Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mormon Missionary Nate T. Nelson Strikes Again!! What A Funny Guy!! He's just hanging loose in Venezuela!!

I said that I would post this guys apology for having taken the picture where he was making fun of what appears to be a homeless guy. Well, the problem is, he doesn't want to seem to apologize. He sort of did but then followed it up by being a real smart ass and spewing some BS that in my opinion wiped out any intention that he may have had to say he was sorry. Then Today, I saw this picture with the words "YEEHAW" above the pics and then below the picture are the words, "this one's for you gonzoman! =)" Gonzoman is a guy from the Fair Boards that was in opposition to his original post. It's just unbelievable to me!! This guy is a real pompous jerk!! Now, I want to share with you Nate T Nelson's words of wisdom regarding his first picture when confronted on the Fair Boards. You guys can decide the true intent he had by reading his own words.

This is what he had to say at first:

Well hello everyone....this is Nate "the culprit" here. I would like to just publicly apologize to all those offended by the photo I posted on the mission website. It obviously was taken completely opposite of its intent. And now I can see your opposing point of views. What I do NOT appreciate though are those who, without even knowing me or approaching me about the matter, are publicly questioning my honor as a missionary/member. I would like to quote D&C 42:88-89: "And if thy brother or sister offend thee, thou shalt take him or her between him or her and thee alone; and if he or she confess thou shalt be reconciled. And if he or she confess not thou shalt deliver him or her up unto the church, NOT THE MEMBERS, but to the elders. And it shall be done in a meeting, and that not before the world." You may read on if you like. I just want to add that I hold in high honor the people of Venezuela whom I love dearly. They possess some of the most important qualities naturally that us as Americans have to STRIVE to gain such as charity and love. I'd also like to thank those who didn't think of the worst possible intention I might have had...because I actually had the best of intentions. ALSO, the man in the photo just happens to be a good friend of mine that I spoke with quite often in one of my areas and was quite stoked to have his picture taken with me. Once again...all apologies and PEACE!

Now, he was getting about 50/50, people that were all for him, saw no problem with the picture and then those that were pleading with him to take it down on the behalf of what was morally right. Anyway, in this next post, he chose to spread the blame to the administrator for posting it. Later the administrator said that it was computer automated, etc.

Here is what he said:

might I quickly add that this picture had to be approved by the admin of the mission website who then allowed it to be posted...so I feel he is being insulted as well since he approved it to be posted.

Then he said the following:

I personally don't feel I have to explain myself for the picture, because whatever I say will probably just be criticized. Adam, you wrote "'looks like' he was asleep." I mean, either way I'm going to be looked at as having evil intentions when all I was really doing was taking a picture that I thought would be cool to take home to show how my experience in Venezuela was and the things we saw.

His next post:

People make life so complicated sometimes. I apoligized and realize my mistake, so can we just let it be?

Then he said:

I've actually been home from my mission for a year now...lookin to get hitched to a latina. yeehaw!

His next comments were:

you dont!!?? you mean you can't see my horns and little red tail? haha. I'm gonna go make a burrito now. peace my friends.

Now, people just wouldn't let it drop and he was getting more pissed and showing his true colors when he wrote the following:

Sometimes I think some people worry so much about someone else to the point where they forget about their own personal progression and growth. Are you not reconciled YET gonzoman? I mean I've already apologized and done what I can to correct my error...and I feel quite alright. I mean, I had a burrito last night. That was cool. I went longboarding with some friends. Met some cute girlies at church today. Life rocks. Then I come on here to see how the little discussion against me is going, and I see you've written like 4 research papers about chavistas and junk. Are we gonna be ok buddy?

The he had the following response:

Alrighty....let's just keep beating a dead dog here. It's obvious some people here who claim I 'have no heart' are not willing to forgive. I can't do anything about that though. ANOTHER thing....just for the record. I HAVE NO ACCESS TO REMOVE THE PHOTO...so if it's THAT offensive to people, I suggest you not keep looking at it cuz I can't do anything about it. Adam...how does anyone on here know that I'm not poor myself or have my own struggles? Why is it so bad being poor in the first place...I mean, Christ said they are "blessed". So I envy that. One thing my institute teacher taught me this week that I loved was that we determine our own happiness....not our situations. Look at Nephi...he was so very thankful for his blessings and was HAPPY no matter what the situation. For Laman and Lemuel, their complete happiness depended on their situation...they believed they couldn't be happy unless they lived back in Jerusalem with all their precious things. SOOO...Adam, is it not fun being poor because you decided not to make it fun, or because someone else determined that? I'm not wealthy myself....and I'm one happy little dude.

Then a guy named Adam, was really taking him to task for making fun of poor people and he said:

"Adam needs a hug",

Adam then mentioned that he served in the US military and his following comments were:

Adam...thanks for serving our country and preserving our freedom. I appreciate it. Good luck on your mission.

Then he responded to someone else with:

Ahhhem....must I be so specific. I am lookin' for a LATINA to get hitched to... haha. Totally kidding though.. Anyways...got some great pix to look forward to my friends! By the way....they are ALL posted with the best intentions. So let's be optimistic about them, can we?

Anyway, if someone wants to read the whole thread, head on over to fair and check it out. I just don't believe this guy when he says he's sorry and then follows it up with comments like; "SOOO...Adam, is it not fun being poor because you decided not to make it fun, or because someone else determined that? I'm not wealthy myself....and I'm one happy little dude."

It is my opinion that this guy is a jerk!! He was one of the jerk types that I knew on my mission who appears to be pretty arrogant and full of himself. I normally wouldn't attack an individual without knowing him but for me, it's pretty clear from his pictures and comments who he is. Also, if you want to go see his other pictures that he posted, you can see them here. I would also like to point out that if the guy in his first picture is really one of his "good friends", then Nate, since you seem to love to take pictures of your friends so much, produce another picture of you and this man together, this time with him upright and not laying on the ground. If he can produce this picture, I would only then believe you that this man was your "good friend."

After all, your "good friend" was supposedly so "stoked" as you put it, to pose laying on the cement. Sounds like if he is your good friend, you may want to be nicer to your "good friends" in the future. By the way, I wonder if he has been writing and staying in touch with his "good friend." since he's been home for the last year. How's he doing Nate? What's the latest with you your "good friend?" All Nate really had to do was say, "I'm sorry for those that were offended, that was not my intention to offend anybody. I loved the people there, thought it would be funny to take that picture but now I see it wasn't and I'm sorry." That's all he had to say but he had to argue with everyone and basically defend himself and get pissed off for anyone that was "judging" him. A picture does speak a thousand words as they say!!

Anyway, produce the picture Nate and then I'll believe you. It still won't change in my opinion what you were trying to do, even if you did know him, but at least it will restore a little bit of your credibility. That's all I have to say for now about this guy but he certainly is not only a bad example of a Mormon Missionary, but a bad example of a human being. That is my opinion and I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Hey Nate, one more thing; what would Jesus do? After all, you were, in the view of your Mormon Church, acting as a Representative of Jesus Christ himself.


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