Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gordon B. Hinckley, Mormon Prophet, And Exactly What He Does In His Spare Time, When He Isn't Receiving Revelation?!!(Which Is 24/7/365 Of Course!!)

LDS Church Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley shows how to play "mumble peg."

LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley laughs as he shows off a photo that was doctored to make it appear he is singing in the Tabernacle Choir.(Note-The Church is really good and has lots of practice, "doctoring" things. He laughs about that stuff too. It's just all a big joke to him!!)

Yep, you've got it, this is how Gordon B. Hinckley "REALLY" spends his time as the head of the Billion dollar, Mormon cult. Let's see, what are his official tittles again? He's, "God's mouthpiece", "Prophet, Seer and Revelator", "God's diving rod", "the lord's anointed", a "modern day Moses or Abraham", and on and on. I meant to write about this article when it first came out but due to having to go out of town, I forgot about it until today.

When I first read it, on the Mormon Curtain, I thought it was one of those joke articles that somebody had created for fun, but sadly, it's all true and right out of the Deseret News. I was like DAMN, you've gotta be kidding me!! I guess that they were trying to show his softer, playful, childlike side, instead of the "you will be condemned to hell or be in control of Satan, if you masturbate, fornicate, act out on your homosexual desires or turn against the Church, etc."

They wanted you to forget about the "missionaries don't deserve farewells and woman can't wear two earring BS." Well, they did it, but made him look like a real dumb ass in the process, or should I say that he did it to himself and revealed his true-self to the world. At least the mystery is solved and we now know what he "actually" does with all of his time in between conferences and private jet flights. Life must be good when you can sit around playing "mumble peg" all day, right? If we could all be so lucky. How would it be?!!

But, I guess, when you have luxury cars with drivers to drive you to the finer restaurants, to Huntsman's jets, a missionary funeral and then back to your 2 million dollar condo, what the hell? Life is very very good for the Mormon Prophet and I bet he could kick my butt at "mumble peg" after he's been able to hone his skills and become quite formidable over the last 76 years, most of which was in the employ of the Mormon cult.

Hey, I have an idea!! Joseph Smith used to have stick pull contests and leg wrestling right after General Conferences, in order to unwind from the spiritual high and stress, so maybe Hinckley should get all the Saints together in temple square, set out a bunch of heirloom tables and have "mumble peg" competitions. What do you guys think?

Now that would be the shit and he would rule, plus he could show everyone, in person, his "easy going, laid back, child like" demeanor. They could replay it over and over on KBYU and the BYU channel and show the world his skills, that is, his real skills. I always knew that he was good for something...LOL!!

I'm sure that it would also be some type of world record too, with "20,000+ people in one square block, with knives balanced on their nose, at the same time. Now we're talking!! Let's get this party started!!

Anyway, here is the article from the Deseret News. I've highlighted the best parts in RED and put my comments in blue and in (parenthesis.) For those that haven't read this article yet, I'm sure that you'll find it very entertaining, full of lies and extremely amusing. Again, when I first read the part about the knife on his nose, I thought it was a joke but even I, cannot make this type of shit up. It's true that fact is stranger than fiction most of the time. May the "mumble peg Gods" be with you all!!

Here is the article:

LDS Pres. Hinckley gentle, unpretentious

By Jennifer Dobner
Associated Press

The president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pulls out a pocket knife, balances the tip gingerly on his nose, flips his wrist and lets go. The blade stabs at the top of the walnut desk — an heirloom used by two previous presidents — but doesn't stick. (nice to see how much he respects the heirloom desk, isn't it? What a jerk!! What this shows is how little he must care about a lot of things, if he can't even respect an heirloom that has been passed onto him. I find him to be very irreverent and disrespectful. Would he allow Bishops and Stake Presidents to do the same thing with their desks in their offices? The shit would hit the fan!!)

LDS Church Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley shows how to play "mumble peg." "My brother and I used to play mumble peg for hours," says the 95-year-old Gordon B. Hinckley, retrieving the knife to try again. It was a rare, unscripted moment for the shepherd of 12 million Mormon souls — one that left his public-relations executives wincing. (I wonder if those games with his brother were played in the Church office building? Also, I love the fact that the AP reporter says that this moment, "left his public-relations executives wincing."

I bet it did, after all, they spend a lot of time trying to make him look intelligent, responsible, mature, etc and then in one moment of "being himself", he lets the cat out of the bag and shows everyone what an idiot he truly is. I would have loved to see that wincing look on their face. By the way, is this the Jewish, New York PR agency that they speak of, that the Church hired, to help market their corporation?)

To those who know him well, the moment is pure President Hinckley, a man revered by his followers as a prophet of God and a third-generation Mormon who became the 15th president of the church in 1995. (Yep, Hinckley playing "mumble peg" is pure President Hinckley alright, in fact, it's one of his finer moments as cult President. It shows the world what he is really good at, and it ain't playing "Prophet", er I mean "Profit!!"

I wonder if when the knife falls just perfectly off of his nose and sticks the desk, does he feel the spirit confirming a job well done? Does his bosom catch on fire?)

Shows how real he is," said President Hinckley biographer Sheri Dew, who is president of Deseret Book, a church-owned publishing house. "There are no pretenses with him. What you see is what you get." (Sheri Dew isn't "sucking up" or "kissing ass", is she? Nah, she wouldn't do that. It's not like her job depends on it or anything, right? HA Ha!! See, she's not just a member, she's the President...LOL....sorry, couldn't resist.)

President Hinckley has spent 70 years working for the church — one of the world's fastest-growing religions(Bullshit) — helping to shape everything from its public face to the development of missionary programs. His charisma and kindness routinely disarm skeptics.
(It doesn't fool or disarm me!! Kindness? Oh, you mean like, robbing from the poor and telling people that have lost everything that the only thing he can think of, to help them, is that they need to pay their tithing. Yeah, what a kind man!! Homosexuals have a problem, we don't and he doesn't know if they were born that way, but they have a problem that needs to be fixed Hinckley, is anything but kind!!)

"You won't find any (criticism)," said veteran CBS newsman Mike Wallace, who twice put President Hinckley on "60 Minutes." "I love him.(Get a room!!) I can't think of any individual I admire more. He's open. He's optimistic. He has a vision and he is honest." (Are you serious? The long life that Mike Wallace has lived, all of the people that he has known and interviewed and he "can't think of any individual he admires more?"

That's pretty damn sad, isn't it? That tells me a lot about Mike Wallace. It's obvious that he doesn't really know the "true Hinckley", when he calls him HONEST. He needs to do a little research to see how he has personally lied and suppressed "true Mormon history" for over 70 years and taught the missionaries to do the same thing every single day. Would he still consider him to be HONEST if he knew that? NO!!)

CNN talk show host Larry King, who interviewed President Hinckley in 1998,
is equally enamored but is critical of the church for being slow to embrace racial equality and wrong to denounce homosexuality.
Nor does King, a self-described agnostic, believe President Hinckley could be a prophet. (Thank God (the Mormon God of course), for the honesty of Larry King. Say what you want about the man and his questions, but he has more honesty and forthrightness in his little pinkie, than Hinckley has in his whole damn body. I think that I'm going to worship Larry King....LOL.

He just says it like it is, that he "doesn't believe that Hinckley could be a Prophet and that the Church is "being slow to embrace racial equality and wrong to denounce homosexuality." At least he has some BALLS and integrity to call a spade a spade and hasn't been fooled like Mike Wallace apparently has. All I can say is AMEN Larry, AMEN!!)

"I can't conceive that God talks to him, if there is a God," said King, whose wife Shawn is Mormon. "But I can't disparage him in any way. I like being around him. You feel good around him. I hope he lives a long time."
(He may personally like him, but from what he said above, we know how he feels about him in the religious and social way.)

President Hinckley "likes to talk about his age. He likes to say, 'I'm the last leaf on the tree and the wind is blowing,' " said Dew, who spent two years working on the biography. "But he doesn't act like he's 95."

This year alone, he visited Africa, Russia, Iceland, Korea, Taiwan, India and Western Europe — the most traveled president in church history. Church insiders say he meets daily with leadership and takes an active role in church programs, always looking for innovative ways to solve problems or make improvements. (Yeah, he has taken an active role in cutting and getting rid of any program that made the Church fun and enjoyable. Of course, they are all cost cutting measures, because he just doesn't give a rip about the members and the return on his investment, wasn't panning out, so "screw them", he said.

Instead, he has massive birthday parties, flying in stars from all over the place to serenade his sorry ass. Damn cult leader!!)

The LDS church was founded in April 1830 by Joseph Smith, who said that 10 years earlier God and Jesus appeared to him in a vision as he prayed in the woods near Palmyra, N.Y. He later said an angel, Moroni,(or was it Nephi....hmmm) led him to a buried set of gold plates inscribed with the story of a lost tribe of Israel that had settled North America. Smith's translation of the plates became known as
the Book of Mormon, the faith's foundational text.

Today the church has a reported 12 million members in more than 26,600 congregations around the world. The Book of Mormon is available in 185 different languages, and some 59,000 missionaries are working around the world.
(The current numbers that I've heard is around 48,000? I think that may be an old number but we'll know in April, when they announce it from the pulpit in General Conference.)

At times, President Hinckley seems an unlikely church leader. (Yes he does, very unlikely!!) By nature, his daughters will attest, he is shy, fiercely private and uncomfortable with praise.(That's the biggest bunch of BS that I've ever heard. Shy? Uncomfortable with praise? Give me a damn break!! Anybody see his 90th and 95th birthday parties/bashes/shindigs? He was eating that shit up and he was honored, serenaded and worshiped. They must think we are all a bunch of idiots to buy that crap!!) But in personality and presence, President Hinckley more than lives up to his title.
(Yeah, his presence is awe inspiring. He is my God....NOT!!)

He is witty, charming and loves a good round of verbal sparring. He is adept at working — and managing — a room, including the swarm of church public relations officers who hover around him.
(Yeah, he showed how well he manages the press with one botched interview after another, revealing his stupidity, lies, lack of knowledge, bigotry and that his Church is just an evil CULT. Keep up the great work there Hinckster!! Keep working those rooms with your PR magic!!)

In the LDS church, ascending to the presidency comes through a combination of service, level of leadership and longevity — the longer high-ranking leaders live, the more likely they'll get the post. But the job is not something President Hinckley says he wanted, or even thought much about getting. (Holy "BS is getting deep Batman!!" Are you kidding me? It's "not something President Hinckley says he wanted or even thought much about getting?!!" Yeah, we can see that by his multi-billion dollar spending spree, can't we? Mark my words, when he dies, they'll re-name the Conference Center, "The Gordon B. Hinckley" center and I'm sure that he has already arranged that to take place upon his death, just like the buildings at BYU-Idaho and now BYU-Provo.

As the years go on, they'll probably have to start selling their temples one by one, as activity continues to plummet along with tithing income. Then again, who the hell would want to buy them?)

"I was an employee," he said. "We don't have any ambition for office in the church. We accept what we are asked to do and give it our very best, but we don't have ambition or aspiration for office."
(He's just flat out lying again. Almost everyone of these men aspired to have a big calling and office in the Church, mostly for the money and the fact that they and their Families would be taken care of for life.)

President Hinckley's children never knew what a mark their father was leaving on the church when they were young, daughters Virginia Pearce and Kathleen Walker say.

"It wasn't until (Dew) wrote the biography that we really found out a lot about what he had been doing," says Pearce, 60. "We just never felt that what he was doing was particularly difficult or meaningful. We were just normal." (I would have to concur, I still don't think, in fact I know, that what he is doing or has done, is particularly difficult or meaningful, especially, when you don't have to give a damn about anyone but yourself.

It's amazing that even his own children didn't see the importance of what he was doing and didn't find out a lot about what he had been doing, until Dew wrote the biography...WOW!! That was just in the last couple years and his daughters are like in their 60's? Is that for real? Just curious, is he even on speaking terms with his children? Seems pretty odd to me!! It just proves how worthless he really is I guess.)

Family life was full of laughter and adventure, not heavy with expectations or rules, the women say. As a parent, President Hinckley taught much the way he leads his church, through quiet example. (Too bad that he can't run the Church the way he supposedly ran his Family and raised his kids. Not too much laughter to go around, when he's condemning homosexuals, robing from the poor, telling women how many earrings they can wear, telling masturbators how horrible they are and taking away from Missionaries, the two things that both they and their families looked forward to, farewells and homecomings. Not heavy with rules? I guess he has changed, dramatically.

Oh yeah and his comment to missionaries, that "your not much to look at but you're all the Lord has." Any laughter that exists, is coming from Hinckley but not anybody else. Joseph Smith led by example too, right? If todays kids truly followed Joseph Smith's example and emulated him, like Thomas Monson desired and expressed, in the last conference, they could all book their future jails cells and at the nearest federal penitentiary.)

"He would talk about other people at the dinner table and say 'he's a fine man,' and would talk about the characteristics and attributes of the person, and we would know that these are the things that you value," said Walker, 66, the eldest of the five Hinckley children.
(Again, it sure would be nice if he ran the Church this way, instead of condemning everyone the way he has. What a disgrace he is!!)
"Nothing in Dad is mass-produced," Pearce said. "I think everything he does, he does because he loves the individual people of the church." (Stop the BS please, it's now 10 feet over my head!! Everything that Hinckley does, is for himself, his own glory and to increase his personal and Family riches.

Yeah, he robs from those that have nothing and approves of the teaching, "if you have to decide to either feed your Family or pay your tithing, you pay your tithing." Just remember, he believes that because "he loves the individual people of the church." What a sick joke!!)

President Hinckley has never fully shaken the shyness he felt as a child, but from the pulpit and among the people of the church President Hinckley is transformed, Pearce and Walker say.( Come on!! His shyness?!! Let's stop with the "he's so damn shy BS!!" He's not shy, he loves to be worshiped and revered and wants to do it again when he hits 100 years old, he said so himself at the end of his 95th party.

So, from the pulpit, he's this bold, "up yours, screw you" kind of guy but then afterwards, he's this shy, backward, please don't worship me, lets play numble peg, kind of guy? Again, they must really think we're idiots to believe this crap.)

"He can say some things from the pulpit that he can't say face to face," Pearce said. Getting President Hinckley to talk about President Hinckley isn't as easy. (Now this I believe, because it's easier to condemn homosexuals in general or cut down missionaries, etc, in general, than face to face. I'd like to see him have a discussion, face to face, with a homosexual, saying, "you can't ever have sex or get married" or with a missionary, saying, "you don't deserve a homecoming or farewell" or face to face with someone that lost everything and then tell them, "pay your tithing, do not feed your Family."

What a bastard he is!! Of course it's easier to say one thing from the pulpit than face to face, when you are a dishonest, lying, conniving creep. You see, I'm for real, what you see is what you get. There isn't anything in my blog, that I've said about anyone, that I wouldn't say face to face, because it's what I really believe to be true. It's called integrity and consistency with who you really are. This just proves that Hinckley is a two faced bigoted, piece of garbage. Yes, given the chance, I would be honored to say that to his face!!)

Asked to describe his own traits, the president seems almost embarrassed to respond. "Oh, I don't know," he said. "I only want to be known as a man who tried to do his best to make the world better."(It's all a damn act, can't people see it? Behind the scenes, this man is a very angry, bitter, greedy, cold, condemning, condescending, holier than thou, judgmental man. He cares about nobody but himself. Anything he does publicly is only to make himself and the Church in general, look better. He wants to perpetuate the fraud.

Although, he really blew it with the malls and the serving alcohol issues. That was just his pure arrogance, oh yeah, I left arrogant off the above list. Hinckley is proud to be the President of the multi-billion dollar cult, that masquerades as a tax-exempt Church. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus, rather greed and money, plain and simple.)

What President Hinckley will say is that his parents taught him the virtues of honesty, hard work, faith and prayer, qualities and practices he tried to emulate and pass along to his children.
(If he is truly emulating what his Parents taught him, then it's very obvious that they didn't teach him very well and there was no "virtues of honesty, hard work, faith and prayer." It's possible that they did teach him those things and he just did his own thing and they are looking down upon him(from the Celestial Kingdom) in complete and utter disgust. Well, at least they'll be able to drop down to visit him, right? LOL!!

He is, he says, deeply honored for the opportunity to lead the church.
"When the office is bestowed upon you, you feel the weight of it, course you do," he said. "It's a tremendous responsibility." It is one he manages with prayer and effort.

(Here's an example of a prayer from the holy of holies; Hinckley says-"Jesus, what should I do for thee, what dost thou desire that I do since nothing is too good for thee, my Lord?"

Jesus says- "I commandeth thee to buy many shopping malls, starting with Crossroads. I commandeth thee to allow alcohol to flow freely from my restaurants to maximize profits and our alcohol investments, in the name of God my Father and me, Jesus. I commandeth thee to build luxury resorts, buy more land in Hawaii, build housing developments there, buy cattle ranches, make deals with the Washington post, fire janitors, claiming lack of funds, continue to lie and cover-up all or any truths from Mormon history.

I command thee to spend billions re-building city downtowns, like Salt Lake, Ogden, Utah and Tempe, Arizona. I commandeth thee to buy up streets and then ban protesters who are trying to expose our fraud.

I also commandeth thee to wear $2,000 suits, with $100 ties, to eat the finest cuisine that man can prepare for thee, my servant, my Seer, my Prophet on earth, my mouthpiece. I command thee to travel in luxury cars like Lexus' and Lincolns and to only travel in air, by private jet.

I command thee to call thy son, Richard, to be a Seventy, claiming over and over that no nepotism was involved. I want him to enjoy of my riches and immediately travel with you to Asia, in John Huntsman's private jet. Always try to keep it in the Family!!

But I give unto thee and thy son a strong warning, please heed this warning, do not be careless, like Joseph with the 116 pages(Shut up Joseph, you did too screw it up); THERE WILL BE NO EXERCISING ON THE PRIVATE JET OR GREAT INJURY AND EMBARRASSMENT WILL COME TO THEE AND THY SON AND THY POSTERITY. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, WELL, JUST SOMETIMES.

I command thee to continue, BLATANTLY robbing from the poor, in order to accomplish my means, which are mysterious, while explaining to them that there sacrifice and money mean nothing. Oh yeah, and buy some more gaming preserves so that people can take their bows and be like unto Nephi or Nimrod, the great, almighty hunters from the Book of Mormon and Bible times.

What's that Joseph? Sorry, my Seer Hinckley, Joseph keeps making unsolicited comments, but, he is the one running the show as you know. Oh yeah, Joseph just reminded me not to ever talk about his polygamy and Polyandry or his adulterous, lascivious, evil ways and how he married and had sex with that 14 year old plus other teenagers and other mens wives, at least one that was already pregnant and that loved her Husband, not Joseph.

Thou shalt pretend like it never happened and lock all damaging material about the Church's history, in that big vault that I have prepared for thee in that mountain, where those great wars were fought between the Nephites/Lamanites/Jaredites.

What's that again, Joseph? Oops, sorry, I meant the mountain in Utah, not Mexico....wait..what's that Joseph..damn it....quit interrupting me...oh, I guess that Hill Ramah or was it Cumorah, is in New York, not Mexico....Sorry my servant Hinckley, it is hard to keep all of the details of our big fairy tale straight, especially after I've been hanging out with some former FARMS guys...please forgive me!!

The stories have changed so many times, that even I, God, the almighty, cannot keep it all straight. That is all Hinckley!! Now, go forward and don't do any more of those interviews where you embarrass the shit out of yourself, me, Joseph and the Church. After all, if we screw this up and people figure out that it's all make believe, just like Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse, then we won't be able to conquer the world and buy up every damn piece of land there is and then run it as the MORMON earth.")

Hinckley snaps out of his trance and makes that phone call to buy the malls....LOL!! Sorry guys, I just felt inspired, like I was listening in to their conversation and I just had to share it. Now back to the article!!

"You want to do what the Lord expects of you," he said. "You seek divine guidance and then you go to work. Get on your knees and pray, and stand on your feet and work." (Yeah, he has been coddled and paid by the Church for more than 70 years. It must be very difficult,especially when you know that it's all make believe. The standing on his feet, must be referring to his semi-annual conference talks.)

To be the prophet means to surrender one's life to the work of the church and its members. (Hey there Hinckster, if you want to pay me about $250 G's/year + expenses, I might even consider it. How much do you get paid as "Profit", like $500,000 plus expenses, $1,000,000 plus expenses? How much is it? Oh yeah, I forgot, members can't know that stuff, you know,the whole milk before the meat BS. We just wouldn't be too accepting would we, you "fraud, robber of the poor to live like a KING, kind of guy."

Oh, but I forgot, he's meek, humble, shy, bashful, blah, blah blah!! My point is that it's really easy to surrender your life "to the work of the Church and it's members" when you are so well payed to do it. Everyday people surrender their lives to shit jobs, just to support their families, so you've got no right to bitch or claim what a big man you are for "surrendering your life." You haven't surrendered shit!! Most Prophets die with millions in their account, I bet that Hinckley will have 10's of millions if not billions.)

President Hinckley can no longer experience the world as others do. There are no ordinary trips to the mall, nor afternoon strolls through the beautifully manicured church gardens outside his office door. (oh, pobrecito, boo hoo, let me get out my violin. Are you shitting me?!! We are supposed to feel bad for him because he can no longer stroll through Jesus' malls or take an afternoon stroll through 'the beautifully manicured church gardens'(paid for by tithe payers).

What is he(in his own mind), a freaking movie star from Hollywood? Or is it that he is hated too much by too many. I'm guessing the latter but he would want you to think it was the whole "rock star status" that he's achieved. Why not just disguise yourself with veils and shit if you want to see those damn flowers so bad. Couldn't he surround himself with bodyguards? Why is it that every year, in the 47 days parade on July 24th, he rides through the parade in a convertible, with no protection?

This is just pure BS and another lie in his long list of lies and deceit. I go to that damn parade ever year and there he is, flying in wind, in a convertible. So don't give me this BS that he can't go out and see the flowers or take a stroll through Jesus' malls, it's all a lie, I promise. I'm sure that the Church hasn't surrounded the parade route with snipers and FBI agents...then again......nah...LOL.)

"I can't. Everybody wants to shake hands wherever I go," President Hinckley said. "But you don't consider relative values. You accept where you are and you do the best you can."
(Yeah, Mormon Heaven forbid, that he go around shaking members hands, especially those that are paying his damn salary and helping him to buy malls and cattle ranches. Screw them, I'm Hinckley, the great almighty Prophet of fraud, I mean God. Just remember, his Billion dollar lifestyle is pure hell. It must be the luxury cars, exquisite cuisine and dining, 5 star hotels and the private jets that really make him suffer the most. Hey Hinckster, wanna switch places? Dumb ass!!)

Privately, Pearce says, her father has talked about the burden of leadership.
"He's quieter than he used to be," she said. "He talked once about how lonely it is at the top. We sense that in him."(Yeah, it's lonely, because everyone basically hates him, including the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles. He's a dictator, a tyrant and has blown billions of dollars that no one else would have spent. He's out of control and they hate him, yet can do nothing about it, except watch it all unfold and weep, wishing that they had control of the reins, so that they could be the tyrant. If they were all really good friends, like they want us to believe, if he was in touch with the members, how could it be "lonely at the top."

I think that this is a very revealing remark!! If he is indeed lonely, he has brought it all upon himself. Oh yeah and his supposed "special relationship" with Jesus and the Father, should help him not be lonely too, right? Oh yeah, but there is one little problem, he has never seen them or talked to them and never will. At least he admits to that in his interviews, which was one of the things that helped lead me straight out of the Church. I always believed that he spoke face to face, with at least Jesus Christ, since it was his Church.)

The death of President Hinckley's wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley, in 2004 also changed their father, the daughters say. The couple grew up together and were married 67 years. "There is a sadness there that wasn't there before," Pearce said. "But he doesn't think he's done yet. He's still got work to do."

Religious leaders in Utah credit President Hinckley with cultivating a greater ecumenical spirit between Mormons and other faiths. "There's a real readiness in both directions to come together for matters that concern us about life in the community," Catholic Bishop George Niederauer said. "It's entirely for the better." (Yeah, it's for the better when compared to the times when former Mormon Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, clearly stated in his famous book, Mormon doctrine, that when the Book of Mormon spoke of "the Devil's Church" or the "harlot of all the earth" or "the Mother of Harlots", that it was the Catholic Church, no doubt about it.

That inspired the famous meeting between David O. McKay and the Catholic Bishop over the Salt Lake Catholic Church, which lead to the meeting between McConkie and McKay, which ultimately led to revisions of the book even though McKay didn't specifically tell him or force him to do it. Although McConkie said afterwards that he only removed those references, because people weren't ready for the truth. What a classic!!

So, even though the Mormon Church and Hinckley, really believe that the Catholic Church is an abomination that removed the "plain and precious truths" from the Bible, plus all of the above things from the BOM, they don't say it publicly. Hinckley praises Catholics and all religions and the Church now states that Mormonism is simply an alternative religion. They can say publicly what they want, what is politically correct, but we all know the "real truth", don't we? It is supposedly, the one and only true Church on the face of the planet. D&C 1:30)

Episcopal Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish was raised Mormon and knew President Hinckley when she was a child. Irish and Walker took dance classes together, and President Hinckley drove them home after the lessons. "He's become one of the more interesting and really generous souls that I know," Irish said. "He's worked very hard to encourage the church in the direction of acceptance of their neighbors."

President Hinckley acknowledges that during his tenure, the church has "in a very real sense come out of obscurity and darkness, and it's better understood and appreciated." (Well, thanks to the Internet, the truth has also come out of obscurity and darkness, which in the end, will be their biggest downfall.)

Wallace credits President Hinckley with opening the church to the news media. Before President Hinckley, Wallace had tried over a span of 20 years — and three church presidents — to secure an interview with the head of the Mormon church.(Yeah, and after Hinckley's interviews, we can see why the other Presidents wouldn't do the interviews and why the future Prophets won't be doing any interviews. It's just too damn embarrassing, with way too many skeletons in the Mormon closet.

Hinckley was basically the only one stupid enough to do it, but I'm thankful that he did, since is was the major thing, (his responses in interviews) that led me directly out of the Church and to begin to question things. Basically, Toto pulled back the curtain and I saw the wizard and after being depressed, shocked and sad, I dove into my research and soon discovered that it was all a huge fraud.)

"He said come and ask me anything," said Wallace. "That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship." The pair last saw each other in July when Wallace spoke at President Hinckley's 95th birthday celebration. "I had a few things to say about him, and he cried," Wallace said. "I think he's the real deal." (Yes, Hinckley cried and he's the real deal? Whatever Wallace, you need to get a clue. He's roasted Hinckley pretty good in those interviews, but it's amazing that even an outsider, a non-believer, is fooled by Hinckley. I wonder if they like paid him off or something? Sure seems like it. He asked some great questions, but then let him off the hook with the answer. Wallace is very astute with everyone but Hinckley....go figure.)

Well guys, that's all I have and damn, that took a long time!! Anyway, I hope that somebody learned something and most importantly, that Hinckley is a fraud and the Mormon Church is an evil cult. When I first started out writing this blog, I did a great post on Hinckley, regarding his promise VS. Moroni's promise.

I've done so many posts on Hinckley, that I now forget them all. You can simply use the Technorati search in the right column and type in Hinckley and it will pull them all up. Here is another great post, with a summary of some of his classic responses in interviews, along with a link to the interview he did with that German reporter.

Well guys, take care and thanks for reading. Thanks for all the great Emails and my podcast will be up and running again soon, with many new additions. Thanks for your patience, as I've had to attend to Family matters and they have really consumed my time.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Sunday, November 19, 2006 11:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel great sadness that you have allowed Satan has so great a hold upon you. All or your comments are biased, foolish attacks with no reference whatsoever. Find somthing better to do with your time or you will find your life has been a great waste.

At Wednesday, December 27, 2006 6:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on leaving the church, not many Mormons care to educate themselves on the history of their church; i.e. Joseph was a magician, plagiarizer, murder, adulterer, polygamist...the list goes on and on. Enjoy your new found freedom and do not allow the negative scare tactics from the cult get to you.

At Monday, February 26, 2007 8:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.... you "anti"s are really OCD


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