Thursday, December 15, 2005

What The Mormon Hierarchy Considers To Be An Important "Official News Release" From The Church-- Angel Moroni Statue Placed on Manhattan Temple!!

Here is the caption that is provided on the "News Releases-Official news releases from the Church" section of their website:

Angel Moroni Statue Placed on Manhattan Temple 9 October 2004.


NEW YORK — A statue of the angel Moroni was placed on the Manhattan New York Temple Saturday morning as hundreds of spectators looked on. The temple was dedicated 13 June 2004. High-resolution, downloadable photos are available.


Amazing isn't it? Then again, it shouldn't surprise those of us that know what the Mormon cult(AKA Church), is really all about. This was seriously "an official news release?" It's pretty sad, isn't it? How many millions live in New York, and they want to brag about "hundreds of spectators looking on." Actually, it's a complete embarrassment and humiliating to realize that nobody gave a tinkers damn about some dumb ass angel Moroni that was being lifted up to the top of the Mormon temple. Give me a damn Break!!

I did have one question though? When exactly do they place the trumpet in his hand? Is that some type of symbolic BS too? If you notice, until the last picture, there was no trumpet. Maybe he has to be officially on top of the temple, locked in place, before they send up some poor sap to place the trumpet, gently in his hand......LOL!! How much do these stupid ass Moroni's cost anyway?

Couldn't the Mormon Church use that money to help some poor, hungry people, members/non-members, or dig some water wells over in Africa. Imagine how much that money could help a Family or several Families, if it was given to them instead of being spent on some dumb ass, make believe, fairytale Angel that came straight out of Joseph Smith's....well, you know what I'm saying.

It is amazing to me that more people in the Church, including TBM's can't see this crap for what it is. Then again, I used to be so proud of my Moroni tie pin, which I wore for my entire mission. But even I, wouldn't have shown up to see Moroni raised up to the top of the temple, thankfully. Those people must be the truly die-hard TBMS that wouldn't miss it for the world. I wonder if they were allowed to touch it, for special blessings? Nah...I doubt it, that would have contaminated him.

Oh yeah, by the way, what's the real story about Moroni? Most all temples have them but some don't and why is that? Also, does the Mormon Hierarchy actually believe that all of the Moroni's are gonna come to life and blow their trumpets in unison, when Christ returns? I'm sure they do!! Ha ha, they'll be waiting a long time for that one I guess. Here is a link, to know than you ever wanted to know about the Angel Moroni.

One more thing of interest; the Mormon Church considers this ridiculous "Moroni raising" to be news, meanwhile, one of their missionaries in Argentina, Benjamin Ellsworth, just tragically died after a train accident and they can't bother to make one mention of it. Why is that? Well, as Captain Jack says, it isn't "faith promoting", therefore, not relevant. The Mormon Hierarchy should be ashamed of themselves, but when you know no shame, it's hard to be ashamed.

Oh yeah, one more thing; why do Mormon's shun or have such disdain for the cross that all other Christians respect and wear? It appears clear to me that the Mormon Church has exchanged the cross for the Angel Moroni, haven't they? So the angel Moroni is okay to wear on necklaces, earrings, tie tacks, socks, shirts, to put on bookmarks, temples, etc, but the cross is some evil horrible thing? The Mormon line on this is, "we focus on the fact that Jesus was resurrected and alive, not on his death.

The sad thing is, I repeated this BS to a million people during my mission/TBM days and believed it hook line and sinker, although if I really thought about what I was saying, it required cognitive dissonance, you know, the "put it on the shelf" thing. I also remember as a kid, when I saw people wearing the cross, or hanging crosses from Bibles, that is was evil and bad. Anyway, just interesting isn't it? Moroni-YES, Jesus' cross-NO!!

That says a lot, doesn't it? Oh, but don't forget, they are Christians and focus on Jesus 100%!! Yeah, and I've got some ocean front property for sale in Florida for really cheap. I think the new Mormon Godhead, consists of Hinckley as the father, Joseph Smith as Jesus and Moroni as the Holy Ghost. Makes sense to me!!

What Mormon Hierarchy is nothing but a bunch of ego-maniacs/pompous asses!! Their damn make believe angel means more than feeding the poor and now we see, more than life itself. At least we know, for those of us that believe in hell, that all of these Jackasses will be in hell someday. That is what I consider to be a "very righteous judgment" based on the facts. By the way, show me one story on, that talks about a missionaries death, in their news section. Good luck!! Case Closed!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Monday, December 03, 2007 1:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Couldn't you spend less time posting stuff, and use that time to help some poor hungry family in Africa, or help out at the local food bank. Your're just as bad as all those mormons you're blasting. I'll tune in when you actually have a strong case against them or any other religion. Until then, do yourself a favor and actually put your money where your mouth is.


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