Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mormon's Say That Even The Destitute Have To Pay Their Tithing!!

Give us your gold fillings, give us 1 out of every 10 of your geese eggs......because we don't want you to miss out on the wonderful blessings of tithing. God is just waiting to flip that switch that controls the windows of heaven!! He really wants to open them!! What a joke!!

Here are some amazing quotes that have been shared before but I thought I'd share them again for those that haven't seen them. They rob from the poor in order to sustain the rich, namely, themselves in their lavish lifestyles and mansions. They don't need mansions in heaven because they already have them here, paid for by tithe payers of course!! These men have no shame whatsoever!!

These quotes are perfect examples of how these men work and the guilt they put on the members, specifically the poor people that can barely even provide for their Family.

These men should be arrested for their crimes against the poor and humanity in general. Here are some great quotes exposing them for what they are and for their need for greed. Hinckley goes to a very poor country like Panama, or Russia and only wants to talk about tithing. It is disgusting!!

Here were Hinckley's comments in Panama December 18, 2000:

The article on this speech is in the Deseret News archives if you want to read the whole thing.

PANAMA CITY, Panama — The day will come that there will be a temple in Panama, if members here prove worthy, President Gordon B. Hinckley said during a member meeting in Panama City Dec. 18.

"That means that you must live the gospel," President Hinckley told the some 5,000 gathered at a downtown convention center. "You must love and respect one another as husband and wife, and your children as fathers and mothers. It means that you must get along with people and do well in your daily work. It means that you must attend your meetings."

Tithing is an elementary element of gospel living, he said. It is a commandment based on faith. The prophet told the Panamanian people that he and Sister Marjorie Hinckley would soon be meeting with their own bishop for their annual tithing settlement.

"When we have settled with the bishop we'll be able to sleep better because we will know that we have met our obligation to the Lord; we have tried to be honest with Him," President Hinckley said. "Now, the Church doesn't need my money. The Church could get along without my money, but I can't get along without the blessing of the Lord."

The Lord honors those who are honest with Him — He has promised to open the windows of heaven and shower blessings upon the faithful, President Hinckley said.

The prophet told of a Taiwanese man who struggled with tithing after being baptized. The man's financial means were limited and he worried he would not be able to pay rent and buy food for his family if he paid a full tithe. But he followed his wife's earnest persuasions and agreed to pay tithing to their branch president. The next day, the man was unexpectedly given a raise at work.

"When he left the place where he worked, he counted out the money. It was the exact amount of the tithing. He went home and told his wife. They sat down and cried together. And ever since then, he has been faithful in this basic law," President Hinckley said.

President Hinckley spoke of paying his tithing as a young boy. It was only a few cents each year, but he would hand it to the bishop and wait for a receipt that was probably more valuable than his contribution amount.

"But the significant thing is that I had paid my tithing and declared it to be in full," he said. "Out of that habit established when I was a little boy has grown a habit that has gone on throughout my life."

President Hinckley expressed his love for the Panamanian people and admonished them to exercise faith.

"If you will pay your tithing and keep the other commandments, we will find a way to build a temple in Panama. But we can't do it unless you do your part. The temple will cost much, much, much more than you will pay in tithing, but that will come about as a gift of the Church, as a blessing from the Lord, because you have exercised the faith to keep that sacred law."

"Your faith, and my faith, gives us the power within ourselves to do that which God would have us do. The history of the Church is a history of faith," President Hinckley said.

That an everlasting covenant might be established.

Abraham's people were a select, chosen people; a people called by the Lord to walk in His paths and keep His commandments, President Hinckley said.

"And that's who you are. People of covenant, given a role that is renewed in this time, that 'the fullness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the earth before kings and rulers.'"

"I hope there will be a time when I can come back and look into your faces and see a smile on those faces and have you say, 'We have tried and the Lord has blessed us.' "


Wow, I'll let you guys comment on what you think of those comments. It's just unbelievable!! I'm sure it isn't hard to pay tithing to the Church when they are the one giving you every penny you have. I hope his Bishop wasn't too hard on him!! He pretends to be like one of us? Please!! Hinckley is also being very dishonest about the whole blessings part by sharing that story about receiving "monetary" blessings.

Hinckley himself has said that the blessings that come from tithing may not be of a "monetary" nature, rather a "spiritual" nature. Therefore, not tangible and hard to prove, right?

Now these were President James E Faust's comments during the groundbreaking of the Porto Alegre Brazil Temple:

Again, the article on this speech is also archived on the Deseret News Website.

He emphasized the need for Saints all over the world to begin to sacrifice for temple building. He recalled how, when the Sao Paulo Temple was being built, members in Argentina found ways to donate.

They gave the gold from their dental work to help pay on the temple, said President Faust. He explained that he had purchased some of that gold, for more than the market price, and has shown the gold fillings to various congregations to illustrate the nature of the sacrifice made by these members.

This sacrifice has been the hallmark of the success of members in the Latin American nations, he noted, indicating that the same principle of sacrifice is needed today, where members in one area can reach out to help those in other areas.


What can I say?!! People selling their gold fillings? Has it really come to that? He takes the gold fillings to various congregations to illustrate the nature of the sacrifice made by these members? He is one sick SOB!! I wish he'd show them to me!! Poor people!! Damn Cult!!

Now, in the April 2001 General Conference, Earl C. Tingey, shared an example of just how truly desperate the Church is to get "something" from even the poorest of poor:

I was once teaching the law of tithing to a group of Church leaders in Africa. One brother said, “Elder Tingey, how can I pay tithing when I have no income?” I inquired and determined that he had a large family of seven or eight children and was unemployed. I asked how he fed his family. He said he had a small garden and raised geese. I asked, “What do the geese do?” He replied, “They lay eggs.” I responded, “What if one morning you discovered 10 geese eggs in the nests of your geese?” A light flickered on in his soul. “I could take one egg and give it to my branch president,” he answered. He understood, and he could become a full-tithe payer.

For the full talk:

You see that? The Church is so poor, that they need some poor Family's geese eggs!!

Now, let me share one more example from the Last General Conference, in April 2005 in a talk once again on tithing, with the perfect title of "Tithing—a Commandment Even for the Destitute." It was given by Elder Lynn G. Robbins Of the Seventy. Here are some great quotes:

"Among those who do not sacrifice there are two extremes: one is the rich, gluttonous man who won't and the other is the poor, destitute man who believes he can't. But how can you ask someone who is starving to eat less? Is there a level of poverty so low that sacrifice should not be expected or a family so destitute that paying tithing should cease to be required?

No bishop, no missionary should ever hesitate or lack the faith to teach the law of tithing to the poor. The sentiment of "They can't afford to" needs to be replaced with "They can't afford not to."

One of the first things a bishop must do to help the needy is ask them to pay their tithing. Like the widow, if a destitute family is faced with the decision of paying their tithing or eating, they should pay their tithing. The bishop can help them with their food and other basic needs until they become self-reliant.

In October of 1998 Hurricane Mitch devastated many parts of Central America. President Gordon B. Hinckley was very concerned for the victims of this disaster, many of whom lost everything—food, clothing, and household goods. He visited the Saints in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and Managua, Nicaragua. And like the words of the loving prophet Elijah to a starving widow, this modern prophet's message in each city was similar—to sacrifice and be obedient to the law of tithing.

But how can you ask someone so destitute to sacrifice? President Hinckley knew that the food and clothing shipments they received would help them survive the crisis, but his concern and love for them went far beyond that. As important as humanitarian aid is, he knew that the most important assistance comes from God, not from man. The prophet wanted to help them unlock the windows of heaven as promised by the Lord in the book of Malachi (see Malachi 3:10; Mosiah 2:24).

President Hinckley taught them that if they would pay their tithing, they would always have food on their tables, they would always have clothing on their backs, and they would always have a roof over their heads."

MP3 File

For the full talk:

Let's see, what was that again? "If a destitute family is faced with the decision of paying their tithing or eating, they should pay their tithing." Is this guy for real?

I guess we could say this only applies to places in the world where the Church welfare program exists, like the USA and Europe. It didn't exist in South America when I was there!! So basically, in those poor places, they will pay their tithing with no guarantee of nothing, so they starve to death to pay the Mormon Church their tithing!! Unbelievable!!

One more quick quote by Hinckley when he was in Moscow, Russia on September 10, 2002. This is also a real classic!!

Now my dear brothers and sisters, live the gospel. Live the Word of Wisdom. Pay your tithing. You may say, ‘I can’t afford to pay tithing.’ I’d like to say that you cannot afford not to pay tithing. The Lord has made a wonderful promise, found in the Bible in the book of Malachi to those who pay their tithes. Unto those He will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there shall not be room to contain them. Take the Lord at his word. The Church will go on whether you pay your tithing or not. It is sustained in this part of the world by funds that come from the United States for the most part. Your tithing may be ever so small, but you take the Lord at his word and pay your tithes and offerings, and God will bless you.

For the full talk:

So, basically, the USA is supporting the Church there and the Church will go on whether they pay tithing or not, but PAY IT!! GOD WILL BLESS YOU!!

So in conclusion, give your gold fillings, your geese eggs, your food money, your bill money, your rent money, your gas money, your finger nail clippings, hell, just give us everything you have and the Lord will open up those "invisible windows" and pour out those "invisible spiritual blessings" upon you. So what if you end up homeless for not paying your bills and rent!!

If in the meantime you and your entire Family starve to death, God will bless you all on the other side for your incredible sacrifice of giving all your money and ultimately your life to the rich men in Salt Lake. At least you died for the cause, right? You'll die doing what you love, giving your money to the Billion Dollar corporation LDS Inc!!

After all, they have to buy their Billion dollar malls, build their World Trade Center, $300 million luxury resorts, have their limos, luxury cars, 1,000 + suits, 5 star hotels, million dollar + condos, exquisite cuisine and dining.

I mean, come on, these men have a lifestyle to maintain!! So cough it up people, don't make them suffer, after all, they are only doing God's work as poor, lowly and humble servants. Screw your Family and eating, what's more important here?

Just do it!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Monday, September 11, 2006 9:54:00 PM, Blogger swannster said...

Turn the view to the other side. It is well known that no matter how much money people make they they have money problems. So the problem isn't giving a tenth to any particular entity its just people by and large spend more then they make anyway.

At Friday, February 02, 2007 8:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People that are full tithe payers are giving the money and items to god. This money goes to church funds, temples, homeless, and needy causes like hurricane katrina. What we get back is a bounty of blessings and if you pay tithing you will never go poor from these blessings because our heavenly father is watcging over us.DO NOT call us a cult! We beleive in Christ as our savior.We are then Christians.Why must you critisize someone elses relegion?We dont critisize you guys.Think of it its is only one tenth of all the money you get. Say one day you get extra money from your boss for doing a good job. You still pay one tenth on that because heavenly father helped you get that money. If you dont thta may never happen again.
By the way im thirteen years old, I belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, i pay my tithing, my parents do too, and last of all were all happy.

At Wednesday, February 28, 2007 4:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I;m sixteen years old and just recently moved to Idaho. I was appauled to find this site while looking for something that was uplifting. Giving god tn percent of your income is the ery leaast that could be done to gratify what he has given us. the money isnt going to the leaders of the church and is in no way it their profit. president hinckley has lived in the same small house in utah for an extremely long time. He doesnt live in some mansion. use facts not random desperate insults for attention. how is giving to ten percent of your income stealing form poor???? the money goes to poor poor people!!!!! my family, being led only by myself and mother have much trouble paying rent. every paycheck the first thing we do is pay tithing. and somehow miraculously we come off with just enough for rent every month. we've calculated income, and we shouldnt have enough to pay. but we do.

At Wednesday, January 30, 2008 4:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who is familiar with the bible is familiar with the story of Elijah the prophet and the widow. She only had enough for one meal, a small bit of oil and meal. The prophet told her to make the meal and feed him. She obeyed and did not go hungry. Matters of faith will never be understood by those who don't have it. It seems rediculous to them God says, "prove me herewith" when he talks about tithing in the book of Malachi in the Old Testament. He says that if you pay it, you won't have enough "room to receive" the blessing he will pour out on you. It's all a matter of faith. Don't criticize something because you don't understand it, nor the faith to act upon it.

At Monday, February 04, 2008 9:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alma 24: 30
30 And thus we can plainly discern, that after a people have been once enlightened by the Spirit of God, and have had great knowledge of things pertaining to righteousness, and then have fallen away into sin and transgression, they become more hardened, and thus their state becomes worse than though they had never known these things.

At Thursday, November 20, 2008 12:52:00 PM, Blogger WAF said...

I didn't even have to finish your title before coming across the first lie. Nobody makes anyone do anything within the church. Secondly, no tithing money is being used for the mall. That all comes from private donations. You people sicken me.

At Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:02:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey WAF(WANKER-ASSHOLE-FUCKER or What...Another Fucking... MORmON)...is that what your initials stand for?

You really are a stupid fuck and I have no patience any longer with any of you stupid, MORmON fucks who don't give a damn about anything but your fucked up, piece of shit cult and how true it is, at any cost!!

Of course you didn't want to read beyond "the first truth" because it terrifies your little cult pea brain, right WAF? Oh...how horrible...what if what I'm saying is true? That would make your head explode, wouldn't it?

You didn't want to read or listen to the quote by Lynn G. Robbins, that lead to the TRUE title(and I don't blame you, because it's so horrific) that says:

"...If a destitute family is faced with the decision of paying their tithing or eating, they should pay their tithing."

He then says that you can go see your bishop for food, but hey, the welfare department is basically non-existent everywhere in the world but North America, so that's a lie. Besides, most Bishops are such assholes, they'll cut you off quickly or never help you in the fist place.

Oh and who's gonna pay the rent, bills or car payment when you run short because of tithing?

I served a mission in Argentina and TRUST me dumb fuck; nobody there can go to the church for help or food, including Bishops and Stake Presidents, as the welfare program doesn't exist at all. I personally saw Bishops, even Stake Presidents literally starving and my companion and I broke the rules and helped them.

The truth is that you don't have a fucking clue and don't want to have a fucking clue and are nothing but a brainwashed(or not) MORmON cult member and proud of it.

Tithing is NOT optional in the cult, if you want to achieve the highest degree of Celestial glory, enter the temple, see your friends or children get married and have an eternal family and you know it. You literally have to buy your way into MORmON heaven, which is another "lie", right cultist?

How do you know that NO tithing money is being used for the mall; because Hinckley said so? Are you stupid or naive or both? I'm guessing both!!

Have you seen their financial records...oh of course you haven't, because they've been secretly locked away and kept from the membership since 1959, despite Hinckley lying and claiming the opposite in his interview with the German reporter during the 2002 Olympics here in Salt Lake. Of course I'm just "lying" again, right?

Oh, and what "private donations" are you talking about? Can you prove that, as I've never heard of ANY "private donations." They're using money from wherever they want, unchecked and much of it comes from other business ventures that were at some point started by tithing money. Without tithing, they wouldn't have any businesses or buildings at all.

I and other ex-MORmONS sicken you? Well, good, I hope you puke your guts out daily as you make me want to hurl just thinking about you and your fucked up cult of lies, fraud, bigotry, racism, sexism and homophobia, which all makes you proud to be a MORmON, right asshole?!!

Now go pay your tithing and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!



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