Friday, January 20, 2006, My Psycho Stalker, TBM Nutjob, Still Writing Me Emails!! I Just Wanted To Share The Latest, Since He's Really Losing His Mind Now!!

***Update-3/15/06-Well guys, he's still writing me, twice already this week, so I guess I'm really getting to this complete nutjob. He has now written me 9 times to the 1 original Email that I sent him. He has sent me 8 Emails since I sent my original. He is still obsessed with my sex life and still wants to "crack my walnuts." He is a very sick and twisted individual that needs professional mental help. If anybody knows this individual, get him some help please, before it's too late!! He is mentally unbalanced and an embarrassment to himself and the Church he supposedly loves so much. There is nothing Christian about this sicko!! I bet he has a Mormon temple recommend too. Now that would be the Mormon inspiration at work and at its finest, wouldn't it? Anyway, I'll keep updating probably once a month, just to change the total of his Emails, since I'm sure the content won't change.***

Well, a few days ago I did a post regarding, some psycho TBM(or so it appears) and how he can't stop writing me, even though I've only responded to his original Email and nothing since. My responses will all be here, on my blog. I don't care if his main objective is to make it onto the front page of my blog or not, I just want to show the world what a pathetic ass he is. I'm sure that somebody out there knows this fool. Again, I encourage all of the "Mormon Truth" readers, that have a minute or two, to respond to this clown and tell him what you think.

I'm issuing an open challenge to this complete dumb ass, to come on my podcast and we'll hash it out and find out why he is so obsessed with me and my walnuts, when he's never even met me. Why is a complete stranger so obsessed with my anatomy, specifically, "my walnuts?" LOL!! He obviously needs professional help, wouldn't you say. Let's see if he has the walnuts to come on the show or not? I guarantee you that he doesn't!! But, I suggest he talk to his Bishop and see if he can get himself some LDS counseling to unscramble his brain.

Guys like this are just idiots that enjoy making a fool of themselves for some reason, who knows why? I guess he was born with a mental disorder from birth. Anyway, here is the latest correspondence that I received from him today. If you haven't read the original post, please do that first(linked above) and then come back and read this one. That way, you'll understand what this is all about.


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:02:30 EST
Subject: "I will share my opinions and viewpoints without holding back."

Hey Mr. Sambo in Utah...

Where have you been? Why didn't I hear from you again after my last two e-mails? Did I scare you away? RELAX -- I'm just doing my Internet home teaching!

Seriously, we need more censorious anti-Mormons who are publicly willing to share their
own STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE "without holding back." Believe me, no one does that better than you Mr. Sambo -- you are the BEST!

Now remember what you promised, "I will share my opinions and viewpoints without holding back." OK -- So will you honestly tell me how you feel about anti-Mormon BIGOTRY and BIGOTS? REALLY -- I need to know!

Next, will you share your most profound secrets for hot lusty SEX? Thanks, Sambo, you're the MAN!

PS -- I ate a couple of freshly cracked walnuts this morning for breakfast and I thought about you. Delicious!

Sounds to me like this TBM, needs to get laid, desperately as I'm guessing that's his obsession with walnuts being cracked. BillsJane, do me a favor and quit obsessing with cracking my walnuts and go crack your own, while you have hot lusty sex with yourself. I honestly pray to God above, that someone as mentally unstable as you, doesn't have a wife or Kids. If by some disaster, you do have a wife or kids; may God be with them and protect them from you. Anyway, I thought that this would be entertaining to you guys. Remember to drop him a line if you get a chance.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, May 29, 2008 10:41:00 AM, Blogger Fredric said...

That's amusing. I received email from the unsalted nut also. The clown has zero idea what the history of the Mormon hate cult is and what it does. The unsalted nut didn't know about the hatred and bigotry of the Mormon cult against gays, blacks, or women.

Why would anybody join a hate cult without researching what it is first? That takes a special insane kook -- or he agrees with the hatred and bigotry of the Mormon hate cult.


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