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Mormon Bishop Grossly Abusing His "Authority" And A Family. This Guy Is Horrible And Needs To Be Released Immediately!!

I found this story, shared in another place, by Hie/Goodbye to Kolob. This is an amazing example of the systemic abuse in the Mormon Church. While it is true, that there are good men, that are Bishops in the Mormon Church, I would say, through my own personal experience and knowledge, that there are more like the one below, than the good ones. The truly good men, are not usually called, because that isn't what the Mormon Hierarchy are looking for. They want men like themselves; heartless, hard, cold, etc. If good men are called, to be a Bishop or Stake President, it's because they somehow, miraculously, slipped through the cracks.

This Bishop is reportedly in Eagle Mountain, Utah. I don't always reveal where the Bishop is from, but in this case, it is well merited and it was made available to the public in another place and is still there, so I'm just reporting the facts. I also included some other's opinions on this Bishop and experiences with their Bishops.

Here's the story:

To make a long story short. This young bishop that is assigned to my ward I resigned from pulled a real winner tonight. My sister in law who lives down the street needed a temple recommend about 6 months ago for a wedding. The bishop would not give her one because her husband didn't pay tithing and he didn't feel she went to all of her meetings enough. He was even trying to dig into her sex life as a teenager. She is in her thirties now!!! She eventually went over his head to the Stake President and got the temple recommend.

Well, this bishop stopped by their house tonight. He asked my brother in law if his wife was available. My brother in law said that they were running out the door and now is not a good time. He insisted on talking with her. She came down after about ten minutes with this asshole waiting in the driveway. He said that she had not been to church in six months and that he wanted the temple recommend back. She got in her car, locked the door, and drove away leaving him with a dumb ass controlling look on his face. What the hell? She doesn't go to the temple. She just needed it for a wedding. He knows that but for some reason wanted to come around this week of Christmas and piss her off.

This guy is a true blue control freak ass wipe. I had to go to a baby blessing in his ward and on the back of the program it stated that you would be asked to go home and change into different clothes if you were not dressed appropriately with his interviews.

There have been many, many complaints about this bishop to the Stake President but he continues to pull this shit.

This guy sounds like a great subject for a book against the morg. Got any more stories on him?

Here was another comment, regarding the same Bishop by Hie/Goodbye to Kolob:

I did not live here at the time but a teenage girl in the stake was baby sitting for a family in this guys ward. Well, the baby sitter killed the baby. (shaking baby syndrome). Pretty sad situation especially because this was their only child. The bishop intervened with both families. After time, the ward split in which he was not in their bishop anymore. The bishop continued to try to intervene. By this time, things were going to court and he was asked by both families to please back out in which he didn't. I talked with the brother in law of the family that lost the baby and he told me the bishop didn't back off until the police contacted him.

Wow. A guy with an attitude like that should have a tremendous future in LDS Inc. n/t

With a bishop like that doesn't it make you want to go back to Mormonism? YA RIGHT!!

What a fool. Who does he think he is? Someone needs to teach him a lesson.

If needs to be reported to the police for stalking, or something illegal!

My guess, this bozo is so outrageously controlling because he is hiding something.

Yeah, mental illness! n/t

If this is how he behaves in public

I shudder to think what's going on behind closed doors in his house.

My heart goes out to the wife and kids who have to deal with his creep 24/7.


Let the exodus begin................................

...........and it will. If your story is true, this idiot will be responsible for the next exodus of membership away from TSCC - -

I would hope that someone in that Ward initiates legal action against this guy - then, perhaps, the SP will begin to listen - or, maybe not. I would have warned him that an order of protection will be obtained the next time he set foot on my property.

Oh, it's true. This bishop is in Eagle Mountain. n/t
Author: Hie/Goodbye to Kolob

Somebody should go in there wearing a wire n/t

When I was a Young Men's President.......

I was under strict counsel to not let any Aaronic Priesthood holders pass the sacrament unless they were wearing a white shirt. I protested, however was told that a white shirt is "the uniform of the Aaronic Priesthood". the next week, I wore a very nice blue dress shirt and passed the sacrament with the Deacons.

I was subsequently released the next week.

Oh well, I made my stand, and while I missed working with the young men in the ward, certainly enjoyed all my free time. I never had a calling in that ward again until he was released.


There is a lot of that crap going on in every ward and stake.

I remember a successful Mo contractor once telling us he hadn't held a church job since so-and-so became bishop. The guy did not like him personally so he froze him out.

But the joke ultimately was on the church because this contractor told everyone he knew what was going on and how he was being treated in "God's true church".

Subject: I wonder if I know him...Peterson? Nah! Couldn't be!n/t

A young bishop with serious control problems.

What an idiot!! Sometimes I think the main requirement for having the Mormon god inspire a bishop's calling is that the person being called is a real jerk. (I know this is a generalization that won't apply to *every* bishop, but these stories are all too typical and I believe every word of this one.) Until you posted the location of the ward this guy leads, I wondered if I knew the guy. I don't dare get into the whole IRL story, but I went through something very similar and had to have a third party intervene to get a power-tripping bishop to leave me the hell alone. All over a NONSENSE issue that would have anyone but a complete TBM scratching their heads and wondering what possible justification there could be for the bishop freaking out and absolutely obsessing about the issue like he did.

Contrary to TBM thought, even that was not enough at the time to "offend" me out of the church. However, it did get grease the gears in my mind a little bit and get them turning. I started to think very seriously about whether I really understood the Mormon version of God and whether I had been doing a little too much "That doesn't seem right but I mustn't will all be worked out in the end." Eventually I had my life-changing epiphany which lead me joyfully and confidently out of the LDS organization.

I just thought that this was a great story to share, just to give people a glimpse into a very typical situation, that goes on in the Mormon Church quite often. I realized, after sharing this story, that I need to share more of my personal Bishop stories, from myself, friends and Family.

I have shared some of them but I have a lot more. I've shared some Mission President stories, Seventy stories, from my mission, my perverted Bishop at BYU, but I'll have to share more in the future for sure. What's amazing, is that as each week and month go by, I have more to share, it never ends.

I think that a lot of Bishops, get the God-complex, big time!! They walk and strut around, because they feel that they are that much closer to Godhood, plus, they are hoping to work their way up the ladder to complete financial freedom and independence. Like I said, I've known some great guys, that were Bishops, one in particular, who is one of the nicest, decent, honest men that I've ever known, but he was the exception, not the rule. If they could all be that way, the Mormon Church would be a different organization, that's for sure.

Sadly, the majority of Bishops and Stake Presidents, are GA's in embryo and that means that they aren't very good guys. The 3 Seventies that I met, while on my mission, were 3 of the most vile, disgusting men, that I've ever known in the Church.

Groberg was the best of the 3, but still a real, arrogant, hard-ass, that wanted numbers, numbers, numbers, with no excuses. Mickelsen was just a complete arrogant prick that tried to put the fear of God into us by pretending to "see our light" while again condemning us for our numbers and explaining that it was because of our immorality and sins. Elder Ayala, was just like the spawn of Satan and I felt an amazing evil presence, as he banged the pulpit, chastised us, over and over and was shouting from the pulpit while cutting us to the core for not having enough numbers. He said, "that we were a disgrace to the Lord and his work."

He was brutal and wanted us to feel like we were an inch tall. I wrote 2 pages in my journal that night about how evil he was and what I felt. It was shocking to me and My companion felt the same feelings and was stunned by the whole thing. I only wish that I had it on tape, damn!!

Elder Ayala was a very vile human being and the worst of the 3, by far. He didn't last long and was gone after his 5 year calling and was released, thank the Mormon God. I'm surprised that they didn't call Ayala to be an Apostle, since he would have fit nicely in with the big 15, especially Hinckley. Men like Ayala are usually the type of man they are looking for to fill there shoes. One just has to look at Bednar!! One thing that all 3 had in common, was the fear that they wanted you to feel, just being in their presence.

But, let me just add, that these men were/are worshiped like Kings by members, but especially in the mission field by the missionaries, including the Mission Presidents. When they were coming, everything had to be perfect. If you made one mistake, or something wasn't as it should be, there was hell to pay and they had no problem telling you. I helped to completely organize many of these conferences and I know what I'm talking about and oh yeah, it's all documented, thank goodness in my journals.

When I think of being in the presence of such disgusting, vile, holier than thou men, that I thought were servants of God, I seriously, get physically ill and my head hurts. When I read my journals about my personal experiences with these men, I can't believe that I actually took it. Good thing I was 19 I guess. That's why the Church wants guys to go at 19 years old, hoping that they will be immature, intimidated and will bow down to their sorry asses.

I can't believe that I feared them and sucked up to them and wanted their approval or thanks. They'd pull into town, in their nice car, impeccable suit and tie and then take their place on the stand and then, look out!! Hellfire and damnation were on the way!! It was always about numbers, numbers and more numbers. Never about the person, or individual, that was inconsequential in the equation. Very sad but true.

In every interview, my Mission Presidents wanted to know two things; Do you masturbate(always the first question) and why the hell I wasn't, or my zone wasn't baptizing more. Also, whatever Baptism goals that I set for myself, were far to low and showed my lack of faith in both God and myself. My one President chastised the hell out of me, up one side and down the other, for setting a goal of 22 baptisms for 2 months, so I left with a goal of 122. They never gave a damn, or just asked, "how are you", "is there anything that I can do to help you." Those are things of fantasy and nothing more.

Of course, the thought that I might be masturbating or having dirty thoughts, had to have a direct correlation to the low baptism numbers, right? Because, after all, we were constantly reminded that if we did masturbate and were unworthy, that God wouldn't lead us to his elect and it would be our fault.

So, in other words, God would punish his chosen/elect and make them wait, due to my or any other missionaries dirty, sexual thoughts and masturbation. Wow!! Can you guys believe that anyone falls for this shit? I can't believe that I did. So Mormons believe that God is up in heaven with a checklist and keeping track of every thought of every Mormon missionary and then deciding if they are worthy to teach his elect.

The guilt, the depression and fear that is instilled in every missionary of the Mormon Church, is a criminal activity in my opinion and something needs to be done about it. It needs to be stopped before more lives are harmed and destroyed. The Mormon Church is a very dangerous, evil and destructive cult!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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