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Orrin Hatch, The Perfect Mormon Hypocrite!! He Accepts Money From Companies That Sell Or Profit From Wine, Beer, Liquor, Tobacco and Gambling!!

I want to first of all thank Polygamy Porter from the RFM and Mormon Discussions board for bringing this article and information to my attention. Somehow, it got printed in the Deseret News, Jesus' Newspaper and I'm guessing that heads are rolling and people are getting fired as we speak. I'm sure the old Hinckster blew a gasket on this one. Wow!! They screwed up big time!! LOL!! With all of the other hypocrisies within the Church that have been exposed, most of which I've written about here on my blog, it shouldn't surprise us that one of their best buddies is just following their example.

So, in reality, what's the problem, right? Now if we can just find where Orrin Hatch profits from porno, then the circle will be complete. I'm sure that the Marriott's donate to him, so that may be the final piece of the puzzle. Actually, I was just thinking about the money that he took from the MGM Mirage and they sell pornos, so there you go, the circle is already complete. Anyway, here were the original comments by Polygamy Porter and then my comments will follow.

Subject: Senator Hypocrite Hatch is the top congressional recipient of donations from alcohol, and close for tobacco and gambling Date: Oct 01 18:42Author: Polygamy Porter Mail Address:

Wine, beer, liquor cash flows into Hatch coffers

Hatch has shown his true colors.


I guess he did not heed the counsel of his best bud Gordo and "Stand for Something"

He will take money from anyone.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a former LDS bishop who does not drink, has taken more money from wine, beer and liquor groups this year than any other congressional candidate.

The alcohol interests gave him $25,000. Rep. Mike Thompson, R-Calif., whose district is in California's wine country, is second with $21,568. In third place with $20,000 is Rep. Anne M. Northrup, R-Ky., who represents an area famous for bourbon.

That is not all. Hatch, R-Utah, who follows his LDS faith's admonition against smoking, took the fifth-most money this year among all congressional candidates from tobacco interests. The $13,000 he took was more than was donated to such tobacco-state politicians as Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C. ($11,000), and Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C. ($9,500).

Again, Hatch, who says he also opposes gambling, as does his LDS faith, took the 15th most among Senate candidates this year from gambling interests. The $8,000 he accepted was more, for example, than has been accepted by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who also is a Latter-day Saint and who represents a state famous for casinos. Reid took $5,000 from such groups.

Hatch even had a fund-raiser at the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas in 2003, aided by a $1,530 "in kind" donation by that casino/hotel for what Hatch's campaign said was catering and staff time. His campaign said the fund-raiser was not held for gaming interests but for health-care groups that were meeting in Las Vegas.

Rankings for donations by industry come from the Center for Responsive Politics based on data collected through Aug. 15. The Deseret Morning News also searched Federal Election Commission reports filed monthly by political action committees of industry groups to verify data and update it with some more recent donations.

A Hatch spokesman said it is not HYPOCRISY to take money from groups whose products the senator opposes. The spokesman said the groups may donate because they like Hatch's stands on many issues besides what he thinks personally of their products. Others question what such special interests may receive for their money.

Here were my comments:

Hey Thanks PP for this article, it just further confirms again what I had assumed to be the reality.

Actually, Hatch is just following the example of Gordo and his cronies. He is profiting from alcohol and tobacco just like Gordo and his Church do in their thrift savings plan through Deseret Management. Also, now that they are allowing alcohol in their malls to be served, it further proves the point that they will take money from anybody or anything regardless of their supposed morals or values!! So, Hatch is just simply a continuation of the hypocrisy that already exists with the TOP DOGS of "Mormondumb!!" What a bunch of jerks!!

They stand at that pulpit and pretend to be so righteous when they are profiting from all of the things that they pretend and profess to be against. From porno(worse than cocaine), to alcohol, to tobacco and gambling, the list just keeps growing!!

Thanks Again Polygamy Porter for pointing this out!!

My only question is why in the hell would The Deseret News allow this to be printed? I'm guessing that someone will be fired?!! Either that or they are trying to show that it's okay to be in bed with alcohol and tobacco companies(as the Church clearly is) and that as long as you just profit but don't partake, it's okay. You can only profit from others partaking of forbidden substances!!

Either way, What a joke!!

Isn't this just amazing!! Amazing only in the sense that the Mormon Church and high profile members like Orrin Hatch, the Marriotts, etc, pretend to be so religious and so die-hard while pulling this crap right in front of everyone. Are they really that stupid in thinking that nobody will find out or do they just not really care. I'm going with the latter.....they just really don't care since they know that the Church is a complete farce anyway. As I always say, it's all about the money and this article on Hatch just re-confirms that again. It should leave no doubt in anyone's mind!! I highly suggest that everyone read the entire article and then decide if we are blowing smoke on this one. If the article disappears, just email me and I'll send you a copy. Anyway, as I said above, what a joke!! Damn Hypocrites!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Monday, December 24, 2007 5:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orrin Hatch and his family also benefited financially from pushing the now-banned ephedra diet supplement (also known as "Mormon tea"). See the Wikipedia entry for a history of ephedra and Hatch's hypocritical actions:

At Sunday, October 24, 2010 8:16:00 AM, Blogger fred said...

the morman church is about i thing MONEY.OREN HATCH IS ABOUT FILLING HIS POCKETS. the church is not true people are leaving in herds...monomo

At Sunday, October 24, 2010 8:22:00 AM, Blogger fred said...


At Sunday, October 24, 2010 8:30:00 AM, Blogger fred said...

oren hatch is a wonderful morman.maybe just a little shady at times fred

At Thursday, April 26, 2012 1:33:00 PM, Blogger mo no mo said...

well if mitt romney get to be presedent and hatch stays as senater they will legalize polygamy so all the morman men can have 3 wievs so they can go to the celestial kingdom and be with joe and brigham and john tayler and warren jeffs and the boys

At Thursday, April 26, 2012 1:39:00 PM, Blogger mo no mo said...

mitt will follow the profit and do what ever tommy boy wants him to he will make all of the illegal mexicans citecens if they jion the church and pay there tithing and give there daughters for polygamy


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