Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OK Guys, Check Out This Ultimate Use Of Fear And Threats, Instilled By A Mormon Bishop To The Congregation At A Ward Conference!!

UPDATE-Feb 17 2009-I didn't reveal this asshole Bishop's name back in 2005, but I will reveal it now, so that he can be ridiculed, mocked and shamed publicly; the way he threatened, mocked and cursed these people back in 2005.

The Bishop's name was Bishop Stephenson of the Lenexa, Kansas Stake. I'm not sure which ward it was exactly in that Stake, but I'll do further research on that.

Meanwhile, if anyone reading this knows who I'm talking about and which ward he was in; please let us know in the comments...thanks!!

This is one of the greatest abuses of Authority, by a Mormon Bishop, from the pulpit, that I'm personally aware of in my 30 + years of being associated with the Mormon Church. This statement comes directly, word for word from a missionary currently out in the field, that sends a weekly Email to his Family, who then forward it on to friends of the Family. I know that we have several archived threads in RFM on "missionary abuse", but this is definitely "member abuse."

I've been debating on whether to reveal the ward location and the name of the Bishop to the whole world, in order to show what an abusive coward this piece of garbage Bishop really is. I'm still shaking my head in astonishment over his arrogance. What's even more amazing, is that I'm assuming the brainwashed Morgbots just sat there and said nothing as he threatened them and tried to scare them into action. No member of any Church deserves this type of mental, emotional and psychological abuse.

This reminded me of Tal Bachman's story about General Authority William R. Bradford comparing people that were called to be Stake missionaries as Grade A or grade B berries VS. the rotten, damaged berries and calling them 'culls'. He then said,
"So what do you do with them? You have to put them somewhere, so 'the culls' end up getting called as stake missionaries. It happened every time. There was nowhere else to put them. But they didn't really do anything there either, so we just eliminated the whole program".

Here is the link to that entire story. I highly recommend that everybody read this very revealing story if you haven't already. Thanks Tal for sharing your personal experiences with all of us:

May the Mormon God help any Bishop/Stake President/General Authority, that ever makes a statement like this, or the one that I'm about to share, in a meeting where I'm in attendance. I think for now, I'm going to keep the location and Bishop's name private, but let me know what you guys think should be done about this. I want the whole world to know what this horse's ass is saying.

Anyway guys, here is the statement and I look forward to your responses and suggestions:

"Sunday was crazy we had our stake meeting with XXXX stake at 7:00 am. We then went straight to church at 9:00. It was ward conference and Bishop XXXX talked on some things that the ward needs to work on.The last thing that he spoke of was missionary work. HE said that the Lord is not pleased with the lack of missionary work that the members are doing. HE said that the Lord is WITHHOLDING BLESSINGS and that if they did not start doing their missionary work that THE LORD WOULD BRING DOWN A CURSING UPON THEM. I think that it was the first time that I have heard a bishop or anyone in church prophesy."

Well, there it is guys!! The Bishop has both promised and threatened the members of this ward that if they don't "start doing their missionary work", that "THE LORD WOULD BRING DOWN A CURSING UPON THEM." Furthermore, I find it disgusting and unbelievable that this missionary is so giddy and happy about hearing someone "prophesy" for the first time without any regard for what this "prophecy" was.

I guess if it is the first time for him, to ever see anyone prophesy, he must not get too much out of Hinckley or General Conference, but we all knew that already. What has Hinckley come up with? Women can't wear two earrings and let's cancel all missionary farewells and homecomings because, frankly, they don't deserve them!! He should be asking himself, why does a Bishop "prophesy" and the Prophet of God, of the one and only true church on the face of the earth, doesn't?

I think that these remarks, by this Bishop, shows us how DESPERATE the Mormon Church is getting. Was this the Bishop's statement, did it come from Salt Lake or the Stake President or the Area Presidency? Is this their new modus operandi? Are they now at the point of threatening and scaring members with "a cursing" from the pulpit in order to get their numbers and further fill their coffers with more tithing and fast offering funds?

I wonder how these members felt when they went to ward conference to feel the spirit and maybe try to get closer to God and ended up leaving with the promise of a cursing from God, prophesied and relayed by their Bishop, if they didn't start doing their missionary work?

I can say that where I live and in several other areas where I have contacts and friends or family, it is beginning to hit the fan big time. I think that the articles in the Tribune this week prove that they are going full throttle right now to find all of the so called "in transit" members. I mean, they now have call centers, etc, it's unbelievable.

They are now having special meetings both on the local and stake levels to organize their all out efforts to begin reactivating and finding the "lost souls." I get reports every week and they are planning their attack as we speak and this Bishop's remarks confirm what we all know is coming and planned. What happened to free agency? Oh yeah, I forgot, you don't have any when you belong to a damn cult!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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