Thursday, August 25, 2005

More On Mormons And Their Tithing. Even The Little Children Must Pay!!

I'd like to say thanks to Sarony from the Mormon recovery board for inspiring this post. As Sarony suggested...I did take a look at the September Friend Magazine and found the article regarding tithing, named; "The Windows of Heaven."

I mean, wow, I'm just sitting here and all I can say is wow, this is unbelievable!!

You have to look at it in PDF so that you can see all of the brainwashing and lovely pictures and what follows the talk. It shows a little girl, smiling of course, paying her tithing and steps 1-8 of Where does tithing go? This is incredible to me!! Talk about the early indoctrination program.

Here is the link to the
September 2005 Friend Magazine.

I know that it exists, this is nothing new, but as a now "former TBM", to see it in the latest Friend, written specifically for kids; just brought it all home for me once again. My favorite in the list is #8-"No matter how your tithing is spent, it helps with the Lord’s work on earth."

So, that sums it up nicely, doesn't it? If it goes to buy a new limo or a mall or two, maybe buy a cattle ranch in Nebraska or a gaming preserve or more land in Hawaii or a housing development in Hawaii; that is the Lord's precious work.

I also like #4 where it says, "Then Church leaders in Salt Lake City, Utah, decide where the tithing is most needed." So basically, whatever these dumb asses decide to do, including putting it into their own pockets, is okay!!

The bottom line is that NOBODY knows where any of this money goes, because they do it all in secret from their members, the tithe payers and sealed their finances from EVERYONE, in 1959 and no one has seen them since.

These men and the Mormon Church will stoop to any level, as they truly know no shame. The story about the little girl and her shoes is complete BS, devoid of any common sense or decency and full of gaping holes. The little girl desperately needed shoes and they had $2.50 and then the "Mother asked Heavenly Father for a way to get more food for her little family and shoes for Marcella.

After the prayer, they all wiped tears from their eyes. Then, with a smile, Mother said, “Let’s go pay our tithing, girls!”

HOLY this for real?!!

This is truly sick, twisted, demented and par for the course in brainwashing cults. What really pisses me off though, is that they're manipulating little Children now and as they always have, with their sick, fabricated BS stories.

My question is, why wasn't the Bishop already helping this very poor, needy family, if he is so inspired by "God/Jesus" and "the spirit?" Notice that in the end, it wasn't even the Bishop that helped them, rather some family member that would have helped them anyway(MORmONS will claim they wouldn't have helped them), even if they didn't pay their last $2.50 to the damn MORmON cult?!!

Maybe this was before the welfare program but if this fraud of a Church/cult was built upon Mothers donating their Children's food and shoe money, which it was; then it is more evil and vile than I ever imagined.

This Church has nothing to be proud of, as they were built by shaming their members into donating their very last dollar or in this case $2.50 of their child's shoe money.

My "TBM" friend just the other day, told me that he had $70 total, with no food for himself, wife, kids(including a baby), etc, but that he had to pay his tithing for the last two weeks, taking his whole $70 and he did it. Kudos to this vile cult for their amazing brain-washing techniques, as they are working great and literally taking food right out of innocent men, women and children's mouths!!

People are still giving their last cent to this damn cult in hope of some amazing blessings that will never come or so that they won't be burned at the second coming.

To me, with each story I read and every new bit of history I discover; the Mormon Church/CULT is becoming indeed, the "whore of all the earth" that the Book of Mormon talks about. The Mormon Church is indeed one of the more evil Churches on this planet, if not the most evil!!

After reading this article in the latest Friend, I'm now more convinced of this than ever before...time for me to go get my workout in and get rid of some frustration and anger!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Monday, December 03, 2007 5:49:00 PM, Blogger Jed said...

Does anyone know if any of this money goes to the Quorum of the Seventy?

At Monday, December 03, 2007 6:41:00 PM, Blogger Jed said...

LOL! I like how the article says tithing "can go" here or "may go" there, but it doesn't say that tithing actually goes those places, does it? Stop reading what it says people! Read what it's NOT saying! Haha. Rhetoric.

At Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:28:00 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Not one single member of the mormon church benifits finanacialy in any way shape or form. How many poor people do you personally know that have gone to the church when they were in need and received some type of assistance? You are uneducated on the matter and obviously hold a personal grudge against someone in the church who offended you. Get over it! You know that most mormons are really good people.

At Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:12:00 PM, Blogger Jed said...

I don't see anywhere in this post where it says Mormons *aren't* good people, nor does it say that the members are benefiting from it; rather, he seems to be talking about the high-ups (apostles and prophet). And to say that the apostles are not benefiting financially in any way, shape or form? This is where you might be uneducated, for the apostles and prophet do, in fact, receive money. I'm not saying it's a lot, but it's definitely "in any way shape or form." I wouldn't be surprised if it extends further, but I don't claim to know these things. It surely wouldn't be on the books.

As for poor people receiving need? Yeah, but there is always that stipulation that they have to maintain church attendance and such to continue receiving aide. It's directly related to their dedication. This, of course, not having anything to do with disaster recovery relief.

At Friday, January 27, 2012 7:32:00 AM, Blogger emily said...

I totally had a tithing experience just like the story. It was crazy! I definitely get that it doesn't make sense to most people, though. That's okay. But I gotta say, I met a woman on my mission that paid tithing even though she WASN'T a Mormon because when she did, she got blessings. She had a testimony of tithing without wanting anything else to do with the church. Kind of funny!


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