Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why Would The Mormon Church Need To Ask For More Donations For Hurricane Katrina Victims When They Are Already A Billion Dollar Corporation?!!

Also, why would they request that everyone give their money to them and not to the Red Cross? It's all about control once again. They want you to donate your money so that they can decide what to do with it. Maybe help the victims, put it in the billion dollar mall fund, whatever they want. They want to decide where it goes!!

People are donating all year long to the Mormon Church!! What the hell is that for if they now need more donations at the time of a tragedy. All the other money from fast offerings and tithing from the last 50 years is gone? All the money from their business ventures is gone? I see them as one of the predators that is taking advantage of a tragedy to ask for more money. All they need to do is sell their damn billion dollar mall!! Maybe that's why they appear to be so short on funds(we know they aren't.)

They would never ask you to donate directly to the Red Cross, hell no, that would take away their ability to control "your" money. Why would they do that? Oh, and by the way, unlike the Red Cross and other charities, we'll never be able to see any report of where exactly the money went, what it was spent on or who, if anybody, it helped.

Why? Because the Mormon financial books are secret, not just secret, top secret!! Even the Members that donate to this "non-profit", "tax exempt" organization of Jesus Christ himself, are unable to see where one penny of their money goes. Why? Cause they would be busted!! We are to just trust "God's anointed."

So, in other words, they answer to nobody apparently. I'd like to know what they pay their tax lawyers to ride that line of what is legal and what isn't in order to keep their tax exempt status alive and well. I'm sure they are exploiting ever loophole known to mankind!! I don't blame them for that, who wouldn't, but just show us what your doing, after all, you owe that much to the people that give up their food and in some cases, well being, to pay their 10% to the Church.

When Hinckley did his interview with the German reporter during the Olympics in 2002, he was asked why the Church didn't open their books up to the world like they do in other countries and here is how that exchange went:









Here is the link for those that want to see the transcript or watch the video of the interview:


All I can say is that I was a Member for over 30 years as many of us here and I doubt that any of us were able to sneak a peak at "that information."

So, what are we led to believe and know? That Gordon B. Hinckley is a very dishonest man, has a lot to hide and a damn liar. I think this is pretty indisputable!!

So, would I ever give one cent to the Mormon Church again, knowing that they never ever have to report to me where it goes? HELL NO!! The Mormon Church is no more honest on where the peoples money goes than the people that just create a website every time their is some type of tragedy!! My guess right now is that they are just asking for donations to try to recoup what they feel they have already sent out in the trucks.

Plus, all you "TBM's" out there, keep paying your regular tithing, fast offerings, mission fund, perpetual education fund, building fund, along with this new fund for this current tragedy. Like the September Ensign(Page 43) shows us, pay them $500 a month or more. After all, that is a very small price to pay for all of the blessings in your life that come directly from being a member of God's one and only true Church on the face of the earth.

My advice, give your money to any reputable charity, specifically the Red Cross, Salvation Army, instead of the Mormon Church for all of the reasons stated above. At least that way, you can be almost sure that it will actually help somebody and not just make the already rich Mormon General Authorities, even richer.


Samuel the Utahnite

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At Tuesday, November 28, 2006 5:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you like some salsa for that huge chip on your shoulder?

It doesn't take much of a mathematician to compute the costs incurred by a church to build and maintain thousands of meeting houses and nearly 200 temples. Untold numbers of articles have been written about the "wealth" of the LDS church and there has never been a single substantiated claim of an abuse of funds.

Ridiculing the invitation to the rich and poor alike to contribute of their substance, great or small, is nothing new. The ridicule betrays a lack of understanding as to the workings of God whose promised blessings are available to all, they are not held back for the rich only. If the invitation to contribute was extended only to the wealthy, it would be horribly unjust to the poor. You simply do not understand the principle, but have a very simple-minded view that is not especially clever.

At Friday, December 28, 2007 9:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rich heritage of the mormon church is only a small facet to the real issues underlying this article. For instance: 1985, a disgruntled return missionary by the name of Hoffman scammed the profet for hundreds of thousands of tithing money, all the while, the profet continued lying to the members about the forgeries that Hoffman was selling -- many members left the church after learning the truth.

When one really looks into the history of the church -- and not just read the book of mormon and believe -- one can learn the real lies.

I was a faithful member for over 22 years but after learning the truths i left the church.

There have been arguments as to the mormon connection with the Free Masons well, mormons wear thier patented mark on thier chests -- the compass and square. Also, Joseph Smith himself writes in the church history his involvement with the Free Mason church; this goes against God's commandment to him as a boy as not to join any other religion -- makes Joseph Smith a lier.

Read the real story behind the three witnesses and one can find the truth that there is no gold plates -- no true book of mormon -- and no one saw God and Jesus.

Joseph Smith was not shot and killed over the Book of Mormon but for a bank scam that went sour -- read the legal reports to learn the truths as to his demise; he was a scam artist.

Anyway, taking the members money is what the mormon religion does; it all starte with the founder and has continued ever since.

But the way i see it: if anyone wants to blindly follow others and give thier money, time, possestions, and soul, that is thier business, but remember one will be accounted for thier religous practices at judment day. How will you answer Jesus when asked why you followed Satan's religion. Note to this: look at Mormon symbols -- the temples have the all seeing eye (Masonic) the Pentagram (satanic) and the earthstone, moonstone, and sunstone (Masonic), not to mention the unholy signs made in the temple of cutting ones throat -- sign of murder -- and slicing the belly from side to side (harrycarry) -- suicide -- how can anyone believe these are holy signs and not evil practices?

Everyone must choose for themselves, but i urge believers in Christ to go to a repetable Christian church and not a Masonic breakoff.


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