Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hey Guys, I Got My First Hate Mail The Other Day And I Just Thought That I Would Share It With You!!

I'm not gonna give you this guys name because the things he wrote are so filled with false accusations and hate, that it would just be too great of an embarrassment for him. In short, it is ridiculous!! Keep in mind this guy doesn't know me from Adam or God, I mean Adam-God, whatever...Ha Ha!! I don't want to screw up his life by exposing to the world who he really is. I'm not here to embarrass people when they do a fine job of it all by themselves. One thing that is obvious though, is that he must not have spent much time reading my blog because he doesn't address one thing in it regarding the Church,it's false teachings, past racism and fraud.

His E-mail is a complete personal attack on me, someone that he has never met and someone that he has never even talked to. Let's just say that from what I know and have learned about this individual, he certainly isn't one to be attacking someone personally. I could reveal his identity and share all of the information that I know about him, but it would be open season on him and I don't think it's necessary or fair to him. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little background on him before you read his E-mail. It is rather entertaining, so enjoy!! LOL!!

Now, while most "TBM's" aren't so "crazy" and "out of control", like this "lunatic", I do believe that most strong Mormons believe that people leave the Church because of sin. Why do they think this? Because they are programmed to think this. I heard it several times growing up in the Church and I too used to believe that. Of course, it could never be that they have discovered that the Church has lied about their history and they have found it to be a complete fraud. It has to be sin, just has to be!! I
t is obvious that this guy has bought into that theory hook line and sinker!!

For me, it all goes back to the First Vision, when Jesus told Joseph Smith that all Churches were an abomination. The Church may say they respect other religions and faiths but the reality is that they were founded on the fact that every other religion is false and abominable. So, I guess this guy is just preaching the hate that has been taught to him starting with the First Vision. It makes him feel superior to everyone else and all other religions. I do wish him the best and I sincerely hope that one day he can find his way to freedom!!

Anyway, Here it is:

Came across your blog and I just about threw up. What is your problem? Why are you so mad at the church? Excommunicated for adultery maybe? Perhaps. Awwww, someone is mad because the Church doesn't approve of their lifestyle. So you're doing this to what, air your grievances? You really think that you'll do 1 thing to tear down God's Kingdom on earth? This is the work, man. No unhallowed hand, remember? I know what your deal is... you've never been a member, and you surely aren't now. You're 1 of 2 things... you're either some "christian" automaton, preaching against a Church you have no idea about because your preacher asked you to, or you're some preacher, peddling your pathetic anti-mormon literature. But you are starting a revolution, oh yeah... 99 blog views. Wow. Only 264,999,001 more people to get the message out to. And why don't you allow comments on your little blog? Can someone dish it out, but not take it? Uh-oh. You really are the lowest of the low. Since you're powerful enough to bring down the True Church of God, let's see you answer some questions... what mission did you serve in, who was your mission president, what years did you serve? Which Temple were you married in? Who performed your sealing? Are you divorced? Did you commit adultery? Does your "family" feel the same about the church as you do? Let's see some walk served with this talk, friend.

Now, since this guy does not deserve a personal response from me, after sharing his E-mail with my new Family on Mormon Recovery Board I had the following response. Hey, if you are out there dude, this is for you. I know that you'll come back because you really do want to read what I have to say. Most people said, hey, "you must be doing something right, keep up the great work, etc." I appreciate everyones comments and support!! I love what I'm doing here, writing this blog and it will just keep growing, so stay tuned. Thanks to all of you that read this and email me and write posts on Mormon recovery, I keep getting more great ideas. I love everyones insights, experiences and knowledge. Like one person commented, "this is like getting my first dollar and putting it up on the wall when someone opens a new business." I'm calmer now than the other day when I first got the E-mail but this was my response to Mr. Anti Samuel the Utahnite...LOL:

Well, let's see, so I must be gay or maybe an adulterer?!!LOL!! How dare he take pot shots at my lifestyle!! Ha Ha!! Sorry guys, I can't stop laughing!! He says, "You've never been a member, and you surely aren't now." Well, I'm thinking that if I've never been a member, then I can't be one now, right? He's a freaking genius!! Oh yeah, and I was excommunicated for Adultery like 8 times too, that's why I'm possessed by the Devil now and attacking the Mormons. That has to be it!! Typical "TBM" attitude that we've all discussed a million times. This guy is a perfect clinical study of "TBM's."

"You really are the lowest of the low." Why thank you!! So what is he? a ranting lunatic, brainwashed TBM!! LOL!!

"What mission did you serve in, who was your mission president, what years did you serve? Which Temple were you married in? Who performed your sealing? Are you divorced? Did you commit adultery? Does your "family" feel the same about the church as you do? Let's see some walk served with this talk, friend."

Well, let's see, why would I give any personal information to this idiot, especially after he accused me of being an excommunicated adulterer/non-member/Preachers helper/Preacher? LOL!! I'm not a "TBM" anymore, or I might!! The mind control just doesn't work on me anymore. I got out of the cult so that I wouldn't have to confess to Morons!!

Then he says, "You're 1 of 2 things... you're either some "christian" automaton, preaching against a Church you have no idea about because your preacher asked you to, or you're some preacher, peddling your pathetic anti-mormon literature."

Yep you got it dude, you smoked me out of my hole, I'm a 7th Day Adventist regular member who was asked by my Preacher to completely trash some Church called Mormons. LOL!! No, Actually, I'm the leader of the JW's here in California and I'm just peddling my anti-Mormon literature. LOL!! Sorry guys, I just think this is more and more funny the more I read it.

This guy is hilarious!! I'm thinking that it might be "logic chopper" coming after me or maybe logic chopper who turned into "George" and started answering his own posts before he was gonna get is "ass" booted out of here!! LOL!! Maybe it is that Peterson guy that everyone says has lost his mind. Maybe it's Van Hale but he seems to calm to freak out like this idiot.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share and I'd really love your feedback guys. Help me get through my first hate mail letter, I'm so devastated!! LOL!!

Honestly, I consider it a compliment to my blog, this site and all of you that we are getting under their skin like this. They are coming undone!! They are losing their cool!! By the way XXXX, check my counter again, it's not 99, it's 1752 in less than a month. I'm sure that he is lurking in here. Anyway, thanks guys for helping me to be who I am, thanks so much for reading my blog and for helping me find the truth so that I didn't end up like this lunatic!! Thanks guys!! Chau!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Oh yeah and my blog that pushed this guy to the edge of insanity: ***Warning*** Read with caution if you are a brainwashed, lunatic "TBM" with a short fuse. I'm not responsible for what happens to you if you don't heed my warnings...LOL!!

Well, that's it, my first hate mail and my response. I have some other responses from another site that were also rather humorous and I'll share them at a later time. I hope you guys enjoyed that. This guy is an example of how people can become so obsessed and self-righteous, that they actually feel good about accusing a stranger of Adultery. Keep in mind that this guy got off a mission within the last year. He doesn't seem like a very Christlike person to me. Apparently he learned nothing on his mission but how to unfairly judge people and how to be intolerant of anyone Else's beliefs, but specifically, anyone that may have left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If he learned any good lessons, it appears that he has forgotten them!! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep you all entertained for a very long time with my experiences. Also, like I've said before, if anyone out there wants me to share your experiences, email them to me. Take care everyone and thanks for reading my blog!!

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At Tuesday, November 28, 2006 3:09:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless you man!

At Wednesday, December 06, 2006 9:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to go dude, stick it to those Jesus jammie fanatics. We got your back out here in Idaho falls, ID.

At Thursday, February 22, 2007 12:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are a Christian, why did you retaliate and not turn your cheek, I am not LDS, but I live by some here in Texas, and you are just like the "fanatical" ones, but how would you like it if someone put up a website tearing you down. I feel nothing when I read your website, nothing positive, why don't you preach love one another? I don't know too much about the mormons, but I don't think I would come to you for answers, you are biased.


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