Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hey Everyone, I'm Finally Back And I Sincerely Thank Those Of You That Sent Me Emails Of Support, Concern And Thanks!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Well guys, I'm back and man is it ever good to be back, at home, on my turf and doing what I love again. I really missed you guys and I appreciate all of your support while I was gone. I really missed connecting with and helping those of you out there that I've helped. I realized even more, what a passion it is for me, how important it is and what this blog and my podcast mean to me and many of you that have sent me thank you Emails.

I got a ton of Emails while I was gone, thank you, and most of them were thanking me for what I was doing and also wishing me the best in what I was going through personally. I can honestly say that what I have experienced in the last week, from tears and sadness to anger and outrage, led me to have what I would have to say was, the most difficult week of my entire life, and that includes my mission.

I guess whenever I see great injustice and see loved ones being wronged and hurt, it's very hard for me to deal with, especially when I'm also one of those being wronged. It sounds like I'm talking about the Mormon Church and their fraud, but now I'm talking about some of my evil Family members and their fraud, lies and deceit and they are die-hard, temple going TBMS.

So, I guess you could say that I'm actually talking about one in the same, as these particular Family members are simply an extension of the Mormon Church and their behavior reflects, very loudly, their cult membership. It's just sick!!

What's amazing is that what I just went through the last week, an unexpected death in the Family, was made 1000 times worse by my TBM(hypocrite), temple recommend holding Family members. It's a very long story and I'll probably tell all at some point but let's just say that it just made me even more resolute to do what I'm doing.

Let me just say that I'm grateful for the things that I said this past week and for the things that I didn't say. I'm proud of myself and that I was able to restrain myself, out of respect for others that were there and that I tried not to make things worse or more uncomfortable for them than they already were. Believe me when I say that I clearly expressed myself and said plenty, but it was fairly controlled(sometimes) and could have been much worse and completely out of control.

It was just nice knowing and understanding exactly what was happening and having them know that we knew. It's very hard to stare evil in the eyes and control ones thoughts, actions and words.

My actions and words however, did have severe repercussions and caused a domino effect that caused other Family members, that supported me, to make very difficult and painful decisions that would give us and help us to keep the unity that we wanted to show these "TBMS." They tried to play us against each other, thinking that we weren't united and they were shocked by our oneness.

These people that I speak of, are very arrogant and don't believe that anyone would ever even dare to stand up to them. Let me just say that it all worked out perfectly, they knew how we felt, what we knew about them and saw our unity till the end as they stared at the ground, unable to look us in the eyes, due to their shame and shameful behavior.

Of course, they will probably be going to the temple this week, taking the sacrament, as they'll just pretend nothing happened. After all, that is how they live their pathetic lives; they screw people over, destroy Family bonds, lie, deceive, regularly break at least 3-4 of the 10 commandments, but go on each day as if they are about to be twinkled to the Mormon Celestial Kingdom, where they will be hanging out with their hero Joseph Smith and be Gods. What a sad joke!!

I still can't believe what I and several other Family members have been through as life just keeps throwing unexpected curves. I'm just so grateful that I have the perspective that I now have, regarding life in general and especially the Mormon Church. It just helps to have better clarity on what is really happening, not just some happy, Mormon, my bosom is burning 24/7, naive perspective.

These scumbags that I speak of, are like Mormon royalty in their ward and stake and with any other Bishop they seem to come in contact with, due to their excessive and blatant "ass kissing" and ability to pretend to be someone else in public while hiding their true-selves. Again, that is normal Mormon trained behavior to put on "the show" while at Church each Sunday or around anyone from Church.

What's amazing is their treatment of me and the others that know the truth about their little fake gig and how they treat us in response. They know that we know, because we've told them...LOL....and it does make them a little nervous when they see us staring at them and smiling. I actually began to have fun as I stared them down up on the podium and forced them to stare at the floor for an hour as I mentioned above. They fool 95% of the people that know them, but only because those people really, truly, have no idea who they are and how they treat their Family and loved ones.

Their kids are also getting ready to head down some pretty difficult paths and they've called us liars and refuse to listen to us and are in complete "TBM denial." Let me just say that from what we know(100% accurate firsthand knowledge), there will be no "Mormon missions" in their near future and that will turn their world upside down, since they are nothing without the Church and their perfect image.

I, however, along with several Family members, know what these assholes do and say in private(through personal experience) and we just sit there and marvel and how they are able to pull it all off, it's unbelievable!! But the real kicker is that they don't even know about my "outright apostasy" or what I'm doing to fight against the Church and they still treat me the way they do without knowing that I'm not a "TBM."

Can you imagine if they knew that I was an apostate led by Satan himself and the anti-Christ, headed for outerdarkness? That's the funny part!! It pains me to say that these Family members are despicable human beings. It also proves that inspiration is alive and well, since one of the people that I speak of is a High Priest and in the leadership of the High Priests.

When will people in the Mormon Church wake up and realize that callings, being made a High Priest, etc, has nothing to do with God, rather ass-kissing and how much people like you or the image that you portray? It's just that simple!!

He now has about 4 callings in both the ward and the Stake and they just love him, think the world of him, praise him, etc. Like I said, so much for inspiration eh? But, we already knew that really, doesn't exist in the Mormon Church, never has and never will. It's all a sham, when they try to make the members believe that Christ is running the Church(corporation) through them. Yeah right!! Uh huh, they speak for God, yep, isn't that special?

Well congrats TBMS, Jesus just bought himself a couple of shopping malls that will be serving alcohol, isn't that wonderful? Jesus will also be helping to re-design downtown Ogden and Salt Lake and will be building a luxury resort and housing development over in Hawaii in Laie. It looks like Jesus is getting out of the religion business, isn't that great?!! Isn't it wonderful?!!

Now, to the funeral, well, is was a complete sham, right up to the Bishop giving a grand sermon on the plan of salvation(20 minutes long) and then ending with the story of how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. I didn't think that story was appropriate unless he planned on doing some "raising of the dead" himself, which of course he did not and could not do. It's always nice to rub in the fact, to mourners, that your loved ones will not be raised from the dead, but that if Jesus was here, he might do it. What an inconsiderate, God-complex dumb ass!!

I just love how the Mormon Church and Bishops, look at a funeral, as a great time to recruit, proselytize and try to convert new members, plant seeds, etc, all in the name of, "isn't it comforting that only Mormons believe in the next life or that we'll see our loved ones again? Yeah, maybe they should also explain that unless you are obeying all the Mormon rules upon your death, especially paying tithing and not masturbating, you are screwed and won't be with your loved ones anyway in the next life.

The entire Mormon plan of salvation is an evil joke that separates and divides, and certainly doesn't unite, unless you are a damn near perfect Mormon!! You are better to have never known the Mormon Church and just convert in the next life, that way you can be with your loved ones. Of course everyone that spoke at the funeral that talked, spoke of how we'd all be reunited on the other side with each other, which is false based on the fact that my Family member that passed away, hadn't ever been active in the Church and never paid a dime to tithing.

Only people in the Celestial Kingdom are able to be together again as there is no chance to repent on the other side, which is a very clear, standard teaching of the Mormon Church, all through The Book of Mormon specifically. "Today is your day to repent", "you will remain in your awful state", etc.

The Bishop didn't even go to the cemetery after his pathetic sermon, rather went to the bathroom to well, take care of more important issues I suppose....LOL!! I unexpectedly ran into him in the bathroom and yep, it does stink after all, even if he thinks and all TBMS think it doesn't. I guess Mormon Bishops are human after all and not Gods...LOL!! Wow, that was a shocker!! It was just strange, I've never been to a Mormon funeral were the Bishop didn't go to the cemetery for the internment? Maybe it was due to the judged unworthiness of my Family member(by Mormon standards of course)?

Oh yeah, and the quotes from the "teachings of Wilford Woodruff", were just beautiful and priceless.

This is my personal favorite:

In his 91 years,
Wilford Woodruff endured the deaths of many loved ones, including a number of family members and all the Apostles with whom he served under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith. At these solemn times, he found comfort in his testimony of the restored gospel and in the “eternal reality” of the resurrection. He often taught that the death of a righteous Latter-day Saint is both a trying time and a time to rejoice. In fact, toward the end of his life he wrote the following instructions concerning his own funeral: “I do not wish my family or friends to wear any badge of mourning for me at my funeral or afterwards, for if I am true and faithful unto death there will be no necessity for anyone to mourn for me.”

That was very comforting to those of us there in mourning....NOT!! Mormon funerals are the worst piece of crap that I've ever had to go to. Also, with the above quote, we now know where Boyd K. Packer gets his shit from, regarding funerals; it has been a long time standard to "REJOICE" at Mormon funerals. Here was the post that I did a few months back on Boyd K. Packer's words regarding funerals.

Let's just say that this Bishop stuck to the script of Packer and obviously instructed those speaking to preach and try to convert instead of comfort or speak much of the deceased. I will say that one person did his own thing and focused almost entirely on my loved one, which was great. He doesn't seem like the corporate type and is just a great man that loved my loved one, shared personal experiences, etc.

I'm sure that many of you have read my previous post on Packer, but here's the link for those that haven't:

Let me just say that my actual experience and the way I and my Family was treated while there from other "TBM" Family members, for the last week, was 1,000 times worse then getting the original news of the death itself. I never would have dreamed that it would go down like it did, but hey, that's the "TBM Mormons" for you, at least in my Family.

So, now, it's official, I have 5 less Family members to give a damn about and I'll never, ever, talk to them again, it's a done deal and the feeling is mutual. The damage that was done this past week, in my opinion and I'm sure theirs, is unrepairable, in this life or the next. The true character of someone comes out in times of tragedy and they surely revealed themselves to us. These Family members that I speak of, are the most hurtful, vile people that I've ever personally known.

Again, imagine if they had known about my current state and how I'm trashing and fighting against the "one and only true Church" on the entire planet? Good thing they still think I'm a "TBM." Anyway, just give me a day or so and I'll be cranking stuff out again. I think that I need to do a podcast like everyday for the next 2 weeks or something to make it up to you guys. I'll do as many as I can but it would be nice to have at least 20 by the end of January and I think that will be my goal. If I can do even more, then I will.

Also, believe it or not, I had several people, that read what I was going through, discovered my blog and/or podcast and still sent me hate mail. Now that is "true Christian TBM behavior!!" But hey, it's okay, those people revealed to me their true character and nature, that they are scumbags and that their religious beliefs trump and mean more than whatever personal tragedy someone else is going through.

In other words, they are exactly what the Mormon Church wants, just like the TBM Family members that I speak of above and they REJOICE in my pain or the pain of anyone that is suffering, especially us evil, vile Anti-Mormons. After all, they are all Gods in embryo and know, with their subconscious "God knowledge", that I will be a son of perdition, so I deserve what I get, right? God is inflicting punishment on me, right?

Yeah, it's just like the dumb ass TBMS over on Fair that said that the tragedy in New Orleans was a punishment from God for their evilness. Yeah, God killed innocent women and children in order to kill the evil ones, right? Well, I guess God did that too in the old testament, right? Just ask Moses!! Meanwhile, evil dictators and mass murderers like Saddam, Castro and Bin Laden, live to see another day along with murderers, rapists, etc. Good thing God took out those evil adulterers in New Orleans, right?

Yeah, that makes perfect sense you stupid ass, dumb shits!! These people that honestly believe this crap are pathetic, stupid and dangerous in my opinion. It's like Pat Robertson, who is a complete nut-job, spewing the same BS. He should become a Mormon, he'd be the perfect TBM.

Take care everyone, and always know that your kind words and support, help keep me going and make up for all of the dumb asses that don't get what I'm doing. Your support means so much to me, especially this past week or so, thanks again!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, June 29, 2006 7:57:00 AM, Anonymous Nephi said...

Quit this nonsense. Does it matter what you think? Didnt you know that the mormons quit doing polygamy a long time ago. Or maybe your talking about the people who call themselves mormon but really arent. It aint no hierarchy either.

At Saturday, September 16, 2006 2:51:00 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Nephi obviously didn't read your posting. What a stupid comment! I hope the people who are fighting against your written journey to the truth aren't hindering you. I think you are courageous. You are exposing a false prophet, probably the first true missionary work you have really done. One of my good friends is in the mainstream Mormon church and I wish she'd have an awakening like you. I might try to send her your blog but I know if I do she will accuse me of sending "hate". She's not ready to hear the truth. I don't know if she ever will be. Good luck and I will check in to see if you write more!:)

At Monday, June 18, 2007 4:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?"

Wouldn't you have a going away party for a friend that was going away for a long time? I hope you will find truth in your life (again). BTW did you pray about your decision to leave the Church? Do you stillbelieve in God and Jesus Christ?

At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 5:13:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Anon, just a simple question...did you think that comment about not having farewells came from me? If you did, then you are either illiterate, have very bad reading comprehension or didn't bother to even read the post and just skimmed through it.

Just in case you were wondering; those are the wonderful words of your magnificent Prophet of fraud, Gordon Bozo Hinckley.

He's the idiot that cut off all farewells and asked the question, "Why should we have missionary farewells." Why would I say that, when I'm the one pointing out why they SHOULD have them. I was a true-believing, die-hard Mormon back when he announced that in the Priesthood session and I was there.

I was pissed as hell and livid and couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I couldn't believe what a heartless, arrogant ass he was being and never got over that, even though I still believed the church was true for quite a while longer. The hypocrisy was mind blowing and I was furious, as were many of my TBM friends, relatives, people in the ward, etc!!

Oh yeah and by the way, they always have farewell type meetings when Bishops are released, at least in every ward I've ever been in.

Also what's with your cult leader Hinckley having a million dollar birthday bash with celebrities flown in every 5 years....he was already planning the one for his 100th birthday at his last party, he even said so....Mormon God help us all if that happens.

They might even shoot off fireworks in the image of Moroni for that one, right off of the roof of the Gordydome or the cult office building. Wouldn't it be wonderful and make your bosom burn like an inferno?

I have found truth in my life and it's much better than all the bullshit lies of the Mormon cult, that were told to me from birth. Mormonism is a fraudulent cult and it obvious to anyone that dares to open their eyes just for a little peek at the facts.

Did I pray about leaving?'re kidding right? Let's see, how would that prayer go;

Dear Heavenly Father, is it true that you commanded Joseph Smith to have sexual intercourse with little girls as young as 14 years old, in secret behind Emma's back?

Dear Heavenly Father, is it true that you commanded Joseph Smith to be a serial adulterer, in secret, and to have sexual intercourse with other men's happily married wives, in secret? Is it true that you commanded him to lie about it publicly, till his last pathetic breath?

Is it true Heavenly Father that you threatened to kill him by sending a homicidal angel with a flaming sword, unless he committed all of the above adultery and child rape and pedophilia? Did you tell him Father to promise his poor victims Celestial glory if they married him and let him stick his celestial dick in them?

In the name of praise to the pervert Joseph Smith...AMEN!!

I could go on....but I don't think I could get past that if I were actually on my knees praying to the supposed Mormon God that ordered and ordained such despicable behavior.

To answer your question; NO, I didn't pray about it because there was no reason to, when I had the truth and facts right in front of me, that made it crystal clear that Mormonism was a fraudulent cult based on lies, deceptions and horrific teachings and actions of past and current Prophets and Apostles.

So let me get this straight; you have all of the above facts and they are facts and yet you ask me if I pray to some invisible man in the sky, to know if it's true?

Of course, it's the other invisible man...Satan/Lucifer...that is the one deceiving me against the other invisible man, right? Gee, sounds like some B rated Sci-fi flick by L. Ron Hubbard or something, doesn't it?

If you want to know more about my views on God, I suggest you visit the homepage on my blog and read my post from Friday, May 11, 2007, entitled "Where is God...?!!" That should clear that up that question for you.

I hope that it is you that finds truth in your life, because as a Mormon, which I assume you are; you couldn't be further from it. People cannot be truly happy or free through ignorance. At least now I can admit that I don't have all the answers about life, instead of going around like an arrogant, pompous ass, thinking I'm better than everyone else, because I ALREADY have "the one and only truth" and need to convert the whole world to my absurd and ridiculous ideology.

Mormons believe and teach that people can't have an eternal family or have eternal happiness unless they are Mormon in the Celestial Kingdom.

At least now I no longer claim to be a God in embryo that knows something that 99.80% of the world's population doesn't know and doesn't give a shit about...Mormonism.

It's all a sad, pathetic joke and the sooner you wake up and realize that, you and your friends and family will be far better off. You may not realize it now, but leave, wait a couple months and then you'll see it!! Very few people are able to recognize a cult or that they are in one, when they are actively participating and a true-believer in said cult.

My advice it to take a couple months off, ask yourself what if they church isn't true or what if everything I've been taught is a lie and fairytale, do some heavy duty research and then see how you feel, based on the facts and truth and not just "feelings" and "burning bosoms."

You might be shocked at what you discover, just like I was and tens of thousands of other ex-Mormons were. Learn "the truth" and then decide and remember, the truth is not something to be afraid of, rather embraced, and "the truth shall set you free!!"


At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 5:28:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

By the way Anon, I was just curious; did you leave your comment on the right post, since your comments really have nothing to do with this post. I know which post you are referring to and so I answered you accordingly.

Was there a reason why you didn't leave your comment on the post that quoted Hinckley trashing missionary farewells...I'm just curios.


At Monday, November 26, 2007 7:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Richie (sp?) non-mormon, possibly doesn't know anything about mormons wrote a book about his near death experience years ago. It is called return from tomorrow.
He experienced something that would be instantly recognized by any TBM. I suggest that you look for truth and don't totally discount that there may actually be something of truth in the mormon church.


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