Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Suppression By The Mormon Church And A New Mission Rule For Mormon Missionaries!! Where Will It End?!!

Well, here we go again!! More rules to punish missionaries and to hopefully help the Moron Church hierarchy achieve their baptismal goals. Let me tell you something, these clowns in Salt Lake must be freaking out at this point to be taking such, what I consider to be, drastic measures. If you've been reading my blog on a regular basis, you already know about all of the other crap and "new rules" that have been implemented for missionaries and also regular members, to punish them for not producing baptisms. This new rule actually punishes both the Missionaries and the Members at the same time.

My guess and from what I hear, is that the numbers for this year are way down and the Mormon Hierarchy knows that if this continues, it will shake the faith of the Saints, even the die-hards would have to question it. Many members, as I used to do, love to use the number game to prove to the world that the Church is true. In other words, the whole "fastest growing Church" in the world BS. Many members of the Mormon Church, hang their testimony on that belief.

I remember when baptisms were over 300,000 a year but now this past year, it was around 200,000 and I bet for this year, it will be well under 200,000 and dropping every year. What happened to the rock that is filling the earth that Mormons love to quote? It appears to have hit a snag!! See, that's what I'm saying, baptisms are supposed to be increasing and getting higher and higher, not decreasing. At one point, there were around 58,000 plus missionaries, but now, it's under 50,000 and dropping by the year.

Things are going backward, not forward and that will be hard to explain to the membership, especially if the numbers really drop to even lower levels, which is where I think they are heading. Anyway, I would say that their is a bit of panic going on in the Church office building, AKA, The Corporation of the President. That would also explain their deep investments of billions of Jesus' sacred dollars on malls, city blocks, more cattle ranches, luxury resorts in Hawaii, housing developments, gaming preserves, large land purchases, plans to build the Utah World Trade Center, rebuilding downtown Salt Lake and Ogden,etc, etc.

Basically, these cult leaders are finding real estate ventures to be a much better, safer, long term investment, than their fraud of a religion. After all, it's not easy being a cult leader when things aren't going too well. They can see the writing on the wall and know that long term, there will be more and more problems, less and less members, which also means, less and less tithing. The one an only, entire purpose, for the existence of the Mormon Church, is to defraud people out of their money in tithes and offerings and all the other BS funds that they are asked to donate to.

Eventually, there will be an implosion, heard round the world and the Mormon Church, as we know it today, will be drastically different. You will always have your die-hards that would turn their wives and 14 year old daughters over to Hinckley today if he asked for them, just like the members did for Joseph Smith back in his day. You will always have your loyal crackpots in any religion or cult, that will never see the light. One can only hope that one day their eyes will be opened, somehow, to the reality and truth of things. It's hard to think for one's self when you have been brainwashed and programmed from the time you were a little kid singing songs and bearing your testimony that you knew the Church was true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God.

It blows my mind as I reflect on how this whole process works and that nobody notices. Why didn't I see it? Why don't more people see it? It's so obvious to the real world and any outsider that has the ability to be rational and see things for what they are. I'm just so grateful that either by the grace of God or some other force in the universe or for whatever reason, I was able to break free from the Mormon cult chains that held me prisoner for over 30 years. Anyway, here are the new rules that I promised you as reported this week by a current Mormon missionary.

He said:

"Also, there is a new mission rule - no dinner appointments unless an investigator is present. It sounds like a hard rule but it is good because now members try to get their neighbors over so they can have us there too. It will take a little while for the members to get used to it but overall it is a good thing."

So, now, according to this new rule, it is better for Missionaries to starve, not have interaction with the members, unless their is a chance to convert somebody into the cult. I think this seemingly little rule goes very deep, much deeper than it first appears to go. Let's just think about this for a minute; In most cases, many members love having the Missionaries over to eat and see it as a duty from God. They used to have sign up lists to feed the missionaries, but not anymore. Now, the members are given a choice. Either don't feed the Missionaries or break the new mission rule and be punished by God. They are basically guilting and forcing the members to intrude on their friends and neighbor's lives, in order, to have the privilege, of feeding the missionaries. If they don't comply with the Cult Leaders new instructions, then they are SOL!!

Now, for those that have read my other post on
what a Bishop recently said to a congregation, this should come as no surprise whatsoever. The Mormon cult is ramping up their efforts big time, for a big end of the year push, for numbers, so that they can have a great or at least better report in the April General Conference. Keep in mind the big Joseph Smith birthday party planned for December 23rd. Hinckley will be at Joseph Smith's birthplace while his other cronies will be back in Salt Lake in The Conference Center celebrating the birthday bash. Wouldn't it be cool if Joseph Smith made a special appearance with Hinckley? They are obviously freaking out about where they are at the moment, numbers wise and creating new rules, condemning members, etc, to try to guilt, shame, force and coerce the membership, in the name of God, to help them achieve their goals. Wow, it sounds just like what Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did, doesn't it? As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same, especially in Mormonism. It may be 2005 but it feels like 1830 all over again.

Now, one other thing that I wanted to share from this letter. He said, " a mission they have told us that we have to buy food as an apartment, instead of each missionary buying and cooking on his own. This was hard at first, because each person likes different food. So, we tried for a while to have the companionships take turns buying things. This worked out alright, although we weren’t eating that good of food (corn dogs and cheese quesadillas )."


So, now, the Mormon Church, is even forcing Missionaries, that live in an apartment together, "to buy food as an apartment, instead of each missionary buying and cooking on his own." What a joke!! Good hell, why don't the force them to eat at exactly the same time, in the same place, using only the right hand, etc. I bet the next set of rules, will be a food list, directly from Salt Lake, inspired from God of course, telling them what, exactly they can eat and an exact list of what meals to eat and prepare for each week, month, year, etc. It will also come with a warning; if they don't abide by the list, God will punish them and they won't have as many baptisms. This is incredible!!

Just let the guys buy and eat whatever the hell they want.. damn!! They are already controlling almost every single damn aspect of these missionaries life and now they need to control their food purchasing and what they eat. But, according to some other things that I've been reading lately, Mormon Missionaries are barely making it on the amount of money that is given to them each month. So, basically, the Mormon Church is screwing their Families out of $400/ month and then deciding how much money each missionary gets. So, maybe they should have $300/month but the Mormon cult decides that $200 should be sufficient for their needs. It makes me sick!!

Meanwhile, they, the Mormon cult Hierarchy, pocket the rest. Of course, we'll never know, because all of their finances are a "big secret." I would love to see an in-depth report, showing how much money Families of Missionaries pay each month/year and how much of that fund is then given to the missionaries and where every penny goes. If you have 50,000 missionaries and all of their Families are forking out $400/month, $4800/year, that amounts to $20 million/ month and $240 million/year.

Don't tell me that the Mormon Church isn't also profiting from this $240 million/year while withholding from missionaries, as much as they possibly can, in order to maximize their profits, even causing some of them to go hungry. They don't give a damn!! When the Mormon Church came up with this equal payment plan, it had nothing to do with making things "equal", but everything to do with finding yet another way to line their greedy cult pockets. I'm pretty sure it was the Hincksters idea, wasn't it?

On top of this, the Mormon Church has the Missionary Fund that people are asked to donate to as well and that covers any of the Missionaries that can't pay their own way. I'm sure that there is absolutely nothing out of pocket for the Mormon cult Hierarchy when it comes to day to day operations of Missionaries, the Church, building costs,etc. Everything is 100% covered by the Members!! They are profiting big time and that doesn't even include all of their financial investments.

Wake up people!! See the Mormon Church/cult, for what it is!! It is a greedy, selfish, evil organization that is one big massive cult in disguise of a Church, that robs from the poor, to sustain their Kings, The Mormon Hierarchy. The Mormon Church is Robin Hood in reverse. They lie and deceive the membership, in the name of God, their God and Joseph Smith, in order to extricate as much money as possible from the Membership and even the poor. These evil men, the Mormon Church Hierarchy, then laugh all the way to the bank, as they jet around the world as celebrities dining in the finest of restaurants.

They use your money to stay in Five star hotels that you can only dream about staying in. They wear $2,000 suits, with $500 shoes and $200 ties, while telling you to pay your tithing. They travel in luxury, first class, private jets, live in spacious mansion like homes, again, while telling you that you can't be with God and your Family, nor go to The Lord's holy $30 million + house, unless you are a full tithe payer. Isn't it so obvious what is happening here? Wake Up!!

As I've mentioned before, Hinckley has worked for the Church basically since he was a 19 year old missionary. Soon after his mission, he met with the First Presidency to report on Europe and his future with the Morg, was launched. He has never had a single financial concern his entire life, but he can demand that poor people, after a hurricane took everything they owned, including their clothes, food and house, to pay their tithing?

How much does the Church pay Hinckley each year, in addition to giving him a $2 million condo? Let's see, oh yeah, WE DON'T KNOW!! Again, it's a secret!! A top secret!! Why don't these clowns reveal what their compensation is? It's because there would be an uproar in the Mormon Church, the likes of which, has never been seen before. That's why they don't release their financial information, even to the members that pay it. Hinckley flat out lied about this when he did that interview with the German reporter by insinuating that that information was for those that paid the money. LIAR!!

Hinckley's exact quote, when asked why the Mormon Church doesn't make public their finances, was "WELL, WE SIMPLY THINK THAT THE…THAT INFORMATION BELONGS TO THOSE WHO MADE THE CONTRIBUTION, AND NOT TO THE WORLD. THAT'S THE ONLY THING. YES."(I would add, that is indeed the ONLY thing, but you don't do it, NO!! Time to practice what you preach Hinckley. Quit lying!!)

So, does the Mormon God allow his Prophet, to blatantly lie to the world? The answer is yes he does and it started with Joseph Smith when he denied that he was a polygamist and Hinckley is simply continuing on with the great tradition and legacy of the "I'm Greater than Jesus" Joseph Smith.

Anyway, I've written enough for now but hopefully what I've written today will open up at least one person's eyes to the Mormon fraud and reality. This stuff greatly angers me and just makes me even more determined to share the truth and help everyone that needs or wants help. When I first began my journey out of Mormonism and discovered that Mormonism was a fraud, several people asked me why it made me so mad? I'll say the same thing that I said back then, "How could you know these things and not be mad and outraged." Obviously, everyone has the right to feel however they want but I just can't fathom how these things wouldn't upset people just like they can't seem to fathom why they would upset me. I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree on this one.

Take care everyone, I'll probably be back later on today with a great post on M. Russell Ballard. I talked about him in my first podcast for those that have already listened. I also wanted to add it to my blog as well, along with some other insights I have on him and his pathetic talk at a Stake Conference that I attended a couple of weeks ago. Also, I've decided that my next podcast, my third one, will be all about Joseph Smith. I'm going to discuss many of the horrible things that he did and said and then ask the question, is this how a true Prophet of God would act. You're all gonna like it, I promise.

Now, I realize that many of you out there already know all or many of these things, or most of these things, but keep in mind that there are a whole lot of people out there, that may be listening in, that aren't aware of these things yet. We want to educate and help those people to discover and know the truth and to know what we now know. I'll probably record the "Joseph Smith Podcast" later tonight for those that want to listen to it.

Talk to everyone later and thanks for your support!! I hope that you are enjoying the podcasts.

Samuel the Utahnite

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