Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mormon TBMS!! Ugh!! Here Is Another Example Of One Person's Extreme Lack Of Intelligence And Any Decency....This Is A Real Beauty.....LOL!!

***Update***January 16, 2005- I just got yet another Email from this clown. I hope that he keeps them coming as I'll keep updating this post with each one. This latest one is more funny than the last one......LOL!! I'll just post it below his last Email.***Update***

Well, guys, I don't post all my hate mail, but if I did, I think this particular one would be better posted under "dumb ass mail." This guy is a real piece of work and I just thought that you would all enjoy his Emails to me. I never include the person's Email and usually don't include their name, but in this instance, I'm going to make an exception in both cases. Maybe some of you might want to drop him a little line if you have a few minutes to spare.

I'm glad that he doesn't represent all TBMS, but I bet there are quite a few like him. He must be a regular reader of FARMS and a regular poster on FAIR. Again, I'm just guessing, but I've seen his type of attitude over on the Fair Boards. He's the type that wouldn't know reality or the truth if it fell out of the sky and hit him square on the head. Again, I hope that he is the exception to the rule and not the rule.

It is so amazing; I guess he can't see a single racist thing, in the Mormon Church's history, or any of the comments that I wrote about in my last post. Wow!! Anyway guys, here are our brief, but entertaining Emails, along with his Email address. This guy doesn't deserve an ouch of respect and you'll understand what I'm saying when you read what he wrote me. When it starts to get this personal, the gloves are off and I will not protect someone so ignorant and nasty. Please drop him a line and let him know what you think of his behavior.

Here was his first Email to me:

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:14:28 EST

Hey Sambo...

Can you honestly tell me how you feel about BIGOTRY and BIGOTS?

Thanks for publicly sharing your stupidity and ignorance. Believe me, Latter-day Saints really eat this stuff up -- you can't buy this kind of entertainment anywhere!


Then, here was my one and only response to him. My second response is this post:

Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 09:35:39 -0800 (PST)
From: "Samuel the Utahnite" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Yeah dude, isn't bigotry evil and wrong?!!

Hey there "Billy Boy", thanks so much for your incredibly insightful post. Wow, it must have been difficult for you to write. You want to know how I REALLY feel about BIGOTRY and BIGOTS, especially in Mormonism?

Mormon Hierarchy has preached against equal rights for women, homosexuals, civil unions or marriage for gay people, interracial marriage, marriage between a Mormon and anyone that isn't Mormon, masturbators, petters, fornicators, blacks, Jews and anyone that isn't Mormon. After all, there are only two Churches, right? One is God's and the other one is the Church of the Devil, The Harlot of all the earth, the Mother of all Harlots, right? But none of that is bigotry, is it?

Well, you are in luck "Billy Boy"!! I just wrote a brand new post addressing this issue for people like you (the truly stupid and ignorant) and the dumb asses on The FAIR Boards. I'm sure that you will find it entertaining, you know, the kind that you can't buy and I hope you like it......let me know. I'll be anxiously awaiting.......NOT!! Wake up dude and quit worshiping bigots!! If you support the bigots and their words, then you "Billy Boy" are a BIGOT!!

Show me ONE official statement where Mormon Hierarchy have even apologized for the bigoted words in their past, like Brigham Young.....just one!! Good luck, you'll need it "Billy Boy" or "BillsJane." LOL!! Is your middle name Jane? LOL!!

Anyway, it's hard to find an apology, when the words are still printed and for sale at Jesus' official bookstore, isn't it now?

Samuel the Utahnite

Now, of course, this loser can't respond to one thing that I've said or answer one question that I've posed, because he can't. He knows it's true, he knows that I'm right, so what else can this TBM do, but start attacking me in the most personal way he knows how, my personal sex life, which he of course, knows nothing about.

Here was his latest response:

Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 14:33:41 EST
Subject:Re: Yeah dude, isn't bigotry evil and wrong?!!

Hey there Sambo...Like most reasonable thinking people, I don't buy into your bigoted opinions on Mormonism. Sounds to me from all your complaints that you have a whole bunch of unresolved anger issues -- Temper, Temper! Are you sexually frustrated too? Maybe it's time you got your walnuts cracked!

Thanks again for sharing your stupidity and ignorance,


***Updated January 16th, 2005***


Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:26:49 EST

Hey Sambo, Buddy, Pal...

Did I forget to tell you that I don't APOLOGIZE to angry BIGOTED anti-Mormons? OK -- I don't APOLOGIZE to angry BIGOTED anti-Mormons!

So what's next on your EL DELUSIONAL anti-Mormon agenda, building crosses and casting stones? Now, get those testy walnuts cracking and make us all real proud!


(1/16/05-Why is this complete stranger so obsessed with me "cracking my walnuts." I think I may have a stalker here. He's a complete nutjob!! By the way, I haven't sent him any more correspondence, this is his second straight Email to me now, with no response from me. Come on Billsjane, keep them coming!! I just thought that you guys would find it entertaining. Like I said, he just may be the guy to entertain us for a long time. I should have this dude on my that would be entertaining!! I'd love to hear his opinion on why I'm a bigot and Brigham Young, Spencer W. Kimball, Boyd K. Packer and many other Prophets and Apostles aren't. Yeah right, he doesn't have the "WALNUTS" to go on my podcast.)

Isn't he a real gem. Maybe he's speaking from his current personal sexual experience, who knows? Amazing when a complete stranger, that doesn't even know me, asks me if I'm sexually frustrated too(maybe he really is) and that it's time for me to get my "walnuts cracked." This guy is nuts....LOL!!

Anyway, I encourage everyone to drop him a line and let him know what you think of his Emails. Those of you that enjoy my blog and podcasts, just pretend that this Email was directed at you, because indirectly, it was. He would write similar things to any of us that are opposed to the Church.

It's also apparent that he hasn't done one single shred of research or just plain doesn't care. He probably just goes to Church every week, feels his bosom burning and then goes to the temple and bows his head and says yes, while agreeing to give his life before revealing the secrets of the temple. He pays a full tithe, so that he won't be burned, etc, etc. I wonder what he's doing reading my blog. Oops, naughty, naughty Billy!! He'd better go and talk to his Bishop about associating with Anti-Mormons. That may just get his temple recommend revoked!!

Take care everyone and let me know if you Email him and you get a response. I'd love to post your Emails and his responses. After all, we all need some good entertainment and a few good laughs, don't we? I think that this guy is the guy to provide it for us. I do love lots of loud laughter and a great belly laugh, especially because it helps me to break one of my temple covenants, that I promised to never reveal, without giving my life and slitting my throat, chest and stomach. (The Pre-1990 ceremony.)

So, my final comment to "Bills" is; NO, thanks again for sharing your stupidity and arrogance and revealing your true-self to everyone that reads this. Like they say, if there is any evidence that someone is an idiot, all they have to do is open their mouth and remove all doubt and thankfully, you did that perfectly. It's ashame though, because you make your Church, that already looks so bad, look even worse. I didn't seek you out and Email you "Bills", you Emailed me.

Also, here was a comment that he sent into Latter-Day Lampoon (Salamander Society):

You are filthy anti-Mormon scum! - 05/30/2004 -LOL-Classic!

Oh yeah, in case any of you missed it above, "Bills" Email address is:

Hey, I was just thinking, maybe this is Dale "Bills", Mormon Church spokesman, ya think?!! Wouldn't it be hillarious if it was? LOL!! Anyone know if his wife's name is Jane? LOL!!

Have fun guys!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Saturday, July 22, 2006 1:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It amazes me that people walk around with "blinders" on and can't see what really goes on in Mormonism. My brush with a Mormon was a man who said his wife was killed in a train wreck and the whole time he was charming me, his WIFE was pregnant with their second child. Go figure. Then the dumbass emails me 6 month later, again I told his wife, and a year later he starts emailing me again, and AGAIN I told his wife, and guess what, his WIFE doesn't care!!!!!! Imagine that! What a F^$#ed up religion. Sad.

At Friday, January 26, 2007 10:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Sammy, I'm embarrassed for you. Your responses are quite juvenile and your overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!! pretty much demolishes your credbility. And the elementary school playground insults don't quite hit the mark.

I suggest you hire somebody a bit more eloquent than yourself. Then you might actually get some friends to sign up on your blog site. I noticed that as of January 26, 2007, you had a total of zero friends. Take the hint.

At Friday, January 26, 2007 11:17:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I've had "ZERO friends as of January 26, 2007?" WTF? That would be today and where does it list my friends at? Wow, you really are stupid aren't you!!!!!!

If there's one thing I really hate and detest; it's dumbasses like you, that know nothing of which they speak, yet profess to be the authority on the subject, which in this case, would be me.

If you are referring to Frappr, they are changing things all the time and the pictures aren't listed at the moment for some reason and I've had thousands visit me there in just the last month alone and around 80 people that have put themselves on my map, which I've only had for about 8 months or so.


So hey dumbass, I'm doing just fine and you can take your TBM, brainwashed critique and shove it straight up your Mormon ASS!!

Did you like that response? It was just special for an idiot like yourself!!!!!

I've had nearly 90,000 views of this blog and over 105,000 with all my blogs combined, not to mention the 37 videos on YouTube with over 116,000 views and 5,000 comments in about 6 months.

I have 28 episodes of my podcasts out there, that are listened to 25,000 times a month and growing. I receive well over one hundred Emails a week, with 9 out of 10 thanking me.

So, the bottom line dumbass, is that you aren't my target audience and I couldn't really care less what you do with your life or what happens to you.

I'm here to help those that want to be helped, want to know the truth,or want a place to come where they can vent and find others that understand their pain of discovering that the Mormon cult is a complete fraud based on lies.

Frankly, you should be embarrassed for yourself, as I am, that you or anybody else, could knowingly be part of such a vile cult that destroys individuals and families. If you don't know the "real truth", fine, but once you learn it and then defend it and justify it; you are vile bile and the complete scum of the world.

I don't know how anyone could be part of a cult that was founded by a dirty criminal, pedophile, child rapist, convicted treasure hunter, liar, thief, polygamist, adulterer, racist and just complete scumbag and fraud. If there is a hell with flames, Joseph Smith will be there burning for all Eternity, that I'm sure off.

You are the one that should be embarrassed for supporting such FILTH and it's sad that you have no integrity and no values whatsoever.

See, what I do here, is respond on the level that someone is on. If they want to get in the gutter and be an asshole, I'll jump in the gutter and be an asshole too and tell them exactly what I think. I take whatever road is needed, on their level of understanding and comprehension, in order to get my point across.

I no longer fear expressing myself or feel intimidated by anyone or feel that I always have to take the high road; rather I just say it like it is and I don't give two shits if you like it or not.

After all, that's why I created "Mormon Truth" and that's what "Mormon Truth" is all about and will forever be all about; TRUTH AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION FOR EVERYONE, EVEN THE DUMB SHITS LIKE YOURSELF.

Also, just a hint; if you don't like what you see and read here, CLICK THE LITTLE X IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER TO GET OUT!!!

Just thought I'd help you out, since you aren't aware of such basic things in your brainwashed trance and all. I don't force anyone to read my blogs, watch my videos or listen to my podcasts.

Now, screw off and go bow your head and say yes, while wearing your magic garments and vow to give your life for the cult.

At least in the temple, complete strangers don't have to touch your naked body with oil anymore(coming within inches of your genitals) or make you agree to kill yourself before revealing the SECRETS of Joe's house of horrors, by pantomiming slitting your throat, chest and stomach. Yeah...those were the good old days, weren't they?!!

Bottom line; you aren't ready for my site or the truth, just like the missionaries say on their mission. They are looking for those that are ready to join the cult and you ARE NOT READY AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE TO JOIN US HERE IN "MORMON TRUTH!!!!"

Oh, by the way, you haven't actually read the contents of all the Emails I've received from BillsJane. This guy has called me a "Fucking Fagot", told me that "I would die soon", that "he couldn't wait for me to die", threatened me and my family repeatedly, etc, etc. You don't think calling me a "FUCKING FAGOT" or constantly talking about my balls("cracking my walnuts") and sexuality, are "elementary school playground insults?"

And then you have issues with my response in return? You are the idiot with issues, especially if you are BillsJane? Then again, BillsJane doesn't have the brainpower and is way too stupid to write as much as you did, so you can't be him. In any case, You need to go get some professional help soon!!

I hope that I didn't disappoint you with my response, and that it was "juvenile" enough and that I "overused CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS" enough for you!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

Samuel the Utahnite

At Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:38:00 PM, Blogger johnkarri23 said...

I'm from Perth West australia.
I had biopola depression.
My bishop received revelation
that I was teriminated from attending because of mental illness. I was not perfect enough
for the mormon church.
It is run by the elite
that the bible warns are
the false decievers and
false relegions.

Its a racist discriminating
relegion and far from christian.

At Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:41:00 PM, Blogger johnkarri23 said...

I was terminated from perth
dianella West australa temple
ward/stake for having bipola
manic depression, discriminated
by a bishop who was known
of removing those who were
with mental disability.
This relegion is not christian.
It is false to the core.
When I approach him in public
at conference,just before he
was sustained as stake pres
god forbid, the members attacked
me even threatened to come after
me and bash me, as was all favour
of this mad man who was against
my disability, yet the members themself was unstable as hell.

The church is crazy and
a total dangerous cult.


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