Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some Interesting Tidbits On The Mormon Church(AKA, The Corporation of the President) And What They Are Invested In!!


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Mormon are trademarks of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.,4945,120-1-46-1,00.html

Proof that the Church refers to themselves as "The Corporation of the President."

Our Identity and How to Contact Us
This site is owned and operated by Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,4945,5167-1-2681-1,00.html

I thought that this was an interesting link showing how it all fits together,at least certain parts of the corporation:,7115,420-1-0,00.html

Look guys at all the things we can donate to:,7089,408-1-0,00.html

Here are our options of how we want to give that gift:

Check, credit card, money order, wire transfer, or automatic bank withdrawal,16734,419-1-0,00.html

Strange, I thought that the Church discouraged credit card debt, I guess unless you are giving money to God and his Church.

Plus, look at all the assets we can give them too!! How nice of them:

• Securities
Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds

• Personal residence
Home, duplex, or condominium

• Farm or ranch
Family-owned or inherited property

• Commercial real estate
Office buildings, apartments, or other rental property

• Unimproved property
Raw or partially developed sites

• Art
Paintings, sculptures, or other fine art

• Retirement plan assets
IRAs, Keoghs, or other qualified plans

• Patents, royalties, or copyrights
Oil, music, inventions, etc.

• Life insurance policy with cash value
Mature policies with accumulated cash value

• Collectibles or other tangible personal property
Coins, stamps, books, artifacts, animals, etc.

• Equipment or inventory
Medical equipment, computers, machinery, etc.,16734,419-1-0,00.html

Deseret Mutual Benefit Association was restructured as a mutual insurance company; its owners continued to be the LDS Church (under the Corporation of the President) and its subsidiaries. The name was changed to DESERET MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, doing business as DESERET MUTUAL.

SuzieQ#1 had a great post the other day regarding Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators and their saving thrift plan.

If you look under Longleaf Value Equity, one of the fund managers, you'll find some of the companies that they are invested in, therefore the Church is also invested in them.

Common Stock 82.0%
Vivendi Universal SA 6.7
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 6.2
Yum! Brands, Inc. 5.9
General Motors Corporation 5.6
Cemex S.A. de C.V. 5.6
The Walt Disney Corporation 5.4
Liberty Media Corporation 5.0
Comcast Corporation 5.0
FedEx Corporation 5.0
The DIRECTV Group, Inc. 4.9
The NipponKoa Insurance Company, Ltd. 4.8
Pioneer Natural Resources Company 4.3
Aon Corporation 4.2
Waste Management, Inc. 3.3
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. 3.3
Diageo 2.8
Knight-Ridder, Inc. 2.1
Level 3 Communications, Inc. 1.9
Corporate Bonds 2.3
Level 3 Communications, Inc. 2.3
Cash Reserves 15.5
Other Assets and Liabilities, net 0.2

So, lets see....The Church is generating income from Direct TV and Comcast, which show and make great profits from hard-core porno. Disney, which shows R-rated movies through Touchstone. Also, Diageo, which is an alcohol and spirits company with such brands as Smirnoff, Guinness, Baileys, Cuervo, etc.

It's nice to finally be able to find the evidence and the connections that we all knew were out there somewhere, so it comes as no surprise. Since they do have a little interest in Diageo, maybe that explains why they wanted the restaurants to sell alcohol in their mall. I guess if they can't make money directly by owning the physical ground of the restaurants, they can make it through alcohol being sold to the restaurants. I'm sure that somewhere they have many more investments in alcohol that we just haven't found yet. If anyone finds more, lets us know.

Thanks SuzieQ#1 for your awesome post a week or so ago. I just wanted to mention it again so that everyone that didn't see it, can see it again. You financial experts out there, if we are somehow wrong on these connections that we've made, let us know. I don't pretend to be an expert on these matters but by doing my own homework on what SuzieQ#1 posted last week, it seemed pretty compelling to me.

So, I see it like this; The Church owns Deseret Mutual Benefit Association which has a saving thrift plan which is managed by several Investment Fund Managers, one of which is Longleaf Value Equity, which shows in it's portfolio and its SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT a t J u n e 3 0 , 2 0 0 5, the companies that I listed above. However, I do find it very appropriate that they also have an investment in a waste management company since the Church is a big pile of crap!!

So, now I ask, is this a Church or a Corporation? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Let me just say that This just backs up everything I've said about the Church being run by a bunch of Hypocrites!! Do as I say, not as I do!! That is indeed their motto and they live it perfectly. It's my opinion that if the Church is what they say they are in every General Conference, then they need to quit talking the talk and walk the walk. If they truly are so against alcohol and pornography,(Oaks said that porno is worse than hard drugs like cocaine) then how can they even touch anything that has anything to do with it? Isn't it amazing. First, the whole fiasco of them allowing alcohol to be served in their malls and now I find this information confirming everything, that they really don't care what they have their hands on, as long as it makes them money.

I don't know who is going to read this and where you are in your life as far as the Mormon Church goes, but I hope that this post helps everyone to have a better picture and perspective of exactly what is the goal of the Mormon Church; to make money at any cost!! Alcohol, porno, R-rated movies, it doesn't really matter as long as they make money. In other words, their fake and pretend values, that they preach at every General Conference, only apply to the common folks, not to Gods servants as they call themselves. Obviously God has given them a pass in his name to not have to live their own teachings as long as it makes money for God's kingdom. Too bad everyone doesn't get that pass.

There is no excuse whatsoever for the Mormon Church or anybody that is a General Authority in the Mormon Church, such as Marriott, that should ever have anything to do with profiting from alcohol, porno or even R-rated movies. You can't have it both ways guys!! What kind of example are they setting? Apparently they don't really care now, do they? After all, they are God's annointed and can do anything they want and they answer to nobody!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Saturday, June 24, 2006 8:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world is not perfect. The only person ever that is perfect is Jesus himself. What is the church doing with this so called crap money? Have you researched this?
The church is also bound by the laws of the land. Freedom of choice by the people. God gives us that right to choose not have the church choose for us.
Money invested in anything may have it's feet somewhere in the mud and muck. Is it wrong to make money to further build the kingdom of Christ and educate the people to make their own freedom of choice to change their environment? Questions???

At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 6:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is for reasons like this that I *too* am considering my association with the church as being on rocky ground. Thank you for this useful information.

However, unlike you, I am not abandoning my faith, merely taking it elsewhere. I just need to figure out now which of the fundamentalist Mormon groups would be best for me. They seem to actually hold to the gospel truth and not be hypocrites.

At Friday, March 23, 2007 9:30:00 AM, Blogger b-cardin said...

From: Bill Cardin

I am very appalled at the things that are being written here. It reminds me of Alma the younger and his brethren that went out leading the people astray which caused them sore repentance. You are in fact trying to lead the people astray and using the internet to do it which can reach more people that Alma ever could have. I sorrow for you my brother - for how great your remorse will be someday when you stand in front of our Holy God and his son Jesus Christ to be judged of your works. I hope that you will reconsider your ways before it is everlastingly too late and that the Love of God will return to your heart. It is one thing to make a choice to no longer be a member - it is quite another to fight against that which is good. I leave you with my testimony, that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is true and is based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That it is setup in the same order as the primitive church that Jesus Christ himself setup when he was upon the earth. I know the works of the church to be good, its leaders to be inspired. I am happy to be a member and to be associated with the church. The lessons and teachings of the church bring only happiness and peace to its people and add a measure of goodness through the light and good example set by its members to a world that desperately needs the teachings of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God is coming soon to this earth when Jesus Christ himself comes to this earth in the latter-days in the clouds of Heaven and with all the Holy Angels. The only question is where will you stand when he returns? The gospel and it's teachings have brought greater love, warmth, and peace than I could have ever known. I know that the gospel is true. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ. I feel for you, brother, and for all those that have been and are being led astray by these falsehoods - I pray that all will return and repent and be reconciled to God - for I know that we are all brothers and sisters - therefore I love you all.
Bill Cardin
P.S. "I boldly with complete faith and without shadow of doubt uphold and support The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints"

P.S.S I further testify of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that through it Jesus Christ's Church has been restored in its fullness. Part of my testimony comes from an event that happened early in my life when I was four years old. During the course of about 1 to 2 months I contracted 3 serious childhood diseases and was sick for a long time. One night I awoke to find that my right leg would not work (It was not asleep or tingly - I could no longer feel it at all). I called for my mother as I held on to what ever furniture or thing I could grab to stay upright - I fell many times and caused quite a stir in our humble home in the middle of the night. I was taken the next day to a doctor that proclaimed that because of the illnesses I had contracted that I had brain damage. He said that other limbs of my body would suffer the same effect in short order and that I would eventually die probably within a couple of years. He referred us to a specialist to be seen the next day. Later that night my mother called upon the brethren of the church who hold the Priesthood of God - They came and gave me a blessing of healing that night and told me that Every nerve, joint, etc... of my body would return to its normal and proper function. When we went to the specialist the next day, after examining me said that there was now nothing wrong with me. My mother rehearsed to him what had transpired and related the blessing to him. I was healed by men who had the the authority to act in God's name. I have been healed of many things since this time by that same Priesthood power. I know that the Priesthood is alive and well in the church and that in it are manifested the works of Christ. I also know that I have read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and recieved and answer that it is verily true - you have probably done so as well, and if so and you recieved an answer to this or any other question regarding the church - that it was true - Then I would submit to you that "God does not change his mind" If it was true then - then it is true now and that the only thing that has changed is you!

At Sunday, June 10, 2007 1:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are truly sick in the head. It's unbelievable how twisted your thoughts are. Can you people think for yourself? What type of courses did you take in school? You continually mutter a bunch of nonsense that means nothing....and I mean nothing.

At Wednesday, June 27, 2007 8:38:00 AM, Anonymous LexNex said...

If you actually read the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you would understand why the Corparation was set up.

Under the second article it states "...this corporation shall have power, without any authority or authorization from the members of said Church or religious society, to grant, sell, convey, rent, mortgage, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any part or all of such property."

(For those of you that don't fully understand what is states)
-In simple terms it says that this corporation has power to manage the property of the Church, without authorization from the memebers of the Church or the Church itself.

So, if you are basing much of your argument on the fact that the COP is part of the Church or another name of the Church, then you are grossly misdirected. It was established to independantly manage the property of the Church, and in doing so hires investors to give stable growth to their investments.

If you still believe that the COP is so erronious then might I suggest you take a look at yourself and see what stocks YOUR investor is investing in. Yes, you might be invested in a certain company's stocks, but who is to say that that company is not investing some of it's assets in the same profit generating investments?

The big picture is this, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started the Corporation of the President to independantly protect and manage its assets, similar to ourselves having brokers and investors to manage our retirement funds or investment portfolios. Except the funds of the Church are to be used exclusivly "... for works of charity and for public worship". Try and say that about your own investments.

If the Corporation of the President IS guilty of anything it is in not informing the people that it is an independant not-for-profit corporation NOT the actual Church.

The funny thing is this:
If you try to argue the truth to conspiracy advocates, they are more likely to jump to the conclusion of a cover-up or pick at the weaknesses of the argument rather than return to middle ground and take a fresh view of the evidence (i.e. doing more research) before passing judgment again. So I guess I am really preaching the truth to the choir, or at least "the choir" are the ones understanding.

At Thursday, November 15, 2007 12:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Goody!! I can't wait to read all the comments this site will no doubtably get!

I love it!
"Under the second article it states "...this corporation shall have power, without any authority or authorization from the members of said Church or religious society, to grant, sell, convey, rent, mortgage, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any part or all of such property."

(For those of you that don't fully understand what is states)
-In simple terms it says that this corporation has power to manage the property of the Church, without authorization from the memebers of the Church or the Church itself."

How convenient!! The restored church is letting others manage their properties and monies and making bukko bucks in the process while simultaneously cutting back on missionary $$$. Hmmmmm. I guess more $ is needed for that mall. Priorities.
I can't wait to see what other issues are covered here!

At Monday, November 19, 2007 12:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting more people know how they can give.

At Tuesday, January 08, 2008 1:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LAND FRAUD and LAND DEVELOPMENT Vacation Home Activity is a matter of interest to me. IF you have any information on RAW LAND DEVELOPMENTS or VACATION Home projects financed, owned or operated by the LDS Church and it's MANY holdings PLEASE WRITE



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