Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The MORmON Church Hierarchy Under Investigation For Undisclosed Prop 8 Contributions & MORmON Hierarchy MUST APPROVE ALL CHANGES To Utah Liquor Laws!!

Well, it's about damn time!! Why didn't this happen back in 2000, when they also read letters from the pulpit, created phone banks and organized their members through Bishops and Stake Presidents and proudly spent millions of the tithe payers dollars to defeat gay marriage in California, Alaska and Hawaii?

The MORmON cult hierarchy can shout all day long that Prop 8 is a moral issue, not a political issue, as they punch their political ballots. The good thing is that NO ONE else sees this as a non-political issue and just a "moral issue", like all the churches do, in order to try and cover their collective asses and not lose their tax exempt status'.

In my opinion, ALL CHURCHES, including the MORmON cult, need to be heavily investigated by the IRS for their involvement in a 100% POLITICAL issue and they ALL need to lose their tax exempt status today. How can something not be POLITICAL, when it is voted for during an election, at the ballot box?

What these churches are doing, especially the MORmON church, is waving the birdy finger at the US Government and IRS, shouting "FU, you can't touch us and we can do whatever the hell we want to." Let's hope that will soon change and that they'll be punished to the fullest extent of the law and be exposed for the liars and frauds that they are. They believe in and brag about how much they love following the laws of the land, so let's hold them to it and punish them accordingly.

Would Jesus Christ hide behind a bunch of well paid lawyers? Why does Jesus' "one and only true church" need lawyers when they supposedly talk face to face with Jesus? Jesus doesn't give them legal advice...LOL? Maybe he should send down Peter, James and John or the 3 Nephites(who are already here on earth, strolling around somewhere) to represent them eh?

Actually, it shows what pussies and cowards they truly are, to not be able to answer for and defend themselves and it further exposes them for the frauds that they are and always have been. Why wasn't Hinckley put on the stand, under oath during the Mark Hofmann trial...read "The MORmON Murders" for the answer to that one.

Now, the second story in this video is amazing...amazing because channel 2 told THE TRUTH and said what us ex/anti-MORmONS have been saying for years about the MORmON Hierarchy's involvement in Utah politics...in this case, the liquor laws.

Here is the statement that is mind blowing, especially to anyone that wasn't actually aware that Thomas S. Monson or whoever the current MORmON PRophet of fraud is...had to actually approve any changes to the Utah liquor laws, before legislative approval could take place(of course they NEVER get involved in political issues):

“In the past, leaders of the LDS church have had to approve proposed liquor law changes before the legislature would actually pass them...”

Now, why is this? Because, as us ex/anti-MORmONS have been saying for years and years...90% or more of the legislature is MORmONS and they won't do or say anything, until the MORmON cult tells them what to do, as they are terrified of their own shadows.

What this really means, is that the MORmON cult Hierarchy is actually the 'shadow government' of Utah and are calling all the shots, making all the decisions and simply telling the legislature what to do, on behalf of them.

If they are this heavily involved in dictating and approving the liquor laws of Utah, what else are they heavily involved in....how about EVERYTHING!!

However it appears that John Huntsman(who I can't stand either) is actually giving them the finger back and actually had the cojones to publicly state that this is a political issue and that they should be able to make the decision alone(meaning without the dictatorship of Tommy Boy)...doh...really John?

Well at least somebody finally pulled their head out of their ass and realized what all normal people already knew. Maybe they'll excommunicate Governor Huntsman just for saying that eh? Doesn't that mean he's against them now?

Well, no, that would never actually happen since he's famous, rich and in the public eye and in a position of power, which allows him to do whatever the hell he wants...just ask the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Harry Reid, who hasn't been excommunicated or punished in anyway yet.

Oh yeah and dead Hinckley and now Tommy Boy fly around the world on the private jet of John Huntsman's daddy...so they wouldn't want to lose that perk now would they?

In the MORmON cult, it's not what you do, but who you are and how much money you have(how much tithing you're paying) that really matters, which then allows you to obey a completely different set of rules, laws and standards.

Just ask the current MORmON General Authority Willard(Billy) J. Marriott about all the booze and porno he proudly sells in hotels and then pays tithing on. I guess it's all good, since Jesus will proudly be serving booze in his malls, 7 days a week, within a couple years or so.

If your just a normal member and not a public figure and you do something wrong or speak out against the church hierarchy(like stating your pro-gay marriage)...they will fire you from your job and destroy and punish you in a "court of love" the first chance they get.

Now if you go to the press and it becomes a PR nightmare...they might just back off and leave you alone. You have to bully the bully and just like real life...if you punch them in the nose, they go running off like the little pussies they are.

They're only tough and all powerful until you fight back, which they NEVER anticipate happening, thinking that everyone bows down to them and their supposed "authority of God" and "power." As I've stated many times; the only power these clowns have, is the power you give them.

If everyone left the MORmON cult tomorrow...they'd be NOTHING but powerless billionaires, with no more fairy tales and no one to bow down to them. They figure if all else fails, they still have their billions to fall back on.

Anyway, I just felt it was important that I shared these two stories with everyone and I look forward to your comments.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Wednesday, November 26, 2008 9:26:00 AM, Blogger Brownnn said...

Speaking of deceit and lies, why don't you explain why you really left the church. What was his/her name?

People who are once very active, then leave and become loud, outspoken critics almost always leave the church after adulterous affairs, but claim to leave for "intellectual" reasons. This is very deceitful. But you only harm yourself.

At Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:07:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I'm only leaving this comment posted, so that everyone can see what a fucking loser you truly are and to show the world the character and nature of the average MORmON apologist. Daniel C. Peterson, that you? Jose/Bills Jane(or any of the 20-30 other names you've used)...you sick fuck...that you?

Us Ex-MORmONS are so Goddamn sick of you supposed "good MORmONS" who go around arrogantly hurling false accusations and repeatedly breaking your beloved 10 commandments, by publicly bearing repeated false witness against anyone that dares question your MORmON cult. Do you really think that sets a good example for your beloved cult and will make people want to join, so that they can hang out with sick fuckers like you and maybe become like you...all twisted, demented and fucked in the head?

The truth is, you’re so goddamn arrogant and only care about yourself and that you’ll be a “MORmON God” someday...that you don’t care about anyone else, inside or outside of the church and not even your own family and friends. What kind of person goes around the Internet and calls complete strangers adulterers? MORmONS like you, that’s who!! You have no values, no morals, and are a disgrace to the human race. Would you say those things to my face?

I would love to meet you in person and if you aren’t a pussy, maybe we can set up that meeting. I’ll bring the police with me, since you’re also the one that has repeatedly threatened the life of both me and my family, explaining in gruesome detail how you will kill us all for your “MORmON God?”

You don't know me at all, know nothing about life or family. I'm still amazed that you MORmON "Gods in embryo", are so arrogant, that you feel the need to go around accusing critics of your fucked up cult of being adulterers, murderers, rapists, etc, etc.

Your comment shows how fucking stupid and mentally/socially retarded you truly are. You are devoid of all intelligence, common sense, common decency or reason and are an embarrassment to the human race and a complete waste of flesh. It’s people like you that convince me there can’t be a God, because he never would have created a stupid, vile fucker like you!!

Of course you piously go to your cult worship service every week, take the "holy sacrament" and then lie in every interview you have with your Bishop(unless you are the Bishop or Stake President), about your vile behavior outside of the cult and of course get your temple recommend and go regularly to the temple, on false pretenses, in order to keep up the charade of what a great and spiritual guy you are.

Since your going to accuse me of adultery, I'm going to accuse you of bestiality and I'm just wondering what was the last animal you fucked and when did that take place? A cow, sheep, dogs...what’s your pleasure sicko?

I mean it's obvious that a MORmON like you wouldn't leave a comment like that unless they were heavily into bestiality, just like Kimball describes in "The Miracle Of Forgiveness"...you SICK FUCK!! You started with circle jerks, as Kimball describes and then ended by fucking animals, right?

I just really hope that a sick fuck like you doesn't have any children, as you shouldn't be allowed to even breed and you should be sterilized.

Well, I wish you the worst as always and I hope that very bad things happen to you in your life and that you suffer beyond all comprehension. Do your family a big favor and shut off the computer and go check yourself into a mental institution and spare your family from your sick, fucked up, demented actions and attitudes, as they are in grave danger every second they spend in your presence. Would you threaten and kill them too?

You see folks...these are the type of MORmON assholes/apologists that I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years now, just because I’ve exposed their cult for the bullshit it is. THEY NEVER deal with what I say, have no intellectual capacity, have an IQ of ZERO and just attack me and my family personally and accuse me of all manner of “sin” and vile things, and then many go on to threaten to kill me and my family.



At Thursday, November 27, 2008 8:09:00 AM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

You said " People who are once very active, then leave and become loud, outspoken critics almost always leave the church after adulterous affairs, but claim to leave for "intellectual" reasons. "

People don't need to leave the church over adulterous affairs , they can and do quite easily continue in church and even get promoted to the Bishopric and other leadership positions. Thats because there is no Spirit of Discernment amongst LDS leaders. They don't have a clue about anything.

Check out my you tube videos on Mormon Child Molesters in the LDS church who were caught by worldly police. It included Bishops and a Stake President who arranged for himself to have sex with a 14 year old, when he turned up to meet her the police were waiting for him.


There are many who leave the church because they find out its false and man made.

Even the founder Joseph Smith was known to be arranging sex for himself with 14 year olds. He used the excuse of celestial polygamous marriage and even claimed he was forced to do it by God.

Maybe the Stake President should have tried that excuse also when the police arrested him.

At Friday, November 28, 2008 3:42:00 PM, Blogger FrenchExpat said...

Samuel, another great post! You perfectly express what I've felt for years and you also get me to think. Thank you for being so outpoken!

However, I feel you were too harsh on Brownnn! What he wrote was only what he was told. I've read that same comment time and time again. When the leaders speak, the thinking has been done. It's not his fault!

At Wednesday, October 14, 2009 2:27:00 PM, Blogger Chandler said...

You guys are all talking about mormon truth, when you don't know anything! you guys are the ones hurling false accusations! if you don't like the mormon faith then don't be apart of it, but you don't have to put up a blog on how "wrong" we are. we do not practice polygamy, we did not worship gordon b, hickley like god and we do not have a hierarchy! i know this church is the one true church on the earth today, i only wish you knew it as well.

At Monday, February 14, 2011 7:55:00 AM, Blogger mo no mo said...

monomo said the morman church is about money lyes sex.i am so happy to be out of it and i apoligize to all the people in michigan marland and spain for the lies my children told you to get you in the church so they can get your money..its all a lye get out and run like hell.the are child molesters.rape artist.there is nothing true about it.to bad the carthage grays didnt kill all of the aposeles when they got old joe and hyrum

At Monday, May 30, 2011 10:13:00 PM, Blogger Frank said...

I take a different perspective on all of this. I too was Mormon, lived in Utah for several years. I joined the church because my ex-wife almost forced me too. Ultimately it was me that made the decision to join, then also to leave.

To all of you Mormons in search of truth.... The Church will not save you. Nor your Bishop, Nor the Priesthood.. None of that is relevant to your true salvation. Only the Blood of Jesus Christ has makes us whole. Yes, only His grace is enough..

Yes it is a very simple, their are no process of repentance, nor process to be saved. It's as easy as asking Him, Jesus, Our God that to Save us. Not a Church etc.

Mormons are good people but good deeds and actions alone will not grant you access into salvation. Salvation can only be wrought by the Passion of Christ.

I leave you this my brethren...Read the Bible any version. It will shed light on false doctrines and false prophets. If you read Galatians 1:8 it speaks directly to Mormons.

Love the Lord Jesus with all your hearts...



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