Tuesday, August 02, 2005

*Exclusive**Breaking News* What really happened to Richard Hinckley!! You won't believe it!!

***I just wanted to include this link to another very interesting post I wrote on the honest man, who was called by the Mormon God, Richard Hinckley, who is also the son of Gordon B. Hinckley, the current Mormon Prophet.***

It was reported by his wife Jane on KSL what really happened on that jet an hour and a half from Anchorage, Alaska. One of his exercise bands snapped and hit him in the right eye, rupturing his eyeball. He had to have emergency surgery in Alaska and they will wait 10 days to do surgery on him here to see how he's doing. They say that it is a very serious injury and that it may affect his eyesight.


Wow, my thoughts are first that God must have really been looking out for him and Pop. Secondly, how would it be to be exercising on a Private Jet, flying around the world with my Family. Maybe he was drunk? Maybe he was laughing so hard at the easy life, he wasn't paying attention? It must be that damn nepotism biting him in the ass or the eye!! Interesting isn't it?!! At least we know that the Church will take care of the bills and surgeries, so no worries there!! At least the Mormon God looks after his anointed in that regard!!

We also know that the Church will spare no expense and fly in the best doctor money and God can buy if that is what it takes to fix his eye. I in no way, take any pleasure in him getting hurt or wish any physical harm upon anyone. I'm sure that Seventy insurance will be kicking in meaning that God is looking out for them. Even if he didn't have personal insurance, do you think he'd be paying for the bills out of his own pocket? If a missionary gets sick on his mission, does the Church pay for all of the medical bills once they get home and indefinitely? They certainly didn't in my family when someone got sick and needed surgery.

Besides, if he loses eyesight in one eye, he should still have the other eye.right? It didn't hit him in both eyes. Jim McMahon lived his whole life with one eye and won the "Miracle Bowl", excelled at every level, including BYU and then won a Super-Bowl. My point is not that it's okay that he was seriously injured but that his life will go on and he can live the same quality as before if he does indeed lose his eyesight. I guess what I'm saying is that missionaries are seriously injured, shot and killed every year, so at least it wasn't life threatening. He's still alive and should have at least one good eye.

There has been much speculation about what had really happened to him, thanks to his wife, now we know. I wonder why the Church basically covered it up for two days and didn't want us to know the real truth and then we hear it from his wife? The good news is that his Papa is the Prophet, the big cheese, the seer and revelator so theoretically it won't matter if he loses his eyesight, right? His Daddy can just lay his hands on his head and heal him with no problem, just like Jesus did, since he is God's right hand man, his anointed. Oh wait, he doesn't actually know or talk to God, does he. He just gets that warm burning in the bosom or a thought randomly pops in his head. (Build a conference center-) Who said that? (as he looks all around) ooooooooooooooh!!

So lets hope that his bosom is really burning this time as he lays his hands on his son's head. This will be a true test of the Prophets lack of faith, knowledge and testimony. They must have taken off sometime after Daddy's big birthday bash. At least this happened after the big party, it would have been a shame if they had to miss that. Also, so Hinckley had nothing to do with his Son being called but then they take off together to Korea on Huntsman's or some private jet? I wonder how many other Seventies get to travel by Private jet with the big cheese himself? Is his Son getting special privileges? NO, it couldn't be, could it? Nepotism rearing it's ugly head? Hinckley fears that so much!! right? I guess it's all just a big coincidence that they were traveling together?!!

I was thinking, I would love to go for a fun trip on a private jet, lift some weights, etc, while flying to California or New York, maybe Korea. When is the last time you were able to lift weights or run while on an airplane. I haven't had that chance on American, Delta, Jet blue or United lately. Maybe we get up to walk to the bathroom or something unless you are flying around on a private jet like they are.

Maybe God told him in his mind, "Take your Son!!" So he was only obeying God and then Karma took over, who knows, but the whole thing is interesting. I never wish physical harm upon anybody but it is just an interesting way and place to hurt yourself. It could have just been some turbulence or something, who knows. Meanwhile Daddy headed on to Korea and now is in Taiwan so that people can worship him like the God he pretends not to be but knows he is. After all, He is a very humble man, he is...he said so himself but at the same time, can't wait for another big Birthday party in 5 more years. Sounds like a humble man to me, at the members and tithe payers expense of course.

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