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Benjamin Ellsworth, A Mormon Missionary, Tragically Killed In Argentina!!

***Update April 24, 2006*** Sadly, another missionary was killed in Argentina, yesterday. I wanted to post this most current link, regarding Matthew Turley of Ridgefield, Connecticut, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver yesterday. This link includes the story being run by KSL, owned by the Church, as well, as the original story that ran in Argentina, in San Luis, the city where he was killed. I realize that most people searching for this story, will find this page, on the tragic death of Benjamin Ellsworth's death. Here is a link to my mission memoriam page, that will sadly and tragically, have one more name on it now.***

I don't have the time right now to comment on everything that comes to my mind and I will do that later, but I wanted to thank Captain Jack for sending me the links and info about this poor missionary that so tragically died this past Friday. I first read about it on RFM on Sunday, right after it was posted. I immediately did Google and MSN searchs, along with KUTV, KTVX, KSL, all TV stations here in Utah and Nothing. Then I searched the Church's website, Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune and nothing. The only thing I could find was the missionary that died in a train accident in 2003, so I thought maybe the person was confused on RFM.

***Update*** I did another post for Benjamin Ellsworth, with his actual obituary and a link to his guestbook. I encourage everyone that has a few minutes, to please say some kind words to his Family, that must be suffering terribly.

Anyway, today, I got the Email from Captain Jack and it was sadly true, a Mormon missionary did indeed die. Everytime I hear of a missionary dying, I realize that it could have easily been me that had died while on my mission. I want to post the news story from the Arizona newspaper, plus the Argentina newspaper and then some comments by his uncle, Matt Ellsworth. I just wanted to put it all in one place for you guys to come to. If I find more stories on it, I will post them as well, especially if the Mormon Church ever manages to make a statement.

as Captain Jack points out, along with others, it's amazing how the Mormon Church covers this stuff up for as long as the can. It's also amazing that the story broke in an Arizona newspaper and through this poor boys Uncle and an Argentine Newspaper while nothing in Utah, the Vatican of Mormonism. This poor missionary died on Friday. You don't think that the Mormon Church knew about this immediately? Of course they did!!

But, as is pointed out, it isn't faith promoting, so why report it. Now if some famous dude, like Dennis Rodman, got baptized today, the Church would be screaming it from their steeples, the second that it happened, wouldn't they? Just my opinion of course. Like has been said, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Anyway, here are those stories, the first one from the
Boy's Uncle, then the Arizona Newspaper and then the Buenos Aires Newspaper, for you Spanish speakers.

An ExPat Death in the Family

Know More:
Author, Countries, Embassies and Consulates, Governments & Laws, Healthcare Abroad

I was out of the loop for the last few days because of the sudden death of a nephew. He was a missionary in Argentina, and he was killed when he slipped while trying to hop onto a slow-moving freight train to save a few pennies and hurry to an appointment. I have been consoling my brother and his family and adding what advice I can about the death of a family member far from home. Not wanting to scare anybody, I must say that such things happen frequently enough that a little information about how expat deaths are handled could be useful, to you or for a friend.

Fortunately for my brother, his son has concerned and capable friends and helpers in Argentina. They will see to it that the body is prepared for burial and shipping, and that it gets sent home as soon as possible. If it should happen, God forbid, that a member of your family should die while living overseas, you should hope that they are well connected to a capable support structure. In fact, if you have family overseas, advise them to consider this possibility now. My son who is now in Cambodia recently became very ill with a virus and was hospitalized. Had he died, we would have been completely dependent on his circle of friends, and we're not even sure that they know how to contact us.

Insurance companies, in settling life insurance claims, prefer original death certificates. In this case it means that my brother will have to get a copy of the record of death from central Argentina and get a notarized translation from a
reputable translator. This is another reason to make sure that you have channels of communication with someone other than your family member--a point of contact in an emergency.

If your family member dies overseas without this kind of support, contact your Embassy and alert them. Give them all the particulars. Ask for their help. See if they can handle the preparation of the body for shipping. They are likely to ask for a credit card number from you, and you will be responsible for all costs. They may simply give you numbers of mortuaries in the area. You will be grieving. Maybe a friend can handle some of these calls and details for you.

I'm sorry to share even a portion of our grief with you on a topic that you might not want to consider, but then, my brother never thought he'd be dealing with it now.

Hal Halladay December 5, 2005 11:09 AM
I am so sorry to thear of this news. Our prayers and thoughts are for you, Easton and your family.

Tim Stay December 5, 2005 12:18 PM
I offer my deepest sympathies at this tradegy.
My sister, Dr. Moore, is the medical doctor that oversees the medical care of these missionaries in this area and she says that they are all devastated as well. I can not imagine the personal loss felt by your family.


News Update
Missionary from Mesa dies in Argentina accident
By Lawn Griffiths, Tribune
December 6, 2005

Benjamin Ellsworth
A Mormon missionary from Mesa, who trained eight months in the U.S. Marines before taking a two-year leave to go on his church mission, was killed Friday in a train accident in Rosario, Argentina.

Benjamin Ellsworth, 19, a 2004 graduate of Mountain View High School, died when he fell while getting onto a train and was pulled under it, said his father, Cory Ellsworth of Mesa. The accident occurred about 12:30 p.m. as the two missionaries were going to their appointments with church members and prospects.

In the conversation with the mission president in Argentina, Cory Ellsworth said it appeared the pair had tried to catch a ride on a slowmoving freight train when Benjamin fell under it and was killed. His missionary companion from Utah witnessed the accident.

"He was just an outstanding young man," said Terry Turk of the Mesa East Stake, calling it "just a terrible accident."

Ellsworth reported on his 19th birthday, June 22, to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, and arrived in Argentina in August. He had completed about 5 1 /2 months of his two-year mission.

After high school, Ellsworth wanted to be both a Marine and a missionary, his father said. "The Marines are the only branch of the service that allows you to sign up and go through basic training and combat training, then jump out and serve your mission." He became a lance corporal and was in the Marine Reserves with a five-year commitment after he completed his mission.

Cory Ellsworth said his son’s mission president in Argentina had met with Benjamin the day before the tragedy and reported the young missionary "had great light in his eyes, he was happy and worthy, and everybody loved him, and he was doing all the right things."

The senior Ellsworth, calling his son "extremely funloving," said he played the piano, enjoyed basketball, "was very gracious and he was full of smiles and hugs."

Services will be 11 a.m. Friday at the Mesa East Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2228 E. Brown Road, with visitation beginning at 9 a.m. Burial will be in Mountain View Memorial Gardens.

He is survived by his parents, Cory and Amy Ellsworth; siblings Ethan, Atley, Emily, Cade and Colby; and grandparents Bob and Jeri Bowden and Carrie Ellsworth, all of Mesa.
Contact Lawn Griffiths by email, or phone (480) 898-6522


En menos de dos horas, el mismo tren arrolló y mató a dos jóvenes
A metros del Apeadero Sur embistió a un chico estadounidense y en la zona oeste a otro. Ambos tenían 19 años. Investigan si el segundo caso fue suicidio

Fue una desgracia inconcebible, asombrosa y única. Pasado el mediodía de ayer el mismo tren atropelló y mató sobre las vías del ex ferrocarril Bartolomé Mitre a dos chicos de la misma edad, en menos de dos horas y dentro del contorno de Rosario. Cronológicamente la primera víctima fue un ciudadano estadounidense, de 19 años, misionero mormón que fue embestido a las 12.30 en inmediaciones del Apeadero Sur. El cuerpo del joven fue arrastrado por casi 150 metros. Dos horas más tarde, a la altura de Magallanes al 900, la misma formación arrolló a otro joven de 19 años y lo decapitó. El maquinista, un hombre de 52 años, oriundo de la ciudad de Gálvez, quedó demorado en la subcomisaría 20ª.

“Pobre tipo”, musitó uno de los investigadores al dar precisiones sobre la tarde más negra en la vida de Hugo Alberto B., el maquinista de 52 años que guiaba la locomotora 8254, la que mató a dos jóvenes de 19 años en menos de dos horas. La máquina encabezaba una formación de 38 vagones de la empresa Nuevo Central Argentino, heredera —desde 1992— de las vías que fueron del Mitre por 30 años con opción a diez más. Según precisaron fuentes de la investigación, la formación se dirigía desde la provincia de Buenos Aires y su destino era la zona de Patio Parada, las vías que están por debajo del viaducto Avellaneda.

Eran las 12.30 cuando la locomotora 8254 comenzó a anunciarse con el estridente sonido del silbato en el extremo sur rosarino. El maquinista ni sintió el golpe de un cuerpo contra la mole de metal sobre los boguies a la altura de calle Patricios (que corre paralela a la avenida Batlle y Ordóñez). El cuerpo que había impactado la locomotora era el de Benjamín Robert Ellsworth. Un pibe de 19 años oriundo del estado de Ohio, en Estados Unidos, que era misionero de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días. El chico caminaba junto a un compañero, oriundo del mismo estado, cuando por motivos no aclarados fue impactado por el convoy.

“Los pibes se distrajeron y a uno lo agarró la locomotora. Venían paveando”, explicó un pesquisa. El cuadro fue desgarrador. La locomotora arrastró el cuerpo por cerca de 150 metros hasta la altura del Apeadero Sur, en San Martín y Romero de Pineda.

Pero parecía turno de desgracias sobre las vías del ex Mitre. Pasaron dos horas y cuando el reloj estaba por dar las 14.20, la locomotora volvió a generar una desgracia. Otro golpe y el grito de los vecinos de barrio Belgrano: “El tren mató a un pibe. Lo decapitó”.

El tren, que ayer fue de la muerte, había arrollado a un joven que fue identificado como Cristián Ariel Pereyra, soltero, de 19 años. El golpe fue demoledor y seccionó el cuerpo. “Primero nos advirtieron que había sido un suicidio, pero después la investigación se realizó como homicidio culposo”, explicó un oficial. El infortunado muchacho fue identificado por uno de sus primos, quien agregó un dato sobre el que los uniformados trabajaban anoche. “Aparentemente Pereyra tenía problemas depresivos y habría intentado suicidarse”, confió una fuente policial.

This is so sad. It's a good thing that the Mission President met with him the day before, so that he could report that the missionary was happy and WORTHY. I'm guessing that comment was for the Mormon community that automatically assumes that he must have been sinning, therefore didn't have the protections of his Garments or God. If people are actually worried about whether this poor missionary was "WORTHY" or not, and I'm sure that many people are, then shame on them and get a damn life.

But, that's how things work in the disfunctional Mormon cult, nicknamed "Mormonism" or "The Church of Jesus Christ." I remember hearing more than once, in my wards, when a missionary died, that he was "out after hours", "broke the rules", etc. "If only he had obeyed the rules, he'd still be alive", they would say. I remember thinking to myself, "yeah, what a shame that he was disobedient and it cost him his life." I actually used to repeat these FPRS(Faith Promoting Rumors) to other people, to stress the importance of the "exact obedience", that the Church preaches, especially to Missionaries.

I remember the final advice from my Brother-in-law, right before my mission; "EXACT OBEDIENCE." He said that way, the Lord would be able to give me all of the blessings that were waiting for me and protect me from harm. I talked about it all the time in my mission journals and it was reinforced in every pathetic mission conference by my leaders. Of course, I no longer speak to this pathetic jerk(BIL), who still has his head so far up Hinckley's a$$, that he would never, ever, under any condition, put his Family first.

I could write a 100 page post on just him, but I'll spare you the details. I think you get the picture. He's as "brainwashed and TBM", as anyone could ever be. If Hinckley wanted his 12 year old daughter for marriage and sex, she would be on the next flight out, no questions asked. He would "know it was from God." He would give his life in less than a second, if so required by his Bishop or a leader of the Church. Sad, isn't it? I fully expect him to be a GA someday, as he fits the perfect description of what they are looking for.(ASS kisser!!)

Well, He almost fits the perfect description, I should say, as his kids are about to go down some bad paths, due to rebellion against the intense psychologicial and emotional abuse that goes on within their home. This is due, of course, to the intense repression that they suffer through on a daily basis, due directly to the Mormon Church and their teachings. My BIL isn't extreme, in the Churches eyes, rather, he is exactly what the Church preaches we should be like, that's all. He's the perfect Morgbot!!

Now, regarding this missionary, I have to wonder three things? Did the Mission President really meet with him the day before the tragedy? Why was there a money problem that forced the missionaries to "to hop onto a slow-moving freight train to save a few pennies and hurry to an appointment", as reported by his Uncle? This clearly points out that missionaries are not given enough money by the Church to live sufficiently, despite the fact that their Parents, or Family, are paying $400/month. My guess, is that they get $200-$250/month.

Also, my third question is; will the Church pay for all of the arrangements to have him sent home, or will the Family have to flip the bill? I'm guessing, from what I know, that it will be the later. I'm sure the Church will handle it and then hand the Family the bill, on the day of his funeral. Yes, they are indeed that heartless and cold!! I'll try to add more later when I have more time as I have many thoughts regarding this whole situation.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Benjamin Ellsworth's Family, realizing that my own Family came very close to going through the same pain and loss. It's truly a tragedy and something that nobody should have to suffer through.

I'm sure the Mormon line on this, to his Family, will be, "He died doing what he loved, in the service of his Lord", "He's in a better place now", "The Lord needed him on the other side" and finally, "He's continuing his missionary efforts in the spirit world, converting people there."

All of this is fine, may make his Family feel better, but the bottom line is, in my opinion, he should still be here and was needed much more here, by Family, Friends and loved ones, than anyone could ever need him on the other side. That doesn't even make sense to me and never has. He had his whole life ahead of him and now he's gone. Again, my heart goes out to his Family and loved ones and I wish them the very best in this very difficult time. Anyone that is reading this, please keep his Family in your mind, thoughts or prayers, as they need so much comfort and love, during their time of such great sadness and personal tragedy.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Saturday, August 26, 2006 10:53:00 PM, Blogger jackiemormon said...

I read the Spanish article. The other kid who was killed was also 19. They both jumped the train at different times and both died within two hours/same train. The newspaper called it a "black afternoon". The argentine kid was cut in at least two pieces. You know our poor elder probably suffered the same. My RM boyfriend almost died in Peru. Just him and another kid missionary; no one to help them.


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