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Mormons, Pornography, alcohol, hypocrisy, Marriott's and tithing!!

***Update-Mormons decide to sell alcohol in their malls***

***Update-Mormon Church also investested and profiting from an alcohol company and it's sales***

***Update-Mormon Prophets-Smoking, drinking and Chewing since 1830***

Here is an article that I wrote on June 28th of this year regarding the Marriott's and their porno. I have learned so much since then and I have much more to add but I'll just post this for now.

Subject: Pornography, alcohol, hypocrisy, Marriott's and tithing!!Date: Jun 28 14:22Author: Samuel the UtahniteMail Address:

OK, so here it is, plain and simple; JW Marriott Jr. who just recently spoke at a Stake conference in Virginia is a complete hypocrite and so is everyone in the Church hierarchy that praises him. I know he was called as an area Seventy in around 1997 and as far as I know, still is. I can't find a release date. A family member was just praising him this past weekend; what a spiritual man, he shared some incredible experiences, etc.

Meanwhile, he continues to make about an estimated $190 million a year(this was a few years ago) on his pay-per-view pornos in his hotel chain, even in Provo. Who knows how much he makes from the mini-bars and all the alcohol he sells.

Hmm....just wondering, does he pay tithing on the profits that he makes from such horrible and evil things that we are warned in every conference to stay far away from? The things that are destroying families? He would have to, wouldn't he? I mean to hold a Church leadership position and go to the temple, you must be a full tithe payer, right?

So if the Church does knowingly accept his dirty porno and alcohol money as tithing, then I guess that they are fine with it and support porno and alcohol. That is the only conclusion I can come to!! They wouldn't happen to be hypocrites would they? They would never tell us to do something that they are personally OK with, would they? Ha ha...we all know the answer to that one!! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Amazing that Dallin H Oaks, could give a searing talk on pornography in the last conference, when he is most likely accepting money from a known pornography peddler. For Mr. Lawyer, isn't that guilty by association? Well, it would be for the normal membership but obviously not for him, the Apostles, First Presidency and especially not for the Prophet!! After all, according to his irresponsible and ridiculous conference talk in April, Pornography is a worse addiction and more damaging to families than cocaine and hard drugs. A guy who did both said it, it must be true!!,5232,23-1-520-29,00.html

Wow, I wonder if he knows that personally? Maybe he wrote that letter to himself? Maybe it was his son or something? It's just unbelievable!! The hypocrisy that exists within the Church is amazing!! Good thing the majority of the Mormon robots just bow their heads and thank them for being so wonderful. I guess it's the old saying, do what I say and not what I do.

The real kicker will be if the Church decides to allow alcohol to be served in the restaurants in their new Billion dollar mall. The fact that they are even considering it is a real mind blower but not really if you consider their greed and hypocrisy. If that Happens, wow, it will just prove everything I'm saying here!!

It would just surprise me because they try to remain so squeaky clean publicly and that would be so obvious. But, they seem to be getting braver and are really pushing the envelope, as if it's a game to see how far they can go and still have all the little sheep following them and praising them.

At least we now know that not all the Church's funds are sacred. After all, if they can buy a Billion dollar shopping mall, it can't be too sacred!! I'm just so relieved that "no" tithing money was used...ha ha!! Of course, if it wasn't for tithing, they wouldn't even have a Church, or other investments to make money with. Also, if anyone has any info on the luxury resort that I keep hearing the Church is building in Hawaii, please drop me a line. I can't seem to find anything about it except the occasional unsubstantiated mention in a post. I want some proof on this one before I start blasting them!!

The Hypocrisy is never ending!! Look at Maceys supermarkets, closed on Sundays to "keep the Sabbath day holy" while mon-sat, they sell alcohol and tobacco. Plus, having worked there, their workers go in about 8 pm on Sunday nights as well. So, of course, it's all a front just to look good and say, "hey, look at me, I'm so wonderful being closed on Sunday".

Now Ken Macey is also a buddy of the hierarchy. I wonder how they justify that?!! Oh and I'm sure he pays tithing on his alcohol and tobacco money too. Basically, anyone that is Mormon, loaded, rich, has a big cash flow, public business, etc, is a great friend of the hierarchy. They talk at firesides and Stake conferences and everyone loves them, despite their blatant hypocrisy

Well, that is all I have for now, I look forward to your opinions on this matter. Take care now and chau!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Friday, December 01, 2006 8:06:00 PM, Blogger sterling said...

hmmmmmm very interesting story. hmmmmmmmmmm. You have brought up some good points. lets see so you believe that this man is wrong to be an owner of a chain where all of them gain money from payper view porn. I believe that but lets put it into a more personal term. So lets say that you worked at blockbuster as a cashier who rents movies to people and you kept being a great employee so one day you were promoted to store manager. But you were the best store manager ever! so you were promoted to Blockbuster general manager in charge of every blockbuster store across the nation! Well now you are the owner of a huge company that rents movies to others and yes some are rated pg-13 or worse and yes some to contain nudity though you yourself are not sure of which ones because you are a chaste person who follows all of gods cousel(this includes his seers) and you decide to remove all videos above the pg rating from your store and any pg or below that contain any profanity. My friend you would be left with about 20 videos and your company would go right down the toilet and you no longer would be allowed to be in charge of practically anything. Now if you really wanted to put yourself out of work for the sakes of righteousness and cleansing the earth then good on you. You are a good man. but few would actually be able to do this and you yourself would not actually be aware of how much sales were on certain movies you would probabally have more general categories that you saw. Like total sales. and total expenditures. Virtually any job in this country in some way or another has parts of it that are not in agreeance with the teachings of the church. Like for instance supermarkets. They sell magazines of explicitly dressed women. This sexually arouses many men who give into the temptation and masturbate to it. Or how bout all the energy drinks that people sell when they in actuallity often contain niccotine which is against the word of wisdom. All that matters is that you do your best.

your concerned friend steve

At Sunday, December 17, 2006 9:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st your comment on blockbusters is fine except for one thing their livelihood is the renting of videos not rooms to sleep at night when you are so tired from a long drive or meeting. FYI there are hotel chains that make money even if they only offer local tv and not cable aka pay per view. Same with supermarkets they are no dependednt on the sales of acohol they sale food. Now if you wanted to make a better point and a more dramatic one why no compare marriot with a porn store lol. In shot your blockbuster analigy as great as it looks its poor very poor.

At Wednesday, December 27, 2006 9:31:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While it is obvious, to those with eyes and ears to see and hear, to realize that the church has revelators that don't reveal, prophets that don't prophesy, and seers that don't see, I don't agree with your view.

Remember that Satan felt very passionate as you do and felt he could do a better job as implied by your faultfinding. Satan's plan would be for mormons to get control of things and then enforce the religion on them. God's plan is democracy (where we learn to choose and have power) and freedom. God's plan is not dictators or theocracies led by a person or people that weren't chosen by the people.

While I do believe conflict is essential to create harmony, finding fault is not. I don't get the impression you are seeking to create harmony, but would rather kick against the pricks...after looking to find where the pricks are. Sounds fruitless. Jesus asked a revealing question, do men gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles? What do you gather? The good and the true, or the negative?

Remember Jesus said he came not to destroy. It is pretty easy to destroy and this is why Satan is called the Destroyer by some. You seem to be on a warpath of self righteousness and seem to be bitter at a church that never claimed to be perfect. This is something it and the members inferred it to be without using reason, logic, and simple rational and critical thought. Maybe the church let you down? Or maybe your fairytale was destroyed and now you want to destroy the fairytail for everyone else. Do you also want to tell my daughters there is no Santa Claus and destroy their faith and belief as well? Wounded hearts easily wound others, I hope you find healing and forgive whomever hurt you...including the church.

So backt to the lack of critical thinking regarding revelation...what in the church has been revealed in the last 100 years that is actually something REVEALED, that is, something new and not a rehash of previously revealed things? The last I heard it was about women's earings...that doesn't count since that is simply just more rules.

Rules are the next best thing to revelation for leaders since it seems like the leaders are doing something by adding them. This is why we have so many laws in the U.S. made by stupid polititians...they want to feel like they are doing something so they make more laws. But this is only an illusion. Yet it is no more of an illusion than being a prophet of doom by finding fault in a religion than doesn't meet an impossible level of perfection.

If everyone that is going to marriot or blockbuster chooses not to watch certain videos then there will be no money to be made in supplying those videos and they will no longer have them. Capitalism isn't is a thing, obviously people can be evil.

And Porn isn't evil in and of is just a thing. What is evil is the secrecy and emotional cheating that wimpy LDS husbands and boys do by believing it is evil and then doing it. They choose to corrode their own souls. The accountability is always on the people's shoulders not the things. And no one should be choosing FOR us but Us.


At Thursday, December 28, 2006 8:24:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

In response to the first comment, by "my concerned friend Steve", whom I don't know, to the best of my knowledge; being the GM of Blockbuster is not even close to being equivalent to the owners and founders of Marriott? How can you possibly compare an owner to a Manager? That's absurd and you know it, or at least I hope you do.

Also, if you profess to be a die-hard Mormon(and are a Mormon General Authority, setting the example) and want to follow all of the so called standards and teachings; then you should never own a hotel that shows hard-core porno, or a restaurant or facility of any kind that has a bar or that serves alcohol. What am I missing here? I'm holding you guys to your standards and you want to argue about it? LOL!! I love it!!

Now, the delicious irony in this whole "Marriotts showing hard-core porno and selling alcohol" is how people like you Steven, who probably considers himself to be a good Mormon guy, who abstains from some awful things, like porno and alcohol, but then defends the Marriotts. Really?

So, it's evil, awful and destructive, as taught by the Mormon Hierarchy repeatedly, at General Conferences, like the beat of a war drum, but it's okay for them to accept tithing money from the Marriotts, in the millions?

Furthermore, J. Willard Marriott, is a Mormon General Area Authority, a Seventy and is currently presiding over the Virginia area.

I had a relative of mine, who is a die-hard brain washed cult member, probably like Steve; that talked about how J. Willard Marriott came to their Stake Conference a couple of years ago, was so spiritual, so amazing, etc.

The funniest line that my relative relayed to me, from that talk by JWM, was when he said: "The most beautiful thing about the church, is that it has never, EVER, been involved in any scandals.

First of all, it's funny, because the church has been in one scandal after another, from the exing of almost all the original GAs, to polygamy, to Mountain Meadows, to racism, bigotry, homophobia, Mark Hofmann, a Seventy, George P. Lee, sexually molesting a little girl, for about 3 years, right under the Prophet and Apostles noses, etc, etc, etc.

The other reason it's funny, is because here is a man, J. Willard Marriott, who stands before a congregation of brainwashed Saints, stating that the church has never been involved in a scandal, when he was, as he spoke, profiting from alcohol, and hard-core porno, which is against everything the Mormon Hierarchy and church supposedly claim to now stand for.

I mean, if you can't see this, then your either dumb, dumb, dumb, or just brainwashed beyond help and I wish you the best in your recovery or escape from the cult, I really do.

On top of Marriott, the Mormon Church itself, meaning "The Corporation of the President" or "Mormon Hierarchy/Prophet/First Presidency/Apostles, are invested directly in both alcohol and tobacco companies, as well as Direct TV, which makes hundreds of millions a year on hard-core porno.

So, in reality, Marriotts are doing nothing less than the Prophet and his cronies and therefore, they don't do anything about it and besides, they are making a shit load of tithing money, probably in the millions, from the Marriotts porno trails.

They(the corrupt Mormon Hierarchy) all actually support porno, alcohol and tobacco, as long as they are profiting from it behind the scenes, while shouting publicly, how evil it is and how it destroys lives, families and is even worse than hard-core drugs like cocaine.

I personally don't give a damn if you want to have a beer or some Jack Daniels, while reading your Playboy or Hustler, while jacking off and I don't personally consider them "EVIL"; I'm just using the actual words and teachings of the Mormon hypocrites, meaning the Mormon Hierarchy, who condemn it publicly and then go invest it, so that they can make their "filthy lucre."

Well, go have a beer, grab your December Playboy and ponder what I've said and realize that by defending these things, that are 100% contrary to every current Mormon teaching, you too are hypocrites, just like the Mormon Hierarchy that you so badly want to emulate and be like.

Then again, considering the Church was founded by a drunk pedophile, that put a bar in his living room, nothing should surprise us right?

I'll get back to you Jason, when I have more time on my hands, as you don't even begin to understand or grasp what I'm doing or what this blog is all about or why I do what I do.

If someone else would like to fill Jason in, before I get time to do it, knock yourself out and thanks!!

Samuel the Utahnite

At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your "hatred" and "need" to warn lost souls about the falseness of the LDS doctrine. Let me just say one thing;
The men who show up at temple square during conference are not really impacting folks the way they think they are. Spewing hostility and hate causes a distance from the ones you most want to get closer to. I support your site and your cause, just wonder if bitterness is the best source to draw from? Now, if you want people to hate all religion and hate God and all that might be good because the LDS are bad, I think the site is pointless?

At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:04:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well, it's obvious that you don't understand me or my site and I'm not the guys that show up at temple square shouting in people's faces. I've even posted a video of those assholes on my "Mormon Truth Youtube", in defense of Mormons.

Furthermore, your way of dealing with things is not my way and my way is not your way. If I was having some kind of popularity contest here and didn't know who I was and what I should be doing with my sites, podcasts and videos; I'd be taking polls asking people what I should do and how I should act.

My site is not forced upon anybody and anyone that arrives here, including you, can instantly leave if they don't like what they see. I'm not here to be a crowd pleaser and make the world happy, rather to tell "the truth" about Mormonism, in my own passionate way, no matter who I piss off along the way. I certainly have the church's attention, that's for sure.

You haven't walked in my shoes, and have no idea what I've been through in the last 20 months, due to my discovery. My blog is not for TBMS that have burning bosoms or Mormon apologists, rather people that have found the truth, or are finding it and are pissed off.

I don't understand you lack of anger and you don't understand my anger and bitterness. So, in conclusion, if you don't like it, leave. Just click the little X in the upper right hand corner and all your pain from reading my site will go bye bye.

I don't care who doesn't read my site, only who does read it and who I help. You are in the very small minority and my 100 Emails a week, with 90+ thanking me, along with my 135,000 YouTube video views(and over 6,000 comments), 105,000 blog views and 25,000 + monthly podcast listeners(and growing), is all I need to know.

If I worried about the small minority that hates what I do, I'd never get anywhere.

Best wishes,


At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And with that wonderful response, I will click the little x in the upper corner. Glad you have lots of fans out there to support you. Just worried a bit about the those truly seeking truth without the need to do it with so much hatred.
No need to respond as this is not bookmarked site and sadly I am not a fan.

At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 2:11:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well, I'll respond anyway, because it's my site and I can respond whenever I want to any comment I want. I will not miss you and I know that you'll find some other site to fulfill your needs. Like I said, my site isn't for everyone and I don't pretend that it is.

I will never be controlled and told what to say or how to say it, or how to honestly express myself by anyone, and that includes you or anyone else like you. I started this blog as place where I could come and freely express myself without any outside interference or attempts to control me or censor me. What is it anyway, with this need for control, both in the Mormon church and out?

I mean is it really still that ingrained in you, that you can't allow another human being to honestly express themselves, just like you do? Do you really want the whole entire world to think, act, talk and write like you do?

It's a free world pal and I don't even know who you are or if you are such a great supporter of what I do? Why don't you Email me and let me know who you are, because obviously we know each other well, or you're lying.

My guess is that you are some Mormon apologist just playing your bullshit games, like they always do. I've noticed that since they shut down the main FAIRBOARD, I've been getting a lot of them over here, complaining about everything.

For those seeking truth, that don't want to deal with my intense "hatred", I'm sure they are big boys and and girls and can click that little X in the upper right hand corner just like you did.

I mean, let people have their freedom for Mormon God's sake and let them decide for themselves what they want to read or don't.

I know you once believed that you were gonna be a God, but now you've left Mormonism, so get over it and over yourself and control your own actions and let others have their freedom, if you can.

Since we both know that you are reading this, even though you claimed you wouldn't; go ahead and leave another response. Even better, why don't you come on my podcast or one of my future Skypecasts and tell everyone why it's so wrong for any ex-Mormon to be pissed off or ever express anger or outrage or to be opposed to Mormonism with great passion. I guess you want to live in a world of clones, all identical to you.


At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 8:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your name is ironic. I don't feel the need to search out your background since your are obviously a person that has left the church but cannot leave it alone.

Let's set a few things straight. There was a major news program on that spoke about the Marriott Hotel chain and the pornography viewed in it. There were a few huge mistakes in the reporting.

I'm qualified to know this because my father owns a few Marriott Hotels and so I have direct involvement in the information from the management, how they get their money, where it goes, and what their choices are.

Virtually all Marriott Hotels are franchised, which means they are held as property of individuals who pay a fee to Marriott for use of their name, pay for reservations through the Marriott reservation network, and upgrade and maintain the hotels per Marriott instructions.

Each hotel independently selects it's food service options, Internet usage, health club / spa, and tv system including pay per view. The Marriott corporation doesn't earn a dime off the TV choices of individual hotels, since all those revenues go directly to the hotel owner.

Since there isn't a standard pay-per-view system, your totally misinformed accusing the Marriott family of providing it. That should be obvious to anyone who travels a lot. And information that's equally easy to obtain would let you know that the corporate doesn't profit form the pay-per-view.

By the way. I've stayed in the Marriott hotels in Provo. Exactly which one has pay-per-view? I know of three out of four that don't, and have never stayed at the fourth.

This information shouldn't be that hard to find. Since all of it was ignored, the only reason that you could have had to write this is hate, which is really just sad. You need a hobby, and based on this it shouldn't be investigative journalism. Whatever drove you away from the church is unfortunate, but dispersing erroneous information about the church is just plain immature.

By the way, just to get it out there before you throw additional accusations, my dad's hotels don't offer pay-per-view movies. I did have someone accuse him years ago of breaking the sabbath by having his restaurants open on Sunday, and the restaurants do serve coffee. Allowing people their free choice and services doesn't mean that my dad is in favor of a Sunday morning cup of coffee. You can't have businesses like hotels close once a week.

So, are there some Marriott owners who are members of the church who do profit from pay-per-view, probably. But some does not equal all, and offering it (although I don't agree with that) is a far cry from the way that you seem to assert that they are forcing others to view it.

At Saturday, November 17, 2007 11:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just have to say GET A LIFE!!

One of the basic tenets of the Mormon church is "Let them worship How, Where or What they may".
While it is important to practice what you preach - there is also a need to survive in the world. And if that means you allow some things to be supported that you may not embrace ... you deal with it.
You, however, are an angry and bitter person that I would NEVER EVER want to meet! And I'm sorry that I ran across your site while trying to learn more about Mormonism and Alcohol.
Again - get a life!! YOUR OWN LIFE, not a life that just torments others as a ploy for a life!

At Tuesday, February 12, 2008 1:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of LDS and alcohol, I was just watching a program on PBS dealing with the Mormon faith and it's history. Toward the end of the shop they had a piece on a polygamist family. They claimed to be fundamentalist and yet I couldn't help but notice that they were drinking wine with dinner. I thought it odd that they seemed to be fundamentalist where their sexual or maybe you could just call it family lifestyle was concerned yet they felt free to brake other rules like alcohol consumption when it pleased them.
I guess LDS really isn't that different than most other religions after all. Pick what rules you WANT to obey and brake those that don't appeal to you....

At Thursday, March 06, 2008 7:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions on here. Mainly the guy who wrote the article Marriott and JW Marriott do not own a MAJORITY of the hotels. They own MAYBE a handful of Marriott Hotels. They MANAGE the rest of them. So it is up to the OWNER of the Marriott as to what they show on their televisions. They own the hotel and operate it using the Marriott name. Just as the Kroc family DOES NOT own every single McDonalds in America.

At Wednesday, October 01, 2008 1:09:00 AM, Blogger Jeffery said...

So... I am already a huge fan, I was raised mormon and saw the hypocrisy at age 13 and then ran from the church. My parents started a battle with me that lasts until this day. I am 38. I have a wife and four kids and I teach them nothing of mormonism. It is B.S. at it's best. I feel bad for my parents who fell for the missionary's bullshit. I have researched much and found of the murders that bringham young ordered and that Joseph Smith was a f*ckn mystic not a child of god. This church was built on greed and man's power over women. disgusting. there is nothing holy about it. I am educated deeply in it's malpractice. please contact me at I will help you.

At Wednesday, August 04, 2010 7:05:00 PM, Blogger Jay said...

This is a great discussion forum Sam. Don't mind the open discussion about mormonism....

But just a thought... what if you're wrong?

Ie... the Marriots only own a small percentage of the Marriot hotels.. they don't have much of a say in business decisions..

At Thursday, September 09, 2010 1:41:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am ex LDS, I am a Christian and I believe in teaching the TRUTH and the REAL word of God. I am working very hard to get my parents away from the Mormon religion, but it is hard since my family dates back to the Mormon pioneers so they believe it is their family lineage and respect to their ancestors to stay Mormon.

No matter what I say, no matter the absolute proof I have. I can never get through to them but I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I love my family very much.

I would like to start my own church eventually and be a Pastor. I am a woman...yes, a woman who preaches God's word. And I have been burned all of my life from the Mormon Church for being to masculane and asking "too many questions". I found this site because of my research I'm curently involved in on the Mormon topic, I would like to continue to use info from this site to help me on my journey.

After I left the Church in High School I became interested in Satanism and being a Lesbian, I went through a lot of changes and bad situations and never graduated High School, I met my husband while attending College and went with him to his Church and from then on I had changed 360 degrees. My husband was engaged in some...pretty gay things before we met and so it was easy for us to transition into a headerosexual marriage. It took a long time to cure my husband of his porn addiction and things have been going quite well....except not having a job and being stuck on Unemployment for over a year now.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was: Thank you for your help on this journey in life I am on and I look forward to more help :D

At Monday, September 26, 2011 9:11:00 AM, Blogger andres said...

Hey Samuel, if you don't think That LDS Church is God's Church or if you are against the LDS leaders and members that is cool, but then if you beleive in God, pray to Him and ask Him to let you know the truth. Its easy man, I'll promise that He will let you know what to do. :)

At Friday, February 15, 2013 6:40:00 PM, Blogger Michelle Tyacke said...

Look at the murder of "mormon" travis alexander.the guy was a devout morman, lol really the guy was a freaking pig!


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