Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is It Just Me Or Is Anyone Else Glad That BYU Got Their Butts Kicked....

this past Saturday by a bunch of Catholic boys from Boston College, in Provo?!! I'm talking about their football team just in case you weren't watching or aren't a football fan. I used to be the biggest BYU football fan ever, went to the games and had season tickets every year, until their implosion over the last 3 years with Gary Crowton at the helm. I think there is some type of correlation between the Churches collapse and the BYU football teams collapse, at least in my personal life. If anything, it's symbolic. The BYU Football team sucks and the truth about the Mormon Church is everywhere and spreading thanks to the Internet. The Glory days are definitely over!!

This is my first football season no longer being a "TBM" and I realized this past Saturday that I will now actively cheer for BYU to lose every week. I actually thought that I could still cheer for the BYU football team to win even after leaving the Church.

As soon as the kickoff started the game, I was like, "lose, lose,lose" and I realized that I've lost that desire for BYU to ever win again in anything. It was an intense feeling that I had for them to lose. It's nothing against the poor players that are playing there, but once again, against the administration and the Church for destroying something that used to be great!! Until that moment, I wasn't sure how I'd feel.

So, now it's official, I'm no longer a BYU football fan!! I should have known that something was happening last year when I was cheering for Utah to go undefeated and beat BYU. I have hated Utah my whole "TBM" life!! I must have been in denial about what I was feeling but sensed a change was coming!!

The announcer was hilarious too....he called the "Wasatch" mountains, the "satchwatch" mountains. He said how tricky it was to be a coach at BYU because of the BYU mission program and that missions were "mandatory" in the Mormon Church!! In the past I would have been offended and almost felt persecuted that they wouldn't know those things, but today, I just laughed, it was great!! Boy have I changed in the last 3 months!! Gee, Utah Ute football has done pretty well the last couple of years and they have lots of missionaries too? How about BYU just sucks!!

BYU gets what they deserve!! They hired Crowton who sucked and his only credentials were getting fired from everywhere he coached and that he would work for peanuts. Now they hire this guy who had never been a head coach, Bronco Mendenhall and he also will work for peanuts. That's the main requirement for a BYU Football coach, they will work for basically nothing compared to other coaches of big college programs. It's amazing that they can spend 100's of millions on temples, a billion and change on a mall, $30 million on the BYU practice facility, but they can't pay a coach? What losers!! Obviously the Football program is heading in the same direction as the Church, straight down the toilet!!

They deserve to lose and I hope every year from now on they are losers. Man that feels good and empowering to say that!! I must still be going through the healing process...LOL!! So much for BYU being God's team eh? LOL!! I wonder if they actually kneel in prayer in the top room of the temple and ask God who should be their head coach at BYU? If they do, I guess God decided to just mess with them for the last 4 years!! LOL!! Actually God said, "thou shalt Get the coach that will work for the least amount of money." Of course, we know how all of their other "inspiration" is working out. It's just par for the course. BYU Football SUCKS!! YEAH!!

For those of you that are BYU Football fans, don't hold your breath, they are gonna suck for a long time if not forever. The glory days are over in my opinion, never to be seen again, both for the Church itself and for the Football team. Losing breeds losing and after a while, no decent "Mormon" or "Non-Mormon" in their right mind would want to come to BYU to play football. Why do you think Ben Olson transfered to UCLA? He didn't want to throw away all of his pro prospects and future for the Church and a losing program. It would have been career suicide and the end of his football days as it has been for so many talented players the last 4 years. Good for you Ben Olson!!

Now this week, BYU plays the Eastern Illinois Panthers and should blow them out for one of their few wins that they'll have this season. If they lose this one, look out man, they could lose every single game the rest of the season and go 0-11.

Here is BYU's season schedule and my predictions for those that are interested and Football Fans. I actually watched every single opening game of every team that BYU is going to play, so here is my prediction based on what I saw this past weekend:

SEP 10 SAT Eastern Illinois PROVO, UT SWP-KSL (They Should win big.)(1-1)
1:00 PM

SEP 24 SAT TCU PROVO, UT ESPN+ (They will get blown out big time and embarrassed.)(1-2)
1:00 PM

OCT 1 SAT San Diego State San Diego, CA ESPN Classic (They could win this game but I predict they will lose again.)(1-3)
7:00 PM

OCT 8 SAT New Mexico Albuquerque, NM SWP-KSL (They will lose this one)(1-4)
6:00 PM

OCT 15 SAT Colorado State PROVO, UT (They could keep it close but I predict a loss.)(1-5)

OCT 22 SAT Notre Dame South Bend, IN NBC (They will get rocked to the core and blown off of the field and once again embarrassed big time.)(1-6)
1:30 PM

OCT 29 SAT Air Force PROVO, UT(Air Force should be rolling at this point and will win. BYU could hang in this game but I don't think they can beat them.)(1-7)

NOV 5 SAT UNLV Las Vegas, NV(I think they'll lose this one too, they suck on the road even though they should be able to win this one.)(1-8)

NOV 12 SAT Wyoming Laramie, WY(They will lose this one for sure with that Rowdy crowd chanting F*ck You BYU for 3 hours.) They will enter with no confidence at this point in the season.(1-9)

NOV 19 SAT Utah PROVO, UT(Then they'll wrap up one of the worst seasons in BYU history by getting their butt beaten by Utah. Now just because it is a rivalry game, a holy war, as they call it in Utah, they could keep it close and maybe even pull the upset but I highly doubt it. When these two teams play, the records usually go out the window. Plus, if BYU only has one win at this point and say Utah is undefeated, it would be BYU's SuperBowl and the pressure would be on Utah.

So, bottom line, they should finish 1-10 and sink even deeper into being a horrible football team, with now, a losing tradition. They could pull out a couple of those games somehow but I honestly can't see them winning anymore than 2-3 at the most based on the talent of those other teams. Knowing BYU, the Church and the Moron's running the program, most likely they'll keep Bronco as the coach just because he's cheap. I'm sure he'll at least get 3-4 years in before he is fired. Then they'll just go hire some other bum with no experience who will work for cheap. It's all over in Provo!! The winning traditions are history!!

Now, the only way that this could turn around, is if they actually went out and got a big name possibly even Non-Mormon coach to turn it all around or bring back Norm Chow who they completely screwed over and ran out of town. Norm could turn it around quickly but why the hell would he ever want to come back and do anything for the scoundrels that stuck it to him. My advice to BYU and the Church; if you aren't going to hire a real coach, pay real money, just get rid of the football program. You will just be embarrassing yourself, the Church and the players!! You did it at Ricks(AKA BYU-Idaho now) so why not just do it in Provo too?

Of course, if they want to continue to suck every year and embarrass themselves to the world, I have no problem with that either!! It's just hard to believe that that is what they really want to do but by all appearances, that is indeed their goal!! So much for the football team being an extension of the Churches missionary program!! LOL!!

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At Friday, December 21, 2007 4:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just came across the old blog from a google search. Maybe you were angry this day? I don't know, but it was entertaining.


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