Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mormon Hierarchy Have First Online Train Wreck...I Mean News Conference, With Religion Writers Only. What An Embarrassment!!

Back on October 2 of this past week, the desperate, Mormon cult Hierarchy, planned their first "Online News Conference", which I consider to be a massive train wreck, full of lies, outright deceptions, half-truths and double talk, you know, the normal modus operandi for the corrupt, lying Mormon Hierarchy and their payed pawns/PR and spokes people, that they parade in front of the camera to do their dirty work for them, when they get tired of lying and need a little break.

It's hard for me to watch this utter bullshit and believe that they're actually pretending and declaring that it's "the truth" and that they're just deceiving the world the way they are, despite so many of us in "the real world" knowing "the real truth." They actually think that the world is so damn, stupid and it is their arrogance and stupidity, that will eventually be their downfall and already is, in reality.

My guess is that they must be trying to reach out to the clueless and uneducated, since they can't possibly be trying to reach the educated, Internet connected people, can they? Well, I guess that's why they call it arrogance, because they actually think they can fool even the educated people of the world, who correctly believe that Mormonism is for fools and just another cult, a la David Koresh, Jim Jones, etc.

Anyway, I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Truthseeker for posting these videos, so that we can all watch them here in Mormon Truth and then dissect them and tell the everyone out there "the real truth", if they aren't aware of it already.

Intelligent people do occasionally get caught up in Mormonism and many are born into the Mormon cult, like many of us were; so maybe this will help them to realize that truth, reality and facts are more important than emotions and burning bosoms, which is really ALL that Mormonism has, presents and brings to the table. They really don't want anyone to go beyond the eye candy and surface, because once you get past that, you'll soon discover that it's rotten to the core.

This video is nothing but superficial bullshit, by two paid PR people, who couldn't care less about the truth. They are just doing and saying what the Mormon cult Hierarchy pays and tells them to do. It is my opinion that these online press conference and attempts to reach out only to the media, will fail miserably, like every other plan they've tried. I guess this is all part of "Truth Restored", which is their desperate plan to blitz the world through every avaialable type of media.

I wonder how those test markets for Jesus are going? Like Ballard and his thugs said, "if it doesn't work and we have to go back to the Quorum of the 12 and tell them that we have failed...", that they're basically screwed and have no more ideas. Of course they really don't answer to anybody, and are all in it together, since Scott and Ballard are Apostles and of course Richard Hinckley is Gordon's son. What would they them?!! Give me a break!!
So enjoy and as always, your comments are welcome.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

M. Russell Ballard...Next Member Of The First Presidency?!! Well, He Sure Is Talking A lot Of Public Nonsense Lately And Who Will Be The Next Apostle?

MP3 File

Wow, what exciting times for Mormons eh? You can feel the excitement in the air, as everyone anticipates and wonders who the next Apostle will be, who will slide into the First Presidency and have a few keys added to their key chain.

In order, the two videos above, are first, the EXACT words of M. Russell Ballard, regarding what he feels about his Mormon missionaries, 6 who had just been killed in a little over a month. I never get tired of sharing his hate with the world.

The second video was posted over on Google videos by Truthseeker, and are the most recent words of Ballard, as he attempted to answer various questions that are often posed regarding Mormonism. His answers are of course complete BS and double talk and more mind fucking, but that's par for the course and we should expect nothing different from any of these losers.

Finally, the audio clip is of M. Russell Ballard, at a Stake Conference, stating that "we don't know we're dead when we die." He stated it in the official capacity of a Mormon Apostle as official Mormon doctrine, that HAS TO BE TRUE, because his Grandpa personally knew it to be true and was an Apostle, therefore it can't be questioned. I apologize that the audio isn't better(with all the damn crying, Mormon babies in the background and no "crying rooms" for them to be taken to), but the main part that CLEARLY stands out, which you'll hear 3 times, is "We don't know we're dead when we die."

Here is the description I wrote for that audio, that I'll include when I post it on my Mormon Truth Interviews podcast:

M. Russell Ballard repeats at least 3 times, that "you don't know your dead when you die." He claims it's 100% true, because his Grandpa taught it, knew it personally and was an Apostle, so it can't be questioned and is 100% Mormon doctrine, now confirmed by 2 Mormon Apostles.

He says that you won't know your dead until you try to do something that you could do in the flesh, and won't be able to do it...then the light will go on in your spirit head, that you're dead.

So, I guess one day you wake up, try to go to the bathroom, take a shower, pet the cat, etc and you won't be able to do it. Then what? He never explains what you do, once you realize that you are indeed dead? LOL!!

He then tells everyone about a vision that Wilford Woodruff had, where he was in heaven, and Joseph Smith ran past him, then Brigham Young ran past him along with other famous Mormon General Authorities, all in a huge hurry.

Finally, he got Joseph Smith to stop and talk to him, just for a second and asked him why he was running and in such a hurry; Joseph explained that they were doing genealogy, or "the work" for everyone and they had to hurry, because their wasn't much time and that all of the other generations, had thousands of years to prepare and do their work, but that they only had a very short time.

Well, it's been over 160 years since Joseph Smith was shot to death in a gun battle, after he had the printing press destroyed and Christ hasn't returned yet. I wonder if he's still running back and forth, along with Brigham Young and all the other dumb shit, Mormon GAs, because the time is so short?

I guess the ALL powerful Mormon God, couldn't just snap his fingers and have the work done eh? Well, at least they're getting their exercise and I just hope they get breaks and lunch, so that they don't get too overworked, hungry and thirsty, while running around doing all that genealogy. Then again, maybe they still don't know that they're dead? LOL!! Can you guys believe this BS?!!

Anyway, Ballard is an idiot and therefore the PERFECT candidate to move into the First Presidency, to compliment the other two buffoons Thomas S. Monson and Gordon B. Hinckley.

As far as the new Apostle goes, my first guess would be Cecil O. Samuelson, for building a building for Hinckley and then naming it after him. After all, it worked for Bednar at BYU-Idaho. The other option would be Kim B. Clark, the President of BYU-Idaho, who gave up his career at Harvard, when "Moses"(Hinckley) called him. However, I don't think he's paid enough dues to be called yet, so maybe after the next guy kicks the bucket, he'll be called.

Now, the PERFECT choice for Apostle, would of course be Richard B. Hinckley, but the NEPOTISM, might terrify Gordon B. Hinckley, just like it did when he called him to be a Seventy and is therefore a long shot at best. I'm sure Hinckley would just love to slip him in before he kicked it and hey, if that's what the Mormon God wants, that's what he'll get and who is anyone to argue with King Hinckley, right?

Well, the conference just started and they had a commercial for Deseret book, advertising some 14 part video series on Joseph Smith. One lady said that "he was the most Christ-like man she's ever known or read about" and then some dumbass added that "Joseph Smith was the most loving and tender-hearted man that ever walked the face of the earth, or something along those lines. What a pathetic joke, as I already feel like puking and the General Conference hasn't even started!!

So, the semi-annual Mormon mind-fuck has begun and I can't wait to hear all of their other bullshit, that will be spewed from the Mormon pulpit. Just remember the words of the faithful cult member Van Hale, who preaches that NOTHING is official Mormon doctrine, including General Conference talks, so there's really no reason to give a flying shit about anything these dumb shits say, right? Well, at least according to Van Hale there isn't.

I'll add to this post, once they announce who the new Apostle of fraud is.


Well, the Hinckster just announced that Quentin L. (LaMar) Cook, is the new Apostle and that Henry B. Eyring(who was my second choice behind Ballard) is the new member of the First Presidency, because he crys a lot and is very emotional...LOL!! He'll be able to fire up those old bosoms and sob like a baby, for The Lord. I can't wait to hear him talk this weekend, as I'm sure the tears will flow freely, and he'll be SO HUMBLED, etc...LOL!!

Truth is, that I've had something on Henry B. (Bennion) Eyring(Demon of Kolob knows what it is), that I've been saving for a few weeks, just in case he was called into the First Presidency, so that I'd have something to BLAST the damn hypocrite on, so let the blasting begin. I'll try to write that post this weekend, so that you can all see what a damn hypocrite the new member of the First Presidency is.

Part of what I have to say regarding Eyring, is infuriating and the other part is hilarious, as you'll all soon see. It just proves that they TRULY have no "spirit of discernment" whatsoever, even when EVIL, DISEASE GERM, full of darkness, anti-Mormon APOSTATES like myself, are right next to them...LMAO!! You would have thought the Holy Ghost would have whispered to him, but to no avail, as is normal with these frauds of the " Mormon God."

Truth is that they're all hypocrites, but we just have to catch them being a hypocrite, at the right time, in the right place, which I did with Mr. crybaby Henry B. Eyring.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mormon Missionaries Using MANIPULATION Techniques And Absurd Examples, Taught At The MTC, To Try And COERCE These Young Women Into Getting BAPTIZED!!

I discovered this great video last night over on YouTube and I felt that EVERYONE needed to see it, especially Mormon Truth readers and supporters, or those looking to investigate Mormonism.

This video over on YouTube is in 9 parts, around 3 minutes each, but I've taken the time to put it into one consecutive video, just over 25 minutes in length, to make it easier to watch. Be sure to head over to YouTube and leave comments on these videos and let them know what you think.

For me, it is all too familiar, of what it was like to be on my mission and I've been having painful flashbacks, as I'm sure many of you returned missionaries will also have, as you watch this. Anything for the cult and lying for the Lord, is what it's all about folks!! This video certainly drives that point home.

It's hard to believe that I was such a brainwashed, uneducated dumbass, speaking to grown, mature adults, as if they were ignorant little children, trying to convince them that they weren't truly happy and couldn't possibly EVER be happy, unless they got baptized and became a Mormon.

Like the missionaries current "official" teaching guide(Preach My Gospel) says, as I paraphrase; "true eternal happiness can only come from being baptized a Mormon and no other way."

So, in other words, NO ONE is truly happy that isn't Mormon, in this life or the next, even if they don't realize it and they will be ETERNALLY miserable both here and there, wishing that they'd just chosen to be a Mormon when given the chance on earth or after they died, in spirit prison, where Mormons teach that people like non-Mormon "Mother Theresa" was forced to be sent, to be taught by Mormon missionaries.

If she said NO, then according to the loving, "Mormon plan of salvation", she'll be eternally separated from all of her loved ones, friends, family and EVERYONE that she ever helped, all around the world.

Meanwhile, complete assholes, perverts and child rapists, like Joseph Smith, the serial adulterer, liar and convicted criminal, and the vile, racist, blood-atoning Brigham Young, who preached "death on the spot", for blacks who mixed their seed with Caucasians...are basking in the glow of the highest level of Celestial glory, as Gods of worlds without number. Anyone else see a problem with this?!!

According to Mormon Stake President Tracy Branch, of the Pioneer Stake in Salt Lake City, Utah; even the Mormon missionary William Angilau, who was recently, tragically killed in Washington, got a "free ticket(to Celestial glory) and we're glad of that."

I mean what an absolutely ABSURD statement by Mormon Stake President/cult leader Tracy Branch!!

So, check it out...even a 21 year old Mormon missionary, gets a "free ticket", for dying on his mission, while Mother Theresa gets Mormon "spirit prison." Anyone else take issue with that? I mean no disrespect, but I'd like to know what William Angilau did, in Tracy Branch's opinion, that deserves or warrants the "free ticket", that Mother Theresa didn't get.

Oh yeah, he's Mormon for one thing and died on his mission=free ticket. A LIFETIME of helping people for over 70 years=Spirit prison and Joseph Smith being shot to death(in a gun battle in which he shot 3 men, killing 2) for lying about polygamy and destroying the printing press=PRICELESS!!

It takes some serious arrogance and cojones to basically CONDEMN "Mother Theresa" for all eternity, if she isn't Mormon. Amazing that all of her GREAT and AMAZING works, are rendered meaningless, unless she becomes a Mormon. I guess that type of arrogance is only fitting for the Mormon, literal "Gods-in-embryo."(Miracle Of forgiveness-Page 3)

I think the one thing I'd forgotten, was the incredible arrogance of Mormon missionaries, who truly believe they represent Jesus Christ and somehow think they have the entire world and eternity ALL figured out, since they believe that they belong to the "ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH" on the the face of the planet.

Of course EVERYONE else belongs to "false, corrupt abominations", "whores of all the earth", and "churches of the Devil"; according to their/Joe's beloved First Vision and proclaimed most correct book in the world...The Book of Mormon, which he "translated", by sticking his head in a hat, as confirmed by current Apostle Russell M. Nelson and official Mormon Apologist, Daniel C. Peterson, who is the paid, right hand man of Mormon "Prophet" Hinckley.

Watching this video also reminded me of how fanatical the Mormon missionaries are, since obsessing with baptizing people, is all they do 24/7, for 2 years(UNDER TREMENDOUS FEAR AND THREATS FROM THEIR LEADERS, MISSION PRESIDENT, THE SEVENTIES, RIGHT UP THE LINE TO HINCKLEY, THE MORMON DICTATOR) and then when others don't understand their INTENSE obsession; they are offended, even laugh and just can't grasp why what they're saying, isn't as critically important to the people, as it is to them.

They are incredulous when someone's bosom doesn't instantly and spontaneously burn for ol'Joe and they find it inconceivable and incomprehensible. I speak from first hand experience and as Chicago/Peter Cetera once sang, "I Remember The Feeling."

If anyone wants to do a study on cults and the most obsessed, brainwashed, fanatical members of a cult; Mormon missionaries are the PRIME and PERFECT example and case study, as I can't think of many other mainstream cults that have members rising to the level of the fanaticism of a Mormon missionary, as everyone can clearly see in this clip.

I look very much forward to your comments!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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