Friday, August 12, 2005

My Very Perverted Mormon Bishop While at BYU!!

I had a Bishop in Provo, Utah while going to BYU that should have been a porno director. I think people could have probably heard some thumping under his desk during their confessions....LOL. He was a complete pervert!! I believe that he truly got off on everyones confessions.

Anyone that went to him to confess their fornication or sexual sin, and there were many, were subjected to his needing graphic details of every act, how long it lasted, how many times, whether you enjoyed it, positions, oral, etc.

Very few people that had to confess to this perverted freak ever returned to Church and everyone, in these types of situations, is afraid to say anything because they will be punished more severely for speaking out on top of their sexual sin. Besides, all the Stake Presidents do is support the Bishops anyway, so what's the use. If you go to Salt Lake, they'll refer it back to the Bishop or SP so in reality, you have no recourse whatsoever as they are self-governing.

Also if you speak out in a situation like that, it is because you are a sinner and Satan is controlling you, you are now a rebel to God. So basically, they can do to you whatever they want, you are 100% at their mercy without any "real" recourse. They can and do destroy lives and seem to take great pleasure in the whole thing, the power, etc. Hard to believe that they do all this in the name of "Gods love". We love you so much, and God loves you so much, that we are going to throw you out of his Church, but hey, keep paying your tithing so that God can bless you on your road back....what a joke!! After all, they have malls to buy!!

It is unbelievable to me that he could actually ask those questions of people but after all, that is what the Mormon Church trained him to do. I think he probably took it to a whole new personal level, but come on, what a joke!! They should have had a court for him and thrown him out of the Church!! But these types of things are very common, I know a lot of people that have had the same experiences in many different places with many different Bishops.

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