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What Good Does The Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley Do Anyway? What Would Hinckley Say To The People In Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama?

Basically, he's completely worthless as a supposed Prophet, Seer, Revelator, Oracle or mouthpiece of God!! He's a joke!! Why is it that he can't predict Tsunamis, Hurricanes, earthquakes, acts of terrorism or any other tragedy? Yeah, yeah, God can't interfere right? That is, unless you are a Mormon!! Well, that is unless you are the Mormon Tabernacle choir that was supposed to be in London the day of the bombings. But, thanks to Hinckley's "supposed revelation", they were spared.

To damn bad that the Ole Hinckster didn't give Tony Blair a phone call if it was indeed a revelation from God. Also, if it was a revelation from God, not just a lucky coincidence and Hinckley knew what was going to happen and didn't make "the call", then the blood of all those poor innocent people is all over his hands. The truth was that he just canceled their tour due to the turmoil around the world in general and didn't have a freaking clue that something was going to happen "that day" in London. Why would he? He doesn't know anything!! He isn't even familiar with Church doctrines that have been taught for 175 years let alone when terrorists are going to attack London. To be frank, he doesn't know his head from his ass!!

You know you are in trouble as the "Mormon Prophet of God" when the current news on the weather channel is all new to you and nothing that you have even remotely thought of or had revealed to you. Imagine if "God's living oracle", made regular predictions and warnings that turned out to be true and saved tens of thousands of lives around the world. People would listen and respect him!! People would convert in droves!! He would indeed be revered as a modern day Moses as Kim Clark(New President of BYU Idaho) referred to him. For now, I'll refer to him as a modern day uninspired loser without any perception or inspiration about anything.

Unfortunately for Hinckley, the only people that even give a tinkers damn about what he says are lifelong "Morgbots", die-hard "TBM's" who look at him like he's Abraham or Moses, with stars in their eyes. They agree to give their own life for him and his Church rather than reveal the "secrets" of the "Mormon Masonic temple rituals." They agree to dedicate all of their time, talents and money to his bogus fraud, even it means making their own Family suffer. They consecrate their lives to the Church and always put the Church before their own families.

Since Hinckley has been the Prophet, the only supposed "revelations" that he has received are: 1-Women can only wear one set of earrings, not two or more. 2-We must cancel all missionary Farewells and Homecomings 3-We must go on a massive temple building spree(Including mini temples) to try to get more tithe payers 4-One day it popped in his head that they needed a Conference Center for $300-$500 million. He thinks it was inspired of god, not sure though 5-That they had to buy a mall and spend a billion dollars or more to remodel everything both of their malls 6-His crowning jewel of revelations, "the malls will be closed on Sundays to keep the Sabbath day holy but Monday through Saturday, they will allow alcohol to be served in their malls. However, they will sell the exact land where the restaurant is, so that it will be in their mall, but not their land, therefore not they aren't selling alcohol. Unbelievable!! Next time you go see your Bishop, use that analogy to justify anything you've done. Well Bishop, we had pre-marital sex but even though it was my body, it was not my car....unbelievable!!

I could go on about the Mormon Church buying land in Nebraska, building a luxury resort in Hawaii, etc, etc. My point being that he hasn't done one useful thing to help "the world." Meanwhile, we have Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, terrorism, etc and he has no clue about any of it. He is worthless to the world, does nothing for the world or the Saints to protect them and this is a "Prophet of God?" No way!!

Now, I've been pondering what he might do for the people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. What could he come up with if he went there to give a speech. Hey, I've got it, let's look back at the April Conference and Elder Lynn G. Robbins Of the Seventy. He gave a talk entitled "Tithing—a Commandment Even for the Destitute." All we have to do here is review, from his talk, what Hinckley said to the victims of Hurricane Mitch, which in October of 1998, devastated many parts of Central America. This will help us to know what he might say to these hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, that were left homeless and without anything. No food, no clothes, nothing.

So here it is, what Hinckley will say when or if he goes to visit them(See if the conditions sound familiar):

President Gordon B. Hinckley was very concerned for the victims of this disaster, many of whom lost everything—food, clothing, and household goods. He visited the Saints in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and Managua, Nicaragua. And like the words of the loving prophet Elijah to a starving widow, this modern prophet's message in each city was similar—to sacrifice and be obedient to the law of tithing.

But how can you ask someone so destitute to sacrifice? President Hinckley knew that the food and clothing shipments they received would help them survive the crisis, but his concern and love for them went far beyond that. As important as humanitarian aid is, he knew that the most important assistance comes from God, not from man. The prophet wanted to help them unlock the windows of heaven as promised by the Lord in the book of Malachi (see Malachi 3:10; Mosiah 2:24).

President Hinckley taught them that if they would pay their tithing, they would always have food on their tables, they would always have clothing on their backs, and they would always have a roof over their heads.

What is Hinckley, just a modern day con artist? He should go work at the circus and carnivals!! How could a man be so cold, so heartless and despicable. These people lost EVERYTHING and all he can think of is PAY YOUR TITHING!! What a scumbag!! He should be ashamed of himself but it's hard to be ashamed of yourself when you know no shame!! If you are a "TBM", on the fence on whether you should leave the Church, have a few doubts about things, I hope that these amazing comments by President Hinckley will be just what you needed to exit out of the Mormon Cult that preys and robs from the poor, homeless and those that in reality have nothing. I wonder how his ridiculous promise applied to those that were already paying their tithing and now had no "roof over their head", no "food on their table" and only the clothes on their backs, just like the people now that just got hit by this hurricane, they had nothing. But hey you homeless, starving, on the verge of death people, PAY ME YOUR DAMN TITHING SO THAT GOD WILL BLESS YOU!! HE WOULD LOVE TO OPEN THOSE WINDOWS BUT HE'S WAITING FOR YOUR TITHING FIRST!! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE LOST EVERYTHING, HAVE NOTHING, THAT IS NO EXCUSE. PAY ME NOW!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Tuesday, November 21, 2006 10:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Hinkley say in an interview when asked if he walks/talks to/with God. He replied that no he had never seen God or heard God's voice, but that he got "feelings" or "impressions". I know that link exists. Have you run into it in your searches? Would LOVE to get hold of that one!!

At Wednesday, November 22, 2006 7:23:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Anon, thanks for asking.

Here is what you're looking for:

KING: You are the prophet, right?


KING: Does that mean that, according to the church canon, the Lord speaks through you?

HINCKLEY: I THINK he makes his will manifest, yes.

KING: So if you change things, that's done by an edict given to you.

HINCKLEY: Yes, sir.

KING: How do you receive it?

HINCKLEY: Well, various ways. It isn't necessarily a voice heard. Impressions come. The building of this very building I think is an evidence of that.

There came an impression, a feeling that we need to enlarge our facilities where we could hold our conferences. And it was a very bold measure. We had to tear down a big building here and put this building up at great cost.

(Imagine the thoughts that might pop into our heads, if we had massive Billions of dollars at our disposal, to do with, whatever we wanted...give me a break!! Imagine what that revelation about the malls and the entire downtown Salt Lake City must have been like? Oh yeah, and when Jesus said, "Gordon B. Hinckley, thou shalt allow alcohol to flow freely in my new billion dollar malls, to create a vibrant downtown nightlife"...LOL!!)

The Link to the CNN Transcript of this interview, which aired December 26, 2004.

Note: The Mormon church maintains strict secrecy with its financial records. It is estimated the new Salt Lake conference center cost $350,000,000 to build. Some estimates are higher, like around $500,000,000 plus.

To put it all in perspective, The Mormon church, by its own admission, donated less than $20,000,000 annually to charities and for humanitarian aid in the last 15 years.

I'm going to work on getting the audio of all of these interviews, so that everyone can hear them again.

But, I'm really glad that you brought this up, because it was one of many things, that led me to leaving the Mormon church. At least it got me on the path to thinking openly about things and realizing that everything may not be what it seems or what I thought it was, which is a huge step when you are a brainwashed cult member, as I clearly was.

In fact, these comments by Hinckley, came when I was still a die-hard true believer on December 26, 2004. Little did I know what was around the corner for me and what it would lead to.

I even had my best friend of over 30 years drop by during this time and we discussed this very subject for about 8 hours or longer. We were both very disturbed by these words of Gordon B. Hinckley, because we were always taught and believed that he walked and talked with God.

It would only make sense, right? I mean if the beloved Joseph Smith did it and saw both God the Father and Jesus Christ(many times) and if it is their church, why wouldn't he still be visiting them today, right?

In fact, Joseph used to get word for word inspiration from Jesus Christ himself, like the revelation about Emma being destroyed, if she didn't go along with Joseph's pedophilia/adultery, etc.

So, why doesn't Hinckley, or any of the recent Prophets, still get that word for word revelation from Jesus anymore and publish it in a book, like the D&C? Brigham still did, Wilford Woodruff did? At what point did Jesus cut them off and decide to try their faith?

By the way, this former best friend of mine, is no longer my friend, due to my disbelief in Mormonism. He used to have a somewhat open mind, until I went strongly against the church and told him everything that I'd discovered.

This guy believes that the FBI is tapping his phone and following and tracking him around all the time, hiding in his bushes, etc, but yet can't even begin to comprehend that Mormonism is a fraud, despite all of the evidence and facts I've shown him.

It just goes to show what a damn brainwashing cult it truly is, if it can even get a guy like my former best friend, who believes the whole world is a conspiracy...except Mormonism of course. Uh yeah...Mormonism is exactly what it says it is, because after all, it is the "only true church on earth" and nothing could ever be wrong with it. You know the old saying; "the church is perfect, but the people aren't" BS?

Anyway, thanks for this comment and I hope that this helped. Thanks for the support and for reading my blog. I hope the other posts on my blog have helped you as well.



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