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A BYU Professor Once Again Helps To Prove The Book Of Mormon and The Church Are Frauds!!

Is this guy for real? My guess is that he must have a gotten a big fat check from Hinckley himself!! Nobody could be this dumb or blind, could they? To actually say that "the archaeological and geographical evidence support The book of Mormon to the same degree and for the same reasons that they support The Bible" has to be one of the most laughable statements of the century!! I couldn't believe what I was listening to!! I just honestly don't believe that a man would put his intelligence, career and reputation on the line unless he had to or was forced to. If he really truly believes the ridiculous claims in this speech, then frankly, I feel very sorry for him. Here is that link so that everyone can listen to the speech for themselves-**Warning**-not for the intellectual types:

Link to talk:

Where exactly is he getting his information from? To say that "Moroni could show up today, in front of congress, with the golden plates in his hands, the sword of Laban and the Liahona in hand and they would still reject him", is ridiculous!! It would be an amazing thing if Moroni showed up since he never really existed!! However, if he did show up and we could actually see the plates, analyze them and see what Joseph Smith supposedly translated, it would basically prove the Church true and everyone would be joining. He says that, "even a room full" of Book of Mormon artifacts wouldn't be believed. How about just one?!! Plus, I'd love to get a good look at that "sealed portion"!!

Now, we know that will never happen because there is no evidence or proof that The Book or Mormon is "real", rather a work of fiction by Joseph Smith and his demented yet very creative mind. Who cares how many languages it has been translated into and how many copies have been printed. Does that prove anything? It just proves how diligent the Church is with filling the world with a book of fiction, claiming it to be the word of God, divinely translated by Joseph Smith.

He says that the charges against The Book of Mormon are serious and deserve response. He then says something very interesting, describing it as the "anti-Mormon" approach; "if Joseph Smith made the book up, then it's peoples did not exist, it's events did not happen and there should be no trace of them anywhere!!" BINGO!! Boy, he hit the nail on the head and didn't even realize it!! Then again, maybe he does know it if he's on the payroll.

Before that he said that if you "can prove the existence of Zarahemla, then the validity of the rest follows." So where is it? Not Mayan or Olmec places....where are the ruins of Zarahemla and the Nephites and Lamanites? What the hell is "reformed Egyptian?" It doesn't exist!! Where are all of these swords, breastplates, shields, helmets, clubs, bows, arrows, etc? There should literally be millions if not tens of millions of these items, along with bones right in and all around the Hill Cumorah!!

What an amazing discovery that would be!! You would think that The Church, sitting on all that evidence, would just open up the Hill Cumorah and show the entire world but instead they just keep it to themselves? Better to just try and get people to feel that "special feeling" than it is to show them the hard evidence and proof?!! I would be pissed if I was currently a missionary!! They have all this proof that would make my job so much easier and they refuse to help me out!! What a joke!! The truth is and everyone knows it, is that if they had the proof, they would be showing it over the pulpit at General Conference and have all of their artifacts traveling all over the world. Hell, the GA's might even be wearing it while they gave their talks and set up displays of it behind them, why not? Are you kidding me? The Church wouldn't miss a chance to charge $10 or $20 a head to get into their "Book of Mormon exhibition." It would be big money!! Then they could have the missionaries waiting at the end to teach each person and family and then have a baptismal font waiting outside for the mass baptisms!! LOL!!

Then he says something that to me is even more shocking and revealing, something that Hinckley has said various times as well. He says, "if after a reasonable time of searching, material evidence is not found, then The Book of Mormon would be shown to be imaginary and by implication, Joseph Smith would be exposed as a liar and The Mormon Church unveiled as a hoax." Then he explains that "The Book of Mormon is the keystone of "Mormonism" and that if you can destroy that stone, all the rest that it supports, will come crashing down."

He sums up his talk with a "wonderful" quote from Hinckley basically saying that we shouldn't worry ourselves with external, archaeological proof, rather the proof that The Book of Mormon is true lies within the book. He says that those who have read it and had the spirit to confirm its truthfulness, know that it is true. So once again, throw out any physical evidence, turn off your brain, reality, history and just get that "special feeling" and that's all you will ever need. So why do they keep trying to find archaeological proof to correlate the history of The Book of Mormon? Why does Farms exist? Because, they are getting desperate and know that the "special feeling" just isn't working anymore for a lot of people. They know they won't ever find anything, but if people think they are still looking, then all is well in Zion!! It's all so magical, mystical and such a mystery, isn't it?!! Oh yeah, and it is wonderful!!

Is it just me or does the Prophet and people like John E. Clark seem to be basically toying with members and using reverse psychology? They must think, the Church can't be false if they would make such bold comments about it being false. I think their strategy is "the best defense is a good offense." They figure if they bring it up before people start proving it to be false, then people won't give it a second thought because they would never bring it up if that was to really be the case. That's just my observation.

What is really getting on my nerves lately and in this talk, is the stupid jokes they make, that aren't even funny and the polite, lets just call it "Mormon laughter", that you only hear in Church, at a conference or a fireside, etc. It's just really annoying!! I used to be one of those "TMB's" with the stupid "Mormon Laughter" syndrome too. The man is talking about the possibility of Joseph Smith being a complete fraud and the Church being a complete hoax and then everyone is basically laughing about it with stars in their eyes. The things that everyone is laughing about aren't even funny, except in their little brainwashed and twisted society. It is truly amazing as I can see it so clearly now!! It is just another tactic they are using to relax everyone and take their minds off of what they just said. Basically, it is a distraction and it works like a charm!!

Now, I have a question!! It is so obvious that everyone appears to overlook it!! If Joseph Smith was truly a Prophet of God, translated The Book of Mormon by the power of God, could see and translate records in his mind that were still on the other side of the world, etc, talked to God the Father and The Son, saw angels all the time, prophesied about everything, then how in the world did he not have a clue where, exactly and precisely, The Book of Mormon cities were? How is that possible? He's a Prophet of God, right? He has to read a book about the Mayan ruins to be able to say, "see, here is the proof!!" He should have already written his own book if he was so divinely inspired. He didn't even have to go there, he could have just stuck his head in that hat, or just closed his eyes and been able to see everything and describe it in great detail, if he was truly a "Great Prophet", like Moses, Abraham, etc.

Now, take this argument and fast forward to today. They still don't have a freaking clue where anything is and it has been like 175 years since then?!! Why would they even need an expedition, ever? Why should there be any debate at all. You mean to tell me that every Prophet of God, starting with Joseph Smith all the way down to Gordon B. Hinckley haven't been able to pinpoint exactly and precisely, where the Book of Mormon took place? So much for being a Prophet, Seer and Revelator. There is a Prophet of God however, that gets revelations about two earrings in womens ears, pornography and gambling are evil and dangerous, no more homecomings or farewells for missionaries but at the same time, doesn't even know the doctrines of the Church, what it has taught for 175 years or where The Book of Mormon took place?

I was thinking the other day that maybe, just maybe, God took up to heaven, any and all evidence of The Book of Mormon, like he did the plates, sword of Laban, etc. He stole the bones, the helmets, breastplates, etc. He must have them in a special section of Heaven where even the people in Heaven can't go. After all, why show those that have passed on to the next life, wouldn't it be better to keep trying their faith too? We all know how much the "Mormon God" loves to try peoples faith and it would just be too obvious and easy if you could prove The Book of Mormon, right? But what about the promise in Moroni? The only way the Book of Mormon can be true is if God changed the Native Americans DNA and stole all Book of Mormon evidence. So, then, you have to ask yourself, why did he leave the Bible evidence for everyone to find? Obviously, the "Mormon God" doesn't care whether you can prove "The Book of Mormon" and "his one and only restored Church" as being true. That would be just too easy!! It is so obvious what is happening here!! Can you all see it?!!

Maybe it's just me but I don't even need solid proof anymore to be able to prove the Church and Joseph Smith as complete hoaxes and frauds, all I need is my brain and common sense!! The Mormon Church is indeed one of the greatest hoaxes and frauds that has ever existed upon the face of the earth!! First, lets celebrate the humble Prophet(who doesn't have a clue about anything) Gordon B. Hinckley's 95th birthday with a massive party, with great entertainment, where he was treated like a King, in his new $500 million + conference center!! Did I mention how humble he is? By the way, screw the missionaries who are sacrificing two years of their lives for you Mr. Hinckley and your fraud of a Church!! After all, we don't throw big parties, farewells or homecomings for Bishops, Stake Presidents or PROPHETS!! Now, let's celebrate Joseph Smiths 200th anniversary and raise a glass to the man that made it all happen, that started it all, the original Prophet of fraud, the one and only, Joseph Smith!!

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At Thursday, June 29, 2006 7:40:00 PM, Blogger nate said...

the difference is farewells and homecomings are on Sunday during Sacrament meetings. There are some wards where there are so many missionary meetings, and the moms don't talk about the gospel, they just give a life synopsis of the doctrine is ever being taught. So thats why there's a crack down on the families speaking. And the crackdown on big parties on Sunday is because half the ward was going to the party instead of church. They can have a party -- just do it Saturday night (or like I did) after church. President Hinckley's 'party' was paid for by a donation from someone (not church funds), and we have 'parties' in the ward all the time = 'ward activities'. Just not on Sunday.

At Monday, September 18, 2006 9:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This does not sound objective at all. In fact, it sounds more like a conspiracy theory than anything.

At Wednesday, October 03, 2007 7:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone 'used to be' one of these Mormons, eh?

So answer this: What evil are these people doing in the world? What is the major conspiracy that you're convinced they're involved in?
To my knowledge, those who believe in the teachings of the Mormon church are just people; no different than any other religious group of people.

The saddest part about your whole article is that it is so slanted that it merely portrays you, the author, as a bitter ex-Mormon who has an axe to grind with someone or something related to the Mormon church. So much for Christianity, forgiveness, and decency.

No, I've never seen any proof of any of the things you mentioned other than the behavior and genuine goodness of the people you're railing on.

So, you're entitled to your rants; but my question is, do you believe you're 'saving' people? Or, are you just attempting to soothe a guilty conscience?

At Tuesday, October 16, 2007 8:09:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your petty rants do nothing but make you seem like a vindicative child. You sound less convicing than stories about aliens or ghosts. Your terrible language and nastiness make your argument petty and leaves people with no respect for you. And I have one question for you...why would anyone die for a huge hoax, he wasn't receiving any compensation by being the prophet, why didn't he just admit it was all a lie everytime he was beaten, incarcerated, and threatened with death.


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