Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mormon Missionary Takes Disgusting Picture Of Himself, Preaching From The Book Of Mormon, To An Unconscious Man!! What A First Class Jerk!!

Hey guys, I'm teaming up with Captain Jack(our resident expert on South America) on this one. He emailed this link to me that included this picture. We just wanted and felt that everyone should see it. It is horrible but at the same time, not too far from the truth. We wonder who the missionaries are teaching and why the inactivity rate, especially in South America, is at an all time high?!! While this picture further helps us understand what is happening in the mission field and South America, this picture obviously doesn't represent all missionaries and and is only one example of a couple of real jerks.

While it would be extreme to say that Mormon missionaries teach unconscious people, it wouldn't be extreme to say that they teach and take advantage of children and people that really don't understand what they are doing. A lot of people that end up getting baptized are very poor and uneducated and the missionaries look at them as a number. Now, not all missionaries look at them as numbers, but most of these people all end up being numbers anyway. Even when a missionary is trying to do it the right way, he still ends up feeling that pressure of the numbers game and wants to please his leaders, namely the Mormon Mission President. We were supposed to challenge people to baptism in the first discussion when I was on my mission. I never did it!! I thought it was ridiculous.

As hard as I tried to only baptize "converts" when I was on my mission, I look back now and realize that many of those people were indeed or ended up being numbers. I convinced myself that they were converts but come on, lets be honest here, 10 year old kids from a non-member Family are not converts, they are a number. I was in denial. On my mission, no baptisms equaled that you were a sinner or lazy and nobody wanted to be in that category.

Now, back to the subject of this picture; obviously both he and his companion who I assume took the picture, are complete pompous asses. These guys are real first class jerks of the worst kind. There can be no mistake what their intention was, right? Obviously they thought it was funny to make fun of some poor man that was sleeping on the street. He could have been homeless, drunk, or hell, he could be dead, who really knows? But they in their infinite wisdom, found it funny to pretend to be preaching to him from the Book or Mormon.

Now, I don't know who the missionary or person is that posted this picture, but the bottom line is that it doesn't matter who posted it, it only matters who took the picture and why they did it. If these two guys are still out there on their mission by some chance, they should be sent home today. If this is how little they respect the country, people and culture of Venezuela, then they should be forced to leave. I could be wrong but I'm assuming that the person that posted the picture is now home from his mission and thought it would be funny to post this picture to the mission website. What a loser if that is the case!!

After serving in South America, I really grew to love these humble people that lived in poverty. A lot of them barely had enough money to even buy food for their Families. They would work all day in the fields to make $5. I would never have taken a picture like this!! I can't even fathom thinking that something like this would be funny. I know that Captain Jack feels the same way. He also served in South America, has many friends down there and loves the people there very much. Thanks Captain for sending me this picture and allowing me to share it with everyone. It's just unbelievable to me!!

I know I speak for Captain Jack and for many others out there when I say that this picture makes me sick, angry and sad. It's hard to believe that there are Mormon missionaries out there or any people for that matter, that are so cold and so callous!! This picture is atrocious but we felt that it was necessary to show the world what some Mormon missionaries find as humorous. It disgusts me!!

Also, somebody out there knows this "Elder" and I want nothing more than to expose and embarrass him for taking this picture. It isn't funny "Elder" in any way, shape or form and I hope that You will be embarrassed for having ever taken it and allowing it to get out to the world. You have embarrassed yourself, your family and this poor man. Some may say that it's just as bad for me to show this picture on my blog but I say this; I'm showing this picture on my blog in defense of this poor man and to show the world how he was taken advantage of and ridiculed by two Mormon missionaries. Somebody has to defend a defenseless man!! It is truly ashame what these Elders did. Also, the world needs to see this Elders face and what this Elders attitude was like while on his mission.

Now, if he apologizes, I'm sure we'll hear about it, and I'll post it right here on my blog, but I wouldn't hold my breath. There's a good chance that he would do it again given the chance but I guess we'll wait and see. There is a comment section on that mission website and I encourage everyone to make your comments on there and lets see if this ass responds to us.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks again Jack for the picture. By the way, Captain Jack has posted many great things regarding the Church in general and it's growth in South America and I'll be doing a post on just all of that information for everyone to read. The Church in South America is falling apart, piece by piece, person by person. So, have a great night and I'll be back later tonight for my weekly wrap up. Chau!!

***Updated*** Hey, I just wanted to leave everyone a new link that will show you this guys name and comments, not just the picture and you will see that his intentions were indeed to mock and make fun of this man. It appears the Elders name is Nate T. Nelson. If he is indeed the one that posted it and he is the one in that foto...he should be ashamed of himself!! Here is that link, check it out!! On the top, he wrote, "Finding The Chosen" and then below the picture, wrote, "Ok ok, so we got off to a rough start..." What a jerk!!

***New Update*** Nate T. Nelson, finally, reluctantly, removed the picture, while still believing that he had done nothing wrong, and not before revealing his true intentions and making an ass of himself over on the Fairboards. The above link, did go directly to his picture over on the mission website but no longer does. I have kept the picture here on my blog to remind everyone of the shameful actions of this missionary who was not truly sorry for what he did.

I did a follow-up post on this clown, with all of his comments from Fair, along with yet another picture and I thought that I should include that link here, so that anyone reading this, could get a better picture of this guys character and read for themselves what he had to say about it. I'm sure that this picture, by this Elder Nate T. Nelson, didn't help the Mormon Church in Venezuela, who just recently, had to pull out all American missionaries.

I hope that he's still proud of himself for mocking and making fun of the poor. This post and picture has been circulated very well on the Internet on many different websites and people can make their own conclusion. I know for a fact that it has been seen by literally hundreds of people in Venezuela including government websites. Good job Nate!! You da man!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Tuesday, December 19, 2006 4:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

It's great that you hide and deliver through the means of the internet. You put on this act like you are the Grand Mediator of all things. Seriously who do you think you are to judge? As you say, you once were a 19 year old missionary.... Are you claiming that you are perfect. I advise you to read the four gospels of the New Testament to truly discover the central message of the Lord. Pride is the cause of such things to happen, Christ always teaches for everyone to come unto Him with a broken heart and contrite spirit. It is my experience that people like you love attention. You were the under achiever that nobody ever paid attention to. In retaliation you are fighting back through the means of the internet in your attempt to make the Church look bad. Seriously grow up bud. Christ would never do anything you are doing. You seriously disgust me. You remind of the morons that sit on temple square in Salt Lake during general conference and make idiots out of themselves while they try and ruin the peace of the members. Show me where Christ did what you are doing?

At Friday, March 02, 2007 8:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously man, i am not sure what has brought you to this point if you indeed were a member of gods great church. i mean for someone who has supposebly gone on a mission, gone to the temple, and known of the truth, you need to get your facts straight. and you ask a lot of questions for someone so knowledgable. you have a lot of hate and for one so knowledgable you dont know the first thing about the truth. i mean samuel the lamenite was righteous and for you to call yourself after him is hypocrasy, exactly like this entire web page. we do not condemn those who have commited sexual sin but offer repentance. no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of god. any sin that one has not repented of will restrict him from entering into the knigdom of god. not just sexual sin. even though you served a mission the reason you have fell away from the real truth, not the "truth" you offer, is because of your disobediance during your mission. because of your disobediance you showed your parents. you served a mission for them not for the lord or even your vain self. you went to byu cause your parents told you to. you need to grow up stop hating your parents for the mistakes you made. you say you got married in the temple. with out knowing you i can almost guarentee that you and that women are now divorced. and the reason is because the two of you had pre-marital sex. things just started out wrong. and now you hold resentment towards the law of chastity. our church does not teach of despair but of hope. i promise i will pray for your lost soul

At Saturday, October 13, 2007 11:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? For all you know he was praying over him and reading the bible aloud around him to bless him. You might just pass this guy on the street! Why don't YOU stop and pray for someone who obviously needs help. DON'T JUDGE. Did you actually ask him what he was doing?

At Tuesday, November 20, 2007 9:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sucks you were probobly X-comm'd out of the church, but maybe if you put more time in being christ-like you would be happier in life. Attacking god's church daily doesnt seem like it could bring you peace. If you are as close to death as it appears, you may want to start thinking about the life after...

At Friday, January 18, 2008 7:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to take in the simple fact that the LDS church is true, but some of the people aren't. Look at what happened to David in the Old Testement. Just because he fell doesn't mean that the gospel is not true. What you really need to look for is your own salvation. I have seen people do many bad things but that doesn't say that the church is bad. I look at my own salvation and so should you.

And oh yeah, and church that stands for charity, love, family, etc. is such a bad thing.

Finally, you are mad that the Book of Mormon says that the Lamanites were cursed with a dark skin and that shows that the church is "racist." Well the Bible happens to say that Cain was cursed with a dark skin so I guess anyone who believes in the Bible is also racist, right.

Just because one person fell doesn't mean that we have things against their church. Also know that the Book of Mormon even states that there was a time when the Lamanites were the righteous people and the Nephites were wicked. I guess that means we are racist against white people too.

Before you assume and blab off to the world, check what you are saying is true before you say it. After many years of people trying, the Book of Mormon has never been proven wrong, and it never will be.

At Tuesday, June 10, 2008 7:35:00 PM, Blogger vivian said...


I'm Mormon, more than that I'm member of the Church of JesusChrist of Latter Day Saints.

Well, I was a missionary, I met silly people in the mision field, including missionaries.

They are ordinary people like everybody else, some of them are the best persons you'll ever meet.. others... just a reason to feel ashamed.

On the other hand, Internet works for everyone and everyone can use a white shirt, a tie, wear something "similar" to mormon missionaries and take a picture.

Or any 19-20 years old boy (even a mormon) could be so stupid to think that this would be a "funny" mission picture.

Vivian, from Chile.

At Friday, June 20, 2008 10:47:00 PM, Blogger garyb said...

What a sad and pathetic individual to attack the faith of anyone striving to live closer to the teachings of Jesus Christ- regardless of the interpretation thereof. Suggestion for you...spend your time living your own religion instead of attacking your neighbor's. Christ taught us to build others and ourselves up, not tear them down. I believe that to be true whether you are Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, or LDS. If you were once a member of any faith but couldn’t hack it, or no longer believed its principles, fine, but why tear down what someone else holds dear to their heart? You’re so passionate that it almost sounds like you are trying to convince yourself the LDS Church is false…are you?

At Tuesday, April 07, 2009 7:48:00 PM, Blogger Weston Krogstadt said...

That picture is funny, you are lame.

At Thursday, May 14, 2009 11:27:00 AM, Blogger Amber said...

No, you are right...this is morbid,and not funny at all. And t the mormons, why do you assume u are right, and we are wrong? I gave your religion a chance...I prayed for understanding, and the HOLY GHOST told me your "bible" was wrong. He told you it was right. is he trying to get us to dislike eachother. My Bilbe had evidence, yours comes from a demented teenager looking to make himself look holier then thou. You say you are the only church with the full knowledge, I say we "prove" yours with a "bible" that changes to fit your needs, ours holds say "we are right, and you are right, if you believe we are right" I say "There is no icewater in Hell, so maybe thats why you don't believe in drinking "Hot beverages now" you will have an eternity of hotness to look foward to.
GOD IS 1 GOD!!!!!None before him, none after, and none equal...Joseph has condemned you to hell.

At Thursday, January 07, 2010 11:10:00 AM, Blogger For the truth said...

Thanks for all you do to let people know the TRUTH about the Mormon/LDS church. The members of the this cult are mislead. I wish they would all research and discover that thier "church" is based on untrue facts. A wild story told by a kid Joseph Smith. Everything I have heard, witnessed and seen about this "church" makes me sick to the core. It is a male based corporation that is taking people's money to better the corporation. GOD is everywhere and you don't have to belong to a church or be in a temble to talk to GOD. Wake up people find the real GOD not your "church". The Bible is the word of GOD not the book of mormon. There is no facts in that book. Open your doors and let people see your untold truths. Why do you try to hide the truth about your "church" . I feel sorry for all of you that have been mislead your whole life. It's never to late find out the truth and find the true GOD...

At Tuesday, May 04, 2010 8:34:00 PM, Blogger Boston said...

why waste time talking about crap on the internet?!?! Why do we fight about religion on a daily basis? Why does everyone feel the need to be right or say that someone elses religion is wrong?!? I believe in God and Jesus Christ, i really do not understand why this whole religion thing is a huge fight?!?! Get over yourselves. Let people believe what they want to believe!! If you want to share somthing with someone then great thats how we not think you are better then anyone else becasue you belong or do not belong to certain religion. what matters most is what you do in life and who you help.. get off the internet and down from your high horse. Do somthing that matters!! Stop wasting your time sitting at a computer picking fights!

At Sunday, October 16, 2011 6:44:00 PM, Blogger rachel jane said...

Guys, the one thing we can do wrong in this situation is to get angry and judge him. Would Christ get angry? Would Christ judge him? Do we, who are far from perfect, have the right to judge him and tell him what he needs to be like? No, he would be sad for the person, and to be honest, I started judging this guy and getting mad too. But I have no right as well. It's hard to make God get actually angry. The one thing we can do here is to just try and explain to the person that posted this what this church really is, and how true we all know it to be. I understand that you would get angry, I did, too, but that's not going to help. To whoever posted this picture, I doubt that the missionary was making fun of that poor man. He looked pretty serious to me, but true, I don't know why they would take a picture of it. Please, don't try and ruin the image of Missionaries for other people, that's just so wrong. Missionaries are amazing people, I love and respect them so much. I'm sorry that you have so much hate, I hope that someday you'll go back to Church and start really listening, and then repent and become so much happier than you are now. I'm sure someday you'll regret posting this, so I'm not going to condemn you or anything, because if I did something like this and looked back at it, I would hate myself for doing it and hope that everyone who commented angrily would forgive me. I would probably even be mad at them. But just please don't dirty the name of Missionaries, or the name of God. By saying you are a Mormon and then saying and doing all this, not to be rude but you are not setting the example that the rest of us strive to set. I understand that maybe you've had some bad experience with the Church, but please, give it a second try, because I know it to be true. God wants to help us, but He can't until we ask Him.

At Monday, July 29, 2013 8:52:00 PM, Blogger nathan petersen said...

I cant believe you made this website!
Please don't do this.
Please stop setting a bad example.

At Monday, July 29, 2013 8:59:00 PM, Blogger nathan petersen said...

I can't believe you made this cruel website!
Please stop setting a bad example.
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints, and I KNOW our church is true, I know God wants to help us, and I know he loves each of us.

At Thursday, May 05, 2016 8:06:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had a negative experience with the LDS church and I'm really sorry that whoever told you of Joseph Smith's experience must not have made it very clear. We believe that Joseph was a prophet of god nothing more. And the book of Mormon is not our bible. We believe in the bible in its entirety. The book of Mormon is another testement of the gospel of Jesus Christ from prophets in a different part of the world. We believe in God and his son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. I did serve a mission in Mexico and I loved it and I love the people there even more and nothing frustrated me more than missionaries who didn't do what they were sent to do and that's love and serve the people. Not piss people off. I hope you understand that I'm not trying to put you in your place or be condesending at all. Rather, I share your frustration and I hope that some day you might give these things another chance. I know it's true because there was no other way a big redneck like me would have ever been able to learn to speak Spanish. Of course that's not the only reason for my conviction but this is getting a little long winded so I leave you in hopes that you are at peace or soon find it.


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