Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Current Mormon Missionary Experiences And Abuse, As Reported Straight From The Mission Field. Nothing Surprises Me Anymore!!

I've lost track of how many of these type of posts I've done, but here are some current excerpts from recent letters, from Mormon Missionaries, currently serving missions as we speak. Sometimes it's hard for me to read them, because I get so angry, but we all know that Mormon Missionaries are repressed and abused, mentally and psychologically and in some cases, physically. They and their families pay for this opportunity to be used and abused. Unfortunately, some Missionaries die, like Benjamin Elsworth who just died in Argentina, while teaching lies and defrauding people. They, sadly, risk their lives for a fraud. Anyway, here are some of the latest experiences.

Now this missionary has been having a hat problem, since the First Presidency is currently in direct communication with the Mormon God and Mormon Jesus, regarding which HATS are appropriate for his servants to wear....this is unbelievable but the real deal. Read it and weep.

The first comment he made regarding the "hat issue", was:

One other one, “beanies” are now outlawed…they want more formal hats. So, the hat we bought at REI won’t work. It is getting cold fast so we’ll have to figure something out. I’ll do a little looking around to see what I can find.

Then, about a 3 weeks later, he said:

I think I have all I need for the time being (except for the hat).

Then, just this past week, the hat issue surfaced again, when he said:

Oh, one thing on the hats. Very few hats are “approved". There is the chauffeur style hat (kind of like a lump on the head, but looks pretty good), and the Russian style. So, maybe a hat gift cert. would be better, or just get something that you are sure is approved by Sister XXXX =) Rules are rules.

First of all, isn't it unbelievable that these pricks in Salt Lake, are so damn worried about what kind of hats these poor guys are wearing, instead of just being concerned that their heads are warm. It's all about image and nothing to do whatsoever with the missionaries health or well being. Wow, nothing has changed since I was a missionary, that's for sure!!

Also, isn't it amazing, that the dumb ass First Presidency and Apostles, are more concerned and receiving revelations about hats, when they still can't even tell us where the Book of Mormon took place? They can't tell us why homosexuals are homosexuals or if they are born that way or not? They can't tell us why there aren't any BOM artifacts in THE HILL CUMORAH in New York? This ridiculous hat revelation is right in line with the "women can't wear two earrings" revelation.

Amazing what these dumb asses find important isn't it? It's all about control and suppression. Like Bednar would say, "it was never about the hat." If they obey their cult leader over the little things, they'll obey him on the big things, like committing to give your life, instead of revealing the secrets of the Mormon temple. When you are 70 years old and barely making it, you'll sell your damn house for the cult to go on a mission that cost $3,000/month. Then when you die, you'll leave everything to the greedy bastards. Yeah, that's what it is really all about.

Now, there was another missionary, that I found somewhere, I can't find it now, but he commented in a post, how they just went into the town square and also knocked on doors and just started asking people if they would like to be baptized. No lessons, nothing!! I guess that afternoon, they set 4 baptismal dates for that Saturday and they were gonna try to cram all of the discussions in quickly. He was so proud of what they had done and bragging about it. I believe that he said it was a challenge from the Mission President himself to do it.

I find it disgusting and a "sure sign" that nothing has changed since I was a missionary. Yeah, I'm sure if those 4 do actually get baptized, they'll be really die-heard members, right? The reality is, that they will probably come to Church once or twice and never be seen again, like the majority of South and Central America. In other words, it's still all about the numbers and the Mormon Hierarchy can't figure out what may be going wrong in South America? They must be really stupid!! If I find this actual post, I'll post it for you guys. I couldn't believe it.

Now, some other interesting comments and a crazy experience, from this same missionary:

"Here’s a funny/sad/painful story that happened to me this week. It was 7:30pm last Thursday night, and we were walking to a member’s house ( a recently returned missionary) to go visit a less-active member. On the way there, we decided to cut through the park."

"On the entrance to the park, there is this little stream, and there is a little bridge over it. They had just poured new concrete on the sidewalk part of the bridge, and it was roped off. We decided to walk around the side. Mind you, it was dark."

"So, I started to walk around the side when I come to the realization that there is no more concrete underneath my feet. The next thing I know, I’m laying in the stream on my back. I got up and I was fine, but soaking wet."

"Luckily, I have been using the “give-away” scriptures during the day, so my scriptures weren’t ruined. But by suit and nice overcoat were soaked. We weren’t too far from the member’s house, so we kept walking there. When I got there, I told him what happened, and he gave me a towel to dry off, and a change of clothes."

"We went to the cleaners to drop off my stuff, and he paid for it all. (which was really nice of him. it was $27 for everything). Then we went to the appointment. So, it was a cold night that night."

"On Christmas, I will probably call in the evening, around 6:30. We only have 30 minutes, so it will be a quick call. That is okay though."

Here's another interesting, but insane story, from a different missionary:

"Ok saturday....So we decided to have a barbecue for lunch....my pensionista was trying to light the charcoal. I told him "No you have to do it with gas" So i lit the charcoal with gas...and like two seconds later it went out. I was like...that's weird so i lifted the bottle up really high and was just dropping drops on it so it'd start up again...but the fire traveled up to the bottle of gas."

"I was holding a bottle of gas that was on fire...so i freaked out because i knew it was going to explode soon so i put it on the ground and ran inside. Next thing i knew in the back of their house there was this HUGE FIRE. The bottle still hadn't exploded so i went out and was going to put a pot on it to suffocate it."

"As soon as i went out there the gas exploded out of the bottle and i was encompassed in a big fire ball with lit my pants on fire, burned off the tips of all the hairs on my head, burned off some skin on my nose and left a nice purple mark on my arm :) But everythings ok...we got it put out! I'm fine don't worry!"

Here's another amazing tale from another missionary:

Some drunk guy threatened to slit our throats because we didn't give him money for the bus. I told him he should had saved the money he spent on the beer (because I could smell it on his breath) I could´ve taken him if he tried something.

Here is a post from a Missionaries Mom, right after her son arrived and the Mission President called her. I thought this was amazing:

Oh!! also, he gets to e-mail!!! so we may be hearing from him shortly. The mission president almost had to shut down the e-mailing for good, because of the pornography, but what they do is rent the Internet store for an hour, shut off the music and just missionaries are in there.

Then, another Family member responded:

I got a big grin on my face when your mom wrote: "The mission president almost had to shut down the e-mailing for good, because of the pornography, but what they do is rent the internet store for an hour, shut off the music and just missionaries are in there." The big grin was because it was another witness and testimony that it is always easy to outsmart Satan and his tactics!!

Now, here was an experience her son had while in the MTC in Peru, unbelievable!! This is a perfect example of their stupid ass rules and abuse:

"There is a rule here at the CCM that pictures are to only be taken on P-day form 6:30AM to 5:00 PM. In the rule book, it doesn't say that P-day ends at 5, but hopefully one would assume that when classes begin again that your p-day is over. Well, anyway, we have dinner at 6:30 pm. Well a few Elders including my two district leaders decided to not use their heads and think that their P-day lasted all day, so they took pictures after dinner."

Oh no, please tell me it isn't true!! They took pictures after dinner? They are going to outerdarkness, case closed. Satan has taken over their souls!! Isn't that unbelievable? That MTC President, over there in Peru, must be a real prick!! I've never heard of the Mormon Church controlling when a missionary could or couldn't take pictures....it just keeps getting worse!! Damn I feel bad for these guys!!

"President found out and was mad because all of them said that they didn't know it was a rule, also that they thought it was okay because everyone else was doing it. Anyway, the next day (Friday) I wrote a letter to the president (as we always do every week) and I asked him about his comment about how he said that I would be a leader soon. So, after the camera incident happened, the next morning, he called me in his office. I had no idea why, I just figured he wanted to talk to me about my district and get my opinion (because many times, my companion has broken rules and has been threatened to have his mission terminated. Every time the president talks to him, he calls me in afterwards to get my opinion and some times, the "real story" because he knows I'm honest)."

Damn, what is it over there, Nazi Germany. The same BS happened on my mission, when the President, Ass-istants, Zone Leaders or District Leader, would try to get a companionship to turn on each other and give up dirt on their companion. This guy is obviously a real kiss ass too, more than happy, to share dirt on his comp, so that he can be a leader or replace his companion as a leader. But in my personal experience, they would try to pretend to be understanding and caring and tell you that you could trust them, etc, and then use whatever you told them, to turn your world upside down and blacklist you. So, he's just doing his duty to God and feels 100% justified.

The very worst thing that any missionary can do, while on his mission, is to be honest. Honesty will get you screwed every time. The only way to survive a mission, is to lie and tell them what they want to hear or not tell them what they want to hear, depending on the circumstance. Maybe the Mormon Church should just put in the spy cameras and listening devices and be done with it. Then they can know everything that they need to know, right?

"So that's what I figured was going on. By this time we only had 5 days left here. I walked in and he said "Elder XXXX, in your letter you asked me why I promised you that you would be a leader soon. Well, because of the actions of your district leaders and their foolishness and disobedience, I cannot have them setting the example anymore. "You are now the new district leader of 110C." I was shocked."

I'm sure he was very proud of himself at this point!! After all, he was just being 100%obedient to the Lord, right?

"But, every night I promised the Lord that whatever calling I am called to, I will serve. So I accepted. We called the district out of class and told them. There were many hard feelings throughout the day. But I dealt with it. That night I got them in a room and said that no one was leaving until we got everything worked out. So now we got everything worked out."

Wow, this was a total power trip time for this Elder. We(He and the mission President) "called the district out of class and told them." "There were many hard feelings." Yeah, I bet, especially since he stabbed them in the back. He got everyone in a room, etc.......wow.....this guy is heading for Mormon Super-stardom and should make it all the way to the top, to Ass-istant.

Here's the sad thing; when I first started my mission, I was also one self-righteous dude, trying to be 100% obedient, talking shit about my companions to my leaders too. I felt that I had to do it for the Lord, because they were betraying the Lord and not acting as his servants should act. I was on the Lord's side, not theirs and my leader were more than happy to remind me of that. My leaders represented the Lord and well, you get the picture.

I didn't even feel that I was kissing ass at all. Anyway, it didn't take me long to figure out that the whole thing was a joke and that my companions weren't Devils. I'll be sharing my first clue and experience that I had that told me that everything may not have been what I thought it was, on my next podcast. Also, in many cases, they want you to complain about your comp so that they can then use it against you. They tell your comp what you said about him, etc. Yeah, it makes things pretty uncomfortable when your comp knows that you were talking shit about him and you have to live together 24 hours a day and teach "with the spirit."

After a while, I learned that my comp was my best friend and it was us against them. Again, it depended on who your comp was and if he was cool or not or one of the asses that would stab YOU in the back. This is the environment that the Church wants and does create.

Finally, after I had made it to Senior Zone Leader, being prepped for Ass-istant, I really saw the light. I had an amazing companion from New York, a totally cool guy, awesome. Anyway, in our interviews, the Ass-istants, along with the President, tried to play good cop/bad cop with us and turn us against each other and it failed. We had both been out long enough and had the maturity to talk all about the mission BS beforehand and said that we weren't going to play their games. In other words, I had his back and he had mine and so it played out. They couldn't get us to crack and we were in 100% unity.

I'm proud to say that we both told the Pres and the Ass-sistants what we thought of them and their tactics and then guess what happened, out of the blue, 4 days later? Yeah, that's right, we were both transfered out as Junior Companions. Bastards!!

I think that was the first big major crack in my testimony, I just didn't understand how clear it would be one day, that the Church was false. As I discovered the truth, I began to reflect on all of these type of experiences that I had had while on my mission and it just made things crystal clear, that it was all a joke. Finally, it all made sense. They never were men of God after all. So, maybe, just maybe, there is hope for this last Elder and he'll see the light just like I did. One can only hope!!

Take care everyone,

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, November 15, 2007 10:26:00 AM, Blogger john said...

My brother do you really think so? One question: Is the book of mormon true or not. If its not then its the best work of historical fiction know to man, created by uneducated man who some how managed to write in 10 + different writing styles.

We both know it is true.


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