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3 More Mormon Missionaries Killed, As 2 Were Shot in Virginia And 2 Were In A Head On collision!! Fortunately, One Of Those Shot Survived!!

I know that this is old news for many of you, but I was out of town when it happened. I felt that it deserved a place on my blog, just like the Elder from Argentina, Benjamin Ellsworth, that was tragically killed by a train, just a few weeks back. By the way, still no mention whatsoever on the Churches website of his death....interesting and very sad isn't it?

I'm going to write another post today dealing with this and my thoughts on that subject. I've figured out why he hasn't been mentioned, along with the Elders that died in the head on collision in New Zealand. I think most of you will agree with what I have to say. I'm also going to do the same thing for these Elders, writing posts for them, that I did for Benjamin Ellsworth. I've actually written and said more about Benjamin Ellsworth and his suffering Family, than the Church he died for...again........very very sad!!

Anytime a Mormon Missionary loses his/her life, it is a tragedy close to my heart, since I almost lost my life on my Mormon mission and had several close calls. It could have been my Family receiving that call but for some reason, whether by luck or the grace of God, I survived and I'm still here.

I'm sure that the avid "TBMS" wouldn't say that it was by the Grace of God, since they now consider me to be an evil Son of Perdition, bound to spend Eternity with Satan, right? Also, since God knows the beginning from the end and how I would turn out, how I would try to destroy his work, etc, why would he spare me, right? I have no clue why I survived the experiences that I did and lived to tell since God offers little or no protection most times to those that are killed,raped, murdered, all over the world on a daily basis. Not to mention the Tsunami's, earthquakes, flooding and all other natural disasters. Why would he pick me out of billions to save while allowing all those people to suffer and die on a regular basis?

Again, I don't have the answer and maybe indeed, it was just luck and I'm just damn lucky to be here. Maybe we are all lucky to still be kicking around. Why would God save me when he allows little children and women to be raped, molested and murdered every single day? Sometimes the molesting of little Children is even happening in the Mormon Church(a big GASP for TBMS here), whether it's here in Utah, in Idaho, in Washington, etc, and it is being done by people that have been called to positions of authority by the Mormon Bishop. Again, obviously no inspiration whatsoever!! Oh yeah, I forgot, they are just imperfect men functioning in a perfect organization, that's right!!

Let me just use this opportunity to once again say that the Mormon Church Hierarchy are a bunch of idiots and are incredibly irresponsible, to not do background checks on everyone being called to positions of trust, especially involving little children, since the "INSPIRATION" thing is not working out too well. Again, they are too damn cheap to do it but you would think with the millions that they are currently paying out to abuse victims, that they'd wake up and realize that background check would be much cheaper in the long run.

That way, they could avoid putting a convicted pedophile in charge of Primary kids or boy scouts, right? Now, there will always be first time offenders, that have never been caught, have no record, etc, that slip through the cracks, but come on, let's not allow the convicted pedophiles to slip through the cracks. Just how evil and stupid is the Mormon Hierarchy? Unfortunately, it will most likely take losing several more million dollar plus lawsuits, along with many more children being molested, to wake them up. What a tragedy!!

I mean, give me a damn break, if they, Hinckley specifically, couldn't tell that Mark Hoffman was a bad dude, lying his ass off, cranking out forgeries, defrauding both he and the Church and about to murder a Bishop and another Bishop's wife, then how are they gonna know about some pedophile teaching the Boy Scouts in Idaho, or a primary teacher in Washington that is molesting kids?

After all, Hinckley was also in the First Presidency when George Patrick Lee, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, was molesting a little girl and once again, had no clue. But then again, when does Hinckley have a clue about anything? Hinckley is a buffoon!! Hinckley considers anything that helps him to accomplish his goals of lying, covering up and defrauding the Mormon membership, to make more money, completely justifiable.

Unfortunately, his stupidity and desire to defraud and secure more "filthy lucre" and fame, has caused loss of human life and their blood is on his hands. I take solace in the fact that there will be a very special place, set apart for him, Kimball, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and all the other evil, Mormon Prophets and Apostles, in the next life, where they can all be together and suffer for Eternity.

Here is an excerpt from the Tanners regarding George P. Lee. The George P. Lee part is about half way down on the page under the heading of "THE FALL OF GEORGE P. LEE":

After George Lee's excommunication, he wrote two letters "To the First Presidency and the Twelve" in which he severely castigated the leaders of the church. In the first letter he asked: "Who wrote a letter to George P. Lee and falsely accused him of things which were not true such as polygamy and teaching false doctrine?" His letters were turned over to the news media and caused a good deal of dissension in Salt Lake City.

George Lee's many supporters discounted the comments regarding polygamy and immorality, believing that the church was out to get him. Unfortunately, however, in 1993, the statements about polygamy and immorality became very important. On July 30, 1993, the Mormon Church's newspaper, the Deseret News, reported the following:

"George P. Lee, former LDS Church general authority, is expected to surrender to authorities next week on charges that he sexually abused a 12-year-old girl in 1989.
"Investigators say he fondled the girl at his home and during official trips made as a member of the church's First Quorum of Seventy.
"Lee, 50, was charged Thursday with aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony that carries a maximum penalty of five years to life in prison. The single charge accuses him of fondling the girl at his West Jordan home while talking to her about polygamy....
"The girl would sometimes accompany Lee's daughter when they traveled to conferences in other states while he served as a general authority for the church. Lee is accused of fondling her during trips to Arizona, Canada and Lake Powell, according to a sheriff's report....
"Prosecutors filed the charge as a first-degree felony because Lee 'occupied a position of special trust to the victim' as a religious leader and because the incidents are said to have occurred more than five times, the charges state."

On August 13, 1993, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that, "Former Mormon general authority George P. Lee said God will bring 'calamities and judgments' upon those who have accused him of child sex abuse.... Mr. Lee compared his plight with the persecution of Jesus Christ. 'We all have peaks and valleys,' he said. 'This is my valley, my Garden of Gethsemane.'"

Finally, on October 12, 1994, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Lee acknowledged his guilt:

"A year ago, former Mormon general authority George P. Lee proclaimed he was 'innocent before God' of sexually molesting a 12-year-old neighbor girl.
"But Tuesday before a 3rd District judge, Lee humbly hung his head and admitted to touching the girl's breasts for sexual gratification....
"Lee, 51, pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse of a child, a third-degree felony....
"Lee admitted only to fondling the girl's breasts.
"But the victim, now 17 years old, said Lee fondled her breasts, buttocks and genitals for three years, beginning in 1986 when she was 9 years old....
"The last time Lee abused her was after a camping trip in June 1989 at Lee's home.

George Lee, like the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, mentioned the practice of "polygamy" to the young girl after they had returned from a camping trip:

"During that trip, she went camping with the Lee family. Lee disappeared for a day and a night, then returned and brought her... back to their West Jordan home. That night, he called Karen [a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the victim] into his bedroom and had her sit on his bed. He told her that he had hiked to the top of a nearby mountain where he spoke' "to the Lord and he told the Lord he'd fallen in love with me.... I was confused and taken aback about him speaking to the Lord and the Lord saying it was OK." 'Lee then began talking to her 'about polygamy. "He said that it was going to be brought back to the Earth and we'd be asked to live it. "'.... Still later that night, Lee woke her up and said' "he was sorry he'd ever started touching me and that he'd never do it again."'

"However, 'almost every day' for the month, he continued the fondling: in her friend's bedroom, in the family room, in the pool at the Deseret Gym, on a Heber Creeper train ride, and in hotels when they traveled to Canada. She testified later that there were 'more than 20 touching incidents' that month." (Case Reports, page 73)

Now, sexual abuse finds its ugly way into many churches, and the LDS Church is certainly no exception. In 1999, The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "As lawsuits filed by sexual abuse victims against Catholic dioceses have grabbed headlines and reaped controversial multi-million-dollar rewards, similar litigation against the Mormon Church has proceeded quietly, usually ending in confidential settlements" ("Clergy Ignores Victims, Allege LDS Plaintiffs, 10/17/1999, A1). Consider also some other examples of sexual abuse in the Mormon Church. These are just a few of the many cases:

On July 30, 1993, the Deseret News reported that "George P. Lee, former LDS Church general authority, is expected to surrender to authorities next week on charges that he sexually abused a 12-year-old girl in 1989." The article stated, "Investigators say he fondled the girl at his home and during official trips made as a member of the church's First Quorum of Seventy." Lee eventually pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse of a child, a third-degree felony.

In 1996 Lloyd Gerald Pond was arrested for sexual abuse of a fourteen-year-old girl. Pond hosted the Times and Seasons, a Mormon Church radio program. He originally denied any wrong-doing; however, he pleaded guilty on Friday, November 22 to a reduced charge of one count of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

In 1998 a Montgomery County (TX) jury awarded a teenage boy $4 million in damages in a unanimous verdict that found the LDS Church negligent for not protecting the boy from John Charles Blome, a church youth worker and known pedophile. (Houston Chronicle, "Molested boy wins more than sought against church /$4 million awarded after Mormons found negligent," 10/9/98).

In 1999 four members of the Mormon Church in England were "convicted of sexually abusing children after being caught during a two-year police investigation." Police said they made repeated attempts to gain access to documents from the church, but these "requests for help were denied as the American Mormons closed ranks to protect the English branch of the church" (London Times, "Mormons jailed for child sex assaults," 11/27/1999).

In March of 2000, lawyers for the LDS Church and Raleigh General Hospital agreed to settle a $750 million lawsuit that accused the church and the hospital of failing to report a case of child sexual abuse. The settlement amount was not disclosed. In this case an LDS stake president who knew about the abuse conspired with other church officials, including the hospital administrator, to keep it secret. The LDS perpetrator worked for the administrator at the hospital (Deseret News, "LDS Church, hospital settle child-abuse case out of court," 3/29/2000).

In 2001 the LDS Church was ordered to pay "$3 million to settle an Oregon lawsuit that had accused its leaders of failing to protect members from pedophiles within the church." Sandra Scott called her former bishop to warn him that her son had been sexually abused; however, the bishop told her that he already knew that the perpetrator had a history of abuse (going back to the late1970s) but that he was repentant. "The allegations against the LDS Church in the Scott lawsuit were similar to claims made in past lawsuits, which have alleged church leaders have failed to warn victims' families or alert authorities to child abuse reports" (The Salt Lake Tribune, "LDS Church Settles Suit, Paying $3M," 9/5/2001, A1).

The following year a child abuse victim identified only as A. Doe filed a lawsuit against the LDS Church claiming church leaders knew Mitchell Blake Young had sexually abused children for more than a decade when he began abusing Doe. Young had a long history of abusing children and was even sent home from his LDS mission after it was learned that he was molesting children in the Whitefish, Canada area. His activity was not reported to authorities (The Salt Lake Tribune, "Victim Sues LDS Church, Sex Abuser," July 2, 2002).

If these type of things can happen right under their noses and they have no clue, it just proves once again, that there is no direct line of communication to God, as they claim and that they are indeed, not really Prophets, Seers and Revelators. If they can't be inspired to help and protect little Children, even within their own Church and in this last case, right under their nose, then what the hell good are they and how are they going to protect missionaries spread out all over the world?

Oh yeah, but they can receive what are now considered "revelations" that women can't wear two earrings, their should be no more missionary farewells or homecomings, no 5 o’clock shadow or shorts allowed at BYU-Idaho(unless in PE class), that they should buy malls, cattle ranches, build luxury resorts and housing developments, etc. Oh yeah, who can forget the so called, inspired, "Book of Mormon challenge or promise?" What a sad joke!! I could go on and on for hours, but I think you get my point and see what is really important to these men and believe me, it has nothing to do with any revelation or any God or trying to protect anyone!!

Now, allow me to get back to the subject at hand as I digress, sorry about that. Now as I have been clearly pointing out, if Mormon General Authorities don't have any real inspiration, then how the hell are they going to protect Mormon missionaries stationed all around the world, some in very dangerous places?

The fact is, they can't as we've seen the last few weeks especially. In the case of Benjamin Ellsworth, the Mission President claims to have talked to him the day before, pointing out that he was WORTHY(and all that goes with that) of course but obviously, felt no inspiration or premonition, to warn him that something bad may happen to him the next day, like the fact that he was going to tragically die. Now, I'm not the one claiming that these men should be able to know these things, they are!! They claim that it's Jesus' Church, run by Jesus, through his servants, etc. They claim and are sustained as men of God, servants of Jesus, inspired from above, through fasting and praying, etc.

If these men can't help save lives, especially the servants commissioned by and of Jesus Christ, then they are worthless, completely and utterly. Their so called inspiration is complete and total bunk!! Who gives a damn about how many earrings a woman is allowed to wear or shorts, or whether missionaries are masturbating, good God above!! These men are sick and their priorities are clearly all out of wack. The Mormon Church is a sick, evil and twisted cult!!

Mission Presidents are supposedly decided upon and prayed about in the temple and so forth. They are called directly by the First Presidency, straight through inspiration from Jesus Christ himself and you would think, if it was really Jesus, calling these men, that they would have a little inspiration at some point, wouldn't you? Is that unreasonable to expect?

I'd really like to see the dartboard or know the computer program that these evil cult leaders in Salt Lake are using to decide where missionaries should serve. Does anyone actually, truly believe, that the First Presidency, kneels down 25,000 a year to ask God where to send his missionaries and that they receive 25,000 or so specific answers that pop into their head and that every missionary is exactly where God wants him to be? Please!! Wake up people, this is stuff of fairytales and make believe. Yeah, maybe, just maybe, they fly to never never land to pray, ya think?

Hinckley even admits over an over that he doesn't hear words, or talk to God or Jesus, he just gets a feeling. Well, my friends, that's a lot of feelings. His bosom must be like a freakin inferno, eh? Call the fire department, Hinckley's bosom is on fuego. Maybe when they throw their darts, they feel that wherever it lands, is the inspiration. They don't even personally know 99.9% of the missionaries. They are just random names and numbers that have absolutely no signifcance to any to any of them. They could care less where they go, just do it, get them their numbers and if you die in the process, that it will be a day of celebration, because you died doing what you loved and in a great service to the Lord. Anyone else getting nauseated?

Come to think of it, I highly doubt that they even have anything to do with calling missionaries; they probably just assign some lower rung $7.00 computer dude to figure it out, after prayer and fasting of course...LOL!! After all, why would they give a damn........they have conference talks to prepare, luxury trips to plan and great cuisine to eat. Oh yeah, and malls to build and stock and the bars in the restaurants, in their malls, to stock with their alcohol that they are invested in. They are always looking at that bottom line, right?

On the other hand, their inspiration or new ways to bolster baptism numbers, is what almost got me killed on several occasions. So you tell me, are Mormon General Authorities and Mission Presidents inspired? Well, they are inspired to get numbers, numbers, numbers, at any cost, in order to save their ass, which is on the chopping block everyday unless they are the top dogs. When the numbers go down....oh man, the shit hits the fan at all levels and they get reamed by the Area Presidency, then he reams the missionaries, so the pressure is tremendous.

Every baptism that they miss, is more potential tithing money that they won't have to fill their coffers. After all, Hinckley has to justify why he has spent literally billions on temples, a new conference center, etc. If baptisms keep going down, which they will, they are gonna look like real dumb asses.

Now, I'm not gonna say that there aren't good or even great men, that are Mormon Mission Presidents, trying their hardest to take care of the Missionaries, etc, but in my opinion, through my personal experience and many others, these "good or great men", are far and few between. You will always have your diamond in the rough in any organization, even evil death cults, like Mormonism. Maybe one day, these great men, will see the light and leave the cult. Maybe they already know that it's all a fraud but stay to try to "fix things." If that is the case, I admire them for trying, but it ain't ever gonna change. The best thing to do, is get out and then try to help others get out.

Usually, however, these types of men, are eventually tossed aside and it's men like Hinckley, Faust, Packer and Bednar, that rise to the top. The Mormon Church is always looking for the ruthless, I will do whatever you want me to do to help the image of the Church, no questions asked, type of guy. There is nothing great or even good about these men and I had 2 of them as Mission Presidents. Complete scumbags, corporate guys that didn't give a shit about us missionaries or our safety. They just wanted to follow the party line and get those damn numbers, cover their ass, no matter how we did it or how late we had to stay out. They would tell us to "do whatever it took."

They all have their eye on the big prize, being a Seventy or an Apostle, so that their life and all future expenses and Family will be taken care of. If they don't get their numbers, they won't get promoted, just like any corporation, it's a big numbers game. If we died, we died, in the service of Jesus, doing what we loved and it would have been completely justified and acceptable. Very sad but true!! The difference between the Mormon cult and the Mormon Church, is that those desires to get baptism and numbers, cost missionaries their lives.

Now, the tragedy that happened in Virginia is just awful and my heart goes out to the Families, especially the Family from Bountiful, whose Son was killed. Now, for those of you out there, that have Emailed me, specifically, a Father of a missionary currently serving in Russia, that say I have no love or compassion for the Families of missionaries, especially those that have been killed, get a damn life and actually read what I've written.

Either you are ignorant, haven't read my words of love and support for the Family of Benjamin Ellsworth and all missionaries that are suffering or that have died, or you are just a complete, ignorant dumb ass. It's obvious that you haven't read my personal story of my brush with death, while on my mission, that I've shared on my blog. So, yes, while I may question the Church's motives and response when something like this happens, never at any time, have I cut down the Family of the missionary or personally attacked them. Please give me examples Mr. "Father of a missionary in Russia", I'll be waiting.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, October 04, 2007 9:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you sure are nuts. Not sure what made you that way but it's sad. I'm glad not too many people believe your junk.

At Monday, February 04, 2008 3:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i 2nd that!!

At Wednesday, June 16, 2010 2:00:00 PM, Blogger The Great UnKnown said...

I served a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and at no time did I ever hear or was there ever said or any such desire for the big corporate prize as you claim to be earned , ever expressed.
I have to ask were you a kicker?
did you wake up late?
everywhere in the news are cases of sexual abuse. there is no one entity or church infallible to this.
Based on your logic, I'd renounce Jesus Christ and worship Satan, at least in his church you are taught to respect the god you worship, you.
As for the intellectual enlightenment, thanks captain obvious. where would the world be with out your insightful research and non biased approach to expressing your discontent towards your former belief.
If this is an example of your teaching abilities its a wonder you didn't cause more people to quit the church than to join.
In closing I'd like to say, If there were any real injustice it would be the time someone wasted reading this crap.
Because I was so offended by your pathetic attempt to defame the religion you served a mission for I took time out of my personal life just to write a few words of distaste towards your kind of attitude.
I was earnestly hoping to find some valid research instead all I got was someone's ill feelings because they couldn't cut the mustard.
Better luck next time, If there is one.Sincerely , the great Unknown.


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