Friday, August 12, 2005

Mormon BYU-Idaho student pleads for malls to take down "NUDE" photos!!

***UPDATE***The Mormon cult Hierarchy and Kim Clark, has removed this article from the BYU-Idaho Scroll recently, even though they have archives that go back to the 1980's...interesting, isn't it? I guess it went into the Mormon shit can, along with other classics, like John Wilson's "Epidermis exposure is too common", which was even quoted by Susan "Pickle" Bednar, in a 6 stake fireside at BYU-Idaho, on September 16, 2001.

In any case, I saved a copy of this article as I always do, just in case this deletion was to happen, which I figured it might, since it is so damn embarrassing and ridiculous to both Tiffany Ricks, BYU and the Mormon cult.***

First of all, everyone needs to read her comments that were posted in the BYU-Idaho Scroll online.

Down with nude photos

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in hopes of reaching some people who will be motivated to take a stand against an issue facing this community.

While I was walking down the hall of the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls, I noticed some pictures that were hanging in the windows of the Bath and Body Works store. They were pretty hard to miss, since hanging very visibly to the hall was an unclothed woman hugging her legs.

These pictures which display indecency and are undignified, are beginning to appear quite openly at the mall in several locations. Now, fellow students of this refined and respectable school, for the most part this community has been a safe and clean community, with low crime and fear. Could this, in part, be because standards of honor, respect and purity have been upheld? Wouldn’t it be a disgrace if this good community became unsafe and dirty?

Please all of you who believe in families, and know they are important; or you who would not want your child, spouse, or sibling (or relative) enslaved to the addiction of having to look at and lust after a person’s naked body constantly; or you who would be heartbroken to see your lovely daughter, wife, mother of your children or a friend or sibling (relative) openly displaying her nude body for all who came to the mall, possibly because she thought her greatest value was found in letting others lust after her body.

I send this plea to you…please take some kind of action! Stand up for everything that is decent, respectful and right, no matter what sacrifice it might take! Please, help those who are still clean and decent to stay that way, and help those that need freedom from their enslaving addiction have one less temptation. Thank you!

Tiffany Ricks-


Rexburg, Idaho

This is truly an amazing article to show just how closed minded "TBM's" are in the Mormon Church when it comes to sex and nudity. I knew it was bad in the Mormon Church but this really opened my eyes to how much worse it is than I thought. This is the way that the Mormon Church teaches and wants their youth and adults to think. She isn't the only one that feels this way. BYU-Idaho used to be Ricks college and I noticed that her last name is Ricks. Not sure if there is any relation but it sure would make sense. Here were some comments that I made back on August 2nd regarding this ridiculous article:

Damn, can you imagine having her as a wife?!! Can you imagine if she ever caught you sneaking a peek at "real" pornography? It would be an immediate divorce, no questions asked!! I think I'd rather do a swan dive into an empty swimming pool. It would be the same thing. Maybe she'll grow out it, we can only hope!!

Maybe she should marry that guy from Bednar's talk that dumped that girl because she wouldn't honor, respect and obey the "pleadings" of a Prophet by taking out her second earrings. Those two would make the perfect "TBM" couple of all time!! Then Bednar, could give a new talk and introduce them to the audience, tell everyone who he was, the famous earring guy and then tell everyone how blessed he was to have dumped that other evil girl. The couple could talk in firesides, Stake conferences, etc. Seems like a plan!!

He could then introduce his new "TBM" wife and tell everyone how much the Lord had blessed him for dumping that other chick with too many earrings.He could tell them that now he was with someone prepared by the Lord that would obey every word of the Prophet Hinckley, without hesitation and with no questions asked, no matter how stupid it was.

If there is anyone out there that doesn't believe that this Church is a cult, it's because they are in it and still programmed. We need to start a center just to help detoxify ex-Mormons brains from all the poison that has been dumped into them.

Samuel the Utahnite

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