Friday, November 07, 2008

There's A Big Protest Scheduled Tonight At 6:00 PM At Temple Square & The Church Office Building In Salt Lake City, Utah...In Defense Of Gay Rights!!

by Troy Williams

Ready to raise some HELL? Jacob Whipple has asked me if I would speak and emcee the protest tomorrow. It's a calling I couldn't refuse. Please join us! And bring everyone you know!

Arrive early -- take Trax downtown and gather at 6 p.m. at North Temple and State Street. Bring sings, banners and noise makers! And be prepared to march for justice and equality. We will no longer be scapegoated and we will no longer be silent.

Today over 3,000 protested at the Mormon Temple in Los Angeles. Let's match that and then some!

I will see you there!!



Great job Jacob and Troy and I hope that THOUSANDS turn out tonight to support you and your cause and to further shame and expose the Mormon General Authority Bigots, especially Thomas S. Monson, the KING bigot of them all!!

This protest tonight will be shown nationwide and worldwide, just like the protest at the Los Angeles temple was yesterday, further showing the world what hate-filled bigots they truly are. The difference is that this protest is being held right at the doorsteps of the MORmON Vatican and so it will probably get more coverage than the Los Angeles temple protest and make HUGE headlines.

I have more videos to post from local coverage here in Utah, which I'll do later on today, but I strongly encourage as many people as possible to turn out to this protest in support of gay rights and for Jacob and Troy and what they've planned.

I also encourage all people around the U.S.A. and world, that live close to a MORmON temple, to organize similar protests at other MORmON temples, so that they are happening everywhere, just like the civil rights protests against the MORmON cult and BYU in the 1960s and 1970s; that finally forced/shamed MORmONISM into allowing blacks to have the Priesthood, callings and the ability to enter a temple for the first time and receive the Mormon's eternal life and family. It took until 1978 for this to happen!!

This had all been banned previously and they still REFUSE TO EVEN APOLOGIZE for it, still selling their hate-filled teachings everyday in Jesus' Deseret/Seagull and BYU Bookstores. Just go to my MORMONBIGOTRY.COM site for that story.

I also think that we should protest and boycott all MORmON owned/operated companies, ESPECIALLY IN UTAH, unless we know that they don't agree with the stance of the church. The Marriot hotels would be a GREAT place to start!!

We need to inflict monetary pain on these bigots and make them suffer for their bigotry and hatred of homosexuals and for the millions they just spent in California proving it. They need to be held accountable for their disgusting and despicable prejudices.

I have much more to say about all of this and I'll be recording podcasts regarding all of these issues soon. I wish you guys, Jacob and Troy, all the best and I hope that tonight is a resounding success for you and I hope to be hearing from you guys soon, so that I can help you spread the word around.

By the way, if anyone has a story to tell the world and would like it posted on my blogs and in an audio podcast, just contact me at my Email Address listed in my sidebar and we'll make arrangements. Same goes for anyone that has audio that they would like posted...just let me know and I'll put it up for everyone to hear.

I'll be back later on to add more videos and I look forward to your comments

***UPDATE*** Here are the additional videos I promised:

Also, here is the latest BULLSHIT statement from the bigoted MORmON cult Hierarchy, once again playing the poor, sad victims, after they picked the fight and inflicted a massive quantity of pain on the homosexual community, backed up by their $20,000,000.

They're now DISTURBED...holy shit, what fucking planet are they living on...oh yeah, Joe's imaginary KOLOB!! It's not disturbing at all that you're being singled out dumb fucks, rather well deserved and very appropriate and it will only get worse for your bigoted, sorry, pathetic, hate-filled asses as your world of hurt and suffering has just begun!! Don't you proudly preach that you "reap what you sew?" BINGO!!

You will NEVER recover from this black eye and the only people that will join your little "only true" cult(less than 1/5 of 1% of the world's population) in the future are the stupid, desperate, uneducated, bigoted, gullible and clueless, which is pretty much who they've always targeted. NOBODY that knows THE TRUTH about your bigoted, sexist, racist and hate-filled doctrines will ever join.

Here is their statement:

"It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled out for speaking up as part of its democratic right in a free election.

Members of the Church in California and millions of others from every faith, ethnicity and political affiliation who voted for Proposition 8 exercised the most sacrosanct and individual rights in the United States – that of free expression and voting.

While those who disagree with our position on Proposition 8 have the right to make their feelings known, it is wrong to target the Church and its sacred places of worship for being part of the democratic process.

Once again, we call on those involved in the debate over same sex marriage to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other. No one on either side of the question should be vilified, harassed or subject to erroneous information."

For those who went to the protest tonight, please return and report, as we'd love to know what your experience was and if you were getting harassed by the bigoted MORmONS who probably showed up. Did Tommy boy make an appearance...LOL...yeah right...he's too big of a pussy and hides behind Jesus' spokesmen and his/Brigham Young's old desk, the one that Hinckley played mumble peg on...LOL!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Friday, November 07, 2008 3:24:00 PM, Blogger j-boo said...

I sure wish I could be in SLC tonight. I would LOVE to stand in front of "headquarters" to voice my support for equality. My family and I were involved in NO on 8 rallies before the election and will be attending a protest in Los Angeles this weekend.

We MUST keep this momentum going. It's the only way to expose the truth, the origin of the bigotry and the homophobes behind it.

Stand up for equality and let's NOT STOP until it is won!

- Jinxi

At Friday, November 07, 2008 5:54:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I wanted to post this comment that I just received on another blog post I made a long time ago(Sept 2005), ironcially entitled "The Mormon Church's "Official" Stance On Gay Marriage And How They Encourage Members To Get Involved Politically To Stop It!!"

Here is the link to that post.

Rubie Huber has left a new comment on your post "The Mormon Church's "Official" Stance On Gay Marri...":

I am a 19 year old member of the LDS faith, and I disagree with you. I'm sorry that you have left the church and misunderstand it's teachings so much. It seems to me that your grasping on every bad thing you can think of without looking at the good.

The LDS church is against Gay Marriage because it is an attack, or can lead to an attack on good things like the family and relgion. Homosexuality is a sin, it has been since the beginning of time and forever will be, there are accounts of it in the bible, it is the abomination in the sight of God. But just like any other sin, it is recognized by the church and by God. The LDS church hates the sin, just as it hates the sin of alcoholism, or lying, but not the sinner. We are not intolerant of gays or wish to take away their rights. We just want to protect the sacred institution of marriage and the family.

Also there is the matter of what the passage of gay marriage can lead to. It changes the very definition of marriage from the union of two people, mind, soul AND body, to the union of "persons", which just means that the two people care for each other. The only difference between marriage and any other relationship is it's ability to unite a man and a woman on all three levels. No matter what Gays argue they cannot do this. If you were to change the definition of marriage to just a union of persons, by passing Gay Marriage laws, what's to stop it from progressing in the future to more than one person, polyamory.

Also if Gay Marriage is legalized then it can put pressure and take rights away from churches. We have already seen this in Massachusetts where Catholic owned adoption agencies have either had to go against their own teachings and knowledge of truth, or give up their license, because they won't give children to Gay couples. Other methodist churches have been stripped of their tax exempt status because they won't cater to Gay couples and their wishes.

We know in the LDS church that the family is the main unit of life, and that stable families with a loving mother and father are the most able to rear children with high morals and values. Sociologists have also established this fact. And our Government depends on those types of citizens. If families are unstable it increases the need for government aid and service which then gives the government more power and could lead to tyranny.

Gay marriage if legalized, will be forced upon children in schools, and if these childrens parents are against Gay marriage then these kids will be taught that their parents are bigots and discriminatory. What rifts will then come between father and son, mother and daughter, of people all around the nation, not just members of the LDS faith.

As you see the issue of Gay Marriage is far greater than just a fight for rights between Gays and the LDS Church. It is a moral issue, and a public social problem.

The church has asked that the argument on the issue be civil and polite and has kept their part of that request. The opponents of Gay marriage on the other hand have slanderized the church by making ridiculous ads on TV and other places, showing the church as a monster and bigots.

I hope this comment has been of some help, the Church is all about loving our neighbors, we love these people, but we know that the way for them to be able to acheive the highest level of happiness, is to live righteously before God, and have the opportunity to have a family, the way God meant for it to be done, with a mother and father and children.

I know these things to be true, and no insults or persecution will convince me, or millions of other members of the church otherwise. This is our testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Rubie Elizabeth-

p.s. I hope that you will have the decency to post this, I know you can chose not to, but to be fair you should allow all people to voice their opinions on your blog. thank you.

Posted by Rubie Huber to Mormon Truth!! at Friday, November 07, 2008 12:06:00 PM

Amazing how they justify, defend and rationalize their hate and bigotry, isn't it? This is what brainwashing does to people and I should know, as I was brainwashed for over 30 years.

Thanks Jinxi for your great comments and I look forward to many more of them.

Samuel the Utahnite

At Saturday, November 08, 2008 3:15:00 PM, Blogger j-boo said...


I really appreciate you linking me back to that old post. It is amazing how RELEVANT your words and warnings from three years ago have become in the wake of the newest travesty to take place at the hands of the Mormon church.

That letter from David Eccles Hardy was SO amazing and powerful. I cried at many different points within it and sat here thinking how horrible it is that a GA could actually read those heart-wrenching words and react with such a slap in the face. The fact that DEH's family & other Mormon families with gay children pleaded in a press conference to retire archaic pamphlets full of unscientific, hurtful rhetoric in them and then one day later in General Conference had the audacity to reaffirm that the pamphlets were true is sickening to me. Absolutely sickening! It leaves me horrified that ANY of my life was wasted belonging to such an uncaring and bigoted organization. I know that this is only a snowflake in a blizzard when it comes to examples; but for me, it's a HUGE example and one that I will never forget.

The sad thing is that the church's stance on gay marriage is such a true reflection of their viewpoints on DOZENS of other issues. They hide behind their "we love everyone" facade to get their dirty work done and it is so frustrating to me that people fall for it and don't take the time to delve into the truth that is so readily available to them if they would just take the blinders off and read, connect the dots and THINK.

I had a very hard time reading Rubie's reply to that blog and felt compelled to respond to it. I don't know if she will see it, but I REALLY hope that she does and that she doesn't just dismiss everything and hide behind the "nobody can challenge my faith" excuse. It's old and easy and I have no respect for people that jump there first. But given that, I thought I would re-post my response in this new blog, as the issues are so relevant today given the Prop 8 outcome. Thank you for letting my voice be heard on your site. It means a lot to me and helps me in so many ways!

Winx, Jinxi

**RESPONSE TO RUBIE's comment below**

Hi Rubie,
I have to respectfully disagree with your precipitated conclusion that Samuel misunderstands the church's teachings. Had you taken the time to read his profile, you would see that he spent over 30 years in the church, served a mission, went to BYU and was obedient to the teachings. I too spent over 30 years in the church, attended BYU on an athletic scholarship, had a father who was a Mormon bishop for 8 years, and blindly followed for all of my youth and much of my adult years without ever questioning the life I was living and the tactics used to gain my obedience. It is a BIG MISCONCEPTION that everyone that leaves the church must have left because something "bad" happened to them or they misunderstand what the religion is about. In my case, and I am assuming in Samuel's case as well, that could NOT be further from the truth. You see, it is only when you TRULY DO understand and have really examined the treacherous teachings that you are able to see the "bad" as you refer to it. But when you don't accept that there can be and IS "bad" then you are allowing them to control your life, even when the damage that is done with that control is monumental. If your eyes are not opened to it and you are blindly following, of course, you will only see the good - which is EXACTLY what they are hoping for and counting on; the blind followers that obey.

I must also FERVENTLY DISAGREE with your reasoning for the church's stance on gay marriage. You are greatly discounting the fact that gay couples DO have families, DO have love, DO have commitment. How in the world can they be "attacking" something that they are participating in? How awful that you think this is an "agenda." Don't you see that they have the same dreams and hopes of building long-lasting relationships and families as any straight couple would? I also find it so curious that the bible is brought into the discussion. It's such a cop-out. It really is. If you want to start calling out bible references, then you MUST call out ALL of the inerrant parts of the bible - NOT ONLY this small section (Leviticus 18:22) that refers to homosexuality.

For instance, let's start with Leviticus 20:9 -
"For everyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death. He has cursed his father or his mother. His blood shall be upon him."

Shall we start lining people up for execution? Because according to your bible - it SAYS we should. Imagine what would happen today if we killed every child who was disrespectful to his parents.

Or this one:
"If a man lies with a woman during her sickness and uncovers her nakedness, he has discovered her flow, and she has uncovered the flow of her blood. Both of them shall be cut off from her people." (Leviticus 20:18)

Imagine what would happen today if we deported every man and woman who had ever had sex together while the woman was having her period.

Have you ever had a ham dinner? Or bacon for breakfast? (I'm a vegan, so I guess I'm good on this one - ha)

"...and the swine, though it divides the hoof, having cloven hooves, yet does not chew the cud, is unclean to you." (Leviticus 11:7)

Or how about shellfish. Ever been to Red Lobster, Rubie?

"But all in the seas or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales, all that move in the water or any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you." (Leviticus 11:10)

"The shellfish shall be an abomination to you; you shall not eat their flesh, but you shall regard their carcasses as an abomination." (Leviticus 11:11)

I think you would agree that there are MANY scriptures in the bible that you DO NOT adhere to, yet you don't preach from rooftops that they are sins. Why is it that you focus on Leviticus 18:22 so fervently? I believe that it is only so you can justify your prejudice and bigotry towards gays. You think it's so easy to spout out, "well, the bible SAYS SO, so we must obey." Yet, you do not hold subsequent instructions to the same regard. That just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you can explain? Or is it that you really just want a justification for your disgust at the thought of gay people who love each being together??

You say that the LDS church HATES sin, but it seems to me that they hate SOME sins MORE than others, right? A sin is a sin - so why is one SO MUCH more important than the next??

I find THIS statement of yours truly laughable:

"We are not intolerant of gays or wish to take away their rights. We just want to protect the sacred institution of marriage and the family."

You most CERTAINLY ARE intolerant of gays and you DO want to and DID TAKE THEIR RIGHTS AWAY with the passing of Prop 8. How can you honestly say you don't WANT to take rights away when the WHOLE agenda was to do JUST THAT???? Do you understand what Prop 8 was? Did you support it? Then your statement above is a LIE!!

The California constitution already ALLOWED gays to marry in the state of California. The passing of Prop 8 TOOK THAT AWAY!! This was NOT a preventative amendment. The rights were there and NOW they are not. So what you said makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Please don't say that you want to protect the "sacred institution." Don't you understand that a religious wedding and a legal marriage are completely DIFFERENT. My husband and I did not have a religious figure marry us. We did not pledge our love in front of some invisible man in the sky. We entered into a marriage in the civil sense. Of course we love each other, but that marriage certificate is NOT a bond with god. It is a social institution under which two adults establish their decision to live together in a legal commitment. Don't force YOUR image of marriage onto people that do not believe it has anything to do with religion or imaginary higher beings; because under the Constitution, religion is completely left out of the equation and when you are thinking of it in regards to laws & rights, YOU need to separate that as well.

Your argument that if gay marriage is legalized, it will take away rights from churches is completely false!
Before Mormons helped to RIP AWAY rights from gays, the actual court decision regarding marriage specifically says “no religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to same-sex couples, and no religious officiant will be required to solemnize a marriage in contravention of his or her religious beliefs.” This is an actual quote FROM the court decision. It cannot be any more clear, Rubie, can it be? If you see some discrepancy within this, PLEASE present it... because what you are saying is the same old, tired rhetoric that they used in campaign ads to try to "scare" fundamentalists into voting yes.

I now must contend with this statement of yours:
"We know in the LDS church that the family is the main unit of life, and that stable families with a loving mother and father are the most able to rear children with high morals and values."

Oh really? Is that all there is to it? Well, what must we do with single parents then, or widows/widowers, divorcees, or infertile couples? I do believe that there are examples of all of these family units within the LDS church. That seems very wrong to me to diminish their importance. Not to mention the fact that you are completely disregarding the fact that gay couples can and DO rear their children with high morals and values. In fact, I would think that teaching your kids not to be bigots and not to discriminate against certain groups of people would be a very important value indeed!!!

Once again, another of your statements is false, when you say:
"Gay marriage if legalized, will be forced upon children in schools" - NOPE! Wrong again, Rubie!! Don't you see that gay marriage WAS LEGAL already. Gay couples WERE married and getting married and none of these ridiculous statements you are making in regards to school instructions were going on. What was miraculously going to change? Nothing! The Yes on 8 organizers merely tricked people into thinking that things would suddenly change if they didn't strip away rights from gays; when in fact, gay marriage was already happening and there was NOT an epidemic of "gay issues being FORCED on kids at school." Not to mention the fact that the Superintendent of CA Schools, Jack O’Connell, assured parents that Prop 8 has nothing to do with education. What more do you want!!!??

You say that children's parents who are against gay marriage will be taught that their parents are "bigots and discriminatory" - ummmm... YEAH, they are! So either deal with it and face the fact that their kids will hear this said about their parents - or STOP being discriminatory bigots and you won't have to worry about that.

You say that "the issue of Gay Marriage is far greater than just a fight for rights between Gays and the LDS Church. It is a moral issue, and a public social problem." Again, you MUST learn to separate YOUR morals with law, legislation and the Constitution. NO church has the right to enforce their morals on society. You might wish it could be that way and you might feel superior because 85% of Americans are Christians. But you are forgetting a little thing called "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE." As much as you wish this country was a theocracy, it is NOT and you must learn to keep your religious beliefs separate from laws. The constitution protects us from this. The founding fathers knew what it was like to have a church trying to tell them how they could live and they were trying to escape that. So when it came time to write the Constitution, they were SPECIFICALLY CAREFUL to protect us all from that ever happening again. They had seen it happen before, could foresee churches like the LDS Church trying it again in the future, and had the intelligence and fortitude to be sure that it could not happen. Just because the "majority" votes a certain way and THINKS they know what is best for society, the majority simply is NOT always right. It was not long ago that the "majority" thought it was ok to own slaves. It was not long ago that the "majority" thought interracial couples should not be allowed to get married. It was not long ago that the "majority" thought women should not be allowed to vote. But as you can see, sometimes the "majority" has bad ideas and lucky for us, the Constitution protects us from this "majority rule," as well as churches being able to force their beliefs onto society. I mean, if Mormons had it their way, nobody would have the choice to drink coffee, or drink alcohol, or shop on Sundays. These are things that the Mormons are just as adamant about upholding as they are with protecting from the horrors of gay marriage, yet you don't seem to trying to take these things away from society. If we let Scientologists instill THEIR morals on society, then their belief that psychiatric drugs should not be legal and thus, done away with, then the "Prozac Capital of the Country," otherwise known as Utah, would be quite offended and extremely depressed. Or if we let Jews instill their dietary rules on society, where meat cannot be eaten with dairy products, then many a Mormon casserole at a potluck relief society meeting would have to be thrown in the trash. Simply put, a church just CANNOT enforce their moral beliefs onto the society in which they live. That's what your worship services are for. They do NOT have a place in legislation and societal laws - they just don't!!

You say that the church has been slandered, yet everything spoken about them in advertisements is true. I find it interesting that you just can't handle seeing the church that you love so much exposed for what they really are. You are hurt by the church looking like a "monster," yet you think it's ok to vilify gay people and make it seem as though they have an "agenda" and are trying convert their children to the "gay side." Maybe it hurts to look in the mirror and see the truth, right? It's so much easier to cry "persecution" because it's your religion they speak about. Why can't you step outside of your box and see it for what it really is?

The church likes to paint the facade that they are "all about loving your neighbors," but the fact that you fall for this is apparent proof that they have worked their brainwashing magic on you, Rubie. You need to delve just a little deeper into what your beloved religion is really about. You need to examine the roots of the church's history and really study your scriptures. If you do that with an OPEN MIND, it won't be long until you see the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of the organization you are dedicating your life to. Gay people are and can be happy. They have an immensely more difficult struggle to achieve this when organizations that hate them and don't want them to be free, equal and fulfilled try SO HARD to stand in their way. Please reevaluate your ideals of life, family and happiness without the Mormon blinders on. You will see that the rhetoric used to win your brain over is so old and archaic. Use your mind and THINK about things. Think about love, think about fairness, think about equality. If you do, you will understand that the church stands for exactly the opposite of what you wish it did and have always been told that it does.
I know these things to be true. It is my testimony, in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

- Jinxi

At Saturday, November 08, 2008 9:15:00 PM, Blogger j-boo said...

I also thought you might want to post this for your readers if they believe that the LDS Church went too far would like to participate in filing a complaint with the IRS to help revoke the LDS Church 501(c)(3) Status. Just go to:

The blog makes a lot of excellent points, one being this Article of Faith:

We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

History of the Church, Vol. 4, pp. 535—541

LDS Church members and leaders who support the “Yes on 8″ and “Protect Marriage” campaign believe that the magistrates (judges) on the California State Supreme Court were wrong, and are not honoring and sustaining the law as written in the California state constitution and interpreted by duly appointed and confirmed judges on the bench.

There is no reason to make this post longer: either you believe in being subject to the magistrates who were appointed to interpret the law of California, and honoring and sustaining that law, or you don’t. Clearly, the LDS Church believes that this article of faith only applies when the magistrates’ opinions and law of the land are consistent with Church doctrine. (Ironically, anti-polygamy laws were influential on the Church in the late 19th century, when the Church restricted its more expansive definition of marriage practices to become in line with the law of the land.)

At Tuesday, November 11, 2008 1:42:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

How can the Mormon Church and its leadership claim to be 'only defending traditional marriage' when they still practice polygamous celestial marriages/sealings in their temples?

A widowed Mormon Man can seal additional earthly wives expecting to call more than one out of the grave in the ressurrection into a polygamous relationship with him and yet a Mormon woman cannot do the same if she is widowed and remarries.

Just what is Traditional Marriage for the Mormon Church Leadership as they were threatened and forced into abandoning their disgraceful Warren Jeffs style polygamous arranged marriages in the past. Had the Law not intervened and conditions imposed for acceptance into Statehood for Utah then they would likely still be polygamists now.

And they think they know about Traditional mariage ?

At Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:29:00 PM, Blogger SpunkyFinanceGal said...

Why hello Samuel... it's been a long time!

I knew you'd have something up on the blog about the Prop 8 issue, and I can’t believe that it passed. I’ve been reading some of the comments here, and I just can’t keep my mouth shut on some of the arguments going on here.

I'm a resident of Los Angeles, and was at the protest at the temple. It was surreal, since it's the very temple I once stared at in complete awe while dreaming of my future return missionary husband, and couldn't believe I was lucky enough to be sealed to my parents inside of it. I was there for baptisms for the dead (which today repulses me... that I thought there was nothing strange or creepy about it back then), and for the holiday lights in December where I would stroll the grounds on a G rated group date while sipping hot chocolate.

The protest was inspring, invigorating, and energizing. Granted, every religious person I know voted yes on 8, and each one of those people voted based on religious/moral grounds. So quickly we all forget our early education. Church and state are supposed to be separate. So for all of the folks commenting here and quoting scripture - it doesn't matter. None of that matters. The Bible might as well be a book of fairytales, because it should not have anything to do with government legislation. And before you go bringing up murder laws – gay marriage does not HARM anyone. And don’t think about bringing up the children issue – the night of the election we saw coverage from most major school districts in the state telling us that the Mormon propaganda about gay marriage being taught in schools is completely false. Most districts are lucky if they get around to the science and history part, after math and english. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t ever recall part of my education including a section on marriage. Parents teach that, or church leaders teach that. School teachers do not. And even if they did? Do you think it would make children consider homosexuality who otherwise wouldn’t? Get real. That is ridiculous.

The California constitution dictates that no state constitutional amendment may be amended if it breaks existing rights; in this case, those of the civil variety. This will go back to the California Supreme Court, and the same court that allowed same-sex marriage will overturn this decision based on those grounds. I guarantee it. Just as you zealots are free to believe in a religion of your choice, all US Citizens are free to be treated equally under the law. Once upon a time interracial marriage was illegal. Now how silly does that seem? It’s the same issue. They are US Citizens. They are consenting adults. Let two people who love eachother have the happy ending they want. And just as an FYI, gay couples currently adopt children. So if the argument for prop 8 has to do with keeping children out of same-sex households… you’re about a decade too late on that one.

At Sunday, November 16, 2008 11:40:00 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

I hope you will podcast again. I have really missed your podcasts. I have your other ones practically memorized, I have listened to them so much.

I know it takes a ton of time, but I sure hope you will podcast again soon.

PS: don't know if you remember I had cancer. I am doing OK, had chemo, radiation, surgery, all that. I am doin OK, all things considered.

I hope you are doing good. I always check for new posts and podcasts.

At Wednesday, December 03, 2008 2:06:00 PM, Blogger DJB said...

Give me a break. The "rights" you claim were taken away by prop 8 existed for what- 5 months. You act like long held, sacred rights were being stripped away. What a joke. 4 people on a court overturned the will of the people as clearly outlined in 2000. Do you understand the constitution at all? Your appeals to that document are silly. You would strip away the rights of fellow-citizens in a second to satisfy your selfish motives. George Washington said the constitution could only "govern a moral and religous people."

Your argument about "separation of church and state" is juvenile. You would completely remove the influence of religion from society. That is rediculously unconstitutional.

You want to radically change what has been the fundamental unit of society for all of human history with no regard for the consequences. And you are outraged that your fellow-citizens want some caution and reason.

You are a selfish hot-head whose world is ruled by your crotch and emotions. Grow up!


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