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Former Mormon Bishop Timothy Mccleve, Is Accused Of Sexually Abusing 3 Young Girls, As They Trusted Their Former Bishop. Are There Even More Victims?

I wanted to say a special thanks to Elder Joseph for making me aware of this news story and video. With all that I have going on, I somehow missed it. It was also on at least one other local Utah TV station last night. They have seized this guys hard drive and are now wondering if there are more victims. Timothy Mccleve was the local Bishop until 2004.

This is just another example for you TBMS out there reading this, that your leaders are not inspired, right up the line to your beloved, so called Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, or they would know about these things far in advance and prevent them, with their amazing "spirit of perception", which doesn't exist.

Hard to believe that this man, if guilty, just "suddenly" became a pedophile and we'll see what other evidence they find and how far it goes back. One thing for certain, if he did do this, is that he used the trust he gained from being their Bishop, to gain access to the victims and their family, which is why he isn't being charged with 3 regular felonies, but 3 special ones.

Oh yeah, and don't give me that "free agency" bullshit!! How many times have I heard from you TBMS; "Hinckley and gang must allow the free agency of sexual predators, to attack, rape and even kill little girls, because it's God's plan and they can't interfere with it, etc, etc, etc? How pathetic!! Then what the hell is a Prophet for? So, are they actually saying that he knows, but just like God, does nothing about it? By the way, the Christians I've talked to use the same EXACT excuse for God and why he can't intervene.

In other words, human beings have more love, compassion, willingness and ability to stop sexual predators, murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc, than God does. Yeah, that makes sense that human beings have more power than a God that is supposedly Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, doesn't it? Give me a break!!

I also find it interesting that these nuts say they would save their child, loved one and friend, if they knew the date, time and place of where they were going to be killed or attacked, but then go onto defend why God doesn't and CAN'T intervene, despite having all that information, if he is what they claim he is.

But using that type of jacked up logic, I guess that would explain how George P. Lee from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy, got away with sexual abuse right under the noses of the Mormon Prophet, his counselors and the Apostles, for 3 years, right? Tell his victim it was meant to be. As Demon of Kolob has pointed out in our Skypecasts, the Prophet and co. didn't do anything about George P. Lee, until he started speaking out about the church leaders and then the sex abuse scandal suddenly broke. Interesting timing, isn't it?

Gee, it almost sounds like they knew, doesn't it? Hard to believe that it could go on for 3 years and nobody knew anything, especially with their direct connection to God and Jesus, right? Then again, we are talking about the same God and Jesus of the Bible, that ordered mass executions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN, so maybe it does make sense, if he's the same scumbag, loser, murderer of a God, that is "leading" and "inspiring" the Mormon Prophets.

I guess if the Mormon God can create the Mountain Meadows Massacre through his Prophet Brigham Young, why would he give a damn about anybody, right? After all, blood atonement was a big deal to Brigham Young and he claimed it came inspired, directly from his loving God.

I've asked the question before and I'll keep asking it, to drive home my point; if Gordon B. Hinckley, the head cheese in Mormonland, can't stop child sex abuse predators(right under his nose, i.e. Mormon Bishops/Stake Presidents/Bishopric members/choir members/BYU Professors), before they strike, then just what the hell good is the guy, as he's completely worthless.

I'd also like to point out once again that the Mormon Hierarchy prides itself on doing background checks on all people(Oleg Barabash...oops!!) that submit articles to their beloved Ensign magazine(Jesus' monthly magazine), but do not bother or care to do them for Bishops, Stake President, Sunday School and Primary teachers, etc and just rely on their "power of discernment" and the Mormon "Holy Ghost." Interesting isn't it, that the Mormon "Holy Ghost" can work for discerning callings, but not for who is writing articles for Jesus' monthly magazine? WTF?!!

So, Gordon B. Hinckley, through his supposed "great Prophetic powers from on high"(the only man on the entire earth that can speak and act on behalf of God in official capacity), can't stop sexual predators, murders, rapists, pedophiles, can't predict earthquakes or Tsunamis or fires or anything else that I'm aware of. And you guys "thank God for a Prophet" that can't and doesn't "guide you in these latter-days?" What does he exactly prophesy about?

In fact, other than spending billions of dollars buying malls and reconstructing downtown Salt Lake City, telling women how many earrings to wear, issuing a challenge to everyone to read the Book of Mormon, speaking in conference every 6 months, and dedicating more temples(the majority of which sit empty most of the week outside of Utah), while waving around his cane or white handkerchief; WHAT DOES HE ACTUALLY DO?!!

After all, anyone one of us with half of a functioning braincell, could easily accomplish those elementary and effortless tasks, without any guidance from some God or inspiration from above.

Explain to all of us in ex-Mormon land and the real world, how Hinckley is different from an ordinary person and has these supernatural powers from God and how he uses them; yet make sure you keep claiming how he's also just a man, a normal guy and only mortal like the rest of us.

Then realize that your explanation of him completely contradicts itself and is just excusing his lack of doing anything worthwhile or prophesying, because he's either an inspired "Prophet of God" and a "Prophet, Seer and Revelator", that "can't ever lead you astray without God removing him" or he's just a NORMAL DUDE and a complete "fraud", to use Hinckley's own word. Like he himself says, it's all either "black or white", with "no middle ground."

When will you wake up and stop standing at attention, with tears in your eyes, when this mere mortal of a man just walks into a room, waving his cane around? When will you stop giving him your money, so that he can blow it on whatever he wants to, with absolutely no accountability or reporting back to those that gave it to him?

Wake up folks and realize that it's all a scam and unfortunately, a lot of people are being hurt in the process, by trusting and believing in these "special powers of discernment" and "the spirit"(that are 100% non-existent), like these 3 little girls and their families.

Let's hope that if this former Bishop, Timothy Mccleve, is indeed a sexual pervert/pedophile and guilty of being a sexual predator(just like Joseph Smith Jr. was), that there won't be any more victims, past or present, and that they caught him, before he could prey on more innocent little girls. Notice that it's always the police that catch them and not any inspiration from God or his so called Prophets?

It's time to realize that Mormonism is nothing more than a destructive cult; always has been and always will be and good, honest, trusting people are being tremendously hurt, completely devastated and taken advantage of in the process.

Hey, this reminds me of a talk, given in the April 2005 Mormon General Conference entitled: "Beware of the Evil behind the Smiling Eyes." Yeah, beware is right, because these smiling eyes are the Mormon General Authorities. Ironic title for a talk, isn't it?!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article as always Samuel!! Funny how those who talk about "free agency" to sexually abuse children (ie: many members of the LDS church I've talked to) never seem to have been molested themselves. That's pretty convenient, isn't it??

They talk about the 'powers of discernment' so that leaders can know who to call to special callings or who deserves and is "worthy" to be the Bishop ... yet they can't discern great sins, pedophiles, etc??? Yet the "Spirit" discerned this guy was "worthy" to be a Bishop - and not that he's a sexual predator? WTF??

It could maybe be excused for the lower peons ... but the General Authorities and Prophets that are supposed to talk to God and be all inspired and lead the church -- with their "powers of discernment and the Spirit" can't even detect a pedophile or abusers in their own ranks?? WTF???

Because, as you so clearly stated: THEY HAVE NO SPECIAL POWERS ... either of the Spirit, or of discernment!!! What a bunch of old farts and con-men greedily lapping up the attention and adoration and money of the members! Pathetic, and sick!

This church and its fake leaders and everything else is enough to just make one sick to the stomach! Well, it does for me!

No worries though ... it's all "Free Agency"! Even though somewhere tonight a little girl is being raped or horrifically abused by a church member ... it's OKAY because God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit told Hinckley that women are only allowed to wear Two earrings in their ears!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR CONTINUING REVELATION AND A PROPHET IN THESE LATTER DAYS! Well, who cares if my neighbour in the ward is being abused ... I now know not to wear more than two earrings!

Sure sounds like the "Spirit" has its priorities f-ked up, wouldn't you say?? Oops, or maybe that's just Hinckley and the Mormon church!

What a big, fat obvious fraud this man is, and all the leaders and this so called church of Jesus Christ. But the members don't care. Cause it's "the true church on earth". The one that gives revelations about earrings, and not abuse or terrible disasters. The one that gives .002% of its money to charity, and yet spends billions on malls and downtown plazas. Whoooooooooooweeeeeee! Sure sounds like God's true church to me ...

At Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:48:00 PM, Blogger Misfit Marie said...

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At Friday, March 30, 2007 8:32:00 AM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

This LDS Bishop story really is adding to the 'reality' of the arrogantly self titled God's Only True Church On The Face Of The Earth.

The Power Of Discernment really is a FARCE !! Non Existent like everything else in the holy LDS Priesthood . I cringe when i se vulnerable women asking for priesthood blessings when they feeling down or ill . The real cure would be to get out of the church !!

Here is a quote from Boyd K Packer's booklet 'The Temple' page 4 quote
"Never lie to try to obtain a call, a recommend,or a blessing from the Lord............The Bishop or Stake President has the right to the power of discernment .He will know whether or not there is something amiss that ought to be settled before a recommend is issued ."

So how do we have a Paedophile Bisphop running loose then ?

Of course we know the answer , but why can't the average Mormon see this themselves . This is sheer denial of reality .

I think the average mormon needs the Power Of Discernment to check the worthiness of their Bishops and Stake Presidents ! I bet some can tell who the creeps are but are too scared to go by their own judgements and hunches , because they are taught not to trust their own minds ! A Cult !

At Friday, March 30, 2007 9:16:00 AM, Blogger Kent said...

The really sad thing is this case is not unique this happens all the time in the cult. Usually these are hushed up and we never here about them. For details about Mormon sex abuse listen to Linda Walker's talk at the Exmo conference here

At Friday, March 30, 2007 9:22:00 AM, Blogger Kent said...

Forgot to Sign my post, I am using my Google mail account which has a diffent name on it

Demon of Kolob

At Saturday, March 31, 2007 7:19:00 AM, Blogger Hideyoshi said...

for everyone of you who likes a decent rant on religion some times,
have a look at this youtube video.
"Mr. Deity and the book".
It also once and for all proves that God did not write the book of Mormon, because he opposes racism.
"I like a decent tan."
"Who doesn't?"
Have fun, guys,
and don't take things too seriously, God obviously doesn't.

At Saturday, March 31, 2007 7:19:00 AM, Blogger Hideyoshi said...

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 12:46:00 AM, Blogger Misfit Marie said...


My best friend's roomie called us tonight crying when we were out to dinner. We came home with some food for her to find her very upset in her bedroom. She had just found out that her father has been cheating on her mother with different women for the past fifteen years. On an off. =( It's not as bad at what this creep has done, but he was a Stake President and it reminded me of this article. I just thought I'd share... I'm home now, but it was very interesting. =(

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 11:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch conference at all yesterday? I sat in for a few minutes and listened to Monson. I only heard part of the story, but he told about a family he knew that all the kids had muscular dystrophy. One of the kids ended up dying.

Why didn't he just heal them all? If he's a prophet, seer, and revelator, and next in line to be the big cheese, why can't he just do a little miracle and cure this entire family?

We all know that if he had the ability to do so, he would in a heart beat. The fact is, none of these clowns masquerading as prophets can do anything special at all! And Mr. Monson just proved it for the whole world to see!!!

Isn't it amazing how there is a complete lack of anything miraculous at all, and yet they all still believe? Why believe in imaginary magic? This is just another example of nothing ever happening and everyone thinking it's so wonderful.

Never ask for a sign anyone! Because you have no faith if you do. God only gives signs to the faithful. The reason they don't give any signs and miracles is because THEY CAN'T!!!

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 12:42:00 PM, Blogger Hideyoshi said...

Hey Ray,
talking about miracles, I think that the buddhist scriptures are much more realistic than the christian ones.
Let's compare a story of what Jesus/Buddha did when someone brought him a dead child:

In the bible story, Jesus just calls that dead girl to stand up, and she stands up. A miracle!

"While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue's [house certain] which said, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?
And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.
And straightway the damsel arose, and walked; for she was [of the age] of twelve years. And they were astonished with a great astonishment." (Mark 5:35,41-42)

In the Buddhist story, there is not such a happy end. But let us judge after reading:
The mother is so desperate about the death of her only son, that she refuses to accept it. She thinks he is only ill and needs medicine.
Thus she approaches the Buddha:
"Blessed One, give medicine to me for my son!"
The master, seeing her situation, said,
"Go, having entered the city,
into whatever house has never before experienced any death,
and take from them a mustard seed."

"Very well, Sir." [she replied],
and glad of mind she entered the city and came to the first house:
"The master has called for a mustard seed in order to make medicine for my son.
If this house has never before experienced any death, give me a mustard seed."
"Who is able to count how many have died here?"
"Then keep it. What use is that mustard seed to me?"
And going to a second and a third house,her madness left her and her right mind was established
— thanks to the power of the Buddha.

She thought, "This is the way it will be in the entire city.
By means of the Blessed One's compassion for my welfare,
this will be what is seen."
And having gained a sense of spiritual urgency from that,
she went out and covered her son in the charnel ground.

She uttered this verse:
"It's not just a truth for one village or town,
Nor is it a truth for a single family.
But for every world settled by gods [and men]
This indeed is what is true — impermanence."
(Thig A X.1)

While we see that the Buddha does not perform a miracle, the story has quite a different spin:
He heals the mother from her false expectations, the expectation that the world is a perfect one, in which everything happens according to our wishes. A world which is just and in which the just people don't suffer.
These false expectations are cured when the woman gets on her journey to find the mustard seed from the house which has not seen death.

In the original text, which is much longer, we see her approaching three houses, repeating the dialogue, being laughed at.
"Well, every house has seen death."
And finally she understands.

It is the psychological healing of her grief over her lost son which is the miracle the Buddha performed.

The question is:
Which miracle helps us more?
A story which happened 2000 years
ago, with no bearing for today
(as we neighter see Monson nor Hinckley, nor Pope Benedict nor any other Christian leader healing anyone).
Or is it the miracle of the Buddha, the miracle of healing the grieving mother by helping her to face reality, a thing which works today as it worked 2500 years ago?

It is for us to decide, and everyone has to make this decision for himself:
Believing in miracles,
or believing in the sad but true reality...


At Sunday, April 01, 2007 1:21:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Great point Ray and I had the same exact thought of course and I always do when they talk about these sick people that are dying, etc. Don't you love how they then try to put some "beautiful" and "touching" spin on the tragic death that they couldn't prevent and they use it as some type of object lesson or faith promoting story?

It's Kind of like when Monson talked about the little kid that was his paperboy, that committed suicide.(I've yet to be able to even prove this story is true or authenticate any part of this story) Too bad his so called "powers of deception"....."perception/discernment" I mean, didn't help save the little kids life.

Of course in the end, it was really just all about him personally, as he and his wife were just glad that they hadn't signed the petition and contributed to his death, not giving a shit of course, that they should have been able to prevent it entirely, if Monson's really plugged in directly to the big man in the sky...which he clearly and obviously isn't.

I was up most of the night working on my videos and other things and I slept through the first session today, but I heard from family members that Faust gave a talk in the first session today about the Hofmann bombings and why tragedies happen, etc, etc. I look forward to hearing that talk and I'm shocked that they would bring all that shit up again, I really am. I'm sure it was all watered down, Mormon GA style!!

I wonder what type of spin Faust put on the GAs buying forged documents and then that same man they were buying them from, blowing up 2 people, including a Bishop and another Bishop's wife, without any "spirit of discernment." Oh yeah and I wonder if he went into Hinckley's role in the whole thing? Yeah right!!

Amazing how Mark Hofmann could sit right across the table from Hinckley and others, shake their hands, etc, and they felt nothing. I love that picture of picture of Kimball, Packer, Hinckley, Romney and others that appeared on the front page of the newspaper.

Kimball with the Magnifying glass, checking out the forged document(not realizing it was a fraud, even with his "SEER" abilities) and Hinckley pointing to some scripture in the open BOM, are just priceless. It really is amazing that more members didn't leave over that whole debacle.

They are just trying to use offense as their defense by bringing it up again now and then explaining it away, because they know how damn bad it makes them look and that many members that find out about it, might be very troubled. It's kind of like Hinckley saying that the church may just be a huge fraud...I mean why would he say that if it really was, right? It's called reverse psychology folks and don't let it fool you into thinking that they are suddenly being open and honest or something.

The fact is, some things are so bad and so ugly that they have to say something about them at some point, especially when some younger members or converts are just now finding out about them.

Anyway, here is a link to the video I posted(thanks to the person that sent it to me) of the nutjob, Mormon General Conference protesters from Yesterday, 3/31/07. These guys are repugnant human beings and I hope they go to the hell they speak that would be funny.

Them-"But I don't understand, I was warning people and shouting down the evil Mormons at every General conference." God-"I don't care, you will burn in Eternal flames forever and gnash your teeth with Satan, because you were such an obnoxious asshole." LOL!!

By the way, I spent the last 2 days posting all my videos and I've almost got all of the videos that were deleted from Youtube, re-posted plus many more new ones. I currently have around 60 posted and I'll be putting up another 10-15 more today.

Demon, if you read this and want me to post the John Safran garment video, just email it to me and I'll throw it up. I will now be adding these videos to my "Mormon Truth Videos" blog, along with the same offensive descriptions I used in Youtube.

By the way, I'm watching one of the PR pieces the Mormon Hierarchy throws on between sessions and it's just pathetic. People crying their eyes out in Finland, just at the very sight of the cult leader Hinckley, and they're barely able to speak, etc. Of course Jesus' holy camera is right in their face, recording it all!!

It just reminds me of how they film this bullshit, knowing that they are putting together a PR piece to show everyone between General Conference sessions. In other words, it's all staged and they try to find the most tear jerking shit they can, to try to grab and manipulate people's emotions.

Now, Misfit Marie, I can't believe the comment you left...WOW!! I mean I'm not surprised, but good God, this Stake President was having an affair on his wife for 15 years? Was he the Stake President all that time? Now power of discernment? could that be? This is just another example of the bullshit of the Mormon cult.

So, we have a Stake President, who has to interview people to find out if "they are worthy" and then he signs their recommend, while he's out committing adultery and porking some other woman in secret? Hmmm...sounds familiar...Joseph Smith anyone?

I wonder how many times he went to the temple while he was an adulterer? I wonder if he ever went the same day that he committed adultery? Maybe he told his wife he was going to the temple and then stopped off and did her on the way and then continued on to the temple? How could the "inspired temple workers" not discern this? He went undetected? I'm sure he had meetings with the Area Presidency, shook hands with the Seventies, Apostles, First Presidency and Prophet, right? Nobody could discern that he was an adulterer?

I mean I guess you can't really fault the guy for wanting to be like his personal hero Joseph Smith, right? I wonder if his affair was with a little girl, like say 13-14 years old or even younger? I doubt it, but that would have truly made him just like Joe, the man he praises in song.

So Misfit, any word on what this scumbags end result will be? Are they going to ex him? Maybe he can use the "Joseph Smith" defense in his "court of love." It may just work, you never know!!

Oh, I've got it, maybe she was married to another man and so he was screwing another man's wife in secret, just like Joe did? Then again Misfit, you did say, "women" plural, so I'm sure all kinds of possibilities exist.

It reminds me of that Stake President from Montana who was married, with children, who traveled all the way to Boise, Idaho to have sex with a 13-14 year old girl and met the FBI instead. He showed up with a digital camera, a thong and condoms...which I thought was a nice touch.

He called himself "Sexy Montana Gentleman" and sent her(the FBI) pictures of his penis and I'm sure he was jacking off. And this guy interviewed others for worthiness? Are you kidding me? And Hinckley had no idea of course and once again, it was the police/FBI that had to catch the sick son of a bitch, because they have NO SPECIAL POWERS, as Ray pointed out.

So, the next time you TBMS meet with your Bishop or Stake President, picture him naked, in front of a webcam or snapping pictures of his privates and calling himself "sexy _________ gentleman. It could be "sexy Utah gentleman." "Sexy Idaho gentleman", etc. Just fill in the blank because it might be him. Oh, and after shaking his hand, be sure to wash yours, because you don't know what he was doing right before the interview, especially if he was on the Internet.

So, if you're lucky and you meet him online, he might just bring you the gift of a thong and then take digital pictures of the two of you getting it on. I mean, hey, at least the Stake President Clayton R. Hildreth was decent enough to bring condoms...that was nice of him. I guess it wouldn't look good if a "married with kids Stake President" got a little girl pregnant.

Anyway, time for the afternoon session to start, so I'm out. I don't want to miss one inspired word of these amazing Prophets, Seers and Revelators. Maybe they'll tell me how many holes I'm allowed to put my shoelaces through, when lacing up my shoes, so that I won't be in trouble with God...LOL!!

Oh, AWESOME...L. Tom Perry is talking about "the keys." I wonder if Tommy boy has any keys....oh yeah, house keys, car keys, conference center keys...LOL!! It looks like this is the bi-annual "activate the inactives" and "get converts" speech!! Kiss my ass boys!!

Talk to you guys later!!


At Sunday, April 01, 2007 1:26:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey, now he's re-telling the faith promoting tale of the "FIRST VISION" and he left out the "every other religion is false, corrupt and an abomination" and also left out Satan attacking poor little Joe. You guys notice that? They never talk about Satan attacking him anymore. And here I thought that was a big part of the story....guess I was wrong.

Hey Ray, I know you went and saw the new Joseph Smith fairy tale movie and I've heard they did include the "Satan attack" in that that true? I'm going to go record it, so that we at least have the audio of it for everyone to hear. Oh, I mean, I know someone that is going to record it and then they'll give it to me...LOL!!

See ya!!


At Sunday, April 01, 2007 2:56:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

Hi to all in Mormon Truth ,

I liked the little bit of Buddhism from Hideyoshi .

Ray .... you are spot on about the LDS priesthood power being non existent !!

About General Conference . Well as an investigator I have been to the last 3 General Conferences in church via satellite and I must admit that they were so boring I couldn’t believe I’d sat through them . I even took notes at the last one ! lol Can you imagine I was sat there writing things down as if it had any sense anyway . Then when I looked at my notes afterwards there wasn’t anything more meaningful at the best of times than the average person can come up with , with a bit of common sense anyway .

Of course there is usually a talk on the blessings of Tithe … ie Poverty , debt , arguments within household etc .

I think Samuel would do a great talk at Conference , can you imagine the faithful hearing reality for the first time in their lives , that would be revelation .I’d certainly attend and make notes ! lol Samuel you should get back on Youtube , I’ve posted a couple of your videos that I managed to download before the Mormon Mafia got you cut off and two of Galatian's vids ( with permission )and the controversy I generate is very high !! lol even is threatening me ! hahahah
It inspired me to create two videos myself !

I was shocked at Misfit Marie’s revelation about her friend’s roomie mate’s dad the Stake President . But I suppose it’s kind of Traditional to have other men’s wives or other women when you are a married Mormon man . Joseph Smith was a Master at that and all with God’s approval of course ?

I do feel for the family in question though , it is very family destroying and how stupid of him to behave like that .

You know , all the time I’ve heard Our Stake President speak about Morals , I’ve never been fully convinced that he excels in this area himself . I think It’s my power of discernment ! It seems to have worked well for me as I’ve investigated the LDS church , I’ve always felt the spirit prompting me to look on the Internet !! And boy am I glad I did !

This religion is a powerful Mind controller .Even if you escape physically I can imagine the pressure and fear mentally to come back , especially when TBM’s start talking and stalking you back especially with guilt and fear .

I’m not sure I can face listening to this years General conference unless I approach it differently this time , as a comedy show ! lol

Adieu !  hahahaha

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 3:14:00 PM, Blogger Misfit Marie said...

Ah, yes. I see you are all enjoying conference. =) My roomie and her BF are out watching it, but I can hear it through the walls.

Yeah, good point. I don't know a lot of the details, but (FRIEND) found out last night, and it was with different women on and off for fifteen years. This has been confessed. There have also been two women come forward about it (one of them is/was married). I guess all the guilt took a toll on them.

I don't know how long he has been a Stake President, but from what I heard when we were staying with (FRIEND) last night, he's been the Stake President for awhile...

It's awful. She's devestated, and even leaving on a mission in April! It makes me sick... I don't understand how someone could get away with this, but you never know.

I'd ask for more details, but now probably is not the time. Chances are he will be booted out of the church. If I do hear anything, I will surely let you know. =/

And that Stake President from Montana bit is just sick. I feel so bad for those families. It's awful.

The one back home treats my father like shit, has even told my mother he felt sorry that she married him.

GAH! Now I'm mad...

Misfit Marie

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 3:16:00 PM, Blogger Misfit Marie said...

Ok, so I would be mad... but you're all so funny you make me laugh. =)

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 3:33:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Thanks Elder Joseph for your comments as always. Yeah, the best way to watch conference is to view it as a 2 day, 5 session comedy act, 6 sessions if you count the women's conference. Don't you love how they keep quoting fictional characters for inspiration, like Nephi, Lehi, Alma, King Benjamin, etc. Notice that they rarely if ever quote Jesus, or Moses, or other Old Testament Prophets?

Oh yeah and how about L. Tom Perry throwing down the gauntlet and saying to "listen to their message" and then the message of others and decide who's from God and who isn't? And here I thought they were trying to make nice with all the Christians, Muslims, etc.

It's AWESOME to see an old throwback Apostle like L. Tom Perry sticking to his guns and re-condemning every other religion in the spirit of the "FIRST VISION", which he quoted as well.

It really is funny when you see how seriously they take themselves and how straight their faces are and the stupid things the Morgbots laugh at, with their "polite Mormon laughter", not to be confused with the forbidden "loud laughter", that is condemned in the temple of the Lord.

As far as my videos go, I now have 60 posted on Daily Motion(linked to under my favorite links) and any of you out there are welcome to copy them from there and post them on Youtube or wherever you want. I simply don't have time right now to post them all back on Youtube, or other places, although I might when I do have time.

However, it would be nice if several of you would start downloading them all from Daily Motion and posting them in multiple places all over Youtube...the dirty bastards.

I mean if we can get all of my videos posted on 5, 10, 15 different profiles, it will be harder for them and the TBMS to track them all. I'm going to start the "More anti-Mormonism foundation", to counter the "More Good(bullshit) foundation of Danny boy and the Millet man.

Anyway, here is the site to use to start downloading all of my videos, so that you guys can start posting them. I really want to blast these guys and show that we will not be deterred by their Nazi silencing tactics.

The bottom line is that I need all the help I can get to post these videos in as many places as possible and I would greatly appreciate your help.

These videos are having a big impact and the Mormon Hierarchy knows this and as I've mentioned, they were seen over 160,000 times, with over 7,000 comments, before they got yanked off Youtube. Chymiron was also around 160,000 hits I believe before the Nazis got to him.

Just yesterday, as I was posting all the videos, there were over 500 videos views. I'm hoping that now that they are all up again on Daily Motion and posted, that people will find them and spread the word like they did before on YouTube. I noticed they are already showing up prominently in Google searches, which is great.

Anyway, gotta run, but thanks everyone for your comments and keep up the great work.


At Sunday, April 01, 2007 5:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for that comment. That was awesome, and is much more believable than a dead girl coming back to life. Furthermore, just as you said, it can help someone today. But a dead girl, only helps her and her immediate family. Plus, she is going to die again anyway... I would trust in Buddah over Jesus anyday.

Yes it is true, the Joseph Smith film does show the scene of Satan attacking Joseph Smith, and they did a pretty good job of making it nice and creepy.

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 8:21:00 PM, Blogger Al Jordan said...

I only caught a few minutes of the cultference. Some nonsense about "the parable of the pickle."

Anybody else catch that portion of the yuck-fest? It's so easy to identify all the bullshit now...

And I'd like to add further verification to the so-called "moral fiber" of local church leadership:

I personally know a girl who worked in the phone sex industry for awhile and she told me that she got a lot of calls that showed up as "church of jesus christ of latter day saints" on her caller i.d. In other words, it's quite likely that some stake presidents and/or bishops and/or ward clerks were making phone sex calls while they were stuck "fulfilling" their church callings. And all on the church's dime! Now we know where all that tithing money REALLy goes!

What a joke.

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 9:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this... the LDS believe that their bishop, SP, and even home teacher are all called to those positions by revelation. We all know that worthiness is a major part of a calling, especially bishop and up. If it truly was the 'lord' calling these people to those positions, this type of thing would never happen. Either god is a complete moron, or there is no revelation in the church. Either way, this shows with no doubt that the church is not run by revelation.

A person doesn't even need to read anti material to see the fraud of the church. All he needs to do is use his brain and look at the situation. It is obvious from pedophile bishops to conference talks that they have no power of priesthood and discernment. I can't believe I didn't see it years ago...

We have stake presidents sneaking off to meet 14 year old girls.

We have stake presidents committing adultry for years.

Bishops and SP's picking up prostitutes.

We have bishops molesting children in their care.

We have phone calls to sex lines from church numbers.

OMG! This church is full of sick, perverted jerks! I'm not perfect, but I've never done any of those things, and I am an ex-Mormon!!! So, TBM's again I ask, who is worse? It's pretty sad when your kid is safer with an ex-mo than with a damn bishop!

At Monday, April 02, 2007 2:08:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Al Jordon and Ray, good Mormon God, you guys are killing me. Am I surprised that escorts would be getting calls from Bishops, Stake Presidents or even the Jesus ordained/dedicated church office building?

Hell no, of course not and it is funny in a sense, to think about these men, who pretend to be so pious and straight-laced, and working directly for Jesus and God, to be calling up escorts and wanting to get naughty and down and dirty. I mean like Ray says, what the hell does it take for a TBM to see this shit and go.."doh, he's not inspired or called of God." You don't even have to be an "evil sign seeker", just a person that "can see the signs everywhere."

I'd like some more info all that stuff Al Jordon if you have it. Hell, do an interview with your friend, disguise her voice and then send it to me and I'll put it out there for all to hear. I'm sure that everyone here would like to have more details on that.

I learned some other amazing information(if it's all true and the source is very credible) the other night on our Skypecast about some of the GAs, even Apostles and higher, and so nothing would surprise me at this point in regards to their behavior and what they do, it really wouldn't.

I mean these guys are not Apostles or Prophets, Seers and Revelators and they damn well know it. They are nothing more than high-powered, well compensated, rich CEOS leading a corporation of fraud and laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. I doubt very seriously if any of them(maybe except the "kiss ass of the century" Bednar...LOL) are living their lives even close to what they preach from the pulpit, or in line with the church's teachings.

After all, there are two sets of teachings; one from Joe's day, where sex fests are not only common, but strongly encouraged and adultery is okay and pedophilia and child rape are the norm or at least sex with underage girls under false pretenses and in the name of God is normal, for those that don't believe it was actually rape or pedophilia. However, today, sex with underage girls would definitely be considered at least statutory rape and definitely pedophilia, so it does qualify by todays definitions without a doubt.

So, you have those standards of "sex with anything that moves", including other men's wives and little girls(some Apostles married 12-13 year olds or even younger some say), set and approved by Joseph Smith himself and then you have the standards of today, which even forbids masturbation, because it's evil, awful and can lead to the "gross sin" of homosexuality.

So, you see, these idiots can justify any behavior they like, which they do, because at different times, the church has taught different things, even though their God is perfect and unchanging, along with his Prophets and doctrines. So, being caught having affairs with other married women, or while married and having sex with 14 year olds, is all justifiable under Mormon law, teachings and doctrines.

However, the laws of the USA no longer permit the sex with little girls, so that's a felony, just ask Clayton R. Hildreth from Montana about that. He wanted to be like Joseph Smith very badly, but the FBI interfered, thank the Mormon God.

Anyway, it's just insane, it really is!! The sad and tragic part of all of this, is the impact it has on their family, wife, children, victims, etc. While their husband/daddy is supposedly slipping off to church meetings, he's really slipping into something else and it's not his wife.

Again, just more examples and proof that there is no "divine intervention" or "spirit of discernment" at any level in Mormonism or that the Mormon church is led by "inspired men", rather a bunch of "hard dicks", in the spirit of the first "hard dick" of them all, JOSEPH SMITH, the "FIRST GREAT ERECTION!!" Nice to see the Mormon traditions are strong going forward, even in 2007, isn't it? Joseph Smith must be so proud!!


At Friday, July 20, 2007 3:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm in awe of the amount of time you've spent to rationalize away the truth about God and his work. You will come to realize your errors in the future, just as Sherem did. You cannot have intelligence without obedience to the commandments of God. Apostates who attack the church, although they may have an excess of factual knowledge, without the accompanying obedience they have no light, understanding, or "intelligence" as taught in D&C93. The only hope for any of us, is to look ourselves in the mirror, recognize our sins and mistakes, and repent. Through the atonement of our savior, we can be forgiven, if we but humble ourselves and submit to his law. The doctrines of this church come for God in heaven. And while the membership of the church are not perfect, to attack the organization of the church and its beliefs is to attack the Savior Jesus Christ himself. I pray that you will open your heart, which is so hardened because you have rationalized your sins away and refused to turn to God in prayer for answers. There is still hope in this life for full forgivness. For one who has had ample opportunity in this life to accept the truth and change, there is not. I only write this because my heart is full of sorrow and moarning because of you and what you are doing. I desire nothing but peace, happiness, and joy for you. These celestial feelings can only be found as we obey the commandments of God, and come unto him through prayer and repentance. There is still hope for you - I won't give up on you.

At Wednesday, December 17, 2008 4:09:00 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Fantastic rant. It looks like McCleve will be sentenced.


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