Sunday, December 18, 2005

Here Are The Requested Links/Audio For Mormon Truth Readers, Regarding The Mormon Temple Throat Slitting, Before 1990!! Yes, It Really Did Happen!!

Well, I got an Email from one of my regular readers who has requested the links to the Mormon Temple, throat slitting ceremonies from before 1990. I had mentioned it in my response to my last hate-mail that was in my last post. Of course, I would be glad to share that temple info with everyone again, since I want the whole world to know what I had to go through when I went through the Mormon temple. For those of you that missed out, count yourself lucky and fortunate, it wasn't pretty or enjoyable. Actually, it was pretty damn morbid!!

I'm actually going to add a permanent link as well, on the sidebar, where my other links are, to the temple ceremonies. I should have already done that long before now. Also, it was requested that I share the links for The Mormon Curtain and The Church Is Not True. These links are also in my sidebar, number 1 and 2. They are both awesome!! If any of you couldn't see them before, hopefully they are there now for you.

Now, I just wanted to mention real quick, a problem that I noticed a while back and thought that I had fixed. It has to do with whether you can see my sidebar or not. My sidebar is to the right of my posts and includes my personal info, my podcast info, my highly recommended additional links, descriptions of my last 10 posts, and finally, my archives dating back to August, when I first started this blog.

Now, if this sidebar isn't there, when you come to my site, as you can see, you are missing a lot of stuff. Now, the problem was with those using larger text, instead of medium text. It pushed my posts too far over and didn't leave room for my sidebar. I apologize for this and for those that haven't ever seen my sidebar or for those that thought that it had disappeared for some reason or that maybe I had deleted it. In reality, it was always there, just not where it should have been. When it was pushed out of the way, it went to the very bottom of the main page of my blog. So, if you are ever on my blog and for whatever reason, can't see my sidebar, just scroll to the very bottom and please let me know about it in an Email. I believe that now, it should be okay.

Now, for those of you that want to use the Largest size print, it will push it to the bottom. As of right now, it is fine for anyone using any screen resolution and text size of larger on down. I'm going to see if I can fix it for even the Largest text but I'll do that later. Just know that my sidebar is always there, you may just have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

For those that don't know how to find or change your text size for your browser, I use Internet Explorer and you just go to the top of your browser and click on VIEW and then click on TEXT SIZE and then chose what size you want from Largest to Smallest. If you can't see my sidebar, then you must be using LARGEST and if you just lower it to Larger, it should be fine. Anyway, just wanted to help those of you out that wondered what was going on, plus those of you that are new and wondered why I didn't have a sidebar. I hope that this helps.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, there are two ways to check out the pre and post 1990 ceremonies. There is both the written and the audio. The site that I use, has also done a great job of posting all of the written pre-1990 ceremony and then shows the changes by putting a line through whatever was deleted and changing the color of what was added. You can therefore see, very clearly, all of the changes, deletions and additions, of God's unchangeable, 100% inspired ceremony that was given through direct revelation to Joseph Smith.(Yeah right!!) The biggest subtraction, was deleting the death penalties which I mentioned. Now I have already done a very
thorough review of the these temple changes and death penalties a few months back in one of my posts. But let me post these links again here, for those that don't have time to read that post right now.

The link for the audio of both the 1984 version and the current version since 1990:

The Written, Mormon 1931 Temple Endowment Ceremonies:

Nauvoo Endowment:

1879 LDS "Endowment House" Ritual:


The 1990 revised version of the Temple ceremony (by the Tanners):

Now, here is a
great link, as I mentioned above, showing and exact comparison between the 1984 and 1990 Temple Ceremony with the words that were deleted from 1984, crossed out. They put the new words that were added in 1990 in red. As you'll be able to see, the changes went beyond the penalties and were very very extensive. Entire paragraphs were deleted and other ones added. For the First Presidency to say that the changes were minor, is just another huge lie in a long list of lies, deceit and cover-ups. I guess they are used to it by now after doing it since 1830 and passing it down from one generation to the next.(lying and deceiving) Joseph Smith gave all future General Authorities the perfect example and formula for lies and deception and they have followed it to a T!! Joseph would be so proud of their ability to deceive.

Summary of Major Changes in the LDS Temple Ritual from 1842-2005

Here is information on the latest changes that occurred in January of 2005, regarding the initiatory washing and anointing rite. I want to once again, publicly thank the Tanners for all of their hard work and research:

The changes just keep coming guys. I'm sure that as time goes on, there will be one remaining constant; that the sacred, unchangeable, Mormon Temple Ceremony, will keep changing and changing. Why? Because it is a man made creation and is absurd, ridiculous and very screwed up. I'm sure that there will be more surveys sent out, asking what people like and don't like and then more changes. It so clearly has nothing to do with any God, or revelation and if people, TBM or not, could just use even half of their brain, analyze these changes and think about it, just for a second, it would also be clear to them that it has nothing whatsoever, to do with God. Isn't it so clear?

I can honestly say that I never gave it much thought, didn't think much about it, until I started my heavy research back in April/May of this year. The Changes in the temple, occurred while I was on my mission and of course, they were never, mentioned or discussed with the missionaries. I didn't even know that it had happened. I remember after my mission, we were able to go through the Buenos Aires Temple and I didn't even notice. It seemed that something was missing, but I think doing everything in Spanish, was my main concern, not what I was doing.

Anyway, then after my mission, I went through quite a few times, before it dawned on me what was missing. Of course, I couldn't discuss it with anyone or ask anyone about it, but it did bother me a lot. Then I just slipped into my cognitive dissonance in order to get past it. I remember feeling that it was a good change, justified it, but also wondered how the "inspired Temple Ceremony" could change or be altered, since that was strictly forbidden. I was glad that I now didn't have to act out how I would kill myself, but it always bothered me and I really didn't even fully realize, just how much had been changed and added, until I found the above links this past spring. I was stunned and shocked!! That was definitely one of the major blows for me among a bunch of final blows that destroyed any remaining belief or testimony that I was desperately clinging to.

I also remember the first time I listened to the audio of the ceremonies, I felt so bad, like God was going to do something horrible to me for violating my oaths, etc. The brainwashing is so strong and deep in the Mormon Church, that when one does decide to leave, they are paranoid, afraid and in some cases, almost subconsciously terrified. It is due to the deep indoctrination that has occurred, in many cases, since birth and the fear that is instilled in all members, especially temple goers. It is fear of death, being killed. You felt that God might hit you with lightening, give you a heart attack, etc. When you agreed, like 15-20 times, that you wouldn't ever mock God and that you'd rather slit your neck, chest and stomach, before revealing the secrets of the temple, DAMN, it has an effect on you, big time, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Now keep in mind that I made these promises, pantomimed the death penalties, alongside friends and Family members, when I was a true believer and had never even considered, for a second, that it wasn't all true. It was all I had known my entire life. So, I was still in shock, back in May and to actually hear the ceremony, over the Internet, not in the "Sacred Temple", was very surreal and shocking to my me. However, once it got started and I listened to it, as the recording went on, I heard the penalties repeated, I felt fine, realizing just how dumb, evil and vile the whole thing was. I realized that I had been tricked, duped and threatened through fear not to reveal the evil, man made temple ceremony, not because it was sacred, but because it was so shockingly repugnant and idiotic.

Anyone that I would have discussed it with, outside of the Church, wouldn't believe what I was telling them and that I was actually promising God and the Mormon Church, to slit my throat, chest and stomach. Plus, they didn't want members to sit around talking about it either, because they probably would have all felt the same way and many would have come to the same conclusion. I also want to mention that I've confronted several TBM's about these death penalties and the changing temple ceremonies and so far, not one of them has chosen to answer my questions or engage in any conversation with me, regarding these things. I wonder why?

So, I hoped this helped everyone and that you will go listen, review and read the temple ceremonies and see and hear for yourself, just how evil they really are. Is there any doubt that this so called Church is nothing but one massive cult? I do have to say, that once I learned the truth, that I was able to expand my brain, recognize reality and get out. I only hope that those of you out there that are still wondering, or on the fence, will be able to do the same thing.

It is truly a traumatizing experience, especially after being a member your whole life, to realize that everything you had always believed in, in the Mormon Church, is nothing but a complete and total fraud. Your whole make believe life, comes crashing down, along with your soul. It is both devastating and shocking. I can now sympathize and empathize with all that are going down this road that I'm still on. I wish everyone the very best and if you need any words of encouragement, Email me and I would be glad to listen, help, etc. I want to help as many people as possible to deal with what the Mormon Church has done to them.

I really want to thank everyone for your Emails and comments on my podcasts. I'm honestly really trying hard to answer every single Email I get and if you haven't heard back from me, you will soon. I've just been overwhelmed by the amount of Emails that I've been receiving. Some of your Emails are both touching and painful and make me both angry and sad. Some make me happy and glad that you're out of the cult and happier than ever and moving on with your life.

I really appreciate you guys sharing your personal experiences with me, both the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of your Emails are informative and very helpful in sharing information that I don't have or where to go to find or read something new. Then, I have those that think I'm the spawn of Satan and I especially enjoy those....LOL!! On my next podcast, I'm going to read a few of those to you guys and you'll be able to enjoy them to.

Those TBM's that send me that hate-mail, are really, very pathetic people, that start to accuse me of wanting to live a life of sin, treat people horribly, etc, and that I'm just looking for an excuse to do it. They must be brain-dead, brainwashed dumb-asses, because why would I go to all this trouble if I just wanted to screw, get drunk, do drugs, beat people up, vandalize and live a life of crime with the goal of being in a Federal penitentiary. If I wanted to do all of those things, I would just do them. Does that even make common sense? In other words, I really don't want to be a modern day Joseph Smith, who they idolize as a God and a fine example for their Children. Ironic, isn't it? They accuse me of wanting to act like their founding Prophet, Seer and Revelator,
whose life and birth they have been worshiping this entire year.

They use no common sense, no reasoning whatsoever. I certainly wouldn't spend thousands of hours of my life, dedicated to researching Mormon doctrine and History and helping people, so that I could go on a drunken, hate-filled, drug infested, sex party. Yeah, before I go do all of that, I need to debunk Mormonism, so that I feel okay about doing those things. LOL!! Like I said, they are complete idiots and dumb-asses!! If you are one of these people and reading this, YEAH YOU!!

Actually, what they are, is exactly what the Mormon Church has raised them to be. They are ignorant, can't think for themselves, can't use any logic or reasoning, are brainwashed, judgmental and hate-filled. They have no tolerance, love or understanding and believe that they, Mormons, are the only ones on the planet that know the truth. Most of them have no desire to try to help me or anyone that has left the Church.(like we want there help) Instead, they want to condemn me, falsely accuse me, call me nasty names, question my intelligence, my character, twist my words into pretzels, all the while, they completely ignore all of my research and personal experiences. They ignore my sources, even Church sources and say that everything I'm doing is a complete lie and a creation of my mind. Hmmm....maybe they have me confused with Joseph Smith again?!!

In other words, they are the "perfect Morgbot." They are the opposite of what the Mormon Church claims to believe in and teach and they are perfect future General Authorities. However, they are the true reality and byproduct of Mormonism. They are what the Mormon Church, in reality, wants. They are the Spencer W. Kimballs and Boyd K. Packers in embryo. They are the epitome of future or current Mormonism leadership. They are the class examples and students that will one day be Bishops, Stake Presidents and maybe even one day, the Mormon Prophet of fraud.

These people will lie and deceive their own Father and Mother, in order to perpetuate the Mormon fraud. In order for the Mormon Church to move forward into many more generations, they need more people, like themselves, that are able and willing to continue perpetuating the fraud. You need corrupt men and women, with no integrity and no moral values to fulfill these future positions. That's another reason that they like to "keep it in the Family."

The Mormon Church means more to them than their own Families. They love and care more for Hinckley and his stupidity, than their own Children or Family. It's just a sad deal and I would love to help these people but most of them are beyond help and have their eyes set on the future prize of Mormon leadership. It's possible that some of them may have an awakening at some point but I believe most of these people are too indoctrinated to ever come back. They are the type that would drink the poison Koolaid, if it was simply "suggested" by Hinckley. They are cult members and either don't even know it or are very proud of it!! These are examples, in my opinion, of who the people are that write me these ridiculous Emails. There are some, that are just young naive, immature people, but I feel that most fit the above description.

Anyway, I do appreciate their Email though to be able to share with all of you, just how twisted, lost and demented these people are. Even though they may be beyond help at this point, I do wish them the best and good luck in their future cult endeavors. Hopefully they can find their way out of the rat's nest like most of us have that are reading this.

Take care everyone and let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like me to cover in a post or podcast that I haven't or you haven't heard me cover yet. I have over 80 items now on this blog, so it's possible that it's in the archives and I can direct you to it, if you can't find it.

Have a great night everybody and I'll be back soon!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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