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Here Is A Perfect Example Of The F'd Up Mormon Censorship In Utah, Even When The TV Station Isn't Owned By The Mormon Church!! What A Joke!!


KUTV Statement On The Victoria's Secret Show
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When do you feel the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show should air?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is network programming sent to us by CBS. Since we are owned and operated by CBS, we are required to air their programming.

However, due to the controversial nature of this program KUTV will not be airing The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in primetime.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air in it’s entirety following the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at 12:35 am.


Here's the interesting thing. On the link that I gave you, they have a running poll but obviously the dumb shits that run KUTV, don't give a damn about what the MAJORITY want. Here is the question for the poll and the current results:


When do you feel the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show should air?
Ok for daytime-2% 2%
Ok for primetime-41% 42%
Ok for late night-26% 25%
Not ok anytime-32% 31%

So, 69%(interesting number.....ha..ha) of the people have no problem with it being shown, while 32% feel that it's not "ok for anytime." I'm sure that you can guess who those 32% are. I'm assuming that they are rounding the numbers up, thus it totals 101%. How pathetic that so many Mormons are so terrified and afraid of lingerie or anything sexy. I bet those that voted NO, have a really pathetic, deprived, sheltered Mormon sex life. Like the woman said the other night on that channel 4 exclusive, (I'm paraphrasing here) "When we make love, I don't know if he sees my face or is fantasizing about some woman he was looking at. I guess that same thing could be said for the hot chick in Wal-mart that walks by, or heaven forbid, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. To be so damn sheltered and shallow!!

I think many Mormons are afraid of their own shadows, sexuality and self esteem is lacking big time. Thus the reason that there is so much depression, use of anti-depressants and suicides in the State of Utah. It's hard to have a sense of self-worth, when every damn thing you do, in your public or private life, depends on the approval of some Jackasses in Salt Lake that don't know you from their ass or even care about you. Just pay your tithing and do what they say and you'll be fine.

I'm sure that whoever made the call, on not to show The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, until 12:35 am, is a devout Mormon. Probably a Bishop or Stake President or best buddy of Boyd K. Packer or one of the Mormon cult leaders. I would lay good money on that one for sure. Most of the anchors and news people there, are all Mormon. This is channel 2 in Utah by the way. The Mormon Church owns channel 5, which is KSL. KTVX is channel 4 in Utah and the other night, they did a ridiculous report, following the Church's line, on pornography. They based the whole segment on Gordon B. Hinckley's words, regarding pornography.

They showed a
little video clip from Gordo (currently it's listed as #4, under "featured stories" and is titled "Dangerous Obsession") on how destructive porno is and then interviewed, mostly, if not all Mormon women, about the pitfalls of Porno, etc, etc. I'm safely assuming that these were Mormons that had been counseled by their unqualified Bishops that were being interviewed. They even used Dallin H. Oaks' pathetic line from the April Conference, about Porno addiction being harder to overcome than cocaine or hard drugs. I was shocked.

I guess it's good to now know, beyond a shadow of a Mormon doubt, that the Mormon Church has all 3 main stations safely tucked in their back pocket. One of the main anchors on channel 4, used to work at KSL and I know that she's Mormon. I guess those Billions can buy you anything you want. In this case, it's censorship.

The sexual repression in the Mormon Church is just another thing that is so wrong and so pathetic and ultimately can be destructive and cost lives. God help anyone that has fantasies or a normal sex drive, or especially, that masturbates, cause they need to repent or they are going to hell. Oh yeah, and according to Boyd K. Packer and Spencer Kimball, if they masturbate, it will eventually lead them into divers sins and eventually the gross sin of homosexuality.

How ironic, considering that the horny bastard, Joseph Smith, was the founder of the Mormon Church. He was sleeping with how many women? Had how many wives? He married other men's wives, other men's pregnant wives, 14 year old little girls and did it all in the name of God. Joseph Smith was the original Mormon adulterer, fornicator, pedophile, child rapist and again, he did it all in the name and with the permission of God.

Then there's Brigham Young, who had like 55 wives plus all the others that were also Polygamists. In other words, this damn Mormon cult, was founded on and based on SEX, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, etc and now we can't even watch a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show during primetime in Utah. You have Boyd K. Packer telling little Boys about their "little factory" and not to "fondle themselves." I guess we've come full circle haven't we.

I've said it before and I'm sure that I'll say it again, if Joseph Smith or Brigham Young were here today, they'd be joining that psychopath Jeffs and his Mormon Fundamentalist Church in Southern Utah. They wouldn't even recognize this watered down, sexual repressed shadow/joke of what they created.

Anyway, this is what you deal with when you live in Utah. I love the 4 seasons, water-skiing in the summer and snow-skiing in the winter and the mountains and landscapes down south are beautiful, but never, ever forget, who really runs and owns the State of Utah, lock, stock and barrel; THE MORMON CHURCH!! At least for now they do.

I'm hopeful, as the majority dwindles, that one day, they will lose control of Utah to us evil, Anti-Mormon, Gentiles. To quote Packer once again, "don't spread disease germs." Oh yeah, lets also not forget the wonderful Marriotts, who show and profit from Hard-core pornos in their self-named hotels and the fact that the Mormon Church directly profits from companies like Direct TV and Comcast, that bring in hundreds of millions in profits from hard-core porno.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget that the Marriott chairman J.W. Marriott Jr., is currently a Seventy, in one of the other quorums(3-5) and an Area President in an area that includes Virginia. He spoke at a Stake Conference there earlier this year, bragging how proud he was to be a Mormon, because the Mormon Church has never been involved in any scandals. LOL!! Now that's a good one, a real leg slapper. Also, the BYU business school is named the Marriott School of Management.

So, what a surprise, that Hinckley once again, in the last General Conference, was being a hypocritical Mormon General Authority, speaking about the perils of pornography, while he pockets money that comes directly from it. Actually, it really isn't a surprise at all and we should all be getting used to it by now.

I guess that Hinckley never said that you couldn't profit from it, just don't look at it, right? Sorry, trying to see what it would feel like for a second to be a pathetic Mormon Apologist. It's kind of like, "it's okay for alcohol to be sold in their malls, as long as they don't own the physical property where the alcohol is being sold." It's under their roof but somebody else's land. Yeah, yeah, wink, wink, we see how you work. Do as we say, not as we do once again!! Damn Mormon cult!!

Here was another classic post that I did not too long ago about Orrin Hatch and his hypocrisy. Isn't it wonderful, just wonderful?!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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