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Elder Mickelsen Can See Your Inner Light?! My Personal Experience!!

First of all, for those that haven't spent the 30 minutes and listened to the talk, you really should, it's very entertaining. The whole thing is so funny to me now that I'm not a "TBM." I just get a kick out of these GA's taking themselves so seriously!! Do they actually believe what they are spewing? I loved his "white shirt" story!! I also enjoyed the "we must chose between eternal life of eternal damnation." He's so condescending and so much better than everyone else and you can tell that when you listen to his talk. If we could only grow up to be like him, one of God's chosen servants!! LOL!!

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I also had a personal experience with the great Mickelsen while on my mission in Argentina. Hopefully some of you are out there that were in that very conference or had a similar experience with him at a different time and place. I'm sure that this was his little gig everywhere he went. I had made another post about my exit from the Church and this experience with him was one of the things that I have reflected on my whole life. It was something that I could never forget. He was a very arrogant and condescending man!! He acted like he was God!!

Even the mission President was following him around like a little lapdog. It was funny to see that. The man who was always instilling so much fear in us, following another man around with that same fear. It still makes me!! It was poetic justice at it's finest!!

It wasn't just from the bottom leaders(district, zone, etc) but it came from the top.....the very top. I mean the area Presidency would rip us apart. We would have mission conferences with Elders Groberg, Ayala,Mickelsen, etc. They all had one common theme....we were sinners and therefore not baptizing "God's elect". If only we would stop masturbating....then God would lead us to the chosen people who were being punished for our masturbation. How stupid!!

Elder Mickelsen came to a complete mission conference and did something amazing, so amazing that us innocent missionaries were actually a little scared of him(I should actually say very scared of him)...haha..I can only laugh now as I look back on it!!

When he arrived....the Great Seventy, I believe Area President at the time, we were all in awe of this man of God. He then proceeded to walk the entire chapel and shake the hand of every missionary in attendance and spew a little BS while he did it. How are you, so nice to meet you, etc as he shook our hands while all smiles.(Little did we know what he was really doing that for?!!) So on completion of that little ritual, it was time for him to talk.

He began his talk by saying(smile gone, now very serious) that as he shook the hand of every missionary, he could see their light, the light of Christ. Some of us had very bright lights and some of us had very dim lights or hardly any light at all. I know now that this was a complete load of crap as they wouldn't even know if a forger/murderer was in their say Mark Hoffman? How many documents did they buy, like 48? Wow!! But he could see our light, some very bright, some dim, the dim ones must have been the masturbators, right? I mean what intimidation to do and say what he did!! What a disgrace!!

What fear he instilled in us, that he could see our very souls and know if we were good or bad, if we masturbated or not, basically. I mean every missionary was looking around as if to say, crap, I'm busted!! ha ha!! I mean it was ridiculous that we bought the act but we were programmed to believe it.

I hoped it wasn't true but assumed it was. I'm sure that there were some there that didn't buy it but I would say that the majority bought it hook line and sinker, including me. So the major theme on a mission and always one of the first questions in every Mission President interview I had was, "do you masturbate Elder"? So naturally, every missionary was obsessed with this and then to have a Seventy say that "he knew" our light, well, needless to say, there were a lot of freaked out missionaries. (I always felt that maybe he should have pointed out to the Pres all of the very dim lights so that they could have been helped, right? Maybe he should have met with them individually or something? If he really cared and loved the Missionaries, Christ's servants, why didn't he try to help them? Only problem is, he had no idea who they were...ha!! His entire act was a load of crap, he knew it, God knew it and he couldn't deny!!)

But that is the very mind control and scare tactics that they use on the missionaries. They operate in complete fear and that is what the Church wants and strives for. They want complete control over the bodies and minds of all members, especially the missionaries, right down to their underwear!! Those who admit to their masturbation while on a mission are blacklisted and never rise to leadership positions and that my friends is a fact. At least Elder Mickelsen was able to determine whose lights were bright and whose were dim, not that it mattered anyway, as he then took off in his luxury rental car, back to his five star hotel and then he jetted off to some other place to pull the same charade!!

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At Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next time I go in for a temple recommend, I am going to ask the SP or bishop if he masterbates. Wonder what will happen?

At Tuesday, December 04, 2007 8:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I masturbated on my mission, the president, knew it, and I was a still a Zone Leader.

maybe times have changed?

At Monday, June 22, 2009 10:00:00 PM, Blogger Janelle said...

I'm reminded of something that happened to me at BYU...I no longer believed, but had to stay mormon to get my degree. Put on the act until I graduated and was free. One sunday was bishop interviews for our ecclesiastical endorsements so we could sign up for classes next semester. I lied my way through it. But I was in a good mood, and I'd long since given up the guilt, so I was all smiles. After asking me the chastity questions, he says "Oh I don't even need to ask you these questions, I can tell by the light in your eyes that you are a righteous young woman." I'd had sex earlier that morning with my nonmormon boyfriend. He couldn't perceive any light, all he was sensing was that I was in a good mood and feeling confident. If I had any lingering hesitations about my loss of faith, that right there was the nail in the coffin.


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