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On This Memorial Day I Have To Ask The Question Once Again...Why Does The MORmON Hierarchy REFUSE To Honor Their Fallen Missionaries With A Memorial?

It's Actually both mind-blowing and sickening, that the evil and vile MORmON Hierarchy absolutely REFUSE to honor their fallen missionaries in any way shape or form.(even right after they die, in may cases, unless there is a lot of news coverage and they're from Utah or a State nearby and especially if they're taking PR hits.)

Oh and why do they usually send lowly Seventies to the funeral?(unless of course the TV cameras are rolling...then an Apostle or even the PRophet might show up, like in Morgan Young's case)

In my opinion, EVERY SINGLE TIME a missionary dies, one of the ASSpostles or First Presidency has a DUTY to that missionary and their family, to show up and speak at the funeral. You're telling me that ALL of the top 15 are just sometimes too busy to go to a funeral of one of their fallen missionaries? What could they be doing that is more important than that?

They use private jets on loan from John Huntsman and others, so getting from one part of the world to another quickly, should be NO PROBLEM, that is if they gave a damn, which they don't, which I'll get into more later in this post. Even if they didn't have private jets, they could make it to ANY funeral, ANYWHERE in the world, if they wanted to, which they don't.

I bet most of the time, they're sitting on their sorry, holy asses right in Salt Lake City, working with the secretaries that labor over and write their conference talks time after time(like Hinckley admitted to...see audio below), getting prepared for the next General Conference.

I don't think he meant to be funny(and looked like he wondered why they were laughing), but all of the Morgbots/sheep laughed, thinking that he was just joking around Hinckley style...which of course he wasn't...LOL!!

Hinckley admitting that SECRETARIES actually write their talks

Hell, they could even do a video conference live at the funeral from anywhere in the world, if they couldn't physically be there, for some bizarre reason. They always brag about how amazing technology is these days and what a blessing it is to so easily beam around the world...SO USE IT!!

So you see, there is NO EXCUSE why one of the top 15 MORmON assholes can't be at EVERY FUNERAL OF A FALLEN MISSIONARY!!

Webster's defines MEMORIAL as "serving to preserve remembrance."

So, in short, the MORmON Hierarchy sadly DOES NOT want to "PRESERVE REMEMBRANCE" of these missionaries that died while serving them. They don't want to even mention them after they're dead and buried, because they don't want their cult members even thinking about how missionaries can die serving their "MORmON Jesus", while wearing the supposed "sacred" and "protective garments." It just proves that their "Jesus" isn't looking out for them at all or anyone else for that matter!!

Can you imagine if the U.S. Government REFUSED to put up memorials to their fallen soldiers in different wars that have been fought? Can you imagine the outrage? Would those families say it was fine and agree that the Government was doing the right thing and that the soldiers would agree that they shouldn't have a memorial of any kind?

I have family members that died in several of the wars that the U.S.A has fought in over the last 100 years and they posthumously received awards for their heroic efforts and in one case, for saving many men that would have died otherwise and I would be outraged if they weren't honored, as IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. We proudly keep those awards on the wall and their names are on the monuments to all of the men that died serving the United States.

Why would anyone FIGHT TO NOT HAVE THEM HONORED?!! That is basically what these families and friends are doing when they attack me, demand removal and then excuse their Hierarchy from any responsibility in honoring them. It's sad and bizarre!!

Even these MORmONS who excuse the MORmON Hierarchy from doing it for their fallen Sons and Daughters, would be the first ones attacking the U.S. government if they were doing the same thing for their military men and women, in not honoring them publicly and thanking them for their tremendous and priceless sacrifice with a memorial.

The MORmON Hierarchy proudly and often builds monuments to themselves, dedicate buildings to themselves, build monuments to past "PRophets"(who were vile criminals, thugs, adulterers and child rapists) like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc. They spend billions on church buildings and temples and had multiple multi-million dollar birthday bashes, full of celebrities, for Gordon B. Hinckley and even built and dedicated a new visitor's center to him at BYU...but NOTHING for the deceased missionaries...WHY?!!

These bastards should keep in mind that they and their cult wouldn't even exist if it weren't for these missionaries, who pay for the privilege of going out and doing the dirty work of the MORmON Hierarchy by deceiving and coercing(with strong arm tactics), the people that they have to literally scare and threaten, in order to get them into the cult, using the doctrine of FEAR.(of course they are just following the lessons and methods as they've been taught to do by the MORmON Hierarchy)

Oh yeah, I forgot...they aren't allowed to ever criticize their hierarchy either because "it's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true"-Dallin H. Oaks-MORmON Asspostle and proud cult leader extraordinaire.

Dallin H. Oaks MP3-"It's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true"

The fact is that I'm one of the only people on the entire Internet, that has created a Mormon missionary Memoriam page and it is by far the most complete. The last time I checked, you can count on about 2 fingers others that have created some type of page like mine.

Why don't these assholes that are so furious with me, create their own Missionary Memoriam page and shut the fuck up?!! Too lazy? They don't care? I don't know why...but leave a message and let us know why you don't do this please.

It is by far the most popular page I have on my entire blog and I get blasted daily by MORmONS for even having it, since I'm such a vile, evil anti-MORmON.

Instead of thanking me, they say I disrespect these dead missionaries and they demand that I remove it at once, because I don't have the legal right to even post their names, which of course are names that have been printed somewhere publicly, like NEWSPAPERS. Of course I have the legal right to list their names, as does anyone else!!

I guess it's that "God in embryo" complex that most MORmONS have, thinking that they have the "one and only truth" and can tell me what to put on and remove from my blog and that I'll just immediately bow my head and say yes, like they do for Tommy Boy.

That's why Utah drivers are ranked the 7th worst in the USA and Idaho is #1. We've been hit and run 4 times in the last year...3 times in Utah and once in Idaho...but I'm sure they weren't MORmONS, because they'd NEVER do such a dirty deed, right?

They must think they're already Gods while driving their mini-vans around at 20 miles over the speed limit, tailgating and cutting people off, not using blinkers and flying the bird at anyone that gets in their way.

These assholes that blast me(brainwashed TBMs and MORmON apologists) for having the page, honoring their beloved, fallen missionaries; completely excuse and exonerate their vile Hierarchy for not even giving a damn or having any type of memorial for their dead missionaries.

The irony of an ex/anti-MORmON like me having to post a tribute to their dead missionaries(because their beloved Christ figures refuse to) is completely above and beyond their ability to comprehend, as I guess it would cause their heads to explode just trying to understand.

Oh and for those that say I have no right to even comment on dead missionaries...well, since I was almost killed on my mission, by a bunch of drunk, knife wielding goons/thugs...I'd have to disagree and say that I have EVERY RIGHT to comment on the safety and deaths of missionaries, since I was almost a statistic and a name that would have been on that list, that I have posted on my blog.

Of course I was almost killed for BAPTISM NUMBERS, as the Zone leaders had to squeeze in a few more baps right at the end of the month, so that the ASSistants and Pres would get off their asses!! On missions, you literally risk your life for the Goddamn numbers game and it's SICK!!

So yeah, I care more than the supposed "PRophets and As(s)postles", who claim they are the only ones on the entire earth(It's the ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH/CULT) that has the authority to act on behalf of and speak for their "Jesus/God", that are running their damn cult. It's not just ironic, but tragically sad!!

Even worse is that the members are either too stupid or cold to even give a damn themselves, as they don't even believe in common decency. The cult comes even before their loved ones, which is tragic!!

You have millionaires and even billionaires that are MORmONS like Steve Young, John Huntsman Sr. and Jr., Willard J. Marriott, Mitt Romney and many others who do NOTHING and also don't give a damn about the dead and fallen Mormon missionaries. Why is this?

Well first of all, they just really don't care and are way too self-absorbed in their own fame and fortune, but they also don't want to offend or step on the toes of their beloved Christ figures that command them in all things, right down to what underwear they should wear and when they should wear it.

If their hierarchy "from God" doesn't want to honor the dead missionaries, why should they? It must be inspired by the "MORmON God" NOT to build any type of memorial to them, right? After all, it wouldn't be faith promoting to focus any effort on those who have died in vain, serving this pathetic cult, right?

So here we have these famous and rich cut-throat business men, who don't allow anyone outside of the cult to fuck with them or tell them what to do in life or in business...but when it comes to their cult...well, they chant and bow their heads and say yes in the MORmON temple and in their daily lives.

Hell, they even agreed(and have no problem with it and would do it again and again if they added it back into the temple ceremony) prior to the 1990 temple changes to slit their throats and chest and disembowel themselves if they ever revealed the SECRETS of the temple and as I mentioned above, they proudly wear the underwear(that they can only buy from the cult) they are told to wear...amazing, isn't it?(I estimate the cult probably rakes in about $500,000,000+ a year in temple clothes and garment sales...WOW...WHAT A SCAM!!)

So, what are the reasons that the MORmON cult Hierarchy(starting with Thomas S. Monson now and all the way back to the pervert/pedophile/child rapist/adulterer Joseph Smith), refuse to honor their fallen missionaries?

First of all, like I mentioned above...they really don't give a damn about them and it isn't faith promoting to the future of the cult and its missionaries. They don't want ANY negativity to make a young man, woman or their family to even remotely question whether they should go on missions or not. They want to create the illusion that they love, care for and protect the missionaries and they are completely safe(safer on a mission than at home Ballard will tell you), when in the reality it's the complete opposite and I know this personally for a fact.

I've posted this clip many times before and I'll keep posting it many times in the future.(it has been downloaded/listened to thousands of times now) Here is M. Russell Ballard(a direct descendant of Joseph Smith, which he proudly brags about), in his own words, stating that he doesn't care if missionaries are hurt or that get killed in the future(listen to the loving/caring and compassionate tone of his voice):

Ballard doesn't care if more missionaries die!!

Another reason the MORmON Hierarchy proudly doesn't give a damn about their missionaries, dead or alive, is because they constantly teach and their cult members often repeat...that it's not this life that matters, rather the next life.

Also, if Christ could bleed from every pore and be nailed to a cross...they have NOTHING to complain about, because he did it for them and they owe him big time. So getting shot, stabbed, drowning, having parasites, puking up black stuff for a week with a 104 fever, crushing your hand, getting hit by a train or car, etc, is nothing in the big MORmON cult see what I mean? Perspective people...LOL...HOW TWISTED!!

It's kind of like in Caddyshack when Bill Murray says you have to think like and be the gopher to understand the gophet...well, you have to think like and be a MORmON cultist, like I was for over 30 understand where their brains are at and what they're thinking and why. It's a total mind-fuck!!

So, they have their members so brainwashed, that they really don't care, in a very twisted way, if their son or daughter is killed on their mission...because after's the NEXT life that really matters, right?!!

Oh yeah and "they were needed more on the other side", "are now doing missionary work there in spirit prison", "died doing what they loved", "it was meant to be", etc, etc, all know the bullshit that is said, to make the death okay and actually a good, glorious and wonderful thing.

In reality, in most cases, their families are PROUD that they died for the cult and state that their "testimonies are EVEN STRONGER now than before", that they're "glad their son died with his boots on", thank the "MORmON God" that they died, right? What a SICK, TWISTED, DEMENTED CULT!!

We know it's not about the money, or they/Jesus wouldn't currently be spending BILLIONS on worldly(remember "be in the world, not of the world") things like shopping malls(full of worldly stores selling worldly objects, which they tell you to stay away from and restaurants that will be open on Sunday serving Booze 7 days a week), downtown reconstruction projects, more land in Hawaii(what will they use it for and how much was it?), housing projects(which they recently pulled the plug on, after promising the residents in Laie new houses, letting down thousands), office buildings, gaming preserves, advertising campaigns, etc...all more important in their eyes, than the missionaries who have died for their cult cause.

It's disgusting and revolting!!

The only reason that the missionary program even exists at all, is to generate more and more future revenue for the cult. They just look at missionaries as stupid/brainwashed dollar signs and that's it!!

I bet if we could stroll by the "Holy of Holies", in the Salt Lake Temple, during one of their weekly meetings...we could hear them loudly laughing and roaring from the hallway, while eating their doughnuts and fighting over who gets the white ones(they pick out their doughnuts in order of seniority) and how they can better deceive and trick the more educated people into believing their bullshit and lies.

It's the biggest and most candy-coated pyramid scheme I know of and they need to keep replacing the money they are losing, when people discover the truth and leave and quit paying tithing, like me and millions of others.

After all, if they don't keep finding new suckers to take the bait(and then they make the switch) and believe their bullshit and lies; eventually they will just be stuck with what they have coming in(which is dropping every single day) and that estimated $15-20 Billion + a year is just not enough for these greedy bastards/blood suckers!!

Oh and just for the record, the PRESIDING BISHOP H. David Burton of the cult is the one in charge of the entire downtown construction projects, including the BILLION DOLLAR MALLS!!

Isn't he supposed to be looking after the welfare of the church and all of its members...not working on some completely separate(as they claim they are), construction projects, including 2 multi-billion dollar malls? I guess that's why they actually call it "The Corporation Of The Presiding Bishop", right?

It looks to me that they are looking to future revenue streams independent of the cult and trying to make hay while the sun is still shining a little bit. Also, I find it funny that they picked now(obviously through the guidance of the "HOLY GHOST", to get into the mall business when the economy is so bad and the biggest mall owner in America just went much for the "spirit of perception", which appears to be more like the "spirit of deception."

If Jesus of the Bible or as he is defined by Joseph Smith(which is the Jesus Hinckley said they believe in), that MORmONS supposedly believe so strongly in, was here today and had billions of dollars just burning a big hole in his side corporation; he'd be redesigning and rebuilding downtowns and buying and building shopping malls and serving booze in them 7 days a week, right TBMs?

Fuck the poor, right TBMs? They actually brag about donating $200 million dollars to the poor in the last 25 or so years...but plunk down billions for malls? Yeah, I guess we can see where their priorities lie, can't we? It would be like me giving 1 penny to the poor and expecting praise from everyone as I bragged about and then spent billions on malls. I would be considered a big, arrogant asshole, just like I consider them to be.

Why doesn't the only true cult on earth feed the homeless out of their chapels 7 days a week, all around the world, instead of leaving them empty 90% of the time, serving no purpose but to be worthless(but multi-million dollar) buildings on the corner, promoting the cult, but helping NO ONE?!!

In reality, they allow their members to literally starve to death all over the world and give more money and food to hurricane victims for PR, than they give to their own members and it's a disgrace. I saw it first-hand both in Argentina and here in the U.S.A.

On top of not feeding or taking care of their members who need help, they actually have the arrogance and audacity to demand 10% of their income for tithing in order to have an eternal family.

Like Lynn G. Robbins taught in the April-2005 General Conference: "if you have to choose between feeding your family or paying your tithing, you pay your tithing."

Lynn G. Robbins, proudly and literally taking food out of children's mouths for "God."

Does it get any sicker than that folks?!! Oh and Hinckley was sitting right behind him, approving of and agreeing with EVERY SINGLE WORD!!

They have BILLIONS for malls but can't even feed their poor, pay for the missionaries missions or to have janitors(who they fired a few years back due to the claim that they didn't have the money to pay them anymore) in their cult worship buildings? Snap out of your brainwashed/cult induced trance fools and see things for what they are!!


Also, isn't it ironic that the Presiding Bishopric is a part of the Council(along with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Asspostles) on the Disposition of the Tithes, a group that oversees and authorizes the expenditure of all tithing funds, yet they claim that NO TITHING FUNDS have been used on these Billion dollar Malls for Jesus?

Gordon B. Hinckley said, regarding the malls and tithing money, the following:

"The Church is undertaking a huge development project in the interest of protecting the environment of Temple Square. While the costs will be great, it will not involve the expenditure of tithing funds." (he was mainly referring to the malls, but also all of the other things they're doing, that will come to over $10 billion dollars by the time they're done)

Also, I would say to Hinckley(Monson now, since Hinckley finally kicked the bucket): Prove to me that you are not using tithing funds and open up your financial records that you've been hiding from the world and even your tithe paying members, since 1959...and show me!!

We are just supposed to just take them at their word, right, when the PRophet of the MORmON cult is literally called "The Corporation Of The President?" Give me a damn break!! Why would we believe them now, when they've told so many lies and don't even teach or admit that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were dirty, filthy adulterers and polygamists and that Warren Jeffs is a truer MORmON than they'll ever be?

Their Joseph Smith website says NOTHING about polygamy, just Joseph Smith and Emma, two little love birds sitting in a tree. It says, regarding his FIRST wife Emma: "Joseph and Emma Smith centered their marriage and family in the gospel of Jesus Christ—an example to all."

REALLY?!! Yeah, some example all right!! So no polygamy, no other wives? How disrespectful not to mention all of the other at least 32 women that he married, most of which he had sex with or raped...and whose lives he destroyed as they lived very lonely and sad lives, after what he did to them, which is stated on Jesus' Deseret bookstore website, under the description of "In Sacred Loneliness."

By "an example to all", are they referring to his rape of 14 year old Helen Mar Kimball or his 16 year old maid Fanny Alger? Are they referring to his great example of marrying and having sex/committing adultery with other men's wives, many of which were sent on missions before he boned them? Was it the marrying of Mother/daughter combos or marrying and having sex with his adopted daughters....and all of this in secret, behind Emma's back?

Is this the example they're referring to? I could go all day long about the dirty deeds of one Joseph Smith Jr., which MORmONS are so proud of and worship in song and deed. After all, MORmONS can't even get into heaven without his approval.

Here are some quotes from the approved and official review on Jesus' Deseret bookstore of Todd Compton's "In Sacred loneliness":

"The majority of Smith's wives were younger than he, and one-third were between fourteen and twenty years of age. Another third were already married, and some of the husbands served as witnesses at their own wife's polyandrous wedding." Imagine having to be the witness at your own current wife's marriage to the pervert Joseph Smith...all in the name of and under the threat of some perverted/sick "God." How cruel was that?!! What a BASTARD!!

"For all of Smith's wives, the experience of being secretly married was socially isolating, emotionally draining, and sexually frustrating. Despite the spiritual and temporal benefits, which they acknowledged, they found their faith tested to the limit of its endurance. After Smith's death in 1844, their lives became even more 'lonely and desolate.' One even joined a convent."

So, there is the destructive and polygamous legacy of the pervert, adulterer, child rapist and criminal Joseph Smith, that you TBMs and apologists are so damn proud of and proudly defend on a daily basis!!

You all make me SICK!!

I now challenge EVERYONE reading this, who thinks I'm lying about polygamy not being mentioned on Joseph Smith's website, to go to the official Joseph Smith website and at the top there is a search box...and I challenge you to simply type in "POLYGAMY" and hit search. What happens?

You'll get the following result:

"Results 0-Your search for polygamy has returned 0 results in"

So there you go folks, the definitive test and proof to see if the MORmON hierarchy is lying to the world, on their precious, worldwide and OFFICIAL Joseph Smith website...pass it on to EVERYONE you know and let's spread the word about these liars and deceivers around the world!!

Their latest "Teachings Of Brigham Young" also had removed any mention of all of his polygamous wives. It mentioned that his first wife died and he re-married...ALL LIES FOLKS!!

They are desperately trying to hide this from the world, because 99% of people would NEVER join this cult if they knew, thus the reason for virtually NO BAPTISMS in the U.S.A, except for kids of already MORmON families or other random kids. Even over in foreign countries, the majority of their baptisms is children, as they are the only ones they can get.

So, they blatantly lie to the world about Joseph Smith's polygamy on their official Joseph Smith website, but Oh yeah...Hinckley told THE TRUTH about not using tithing funds on the malls, right suckers?!!

Did Hinckley tell the truth when he told the German reporter, that interviewed him around the Olympic time period, regarding why they didn't share with the world how much tithing they brought in..."WELL, WE SIMPLY THINK THAT THE…THAT INFORMATION BELONGS TO THOSE WHO MADE THE CONTRIBUTION, AND NOT TO THE WORLD. THAT'S THE ONLY THING. YES."

That my friends is what you call a bald-faced lie and Hinckley was VERY good at telling them all the time(and the members believed him), in EVERY single interview he ever did, which was one of the main reasons I discovered that MORmONISM is a fraud, through my extensive study of his interviews...THANK YOU GORDO!!

Has anyone reading this, that has paid tithing at some point in your life; ever seen the financial records and books of the MORmON cult, as Hinckley promised was happening, in his response to the German reporter? Of course not, because NO ONE has seen them since 1959 and Hinckley damn well knew it, since he was called as an Apostle in 1961.

Are you sick to your stomach yet? Do you feel like vomiting? What's even worse is that the multi-billion dollar cult(who knows, maybe trillion by now), is making these missionaries(and their families) pay their own those who have died, paid for the privilege of literally dying for the MORmON cult, who admits that they don't even care that they died.

If you're an elderly couple, it's far worse, as they charge you as much as $3,000-$5,000/month to live and serve them, in some of the poorest places in the world, like Africa.(Like $3,400 to serve and live in the Congo...where people live on $2,000/yr..are you fucking kidding me?) Also, read at the top that the absurd costs that they are charging/robbing these poor, elderly couples of, "DO NOT include prescriptions, tithing, fast offerings, long distance calls, cell phones, automobile expenses, personal care items, apartment set-up costs, et cetera." Holy MORmON shit...are you kidding me?!!

Do they include toilets and toilet paper for them or is that extra too? I wonder what the "et cetera" includes? They'd charge them for air to breathe and taking a dump if they could!!

They also state, with the first part being underlined:

"Candidates for full-time missionary service should be willing to serve wherever and in whatever capacity they are called.

Specific full-time assignments may be discussed with and recommended by the bishop and/or stake president, but assignments are made by the Lord through His ordained Apostles."

In other words, do whatever they say, go wherever they tell you to go(because "God/Jesus" told them directly what mission to call you for and where and if you question them, you are questioning "God") and open up your checkbook and have that debit card ready, as they are financially raping the Elderly of EVERYTHING they have, in the last years of their life(it's called ELDER ABUSE), just for the honor of bowing down one last time and serving their sorry asses.

In my opinion, it is a criminal act and should be investigated and there should be prosecutions of all of the top 15 MORmON cultist leaders, starting with Tommy Boy Monson!! He is no different than Jim Jones or David Koresh or any of the other infamous cult leaders from around the world.

Moonies and MORmONS are actually quite similar, starting with their cult leaders!!

I've written about all of this before and I'm sure I'll write about it again, as it all needs to be exposed. I just thought Memorial Day was an appropriate time to remind everyone of the fact that the vile and loathsome MORmON Hierarchy REFUSES to build a nice Memorial or even list the names of their fallen missionaries on Jesus' official website.

Why do you TBMs think this is?!!

Well, no matter you haters say to me or accuse me least I've NEVER stated publicly that I don't care "if there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work", right after 6 missionaries had been tragically killed in about a month. All love and compassion, right MORmONS?!!

Oh, by the way, Ballard is one of your beloved Asspostles, who is supposed to be looking out for the missionaries, not stating that he doesn't give a damn if they die or are hurt. Trust me when I say that he says what he means and means what he says, as I experienced it first hand on my mission and they truly don't care, never have and NEVER WILL!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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