Monday, October 10, 2005

Mormon Zone Leaders In Peru, Drown Cats, Cook Them And Then Feed Them To Other Elders As A Joke!!

But don't worry, it was all in fun and just the Zone Leaders playing a joke on the other Elders. It really happened, but it was just all in fun!! Those silly Zone Leaders, right? They just wanted to trick the other Elders and have a good laugh...ah okay....I understand now!!

This is an update on the missionary in Peru that I had previously posted about. I find this unbelievable and I really hope that what he is saying isn't true, but unfortunately, it seems that it is true!!

For those that were wondering, he did finally eat cat but it's how it came about that I can't believe and in my opinion, it is very disturbing, as you'll read below. I think his mental meltdown has officially begun. When you start accepting things like this as normal, daily life and acceptable behavior, in my opinion, you have a severe mental condition!!

He hadn't really had anything interesting to say for a few weeks but today, well, it was pretty interesting to me and I'm sure that you guys will think the same. He is an "exactly obedient" missionary and thanks to his obedience and baptisms, he and his companion are now the example for the whole mission to follow.

Here are this Elder's words of wisdom for today:

"Apparently it tastes like rabbit! Cat? Cat!

Cat´s pretty good with rice and beans. Our Zone Leaders knew they were getting transfered so they thought it´d be fun to trick the Elders into eating something. They showed us the pictures of them drowning the cats after we finished eating. We´ve just started the next transfer, and everything went pretty good. I´m still with Elder Smith, next Apostle I think. We´ve had some crazy success here. Our first change together we had about 8 baptisms, which we could have had more of I think. The President uses our companionship as an example to the rest of the two hundred missionaries here. Not that I have contributed much, just reaping what someone else sowed. But everything is great, I´ll be sure to send some Baptism photos soon. There are a lot of Elders here that don´t have any success, and it seems like its always those that don´t follow the rules with exactness. I´m glad I have such an obedient companion. I got a bunch of cookies from everyone, the Mrs. Fields ones. They were great, thanks a bunch. Its amazing to watch what the Gospel does to the families here. Family Home Evening is essential. We have one every week with all our investigators, then after baptism we show them how to do it themselves. Hymn, prayer, scripture and short lesson over a Gospel topic, hymn, prayer, and games and snacks."

Well, it appears that their indoctrination has worked perfectly on this Elder!! As he says, those missionaries that don't have any success at all, are those missionaries that aren't 100%, exactly obedient!! God is punishing those missionaries and God's elect because of the sins of the missionaries. Same BS as my mission, just a different time and place. Good to see that the evil Mormon cult hasn't backed off on convincing missionaries that lack of success equals the missionaries are horrible sinners and that God punishes them and innocent people!! It appears that he is on his way to great things in the Mormon Church. He is exactly what they are looking for!!

I wonder if drowning cats and then cooking them counts as 100%, exact obedience?!! Those must be great Zone Leaders, completely screwed in the head!! Sick SOBS!! Drowning cats for fun, or as a joke, sure doesn't seem very Christ-like to me!! Apparently, this Elder doesn't care either how it came about. At least he got to eat his rabbit....I mean cat!! A month or so ago, he seemed pretty eager to find out what cat tasted like. I wonder if his Zone Leaders are Peruvian or American? For those that have actually been there, lived there, etc, is it really common, over there in Peru, to drown cats and then eat them? I know that it certainly wasn't in Argentina. I wonder how the people of Peru would feel about this behavior? I find this behavior by these Mormon missionaries to be despicable, disgusting and sickening!!

Anybody else have a problem with this?

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, August 16, 2007 11:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known many mormons and I can say that the ones that I have known to become bitter have done something wrong (pornography, adultery, etc) and were called on it. They become angry, try to cover their guilt by trying to defame their church. Is this not what happened to you???

At Saturday, May 30, 2009 7:32:00 PM, Blogger katherine said...

im mormon and i dont believe this our church is perfect and i you guys can think all you want our church perfect and im from peru and in other parts of peru they eat cats i know probably they were hungry i think it wasnt a jokke and i defend my church the true church of Jesus-Christ of the latter the saints


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