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Oops, Mormon Church Sends Outdated Equipment, Stained Bedding,Dirty, Mildewed Sheets, Used Surgical Gloves, bandages, Etc, To China!!

China sends medical goods back to LDS Church
Used: Chinese officials say the bedding was stained, and other equipment was outdated
By Alexa Olesen
The Associated Press

BEIJING - Thousands of pounds of medical equipment reportedly donated to China by the Mormon church will be returned because it includes stained bedding, used surgical clothes and expired medical equipment, local media and a charity official said Friday.

The donations came from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, said a woman reached at the publicity department of China Charity, the country's largest charitable organization. She declined to give her name and could provide no further details about the donor.

The LDS Church donates humanitarian services around the world through its organization, Latter-day Saint Charities, said Kim Farah, a spokeswoman at church headquarters. In addition to medical supplies, those services include providing clean water, medical training for vision treatments and neonatal resuscitation, she said.

''Latter-day Saint Charities has very high standards of quality control. We expect all supplies we ship to be clean, useable and in good repair,'' Farah said. ''Consequently, we are taking this situation very seriously and have asked that the containers be returned to us so we can investigate the matter.''

The woman from China Charity confirmed a report on The Beijing News Web site that said three containers of donations sent to charitable organizations in Beijing and the northern provinces of Anhui and Hebei were found to be of questionable quality and would be sent back.

Customs inspectors in Beijing found medical pipes that expired in 1998, dirty, mildewed sheets and used surgical gowns in one of the shipments, the newspaper said. Similarly shoddy goods were also found in the shipments sent to Anhui and Hebei, it said.

The shipment for Anhui alone totaled 926 boxes and weighed 15,000 pounds, the newspaper said.

Farah said medical shipments from LDS Charities typically include items such as surgical gloves, bandages, medical tubing and other items that are still in the sterile packaging. Pharmaceuticals are not shipped.

Any used items, such as crutches or wheelchairs would be inspected and repaired as needed, she said. Used clothing would also be laundered and inspected.
Farah said the church values the partnerships it has developed in China with governmental and nongovernmental agencies.

''We regret any difficulties caused by the shipment in question and will work diligently to resolve this matter quickly,'' she said.

Well, someone sure dropped the ball on this one!! I don't have much to add, I think it's self-explanatory. I'm sure Hinckley's going ballistic and heads are rolling in the Church office building. Someone's getting fired and there goes their temple recommend and ticket to the Celestial Kingdom. I just think it's funny that China is a place that the Mormon Church can't wait to fully penetrate with their missionary program, since they've about tapped out the rest of the world, and then they have this fiasco. I'm sure that the Chinese, Communist Government, really appreciated this latest stunt. There go the brownie points eh? So much for the publicity and Hinckley being able to brag at the next conference, about how much they've done for China.

They are trying to desperately suck up to the Chinese Government, so that eventually, they can buy their way into China and start converting and robbing the poor, repressed people there. If they could get into China, they would probably just pull every missionary from all the other missions around the world and send them to China. Anyway, this is certainly a major black eye for the Mormon Church's efforts. Hell, why don't they just offer the Chinese Government like a Billion dollars a year and be done with it. I'm sure that it won't be hard to convert the Chinese, since they are used to being repressed and told what to do.

Anyway, good to see that Mormon Church is running such a tight ship. I guess this one backfired, didn't it? I've been in Church storehouses and believe me, using expired products, dented cans, etc, is par for the course. Has anyone been in a Deseret Industries lately? They don't even wash the clothes before reselling them. I once knew a girl that bought clothes from "DI" and she would bring them home with stained, crusted armpits, stinking of BO. I told her how gross it was and we got in a big fight because she said that I was calling her gross. Well.......?

I just think it's gross period that anybody or any store would sell used clothes without washing them first. I wonder if it's even legal? It certainly isn't sanitary!! It's also sad that people that really do need them, have to buy them in that condition. You see, the Mormon Church is so cheap, and cares so little for the poor, that they can't even spend the money to simply launder used clothes before selling them. Just for the record, that girl I spoke of above, didn't need to be shopping at "DI", she was just cheap and yes, it was gross, very gross.

Anyway, congratulations Hinckley, way to make the national news and expose yourself and YOUR Church, once again, for the embarrassing disgrace of a cult, that they are. Oh yeah, all that shit that they are sending to China; maybe they could have helped my friend out instead or any of the actual members that are in dire straights and really need their help after paying tithing their whole damn life. Nah.....let's just send it all to China instead and turn down the actual members. After all, it is better to help Non-members and there is more potential in China for converts and future tithing, right? Why actually help someone that is actually already a part of the Church? I wonder if the Church is gonna bill China for the return shipping?

The Mormon Cult is a complete disgrace and I hope that China NEVER EVER, let's the Mormon Church infiltrate their country. The poor, repressed people of China, would just be going from one evil, Communist regime, to another. That's why the Mormon Church can't wait to get in there. They know how easy it will be!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, October 11, 2007 7:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Can you write your oppinion without lying? Did you know that if a member of the church needs food, they go to the store house. I am an Elders Quorum President, and I have personaly seen the churches store houses. I have also seen comparable warehouses because of the line of work I am in. I know that the church has the highest standards for their warehouses. They are clean, free from pest, and only stock goods that are within code. If the product expires, it gets destroyed.
I also know a memeber within our ward who was having a hard time paying their bills and the church stepped in and paid their $1300 mortgage, oil bill, and electric bill. I know that this happens everyday to many different members.
Each ward is also alotted $500 a year to donate items from the storehouse to local charities.

Why don't you stop your lies and print the truth.
The truth is that we believe all men may be saved. It does not matter if they are Mormon or not. As long as they believe in Christ and follow his teachings.
We do not believe that Joseph Smith was greater than Chirst. Do you honestly think that is what we believe? Did you believe that growing up in the church? NO! We do however believe that he was a prophet, like many other prophets througout time.
If you realy want to know the truth, then pick up the bible, read, and pray. You can also call the church for a free copy of the Book of Mormon. When you've finished the book, kneel and pray. Ask the Lord if it's true. I promise as Moroni promised, that you will receive your answer if you do as Moroni instructs.
Please do not believe what this guy writes. No one is required to pay tithing to enter into heaven.


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