Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, I'm Getting More And More Hatemail And I'm Loving It!! It Tells Me That I'm On The Right Track. Thanks For That, I Really Do Appreciate it!!

Here was the latest and it's a classic. No message, just a subject line:

Subject: You are such a sad case!
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 18:24:16 -0700

You hear that everyone? I'm a sad case!! I say, awesome!! The response below, to this Email, is posted for all of you out there that think I'm a "sad case and pathetic and that I should get a life." LOL!! Rock and Roll man, glad that I bothered you so much that you took the time to Email me. Obviously, what I'm saying here or on my podcasts, riled or stirred up something in your soul. Feeling something is better than nothing, right? Maybe there are cracks in the Mormon mind control hypnosis that you've been under, after you read the "real truth" on my blog or hear the "real truth" on my podcasts. I just want to help you guys escape, honest!! You can do it!! Just have faith!!

Anyway, here was my response to this latest, very talkative, articulate person.

Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005
From: "Samuel the Utahnite"
Subject: You are such a sadder case!! LOL!!

Well, I think you might just be an even sadder case then, since you are obviously a brainwashed member of a mind control, death cult and are happy with it. You love it!! You love to be told what to do, what to say, what kind of underwear to wear, to possibly give your own life if necessary(before revealing the secrets), who to be your friends, who to associate with, what to watch on TV, what to eat and drink, etc. I discovered the truth, got the hell out, and will spend every waking day of the rest of my life sharing what I've found, with the world and as loudly as I can. Hell, now your wife or girlfriend can't even get a boob job or wear two earrings. Sinners all!! That's truly tragic!! If Pamela Anderson were a member, she'd be totally pissed.

Did you go through the temple before 1990, like I did, and agree to slit your throat, your chest and your stomach, before revealing the secrets of the temple? That was a blast!! I sure hope that you didn't miss out, it was priceless dude. My favorite part was sitting next to my Dad and agreeing and pantomiming it together. Later I was able to do it with Friends and other Family members. It was so spiritual to look across the room and see my Mom also agreeing to slit her throat, etc. It was so inspirational!! I felt like I could have touched the face of God in that moment. I'm not making this shit up!!

Just in case you don't believe me, I have links where you can listen to the actual ceremony. Do you want to hear it or are you afraid that God will punish you for it? Go read about it on Fair or Farms, where they discuss the changes that took place in 1990, in the temple. It's not fantasy dude!! Just so you feel better, FARMS is part of BYU and fully accredited and approved by Hinckley, so it's safe to read anything they've written and has God's official stamp of approval.

I must admit, that even though I now talk openly about the Mormon temple secrets, I have not yet slit my throat, chest or stomach. Of course, God doesn't require people since 1990 to do that evil shit, but since I promised to, before God changed his mind, I assume that it still stands for me, right? Yeah, kind of confusing when God isn't sure what the hell he is doing and his "servants" are even more clueless, thus the need for the survey asking people what they liked and didn't in the temple ceremony. I guess when all else fails, including that hotline to God, DO A SURVEY!! But, the survey questions were all inspired of course.

I want to help as many people as possible to leave that damn Mormon death cult and you know what? The results have been tremendous so far in the few short months that I've been at it and it thrills me. I have been able to help a lot of people and the numbers just keep coming. I'm a missionary this time, but armed with the truth about Mormonism unlike the fraud and lies that I spread for 2 years on my Mormon mission. I will soon be trying to make amends for all of those people that I led astray. Hopefully, most if not all, have gone inactive, at least I hope so. If Mormon attendance numbers are as bad as reported, especially in South America, then they should all be out by now. I just need to make sure.

I like it most when I can help someone that has young Children, like the Email I got today, from someone that I've helped and they are so grateful that their children will never have to experience the depression and mind control that they themselves suffered through as kids. Their kids won't have to sing, "I hope they call me on a mission when they are 3 years old. Their kids won't be bearing their testimonies saying, "I know the Church is true and I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet", right after potty training. Instead, the can stay home on Sunday, play with toys, watch cartoons and enjoy themselves like normal children, that aren't in a damn cult.

At 12 years old, they won't have to be asked, in private, by a strange man, if they "fondle themselves or masturbate or look at pornography. They also won't have to then go home, after the interview and look up masturbate in the dictionary, to find out what the hell it is. Isn't it wonderful?!!

That gives me great joy, being able to help people escape an evil cult like Mormonism. Equally as nice, is when somebody, a non-member, moves to Utah or next to a Mormon and turns to the Internet to find out about Mormonism and lo and behold, they find links to me, my blog and my podcast or any of my friends sites, in the vile, evil, Anti-Mormon community. After all, we are Devil/Satan worshipers, you do know that right?

Then the next thing that follows, is an Email, thanking me for helping them to know "the truth" about Mormonism, so that they will never ever, go near it. That is a wonderful blessing for that Family. Another Family escaping the evil cult!! I just want to help as many people as possible, that's all and oh yeah, cause the Mormon Church as much damage as possible along the way. Amazing how damaging truth can be, isn't it?

The Mormon Church, with their damn missionary program, pulls the same shit you accuse me of, don't they? They(the billion dollar corporation) send out 50,000 young men, to tell the world they and their Churches, are abominations(Joseph's First Vision) and false, that their teachers are corrupt and that they all must be Mormon or else. The evil Mormon cult, also makes the missionaries or their Families pay for the whole damn thing to boot. But again, as long as your happy, hey, go for it man.

But I've got an idea; how about you live your life in the Mormon Church, bowing your head and saying yes and I live my life out of the Mormon Church, shaking my head NO and saying, "no way in hell." So, you do your thing and I do mine. Deal? The 50,000 Mormon missionaries can bang on strangers doors and condemn their religion, so I can do the same thing with condemning Mormonism. How is what I'm doing, any worse or different than what the Mormon missionaries are doing? Wake up dude and smell the hot chocolate(trying to help you keep the word of wisdom).

Now, one final thought for you to think about man and this is really good for you and your Mormon buddies/community and Hierarchy. Since you belong to the Mormon Church, and they/you, have the only "real truth" on the whole entire planet and all the rest of us are 100% wrong and evil, plus the fact that I, in particular, am going to outerdarkness, for "kicking against the pricks", and Truth and good always conquer evil, you have nothing to worry about at all, right?

I, or any of my fellow Anti-Mormons, pose no threat whatsoever to you, your Mormon Church, Your "Profit" Hinckley or above all, your precious Joseph Smith that will one day judge us and send me straight into outerdarkness to join Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, etc.

Now isn't that a very comforting thought for you this Christmas season? I just wanted to make you feel better about what I'm doing. As you dance off to polygamous lives, endless spirit babies and worlds without number along with Godhood and celestial glory while bowing down to Joseph, I will never again have a body of flesh and bone and will suffer with Satan and all his demons for all Eternity in outerdarkness.

Now that, should make your bosom burn!! I can't wait!!

Send this to all your Mormon TBM buddies that may be concerned about what I'm doing or any of my friends in the Anti-Mormon community, like Mike and Hyrum over on or Infymus who runs the Mormon Curtain, etc. In the end, you guys will have the last laugh because You Mormons are the only ones that know, and will ever know, from now until the end of the world, the real truth. You are a"special and peculiar" people. As Hinckley taught, "Mormon means more good", even though you don't like being called Mormons? Just another one of those unexplainable policy changes when the Mormon God must have been drunk or something.

Unless everyone is Mormon, in this life or the next, they are screwed. However, people like me, are special cases, because we had the full light and we have now turned against it. We were the elect that didn't remain faithful in our second estate and have been deceived by the almighty Satan. What a shame!! But, like I said, you guys will win, so have no fear, right? I do have to admit thought, it sure is fun, "kicking against the pricks" in Salt Lake. Maybe some day, Mormon God willing, you can join me and we can all live as one.....!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Hey, also, I loved your Email dude!! I could tell that you put a lot of deep, intellectual thought into it. Way to go man!! Have fun on Kolob when you get there. I wonder if you'll be able to Email me from the Celestial Kingdom, since I'll be in deep outerdarkness. Maybe, there will be windows, and you can drop down and take a peak, while watching me suffer and taunt me, make faces at me, point and laugh, etc? Now wouldn't that be fun? For peace of mind, Remember this: Those who follow Satan will be cast into outerdarkness, “where there is weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.” ( D&C 133:73 .) Man that Smith guy was inspired!!

I say these things in the name of Joseph Smith, AMEN

Now, raise your hands and chant with me, Pay Lay Ale dude!!

Merry Smithmas!!


Well, I just felt the need to share this with you guys and at the same time, leave a little message for the "Anti-Samuel the Utahnites" out there that seem to be an ever increasing group. Of course the awesome Emails outnumber these type by at least 20-1. I appreciate everyone out there that reads my blog and listens to my podcasts, sends me tips and information and is spreading the good word and truth about the Mormon fraud. The more people that can learn the truth, the better. I also want to especially thank all of you out there that share your personal stories, experiences and journies with me, it means so much, thank you!! If any of you out there, want me to share your story, annoymously or not, just let me know. I created this blog to help others and if you feel that your story could help somone, let's share it. Just let me know.

It will take a collective effort by all of us to continue to share this message and get it out there to the world. You guys rock and I'll be back later on today on my blog and with another podcast by tonight. Keep up the great work and thanks again everyone, for all of your support, hard work, comments, Emails and help in spreading this message to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Being able to help people makes it all worth it!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Sunday, April 13, 2008 3:11:00 PM, Blogger Lilly said...

Way to go! Nice reading. refreshing the way you put it.. In you face. Ex mormon mother of 4 young children. I had to get a divorce ad remove myself from my ex's family..I am remarried now to a wonderful christian man. Its only been about 2 years. Thanks for spreading the truth. I hope mormons really look at what is going on with them. I know its a long road... BUT I WILL BE ATTENDING MY CHILDRENS WEDDINGS!!

sorry mad moment! lol -me

At Thursday, December 04, 2008 8:22:00 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

I love this blog!!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCk :)


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