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Boyd K Packer, "Modern Day Prophets", Mark Hofmann And Why They Won't Ever Say I'm Sorry!!

First I just wanted to say thanks for everyones comments, you guys are great!! Boyd K. Packers words speak for themselves about how he thinks and who he is. I just had some other thoughts. I'm grateful that all that is needed are the words of Boyd K. Packer to help people see more clearly who and what he is and the Church that he represents as a supposed "Inspired Apostle of God."

When I was younger, I remember going to the viewing of Spencer W. Kimball and the line was a mile long. Then I believe they also had a service for him. I honestly don't remember much about how the Mormon Church has handled the funerals of their Prophets but I'm sure that they've always done something, like they did for President Kimball. Well, I was just wondering, was that keeping in the spirit of Boyd K. Packers teachings?

Now, I have another question and something that has bothered me for a long time. If these words of Boyd K. Packer in this talk, his "to the one" talk and his "little factory" talk, are deemed too offensive to be made available to the public via Internet, along with many others talks, then why doesn't the current "Prophet of God" step forward, grow some balls and publicly condemn the words.

Why doesn't the Modern day "Prophet of God" or past "Prophets" condemn the racist teachings of Brigham Young, Mark E. Peterson, etc. At the very least, they should apologize to anyone that is gay or black for their discrimination toward these people and their harsh words, not to mention women. They should apologize to every Christian around the world for Joseph Smith's words boasting that he was greater than Jesus Christ. My strong belief is that if the Church and current "Prophet" won't apologize publicly for past transgressions and racist statements and teachings, then they must believe them and accept them; therefore they are the current standard and belief of the Mormon Church.

Anyway, I'm just dreaming because it will never happen. They may whitewash their history on Joseph Smith's new website, remove controversial talks from the public view, but they will never ever apologize or admit fault about anything. They proved this through the whole Mark Hofmann situation. They couldn't even admit fault when it was out in the open and clear that they had screwed up big time. Here is a quote from Dallin H Oaks regarding how Hofmann could fool God's chosen men:

Some have asked, how was Mark Hofmann able to deceive Church leaders?

As everyone now knows, Hofmann succeeded in deceiving many: experienced Church historians, sophisticated collectors, businessmen-investors, national experts who administered a lie detector test to Hofmann, and professional document examiners, including the expert credited with breaking the Hitler diary forgery. But why, some still ask, were his deceits not detected by the several Church leaders with whom he met?

In order to perform their personal ministries, Church leaders cannot be suspicious and questioning of each of the hundreds of people they meet each year. Ministers of the gospel function best in an atmosphere of trust and love. In that kind of atmosphere, they fail to detect a few deceivers, but that is the price they pay to increase their effectiveness in counseling, comforting, and blessing the hundreds of honest and sincere people they see. It is better for a Church leader to be occasionally disappointed than to be constantly suspicious.

The Church is not unique in preferring to deal with people on the basis of trust. This principle of trust rather than suspicion even applies to professional archives. During my recent visit to the Huntington Library in Pasadena, California, I was interested to learn that they have no formal procedures to authenticate the many documents they acquire each year. They say they consider it best to function in an atmosphere of trust and to assume the risk of the loss that may be imposed by the occasional deceiver.

Here is the whole talk

I'm speechless!! "Occasionally disappointed", "this is the price they pay",...uh Mr. Oaks, two innocent people died because your dumb asses were unable to detect with your magical powers that this guy was a forger and murderer and a complete fraud and their blood is on your hands, especially Hinckley's. He fooled experts so it was okay that he fooled Prophets, Seers and Revelators too?!! What about the gift of discernment Mr. Apostle?!!

I suggest that everyone read the whole talk, it is amazing the excuses and lies that he spews. Once again, he hid out at BYU to give such an important talk on August 6, 1987. It is entitled "Recent Events Involving Church History and Forged Documents." Why not give this "very important" talk in General Conference, where it should have been given.

At least the Church hasn't erased this talk off of their website.....yet!! Read it while you can. I do have an archived copy if indeed it does vanish someday.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:26:00 AM, Blogger Kryptoss said...

Why do people base their beliefs on the bible or for that matter in a Book of Mormon? Why do they consider the bible and BOM to be Gods word?

The Bible and BOM were written by men, not God, not Jesus, but men. Do you really believe everything that the bible/BOM states, all the miracles, all the stories that were written my men?

Why do people quote the bible/BOM and expect that to be taken as proof of Gods word when men wrote those stories?

I believe in God, but not in a Bible or BOM. I believe in God but not in any particular Church. Isn't the belief of the bible/BOM putting you in the hands of a mans Church, not Gods?

I am voting for John Lennon on this one. Imagining a world without organized religion. Amen John!

At Sunday, March 20, 2011 4:20:00 PM, Blogger mo no mo said...

the lds church is false,its about money sex and lyes.joe oliver and parley wrote a book from one they stole from another man,,they are racist,i to have left the church..


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