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How the Mormon Church abuses and takes advantage of the Elderly!!

Earlier tonight on the recovery from Mormonism board, somebody brought up the treatment of the Elderly and their so called missions. I'm glad they did because I have a lot to say about that.Here is a quote from Hinckley himself regarding the need for Senior missionaries:

"Along with the need for young elders and sisters, there is a growing need for couples in the mission field. Older married couples are doing a wonderful work in the missions. Many more are needed. . . . With an increasing number of people retiring while they are still possessed of health and vitality, there are many who can fill a tremendous need in the work of the Lord."

Here was the original post by DanBoyle

this was posted in the foyer at church today. This church has no shame, some of these "openings" even included the monthly cost to serve...not the monthly salary, the cost the senior missionary will pay to serve...the flyer has the heading "Full time senior missionary opportunities" Some listings:

Natural Resources/Hydrogeologist Engineer to develop water resources. Spouse would perform clerical and office support for a minimum of 32 hours per week
Exploration Research Geologist; research mineral potential of church owned properties....spouse should be computer literate..

Farm management company: basic carpentry, fixing things on the church farms, cost $1,ooo to $1,500 per month...

Polynesian cultural center: motorpool, fixing vehicles, must be able to lift 50 pounds several times a day..cost 2,000 to 2,500 per month!!

This church is out of control, asking retired folks to serve as "missionaries" when in reality it is free labor. Talk about taking advantage of the elderly, what a cult the church is.

For a complete listing of missionary "opportunities" you can check the church's website

The final insult, a plea for help saying "our needs are great, and we would urge any one who has the spirit of Elijah to apply". Yes, I remember Elijah repairing transmissions and researching mineral rights in his golden years...


Here are my comments regarding this issue:

I'm just speechless!! They know no shame!! Reading something like this makes me physically ill as I think about those older folks paying to be abused by a multi-billion dollar corporation. They can buy a billion dollar mall but they can't pay someone to motorpool and fix vehicles at the PCC? How much do they charge again to get into that damn place? Someone has to actually pay to have the privilege of fixing cars at the PCC? Oh yeah, how much is that luxury resort costing over there in Hawaii?

Every time I think they are as low as they can go, they take it another lever lower. In my mind, they are becoming a more evil and controlling cult everyday. I think maybe a Federal Investigation needs to take place on these "so called missions." Especially where they involve the Elderly that are being greatly taken advantage off and abused.

This is abuse of the Elderly, plain and simple!! Something really needs to be done!! We need 48 hours or 20/20 to do an undercover investigation, an exposé and get Bishops,Stake Presidents, Seventies, etc, covering their faces saying, "no comment, no comment, while running from the cameras." This is truly a shameful practice and I'm even more embarrassed everyday that I was once a "true believer" in this cult!! I feel like throwing up now!!

Then there was a person that was saying that they don't pay their own way and this was my response:

Well, you can call it what you want but they are in fact "paying" to be there and they are not being compensated whatsoever for all of the hard work that they are doing. So, they are indeed being "charged" to serve and it is disguised as a "mission" call. Let's call it what it really is, a Billion dollar corporation that is too cheap to hire someone, when they can get all the work done for free, by Elderly people who are guilted and shamed into serving a mission for the Mormon God.

I have a hard time believing that there wasn't something better that your Grandparent's could have been doing in their "Golden Years", like being with their loved ones and relaxing or spending time on a hobby, or just relaxing.

You may say that they don't hold a literal gun to their head, but they hold a spiritual gun to their head. When my Dad retired, within weeks, he was in the Bishop's office being asked which mission he wanted to serve with my Mom. To his credit, he said none!! He said that he had worked his whole life in order to be able to retire, enjoy life and be with his Family. God bless him!! They kept bothering him for about a year and finally gave up.

Whenever service projects come up, he is one of the first ones they call and he just tells them nope, can't do it. He doesn't feel like cleaning their celestial crapers anymore. Of course, they fired all the janitors a few year ago, due to "lack of funds", so that people like my Mom and Dad, would volunteer to clean their toilets. Another great legacy of Hinckley, isn't it?

Here were some more comments and my responses:

> My relatives really loved their mission. They took care of missionary cars, made apartment arrangement for missionaries and signed leases, made sure the missionaries kept their rented rooms clean, and did a variety of other administrative duties.

They loved doing this? Really? 18 months of their life spent taking care of missionary cars, arranging apartments and leases for missionaries and making sure that missionaries kept their rooms clean and they loved it? If they did, they did, but I'm not buying it, that they were out there having a great time doing that crap and paying for it to boot. It's hard for me to believe that there was no other place they would have rather been and no other things that they would have rather been doing. I saw first hand on my mission how the Elderly are abused, mistreated and taken advantage off. They are not truly appreciated and I have many examples.

I feel that it is a complete disgrace that the Billion dollar Mormon Inc even has to ask Elderly people to do this crap after they have worked hard their whole life. I guess that they hope that they have been brainwashed sufficiently to want to do it for God!! The other thing that really pisses me off about the treatment of the Elderly is that they don't even qualify for the equal money program of missionaries. Why is this? They have to pay out the full price and the prices that they ask are way higher than they should be. If anyone should qualify for that program, it's the Elderly.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Mormon Inc owns the majority of the houses that they are charging the Elderly monthly rent for. The Church is definitely making a tidy profit off of the Elderly and it makes me sick. They should be ashamed of themselves, but how can they when they have no shame. Their is nothing too low, that they won't do to make a quick buck, even it means abusing and taking advantage of the Elderly.

I'd like to see some of these pompous ass Seventies out there doing this type of work with no compensation, at an older age. They wouldn't know what to do if they had to "really" work and give up their "living allowance", 5 star hotels, private jets, exquisite cuisine and luxury cars. Damn cult!!

Then she had another post, you go there and read the whole thing but here was 2nd response:

Well, to answer your question, no, my Mom did not put the Bishop up to it. She wanted to serve a mission a lot less than my Dad and he didn't want to at all.

Now, I just want to help you out a little bit about what the "listed cost" doesn't cover, right off of the Churches website. You make it sound like it's all inclusive but after seeing this list, you'll understand better that it isn't. Oh, and don't forget to pay your tithing and fast offerings too.

"Couples Estimated Mission Costs in US. These costs do not include health insurance, prescriptions, Tithing, Fast Offerings, long distance calls, cell phones, car repairs, personal care items such as hair, apartment set up costs."

I've read many cases, right here on this board, where an "older" couple has had to buy everything for their apartment. Dishes, a bed, everything. The Church won't pay for it, it's right out of their pocket. Also, many have commented that the amounts the Church is charging is much more than the current market value or average rent in the area.

Also, out of every mission that the Church lists, there are only 3, all in Brazil, that would cost less than the equal missionary plan. I'm not sure if you understand what I'm talking about. It's the plan where every missionary pays the same cost. How would that price them out, it would help them tremendously? From the costs ranging from $600-$3,700 in England, how would it hurt them to only be paying $400 instead. I think it's $400 still, it may be higher now. But I don't feel that just because they are an "older" retired couple, that they should have to flip the whole bill that could easily be paid for by a billion dollar corporation. After all, it was the Church not too long ago that recommended that all older couples should will their life savings to the Church.

For that matter, the Church could pay for every missionary, if they wanted to, without hardly making a dent in their bottom line. Let's just say that the Church brings in anywhere from $5-$10 Billion dollars a year in just tithing. We have 50,000 missionaries out in the field every two years. Lets say each mission costs $11,000-$12,000. So we are talking about $550-$600 million every two years. So, it would take about $300 million more or less a year, to completely sustain the mission program. It wouldn't even make a dent in the Billions that they have coming in from their tithing and investments. So why don't they? Why should they, when everyone will gladly and voluntarily pay their own way?!!

I can't help you see that they are indeed taking advantage of these people and I also can't help those that are blindly being taken advantage of to see it. It is what it is and it's ashame and a disgrace!! They are all victims of the damn cult and many don't even know it. I've been on a mission as have many of my friends; I've read many posts on here and I know how they treat the "older couples", unless you are Lavell Edward's on a "PR" mission in New York. He was the boss, hanging out with bigwigs, schmoozing with the who's who of New York, but that is the exception, not the rule!! Also, they do pressure these people greatly!! I know you don't believe that, but they do, I've seen it first hand.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Friday, August 03, 2007 10:06:00 AM, Blogger Carbonware said...

Although there is great pressure to serve missions they don't pay the Church anything to go. The listed costs are the cost of living of being in a certain place. They are estimates for planning.

And I do agree that the church could afford to provide the funds but that is not the point , sacrifice is suppose to have it's own rewards, when people get things for free they put less effort into it, and rarely appreciate what they are doing or receiving. Something s in life cost simply because they would not be valued otherwise.

At Tuesday, February 05, 2008 4:42:00 AM, Anonymous clarksburg said...

Elder Abuse is difficult to spot, however when it is found it should be heavily punished!! Families put faith in people to look after the older relatives and people tackle advantage of the persons frail nature and trust put in them by the family! if someone is found guilty of elder abusethey should punishable in the same fashion a doctor is for medical negligence, however it should be remembered that elderly abuse is intentional and maliciously carried out!


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