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More Suppression Of Mormon Missionaries And Attempts To Limit Their Family Contact By The Evil Mormon Cult And I'm Pissed!! This Is Outrageous!!

Well, as I continue to follow several missionaries that are on their missions, I just read something very disturbing in one of the latest letters, but hey, what's new, right? Here is the comment and then I'll give my opinion on this new BS out of Salt Lake and the First Fraud Presidency:

"Oh, there are some new rules from the First Presidency that I should let you know about. We found this out in a mission conference on Monday. First, missionaries are only allowed to receive 1 incoming message, 1 outgoing message, each week. And, the message can only have 1 recipient. So, please “digest” the messages and just send them as one, or snail mail me. That is the only rule that should affect us."

What kind of BS is this? This kind of BS and abuse of missionaries, just pushes me over the edge and reminds me of my mission and how I and many others were mistreated and abused in the name of God. It reminds me of what an oppressive, abusive, evil cult, the Mormon Church really is. It is disgusting and repugnant!! Let me just remind everyone that these young 19(in most cases) year old boys, along with their Families, are paying their own way to be on their mission.

They buy all their own clothes and supplies, buy their own food and pay for their entire stay in the MTC(Missionary Training Center) and their entire time, 2 years for guys, one and a half for the gals, serving for the Mormon Church, wherever the hell the Hierarchy decides to send them. I'm sure that they have to replace that dart board quite often. You or your Family, have absolutely no control over anything from the time you send in the calling till the time you get home. But who am I kidding, you never have any "REAL" control in the Mormon Church at any point. It's just much worse on a mission that might as well be living under Communist control and rule for two years.

Of course, it's all by revelation of the Mormon God, yeah right!! You can now only wear their approved underwear, abide by their rules and never, NEVER, EVER question the authority of your leaders. They are inspired and speak for God and you are just an idiot that knows nothing and you must, at all times, just bow your head and say yes!! If you don't, you will be punished and blacklisted even though that list doesn't exist. Oh yeah, and be willing to die for God's work if that is what is needed but it's okay, you will go straight to the highest level of Ol' Joes Celestial Kingdom. What comfort for the missionaries and families!!

They, or their Families, are paying $400/month(I think that's still the amount). As I wrote in another post, most Families are paying out around $10,000-$12,000 during these two years. So, with that being said, the Mormon Church treats these poor missionaries as if they were highly paid employees of the Church. They mentally and psychologically abuse them, threaten them, etc. They make incredible and in many cases, impossible demands of them. They force the missionaries to set unattainable and ridiculous goals to show God, the Mission President and their leaders how much faith they have.

Now, when these demands are not met or goals attained, they come down upon these missionaries like a ton of bricks. They are insulted, their faith is questioned and they are cut to the core and told that they are failures, over and over, in meeting after meeting. Even the Seventies get into the act and tell them that they are sinners and that's why the baptisms aren't coming, etc. God forbid that a missionary ever gets sick, he must be faking it. Unless you have been on a mission, or unless you had a wonderful Mission President, with great leaders, you won't be able to comprehend the level of pressure that is put upon Mormon missionaries to perform at very high levels, even when very ill.

You might be throwing up violently, got the runs, etc, but it doesn't matter, the work must go on, don't be a pussy!! It is damn near criminal what they put these guys through. This pressure and constant cutting down of missionaries, for their failures, neglecting their well being and health, which privilege they or their Families are paying for, is just sickening, immoral and flat out evil!!

So, now back to this Elders quote; "missionaries are only allowed to receive 1 incoming message, 1 outgoing message, each week. And, the message can only have 1 recipient." Are you f'n kidding me? The Mormon Hierarchy is nothing but a bunch of controlling jerks!! These poor guys and gals are busting their asses for the Mormon Hierarchy, doing their shit work, their grunt work to get more tithe payers to fill their $100 million + temples and this is how they thank them? They go door to door, getting those doors slammed in their faces, their lives threatened in some cases and this is their thanks? Some missionaries even die on their mission but does Hinckley or any of his cronies give a rats ass? First, Hinckley cut out their Farewells and Homecomings and even goes as far as to tell them not to have get togethers after church. When or where will it end?

Here's the exact quote from the old ass himself:

"Now we have an interesting custom in the Church. Departing missionaries are accorded a farewell. In some wards this has become a problem. Between outgoing missionaries and returning missionaries, most sacrament meetings are devoted to farewells and homecomings.

No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?

The First Presidency and the Twelve, after most prayerful and careful consideration, have reached the decision that the present program of missionary farewells should be modified.

The departing missionary will be given opportunity to speak in a sacrament meeting for 15 or 20 minutes. But parents and siblings will not be invited to do so. There might be two or more departing missionaries who speak in the same service. The meeting will be entirely in the hands of the bishop and will not be arranged by the family. There will not be special music or anything of that kind.
We know this will be a great disappointment to many families. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and friends have participated in the past. We ask that you accept this decision. Where a farewell has already been arranged, it may go forward. But none in the traditional sense should be planned for the future. We are convinced that when all aspects of the situation are considered, this is a wise decision. Please accept it, my dear brethren. I extend this plea also to the sisters, particularly the mothers.

We hope also that holding elaborate open houses after the sacrament meeting at which the missionary speaks will not prevail. Members of the family may wish to get together. We have no objection to this. However, we ask that there be no public reception to which large numbers are invited.

Missionary service is such a wonderful experience that it brings with it its own generous reward. And when a missionary returns to his family and his ward, he may again be given opportunity to speak in a sacrament meeting."

Arrogant Hinckley canceling missionary farewells

Hey Hinckley, Screw you, you corrupt, controlling, dumb ass, SOB cult leader!! After you've been suppressed by the Mormon cult for over 30 years, it feels good to expose the fraud and yes, stuff like this, the abuse of missionaries, makes me furious, because I've been there and know first hand what it's all about.

First of all, Bishops do have those types of meetings, at least in every ward I've ever been in. They introduce their Family when being called and have a farewell when leaving. Hinckley has done more to destroy the morale and anything good in the Mormon Church, at least for anyone but himself, through his outright arrogance, than any other man, maybe since Joseph Smith or Brigham Young. He has taken away all the good programs, fun things, farewells, homecomings, get togethers afterwards, etc, unless it involves him or Joseph Smith.

Now, let me remind everyone of the Joseph Smith celebrations this past summer. I know, because I went to one. It was a freakin party!! Singing, dancing, big banners of Joseph Smith and Hinckley being paraded around, it was Mormon paradise baby, Mormon nirvana, Praise to the man, right? Then we had Hinckley's big birthday bash where he was serenaded by the likes of Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight and praised by Mike Wallace and many others. Of course, this was broadcast on KSL in Salt Lake, KBYU, BYU-TV and the Internet for all the world to see or hear. Gee, is that vain or what? Didn't he do the same BS for his 90th birthday party. Did you hear him, he's already planning his 100 year old birthday bash? I'm sure Tommie Monson was pissed about that thought. But remember, according to Hinckley himself, nobody in the Church, especially GA's, ever have these type of "farewell meetings." HYPOCRITE!!

So, keep these images in your mind as you consider that missionaries can't have such celebrations(which never even came close to this crap). They can't even have their Family talk in their last Sacrament meeting or their first one back in 2 years. Some missionaries may never come home again, but hey, SCREW the missionaries and their families. Now they can only get and send one email per week. Of course, this is all done on, where the Church, Mission office, Mission President, Assistants, Zone Leaders, etc, can monitor them without their knowledge. I believe, from what I know, that all Email activity in missions is being carefully watched, monitored and all emails read and screened. I'm sure that the Church has implemented many tracking programs that single out key words that would immediately alert the mission President or Salt Lake, if something improper was being expressed. Hell, they opened, read and stole my letters, on my mission, so why wouldn't they read emails on the Church's very own email system. It's so obvious, isn't it?

I'm sure that the email question will now come right after the "do you masturbate" question in all mission interviews. Of course, the Mission President will now have a full report and printout of each missionaries email activities and will know if they are abiding by the rule or not. So, if the missionary lies, he will know it and will astonish them with his ability to "discern" and receive "revelation." Do you see what I'm saying? This is the exact kind of BS that happens on missions and happened to me on my mission.

It was like when my Mission President stole, opened and read letters from a girl that was writing me and then asked me how my girlfriend was doing? I was like, "how did he know that?" I, of course lied and said, "what girlfriend?" Then he even knew where she lived, it was amazing!! I thought that God was talking to him....LOL. Afterwards, I thought about it and realized what had happened. I then wrote the girl and had her send me a letter directly to where I was and not to the mission pouch. Sure enough, I hadn't heard from her in around 2 months and she had written me around 6-7 times and my Mission President, along with whoever else(Assistants, Zonies, etc), stole, opened, read and never returned those letters. So much for inspiration eh? Jackasses!! I'm sure the scumbags had a great laugh at my expense. It still pisses me off and when I read this statement tonight from this missionary, I had a massive flashback, thus prompting this post.

Also, as I had mentioned in another post, according to my Mission President, my Father and Family were writing me too much. My Mission President admonished me to tell my Family to cut back on the letter writing and that it was improper and making other missionaries feel bad. I, of course was livid and wrote my Family to tell them what he had said. They of course responded by doubling their letter writing efforts along with a phone call to Salt Lake and my Mission President. I was of course, was black listed and punished but I was proud of my Family that they wouldn't bow down to this arrogant ass, anymore than I would.

All I can say, is that I had some great experiences and met some great, awesome people on my mission, learned a new language and culture but I also came home with many emotional scares from the mental and emotional abuse that I suffered at the hands of my leaders. I seriously doubt that I'll ever be able to 100% heal, overcome or forget those traumatic things but at least talking about it helps me to work through them. Also, knowing that the Mormon church is a complete fraud, makes it much easier as well. At least I don't have to go into the cognitive dissonance of "the Church is perfect, the people aren't", to explain this BS that happened to me, many others and this missionary that I'm writing about tonight.

Now I know that my leaders and Mission President were just dumb asses that knew nothing more or had no more knowledge or revelation than I did. I think in many cases, I knew much more and understood things much better than they did or ever will.

After all, My Mission President specifically was just dumb ass, power hungry Morgbot, lost in the grips of a lying, deceiving, evil, death cult that used to ask it's most holy and righteous members to promise and then enact slitting their throats, chest and stomach in the name of God before giving up the secrets of the temple. Damn was I stupid to ever go along with this shit but that is what happens in cults my friends. It's called brainwashing 101!!

People like my Mission President, just perpetuate the fraud while living like a King and the missionaries suffer in sometimes horrible living conditions nearly starving for lack of money and food thanks to the horrible exchange rate the mission got for us. Of course, the Church didn't compensate it for us, they just sent us half of what we should have had and basically said, "good luck dumb shits!!" My guess is that the Mission President probably just pocketed the rest of the money, had a big laugh and was saving up for when he was released. That BS happened every few months.

Here is another post where I shared a mission experience which also links to some of my other posts on my personal mission experiences.

Samuel the Utahnite

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