be shocked, TBMs included. I cannot even imagine their pain or anguish and their story just fuels my fire and helps me understand even more, why I must do what I'm doing and expose this damn Mormon cult every chance I get.

So, here is Galatians story and we both look forward to your comments.


I joined the church when I was 14. I lived in foster care and had a horrible upbringing filled with abuse, trauma and a lot of struggles. One day when I was home alone, two sister missionaries came to my door. After an initial conversation I let them in, and we had a discussion about the BOM. The sisters were so kind and gentle and sweet - they appeared almost angelic.

I, in a confused and miserable state, broke down in tears over their kindness and loveliness. They gave me a copy of the BOM and told me to read it and pray to see if it was true. Then they scheduled another time for a visit.

I thought about it, and could feel myself bursting with emotion. I was ABSOLUTELY SURE (even though I had never read it once) that the Book of Mormon was true. How could it not be? I felt wonderful, cared about, sought after, and these two women had been so incredibly loving and kind and filled with a gentle radiance about them that captivated me. How could it not be true? Of course it had to be!

From the very first visit, I was entirely positive that every word in the BOM was absolutely true. I was later praised for my unceasing faith, for not questioning, for my miraculous instantaneous testimony and conversion. Looking back on it ... I now see the reality.

I was miserable, lost, alone, confused and in horrible sadness. I was living in a bad situation, and then these two pretty, kind, sweet angelic-appearing women came to me, promising me that God loved me, that I was sought after for a special "truth" that 99% of the world didn't have, and that I could finally find love, acceptance, and the "right answers" in my life. It was just too appealing to turn down.

It was so good - it had to be true! I needed to believe. I desperately needed to cling to that hope ... that something good had finally happened to me. That God had sought me out and that everything would finally make sense!

Anyway, I'll quickly carry on here and skim through. Basically, I ended up having more and more discussions with the missionaries. We did it in secret (as my foster parents would disapprove) and I was very naive. I'd only just begun investigating Christianity less than a year earlier ... and I didn't know very much. To my uneducated mind ... this was Christianity. Wasn't it?

The missionaries "taught" me how to pray, the "true" history of Christianity and the scriptures, and the "extra" truths that no one else had. I felt so loved by them, so cared for, so wanted and important and special. As soon as the initial 6 discussions were done, the missionaries pressured me to be baptized. I wasn't ready and didn't want to quite yet, but I felt I had to. I agreed.

They told me I needed to get my parents' permission. So I told my foster parents who were greatly displeased and would not allow me to join the church. I was so angry at them! And yet again, it confirmed to me the validity of the church. If these horrible, abusive, mean people hated this church (and these two beautiful girls) and didn't want me to go -- it really must be a good thing after all !! I became even more desirous to join. They would not allow me.

Eventually I ended up running away from that foster home, and temporarily staying with my friend and her family (who were LDS members). I was relocated to another home, and ended up being baptized into the church at 15 years old. I was confirmed soon after. I was overjoyed to finally be able to take the sacrament, and to hear the "truth" and to be a MEMBER of the church legitimately at long last.

I'll skip all the years that follow because it would take too long to write at length about. Suffice to say, that my membership in the church wavered in and out. Some times I was active, other times I was inactive. This was due to bouncing around through different foster homes - and personal problems I had.

I often would fall into old patterns of behavior - drinking, doing drugs, etc. At other times, I would pull myself together and I would stop all negative activities, rid myself of bad acquaintances, and I would go to church. OH I TRIED SO HARD!!

I went to church before school (early morning classes), I went to activities, I went on Sundays, I attended the classes, I read my BOM for HOURS every night, reading it over and over. I studied, I prayed, I strived like never before to be good in God's eyes. But to no avail.

All the youth at church made fun of me and gossiped about me. I was a loner (no family in membership), I wore second-hand clothes and lived in a group home and they thought I was odd. They spread rumors about me that I was a "witch" and a "lesbian" and other cruel things. I felt unwanted, not good enough, second-class, and so I would go back to my old friends and ways.

Years passed with massive confusion. Despite my anger at the church youth, and some of my own questions/misgivings, I ALWAYS "KNEW" THE CHURCH WAS TRUE and never doubted for even a minute. I always thought that I was a terrible person for going inactive, and that I would surely burn in hell (or not make the celestial kingdom anyway) because I was always screwing up and making mistakes.

At times my heart was in agony as I thought about what a worthless failure I was, that didn't deserve to live, that would never make it to heaven and who was disappointing God and not as good as everyone else at church. And soul somehow felt relieved!

When I was out of church at times I felt happy, I felt GLAD not to be there...I felt somehow more free. And these feelings only confirmed to me what a horrible, unfaithful person I was that was destined to be punished for my disobedience and feel God's eventual wrath.

Fast forward to the age of 18. I was renting a place with two of my best friends. I had started going to church but then stopped again as I just sometimes couldn't face going. Oh I had stopped drinking and doing drugs, and I was doing nothing "wrong" but I just couldn't bring myself to go.

I felt worthless and it somehow felt wrong to be there.Keep in mind that during all of this ... I was always completely chaste. Despite my rebellions and mistakes, I always held chastity in the HIGHEST regards.

Having suffered abuse as a young girl, and having a proud demeanor of self-respect and dignity ... I had never even pursued the thought of anything "sexually sinful". The first time I kissed someone I was 17 years old! By 18, I was as chaste and well behaved as possible. I had stopped going to church -- but I still read my scriptures and "knew it was true".

After suffering through a difficult break-up with an ex-boyfriend (and many other things in my life) I met Steve. He lived down the street, and he was so handsome and kind. I fell in love with him almost instantly. We became friends, and then after my breakup, we began to date one another. I simply adored him and loved him with all of my heart.

At first everything was well, but little frustrations began to show. He despised my membership in the church, and was tired of me always feeling guilty about absolutely everything and being afraid of "being bad". And worst of all, I could not be physically intimate without feeling horror and revulsion and fearing for my eternal soul. (As I had read the old quotes by church leaders that it was better to die or be dead than to lose your modesty/chastity)

One night, I had sex with him for the first time. It somehow ... just happened. Afterward, I left his house and went home and cried. I cried and cried and cried. I felt so alone ... I couldn't even bare to talk to God.

For the next four days I stayed in bed and cried. I only left to go to the bathroom and then I would get back into bed. Steve would come by daily to visit and I would send him home. I refused to talk to anyone. I didn't tell anyone what happened.I lay there, in my agony, thinking of my eternal suffering and loss of the celestial kingdom.

I thought about what a worthless person I was, how I had disappointed God, what a terrible promiscuous whore I was and how I was unfit to be a member of the LDS church. I could never face going back now!

Eventually I got out of bed. Even though I was alone and numb and wanted to die (except I was afraid to because I would have to face God) I just went through the motions ... and I began to see Steve again. I gave up the church and going ... because I knew I was a terrible person, unfit for membership, doomed to the lowest levels of heaven -- and a horrible sinner bound for torment. I just gave up.

And so Steve and I resumed our relationship and continued being intimate. I felt confused. I loved him, I loved being close to him and everything that involved, and yet ... I felt so guilty and horrible and terrible. Surely I was a terrible person! Renouncing the very church of God for such sinful activities! I was doomed!

Later that year, I became pregnant. It was of course, an accident. I was in denial for a long time ...until finally I could deny it no more. At 3 months, the pregnancy was confirmed by a test and a doctor. I just wanted to die. I could not believe it! Here was ME, the renowned chastity queen, the total virgin, the one nobody even dared try to touch -- pregnant at 18!

And to think of all the times I had judged teenage mothers for being "sluts" and thinking they were no good, and spiritually deficient and fools - and here I was one!!!

I broke down and went back to church. I need guidance and support. Telling my bishop the truth was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I could barely squeak the words out. He looked disapproving, but was kind about it. He suggested that I see someone from the church as a support. I agreed. He set me up with a kindly older lady who was from LDS Family Services.

I began to see her constantly. She promised me that I was not going to be forced into a decision, but had to consider one myself. She told me to weigh the alternatives of keeping my son, versus giving him up for adoption. The choice was mine to make, she told me. So did the Bishop. I was so confused and I just felt in agony. I didn't know what to do.

As time wore on ... the pressure grew. At first it was subtle, but then it became almost outright at the end. The lady from LDS Services told me that she thought I should give my baby up, as I was too young and couldn't care for it properly - besides that, my baby needed a good two-parent home with temple worthy parents. Even the Bishop himself told me that I needed to give my baby up for adoption.

Soon everyone was pressuring me, telling me what to do, or at least telling me behind the thinly veiled guise of "advice" and assuring me it was still my "choice". I began to look for adoptive parents. I looked through books and books of parents that had been screened carefully by the church. Somehow it just didn't feel right - but I felt that I HAD to find the right set of parents.

It was God's will, I convinced myself. I looked and looked but could not make a decision. The pressure from everyone grew and grew until it choked my very being. Time was running short as the pregnancy grew further - and I soon began to feel desperate.

All the meanwhile, my poor soul suffered such suffering as is indescribable. Only if you have been in my position, can you understand. I was young, I was scared, I was in a vulnerable situation and grew more terrified as time wore on. I knew nothing of babies or being a mother. I was broke, I was alone, I was so confused.

Despite my fear, I loved my baby. I loved this beautiful person growing inside me so much that my heart ached. And I would cry and cry and cry myself to sleep every night. I would cry until my face swelled up and I couldn't breathe. What was the right thing to do???

Surely I wasn't worthy enough to keep this child, and YET ... I loved it with all my heart and the thought of giving it up to some strangers tore me apart and made me want to die. I wondered if I did it ... if I would end up dying of a broken heart, or committing suicide. And yet, I felt I had to.

Finally I chose an adoptive couple. They were both young. The mother was pretty, the father was handsome, and they had 2 adopted children already. They had been on missions to Japan, spoke Japanese, were wealthy with great jobs, and had the PERFECT LIFE so it seemed. These were the people, I was sure of it!

I gave my permission to contact them and they were notified of my decision. One of the things that bothered me though, was that they had specified that they were only willing to take a child that was 1/4 Native or Asian, no more.

So had all the other parents ... they only wanted Caucasian children, or children that were specifically no more than 1/4 of such and such a race. Some even specified they didn't want any non-Caucasian children. Such racism boiled my blood and disturbed me (hence we see the racism in the church playing out again!!).

My soul cried out in agony. I prayed and cried to God and begged him to affirm to me that I had made the correct decision. I had no idea what to do, and I told God that I only wanted to do what was right. Whatever the decision ... it needed to be the right one, and the best one for my child.

Things began to move forward and it seemed that this couple would adopt my baby. As I imagined the thought of them at the hospital, taking my baby from my arms and taking him home ... I would cry for hours nonstop. It felt so wrong ... and yet it must be God's will, right?

To help me with my decision, the lady from LDS services put me in contact with another woman who had been through this. Apparently, years ago, this woman had given her child up for adoption and was now a happily married, temple-going woman with 3 children. This conversation was supposed to ease my mind and help me realize I was making the right decision.

One day, this woman and I got the opportunity to speak. She lived in another province and we spoke by telephone. We made small talk, and then got down to the deeper issues. She told me her story, and how she had given her child up for adoption. She told me how she was now happily married with 3 more children, and how she felt that it must have been God's will and the right thing to do.

I then asked her if she was happy with her decision, or regretted it at all, or how she felt when she decided. What would I feel? Would I know that this was right too? How had she known?I'll never forget for the rest of my life ... that woman's voice. It began to crack and break and she began to cry as she told me how heart-wrenching it was for her, and how it had broken her heart.

The pain in her voice seared through my soul and I felt myself shaking and crying as she talked. She could barely speak above the quiet sobs and gasps. Her pain, even these 15 years later ... was so intense, so apparent, so tangible that it shook me to the core. We got off the phone, and I had the feeling that this woman was somehow broken inside and that she had hidden it from herself all these years.

I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I felt nauseated and terrified. I had a horrible feeling ... a suspicion in the back of my soul that this was not right. That somehow this was not right. If it was right ... why did I feel so sick? Why did I feel so coerced? Why did I feel so uncertain and why was I in so much pain?

I got down on my knees and I prayed to God for hours. I prayed like never before in my life. I said that I knew it was wrong to ask for signs, but that I NEEDED a sign to tell me that this adoption was the right course and the will of God. That it was "meant to be".

Only about 3 days later I got a call from LDS Family Services. I was told that the adoption could not go through. The couple had pulled out citing personal problems and a family emergency and needed to relocate to the United States right away. Due to many reasons, the adoption was not possible. I KNEW THIS WAS MY SIGN. Looking back on it all these years later, I realize that may have been a sign true ... but the real sign was the feelings in my heart and my soul that told me NO and fought against it every breath of the way.

During all of this, Steve was away. He had since moved to another city after our breakup, and I had eventually told him the news - which had stunned him. I knew he was also afraid and shocked. He asked me what I was going to do, and I told him I did not know. And during the course of all these months the LDS Family Services had plotted with me.

They told me that it didn't matter whether Steve agreed with the adoption or not -- they had ways to coerce him to agree, or to guilt-trip him or force him to agree. And if that did not work they told me, then they could secretly sneak me into Alberta (as I live in British Columbia) where I could give birth to the baby and give it to an adoptive couple. There were loopholes, I was assured, that could make sure Steve could never see his baby, or at least never get custody.

There were many sympathetic judges and cities where the Mormons always won custody battles and there were "many ways" that were told to me of how I could sneak off and deceive whomever I wanted.To be honest, all I wanted was for Steve and I to reconcile. All I wanted was for him to be a father and for everything to work out. But by that time, it was not looking like an option. Things were too badly damaged between us and the relationship did not appear to have a hope of being repaired.

Even to the end of my pregnancy I was being coerced, pressured and guilt-tripped into giving my baby up for adoption, fleeing to Alberta, etc. The pressure was unrelenting and pretty overwhelming. Finally at the end I put my foot down and unequivocally stated that I refused to give my baby away and that I was keeping my child.

I was terrified, but I felt a peace in my heart that I had not felt for the last 8 months. I knew it was the right decision. This was MY CHILD. It was conceived by the man that I loved. GOD had GIVEN ME this baby, and just because I was young, or single, or imperfect did not mean that I did not deserve to be a mother and love this child.

In July, 2003, I gave birth to my baby boy. He came out perfectly, with no problems. I named him Thomas. I hoped that I could raise him to 'be like God' and to be a valiant and good person. I believed that despite my flaws, I could do so. The woman from LDS Family Services was there, as well as one of my best friends: Angela (also a church member from my hometown city).

I suppose this is the part where I should interject and state a few things. Yes, I was pressured immensely. I was guilt-tripped, manipulated and coerced. I firmly believe that. But I would also like to add that a few of the people I dealt with (from LDS services) did not behave that way, and that some people were very fair and non-judgmental.

Also, despite her pressuring, the woman from LDSFS was very kind to me, and helped me out in other regards - financially, getting prepared, helping me every step of the way. I look back on it, and I don't think that any of them were bad people - I believe they only had the best intentions - but they are so brainwashed and consumed in the cult ... it's all they can see.

They honestly believe that single mothers are lesser people and don't deserve to have their children. They honestly believe that they are doing the right thing by pressuring mothers and taking away children. Maybe in some cases it is the right decision, but I believe that in most cases it is not -- it's not necessary, it's not "morally correct" or a superior solution, and that children are being taken from their vulnerable mothers every single day.

Anyway, I had my son, I took him home and I began to raise him. Things between myself and Steve had completely soured and despite my grievances with the church, it was very helpful to me during this time, and so were many members. (Although I attribute that to the personal kindness of my friends, not to the church itself)

Let's fast forward a bit here ... cause this is where it gets even more disturbing. During the next couple years that followed, I was on and off in my activity with the church. I still strived to be a good person and live by all its standards, I still read the scriptures and I occasionally attended, although more often than not I stayed home.

I always felt judged at church, and out of place, and it somehow felt wrong to be there. I didn't feel the 'Spirit' anymore, and I was beginning to have questions. I had another friend who told me flat out that the church was wrong, and had told me to read the Bible. I had read the New Testament and the more I read it, and studied, researched and investigated, the more I began to get a sinking feeling that the church was not true. But I refused to believe it.

I lived in denial and continued to push all the bad feelings and thoughts and instincts away. THIS WAS THE TRUE CHURCH! I KNEW IT! And one day I was sure I would atone for all my sins, and become the wonderful molly-Mormon and finally fit in and be good in God's eyes again.

Michael had just turned two years old. Steve and I had reconciled, although it was rocky at best. I still loved him like a love-crazed teenager, and we tried our best. He was still sickened and repulsed by my membership in the church although he did his best to be patient about it.

One day, I got a call from my younger brother. He was deeply grieved and worried. It turns out that his girlfriend (18 years old) had accidentally become pregnant. She and her family were MORMON. They had broken up, and now things were really becoming dramatic.

It turned out that although they were members, like so many LDS people they were complete hypocrites. His girlfriend Jenny drank, did drugs, partied and thought the church was complete BS. Her parents fought, and her dad was abusive physically and did cocaine. That, among with many other issues and problems. All the meanwhile, they held callings in the church, dressed perfectly and attended on Sundays, and 'behaved as acceptable Mormons' outside of closed doors.

Now Jenny had been intimate with my brother (a non member and atheist) and the pregnancy had been the result. She was afraid and confused. She did not want to keep the child as she felt she could not be a mother so young, and could not afford to live on her own. She also did not want the child to grow up in her abusive, dysfunctional home. She also wanted the child to have a two-parent home with all the the necessary support and proper care.

At first she lied and denied the pregnancy. But through sources, my brother found out about it. Then she admitted to it, but refused to state that my brother was the father. Finally she gave in, and admitted that he was. She then wavered with her considerations on what to do.

Sometimes she seemed to want to keep the baby, but she also changed her mind constantly. My brother told me that her parents were pressuring her to give the baby up for adoption, and that she had been seeing people from LDS Family Services who were counseling her to do the same.

My brother had offered to take custody of the child, but Jenny refused his offer. Her parents and LDSFS also vehemently denied his offer. My brother was afraid and worried and didn't know what to do. He loved his child and desperately wanted to have custody and keep his baby.

I was immediately concerned. I knew about the resources at the church's disposal. I knew of its scheming, conniving and barely-legal ways. I knew what my brother was in for. I began to give him advice and instructions at once. I told him everything I knew and gave him all the ammunition I could. He immediately got lawyers and began legally doing everything he could to prepare for the birth and ensuing court case.

All the meanwhile LDS Family Services harassed him, and tried to guilt-trip him, coerce him and used scare tactics to try and make him submit. He continually refused to sign any papers, make any agreements or consent in any fashion to the adoption.

By the end, Jenny had decided to give her child up for adoption and had chosen a birth family. As much as the church harassed my brother, they could not make him give in.

Jenny lied about the birth date and gave birth to a baby girl in September 2005. My brother would never have known except that a mutual friend felt guilty and told him the truth. He tried to see his daughter in the hospital but was not allowed and dragged out. I later tried to return with him again, citing his rights and the insanity of the situation - but we were not allowed to see his daughter, and unbeknownst to us, Jenny had already left the hospital.

All the meanwhile I had tried to be calm, rational and fair. I had tried to contact Jenny and her family and explained to them that I was also a member of the church. I tried to meet with them, or talk to them, or work out a meeting with their Bishop. I was ignored and shunned by everyone. Later I was told that I was mocked, as I was a single mom and not a 'good enough Mormon' (which is rich - coming from that family!).

I offered to have my brother live with me, and to help him raise his daughter. Steve and I had broken up, but I had graduated college and had a high-paying job, nice house, and most importantly I had parenting experience and felt I could help my brother in any way necessary. Plus I loved my niece.

I did all I could. I helped my brother, consulted with him, helped his lawyers, and I even wrote affidavits and tried to patch things up through the church. As UNBELIEVABLE as it is -- I STILL THOUGHT THE CHURCH WAS TRUE. Yes that's right. I still believed it, and much to my brother's disgust and irritation, I would continually defend the church citing that it was the TRUE church. Instead I blamed Jenny and her family.

I blamed a few over-zealous people in LDSFS who I felt were wrong, but doing what they thought was right. I still, even then, was so brainwashed that I thought it was God's true church on earth and that my brother was somehow just having a bad experience with a few bad apples.

After Jenny gave birth to my brother's daughter, she secretly fled to Alberta. There, my niece was given to the adoptive couple. My brother was not notified, had not given his consent, and could not find his daughter as LDSFS hid the location from us. We only found all this out by going through the court.

The court case ended up having to be moved to Alberta, and to Lethbridge city (one of the places I'd been told was "sympathetic to the Mormon cause") and to a sympathetic judge. After endless battles in court and much arguing-the ruling was handed down.

My brother had lost his case. He had lost his daughter. I had lost my niece. The adoptive parents were given full custody of her. To this day, I don't even know how this was possible. My brother was the BIOLOGICAL parent of that girl, NEVER gave consent for her adoption, and fought every step of the way. How he lost...I don't know. The only thing I can surmise is that it was made possible by the LDS church's tactics. Firstly, Jenny and her family got free lawyers and everything they needed paid for by the church.

Secondly, the LDS church dragged my brother's good name through the mud, and mine too! Earlier, my brother's friend had been killed. He'd been stabbed nearby a bus stop and died in my brother's arms - while he tried to save him. The LDS church went out of its way to portray my brother as a no-good loser and even insinuated (practically claiming outright) that my brother had been the killer or somehow at fault for the stabbing!!

They tried to portray him as a drunken, drug addicted murderer who was unfit to parent. They also claimed that because we'd grown up in foster care that we were mentally and emotionally unstable and did not understand how "families functioned normally" and were unable to parent. They personally dragged my name through the mud as well for daring to help my brother. They said that I was broke, on welfare, a single mom and that I was an unfit parent.

I fought back with testimony and written affidavits explaining my education, job, living circumstances and history with my son. The LDS church went so far as to investigate both myself and my brother and tried to bring up every single possible negative or piece of gossip/dirt that they could find!

A few interesting things to take note of: firstly, some of the people taking my niece away from my brother were some of the same people I had dealt with through LDSFS and even though they were bound legally by privacy policies, they knew all my personal information and history with my son, confessions, etc. These same people that had tried to convince me to give up my son-were now helping take away my brother's daughter.

Secondly, they managed to win in court even without my brother's consent, without proving any of the lies/mud they slung at either of us, and even though they had effectively kidnapped my niece. They helped transport her to another province, hid her from my brother, and refused to tell her whereabouts. Isn't that kidnapping? Especially when my brother is biologically the father and has done nothing abusive or illegal? How did that not become an issue???

Thirdly, even though I myself was a member and explained that in court and even said I would help raise the little girl in the LDS church - I was still mocked and judged because I was a single, unmarried mother and because my family was not Mormon.

I'm sad to say that my brother lost his case, lost his appeal and nothing has been done since. This September it will be 2 years since his daughter was born. He has not seen her once and is not allowed visitation. He has not been sent any photographs or letters by mail, nor has he been updated on her condition or life. He has not seen her, or heard anything about her EVEN ONCE.

My heart aches for my niece. And every time I picture her and my son playing together and all the time we're missing with soul aches. I can't even imagine what my brother must have gone through.

During the course of his case, my brother sent out emails. He tried to get all the help that he could from anyone possible. Something very interesting happened with that ... he sent out a chain letter. (You know, those chain emails you get in your inbox, with stories that you're asked to forward??)

He explained his whole story and what was happening, and he asked everyone to forward the email to 10 other people. To prove its authenticity he even included his number on it.Then something happened ... my brother began to get phone calls and emails from all over the world.

People showed their support and voiced their dismay over the story. But even more importantly he got STORIES BACK from all over the world (but particularly the USA) of parents this has happened to! It turns out that all over Canada and the US... every single day...parents are losing their children to the LDS cult. He heard hundreds of stories from Mormons, former Mormons, non-Mormons about how they had lost their children.

In so many cases, the church had just taken the children to another province or state and they had never seen their child again. Or the church had overwhelmed them in court with unlimited money and lawyers and PR and they had lost their children. Or mothers had consented to adoption (from pressure and guilt and force) and changed their minds only to have the LDS cult refuse to return the children, or find a legal loophole to keep them from getting their children back.

Countless fathers had been lied to, conned, out-manipulated, out-spent, or just plain had their children kidnapped from them. Especially non-LDS men who wanted to keep their children but never had a chance. THIS IS HAPPENING EVERY DAY!

Look, I know in some cases it is good. I am sure there are great LDS adoptive parents (I even know some) and maybe it was the right choice in some cases. I'm not saying the option shouldn't be available. What I am saying, is that the LDS church pressures mothers under unbearable guilt and sometimes force-to give their children up.

And that the church uses loopholes and barely legal (and UNETHICAL) ways of winning custody of the children from fathers or mothers or both. And that EVERYDAY children are being literally kidnapped and taken to different states or places and hidden from parents - and then given to adoptive parents who are privy to this crime.

I'm not saying this happens in every single case. But from what I learned from my brother - this is happening to hundreds of thousands of people every year in Canada and especially the USA.

That is WRONG and IMMORAL and should be illegal and stopped. That is why I wrote this to you Samuel. I believe that people ought to know about this, and that someone should be investigating the LDS Family Services and their conduct in cases, their financing (of lawyers for members, etc) their tactics and legal maneuvering, and the legality of fleeing with children to other states, and of taking children without parental consent or knowledge.

Yes most ex-Mormons or non-Mormons know about all the other dirty skeletons in the LDS closet, but most people don't know about this one. And this is a BIG ONE. These poor children don't have a say. These poor parents who have been conned, out-spent, out-maneuvered and lied to and stolen from-they don't have a choice!

AND HOW CONVENIENT FOR THE MORMON CORPORATION that these little children will grow up in Mormon families-being indoctrinated their whole lives and paying tithing and growing up and having more little Mormon children ... and thus bringing in new generations of faithful cult members. These poor kids don't stand a chance!

It really just boils my blood. It really does. It makes me sick to my stomach. To think that the massively wealthy Mormon corporation/LDS cult is stealing children and lying and outspending poor single parents or dads who are desperate to KEEP THEIR OWN BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN! I mean WHAT WON'T THIS CULT DO??? Obviously nothing, as we know. They are sick, sick, sick bastards.

It's amazing what this world has come to when parents can't even keep their own children and can be out bought and out PR'd by a CULT in Christian guise.

Anyway, you'll be shocked to know that during all of this I was still so brainwashed (this is the power of the cult) that I still believed the church was true! Even after my niece had been stolen! I blamed individuals and circumstances instead of the cult itself.

But it was the straw that broke the camel's back...I wondered how this could happen? I wondered how God's true church could do this? I wondered how the Spirit could have guided these people to do this? How could it have happened? And it got me thinking, and wondering. It started me on a journey of personal reflection.

I remembered my friend and his Bible challenge...and how I'd begun to learn the truth but had been afraid and ignored it. I remembered all my questions and inquiries that had been pushed down. I remembered all the hypocrisies and oddities I had repressed in my own mind and never explored. Everything began to come back with a vengeance. I remembered my own experiences with my son-the scare tactics, guilt, pressuring, and the sneaky, oily way the church Family Services operated.

I thought back to how I'd never been happy, never been good enough, how I'd lived my life in fear and guilt. I thought about how suicidal I was when I first lost my virginity and when I had almost given up my son. I thought about everything long and hard.

And then I began to research. And I learned the truth and the scales fell from my eyes. I learned about Joseph Smith's masonry. About his polygamous wives. I learned about Brigham Young's racism and his killing squads. I learned the TRUTH about the Mormon pioneers, the MMM, the way the BOM was really translated. I learned and learned everything I could. I researched.

Initially I only researched to REASSURE myself that the church was true. I still believed it was true, but I had unsettling doubts in my heart and a sinking feeling in my soul. I knew I had to be rid of it - so I needed to reconfirm the church's authenticity. That was my intention. I figured that everything that had happened to myself and my brother was because we weren't good enough people, or were being punished, or it was just God's will.

I even thought (I hate to admit it now) that maybe this was happening to my brother because he wasn't Mormon, or because other Mormons were more faithful than I was.

But the research and honest analysis proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the church is a fraud. I learned about JS and the fake papyrus translation, the plagiarism, his pedophile ways, the changing stories, why he really died and everything surrounding all the history and lies I'd been told.

Needless to say I was stunned and horrified. I cried and couldn't believe it had all been an illusion. For YEARS I had been in a cult and living a lie. I'd been brainwashed, manipulated, and it had all been a lie. I can't even describe the absolute terror and horror and loneliness of that moment. I've never felt so confused and alone and scared in my whole life (save it be my pregnancy).

That was roughly one year ago. So here we are now. I am now an ex-Mormon who knows the truth about the cult and tries to expose it however I can...especially to my best friends that are still in it. My brother has lost his daughter and will never see her until she's 18. Even then, she'll be a brainwashed Mormon dedicated to the cult. I'm so enraged that she's going to grow up in this cult!

I am doing OK. My son is well enough, and yes, we've had struggles and hardships. It hasn't been easy. I've been frustrated and overwhelmed at times. But together, we've made it through. I love him more than anyone, more than life itself. He's been worth every minute of it. Every tear, every sorrow, every irritation, every single moment good or bad - he's been worth it. And I will love him for the rest of my life with the kind of love no one can understand. He is my angel.

I am 23, he is turning 4 this summer, and we are doing OK. I know that one day I will get married and have a good family and an amazing life. And I don't regret keeping him for one second. And I never will. When I think back to the way the LDS cult almost manipulated me into giving him away (despite my reservations and sorrow) and how willing they were to steal him from Steve and be complicit in kidnapping him to Alberta--it makes me shudder to think of what could have happened. I was so close to losing my son. So close.

And other women that aren't as strong or stubborn as me have probably lost their children and don't have them today. I think back to that broken voice on the phone...and I feel so sad for her. I'm so grateful to have my son.

I look back...and I see it all now. I see it all so clearly. I see the way I was CONVINCED the church was true, and the way I bought into it all. I see a young girl that needed friendship and guidance. Who was curious about God and the answers to life...and who got charmed into a cult, because she didn't know any better. I needed to believe. I needed it.

I see the way for years I lived in guilt and terror. The way I hated myself and always felt second-class. I see the way I suffered and how much of my youth it really did steal from me.

I look back at the situation with Steve. I can't blame the church for all my problems, or all my conduct, or every consequence - but I see how it contributed. I see how it helped ruin my relationship with one of the people I've loved the most in my life. The way it helped split us apart. The way it emotionally damaged me. I should have been overjoyed to find love. I should have enjoyed intimacy and sharing myself after an abusive childhood. Instead I was suicidal and horrified and scared of eternal punishment and being a rotten person not fit to live.

I see the way it has mentally, emotionally and spiritually damaged and scarred me. It will take years to recover. And people wonder why I'm so upset?? They wonder why I speak out against the church? They wonder why Samuel does? IF ONLY THEY KNEW!!

I see the way the church almost stole my son. I see the way they stole my niece. I see the way they lie, manipulate, brainwash, re-write history, steal children, steal money (tithing), and pretend to be Christian when it is anything but.

Now I see people that I love...still obsessed, still consumed, still fully brainwashed and dedicated to the cult...paying their hard earned money (so the church can buy malls and pay to steal kids), wearing 'magical underwear', taking satanic/masonic vows and rites in a fake temple, and reading silly books that were made up and have been PROVEN to be frauds. Yet the cult continues.

That is why I wrote this email. I hope you will share it. This is my story of my involvement with the cult. I know it's long. I tried to keep it short and skimmed through it - but such a tale does need telling and can't be confined to a few paragraphs. This is a synopsis of the 8 years that the LDS cult stole from my life.

It's the tale of two children--one that was nearly stolen, and one that was. It's the tale of how that cult hurt me, and damaged me, and made me live in terror and guilt.

I won't deny their are some good things about the church. There are good people. And on the outside it looks like a respectable, goodly Christian organization. But if you dare to scratch beneath the surface...the layers begin flaking off, and you discover the truth. It is a cult. It is a bad one, only an illusion of goodliness and Christianity.

I know the truth and I won't stop telling a single soul until I die. And I personally consider it one of my missions in life to help bring down the LDS cult in my lifetime.

I hope that those who might happen to read my story will discover the truth about the fraud and cult that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope that any young mothers out there will know that they deserve to keep their children, and that there is nothing wrong with being a single parent if you are doing your best and love your child. Please know you don't have to give your child away.

This is not God's church, and it isn't God's will. You're not bad for getting pregnant, and we're not evil sinners for making love, or having a beer, or not paying tithing, etc. I hope and pray that the LDS cult will be stopped, and that no one else falls victim.

Lastly, I sincerely wish that someone would investigate LDS Family Services. While it may do some good, it also works in secret codes of silence, suppression, force, manipulation, and literally is kidnapping countless children with absolutely no one to answer to.

It's pretty difficult for a parent or parents to stop a multi-billion dollar corporation/cult with endless resources, money, and a mega PR and spin doctor machine/ campaign. It's absolutely stunning that this is happening. Someone needs to stop it, and these poor parents need to be helped.

Like the ones that phoned/emailed my brother - they feel helpless. They don't have the money or backing to fight the church, they can't find their children, they lose in court and they have no one to turn to. Let's never let this happen to another parent again.

As for my brother...he is doing okay. He was very depressed and suicidal for awhile, but he has pulled himself out of it and is managing. He has a good job, some good friends, and I've moved close by him. We are close and see each other very often. He hopes to one day see his daughter, and says that eventually he wants to have more children when the time is right and when he's with the right person.

All I can say now is: I urge everyone, everywhere, to leave the LDS cult, to investigate the TRUE FACTS and to help others still caught in the deception. This organization is even more evil than most of us know...



Thank you again Galatian, for having the strength and courage to share your experience with Mormon Truth readers and the world and for trying to help others, so that they don't suffer what you and your brother have. Some people would have just wanted to move on with their life, but I salute you for trying to make a difference.

Give your brother our best as well, as I cannot even begin to comprehend his pain, after what the Mormon cult has done to him, his daughter and your neice. I'm still stunned, saddened and sickened by what he has gone through and still going through because of this damn Mormon cult.

Hopefully someone out there reading this story, will be able to know what to do legally, to help your brother or some Attorney will volunteer their services to help him. If anyone can do this or knows someone that can, PLEASE step forward and try to right this wrong and heal the heart of this young man, his daughter and sister. This a great injustice and it needs to be resolved by somebody, somehow.

I'm sure that you will all be in Mormon Truth readers thoughts forever, after reading this post. I know that I'll never forget it, as it has had a lasting, powerful impact on me and re-confirmed how important what I'm doing here is and to never give up, because too many people and families are being destroyed and ripped apart by this damn cult called Mormonism, every single day!! They are ruthless and show no mercy and have no plans on ever stopping; so neither do I.

Thanks yet again Galatian, you're the best and know that you or your brother, always have a place to come, if you ever need to share your pain or need people to support you in a time of need!! Think of us here in Mormon Truth as your extended family.

Samuel the Utahnite

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