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Elder Morgan W. Young, Age 21, of Bountiful,Utah, Passed Away On Jan 3, 2006 While Serving a Full Time Mission For the LDS Church In Virgina, USA.

Elder Morgan W. Young's official Obituary:

May 11, 1984-Jan. 3, 2006

Elder Morgan Winslow Young, age 21, was a missionary who served with honor for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Virginia Richmond Mission. In the early hours of Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2006, he received his transfer to a more exalted estate and was spared of any mortal anguish and pain. He was born on 11 May 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Mark Winslow and Kathy Williams Young. He was a graduate of Bountiful High School and completed one year at Weber State University prior to his mission.

He had a keen sense of humor and a well-developed imagination. He loved his family, was great with children, had an interest in art and computers, and enjoyed reading biographies. He was an Eagle Scout. He loved his mission and the people of Virginia. He served with diligence and enthusiasm and was blessed with outstanding companions. Although he had served for 21 months, he didn’t want to come home. He will never be released as a missionary.

Special thanks to President and Sister Spencer Kirk of the Virginia Richmond Mission, Elder Joshua Heidbrink, the First Presidency and officers of the Church and local leaders, the missionaries and members of the Virginia Richmond Mission for their kindness and compassion, and to the local law enforcement and hospital staff for their sensitivity and professionalism. We greatly appreciate the generosity, love and resources provided to our family from all those who have helped us during this difficult time.

Survived by his parents Mark and Kathy Young; siblings, Erin Lynn Young, Brennan William Young, and Helen Katlin Young; his grandparents Bud Williams, and J. Winslow and Marlene Young, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

Funeral services were held at 12 noon on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006, at the Bountiful 31st Ward Chapel, 585 East Center Street. Friends and family called Monday evening at the Russon Brothers Bountiful Mortuary, 295 North Main and Tuesday morning from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the church prior to services. Inter-ment,Salt Lake City Cemetery.

The family is collecting remembrances at agamid900@yahoo.



What a sad tragedy that this had to happen to this young man and my heart goes out to his Family, just like Benjamin Ellsworth's Family and the other 2 missionaries that died in New Zealand, Elder Jonathan R. Talmadge, 21, of Willamina, Oregon, and his companion, Elder Bradley J. Isle, 20, from Las Vegas, Nevada. They died in a head-on collision near Timaru, New Zealand. Both were serving in the New Zealand Wellington Mission. The accident also killed an elderly woman and seriously injured two people in the other car and my heart goes out to their Families as well.

There are so many tragedies everyday, that I can't cover them all. I know that we also have lost quite a few military men in the last week as well and my God bless their Families for the tremendous sacrifice of their loved ones that give us the freedoms that we have and enjoy, each and everyday. As soon as I locate the obituaries for these other missionaries from New Zealand, I will post them too.

The Deseret News also did an article the other day on missionary deaths from the last 7 years and I wanted and felt that it was only appropriate to list their names as well. This list already includes the 3 that just passed away.

LDS Missionary Deaths from 1999-2006

Isle Bradley New Zealand 1/5/2006 Auto accident Accident
Talmadge Jonathan New Zealand 1/5/2006 Auto accident Accident
Young Morgan U.S. 1/2/2006 Shot Witnessed crime, gunman shot him
Ellsworth Benjamin Argentina 12/5/2005 Train accident Fell under train
Flores Joel Galindo U.S. 11/9/2005 Hit by car Accident
Bent Michael Joshua Samoa 11/23/2003 Drowning Accident
Godfrey Nathan Scott Argentina 3/10/2003 Electrocuted Accident, trying to save another
Lym Kelly U.S. 10/18/2002 Auto accident Accident
Johnson Gregory Scott Mexico 9/29/2002 Electrocuted Accident
Atchley Adele Ivory Coast 8/3/2002 Murder Robbery
Leaunae Limuula Samoa 1/30/2002 Auto accident Accident
Platt Spencer U.S. 12/17/2001 Auto accident Accident
Thomas Jonathan Reed Argentina 8/29/2001 Hit by train Accident
Gleason Mark England 6/12/2001Auto accident Accident
Teodorescu Mihai England 6/12/2001 Auto accident Accident
Pixton Clark Henry Ukraine 7/14/2001 Fall Accident
Driggs Eric Robert Argentina 4/6/2000 Auto accident Accident
Christiansen Jaysen Ray U.S. 1/28/2000 Auto accident Accident
Pulham Jared Mont U.S. 1/28/2000 Auto accident Accident
Roundy Daniel Byrne U.S. 1/28/2000 Auto accident Accident
Savage Bradley Alan U.S. 1/28/2000 Auto accident Accident
Peterson Melissa U.S. 1/21/2000Auto accident Accident
Barrett Jonathan Philip Ivory Coast 4/24/1999 Stabbed Attacked by drunken man Papenfuss Jaarl Michael Canary Islands 1/18/1999 Drowning Accident
Prymak Joshua Matthew Canary Islands 1/18/1999 Drowning Accident

Here is the link for a complete listing of all 189 Christian missionaries who died during the past 7 years. One thing for sure, there are risks involved for any missionary work for any Church, no matter where you are serving. It doesn't matter if it was a savage crime or an accident, the missionary is gone and the lives of their Family and Friends are changed forever.

Now, I do want to say that the Mormon Church's initial response, from M. Russell Ballard, was not pleasing to me and I felt it to be cold. But let's remember that they have to make sure that something like this, doesn't affect future recruits. I hate to say it, but it's true. Let me now share a few of the words by Ballard, shorty after finding out about Morgan W. Young's death and the deaths in New Zealand:

Elder Ballard says the work of the Lord through the missionary program of the Church will continue:

This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work. Joseph Smith made that abundantly clear that there would be nothing that would stop this work from rolling forward till the Great Jehovah comes forward and says the work is done. And He hasn't said that yet.

Elder M. Russell Ballard
Member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Text of the remark
Audio of the remark

He also said the following:

When you say, What kind of work do we do to see that the missionaries are kept in safe places and that they proselyte in safe places? We do the very, very best we know how, under the supervision of inspired, called, wonderful mission presidents and their wives.

Elder M. Russell Ballard
Member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Text of the remark
Audio of the remark

Here is a link to a summary of his talk which doesn't even include the fullness of the above quotes:

"This Work Will Continue to Go Forward"Elder Ballard talks about missionary safety January 6, 2006

Now, one more thing that I want everyone to remember and never forget as you ponder the tragic deaths of these young men; the words of the current Mormon President and Prophet of God, Gordon B. Hinckley, regarding missionaries, farewells and homecomings and that what they do is simply expected. This should give everyone some extra perspective on what he truly believes.

Gordon B. Hinckley, “To Men of the Priesthood,” Ensign, Nov. 2002, 56

Elder Ballard has spoken to you concerning missionaries. I wish to endorse what he said. I hope that our young men, and our young women, will rise to the challenge he has set forth. We must raise the bar on the worthiness and qualifications of those who go into the world as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now we have an interesting custom in the Church. Departing missionaries are accorded a farewell. In some wards this has become a problem. Between outgoing missionaries and returning missionaries, most sacrament meetings are devoted to farewells and homecomings.

No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?

The First Presidency and the Twelve, after most prayerful and careful consideration, have reached the decision that the present program of missionary farewells should be modified.

The departing missionary will be given opportunity to speak in a sacrament meeting for 15 or 20 minutes. But parents and siblings will not be invited to do so. There might be two or more departing missionaries who speak in the same service. The meeting will be entirely in the hands of the bishop and will not be arranged by the family. There will not be special music or anything of that kind.

We know this will be a great disappointment to many families. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and friends have participated in the past. We ask that you accept this decision. Where a farewell has already been arranged, it may go forward. But none in the traditional sense should be planned for the future. We are convinced that when all aspects of the situation are considered, this is a wise decision. Please accept it, my dear brethren. I extend this plea also to the sisters, particularly the mothers.

We hope also that holding elaborate open houses after the sacrament meeting at which the missionary speaks will not prevail. Members of the family may wish to get together. We have no objection to this. However, we ask that there be no public reception to which large numbers are invited.

Missionary service is such a wonderful experience that it brings with it its own generous reward. And when a missionary returns to his family and his ward, he may again be given opportunity to speak in a sacrament meeting.

Well, due to the nature of this post, I will try to remain calm even though these words from Hinckley, completely outrage me, in every way. Well, Mr. Hinckley, these particular missionaries, didn't get that chance "to speak in sacrament meeting" again, did they? Too bad you robbed them and their Families, of that one more special moment together of a "Family Farewell", where they all got to talk, in particular, their Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters or friends, etc. What a shame!! You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Hinckley, ASHAMED!! You are a disgrace!! What was the "wonderful experience and own generous reward" for these missionaries and Families?

You robbed these poor Families of that one more special moment together, just like you rob the poor and ask them to pay tithing instead of feeding their Families if given the choice. Wow, no more "special musical numbers or anything of the kind" either? Why Mr. Hinckley, does special, spiritual musical numbers offend you and the evil that permeates your pathetic heart and soul?

They can't even have a big open house with their Friends and Family? What business is that of yours what they want to do on their own time, in their own way, in their own house, to say goodbye to their Son or Daughter? Oh, but thank you for allowing "Family members to get together" freakin nice and thoughtful of you. Thank you for your permission!! Good God above, if people don't think he is a control freak, they need a mental checkup. If this stuff doesn't make you mad or upset you, you need a class in humanity. This is a lesson in Cult 101 baby!!

People think I'm bitter? What the hell is this Hinckley character? He has single handedly destroyed and taken away every good or fun thing that ever existed in the Church, from when I was a kid and growing up. One of the highlights for me, was my farewell, where my whole Family participated and then we had the big get together/open house, with my Family, Friends and people from the ward and we did that both before and after my mission. It meant the world to me.

HINCKLEY, these guys and gals are leaving for a year and a half or two years, for you and your Church and your Joseph Smith that you worhsip........what the hell is wrong with you? What a bitter, unhappy, disgusting old man that wants everyone to be miserable like he is!! To top it off, they are paying their own way.......WOW and for what? For the honor and privilege of being treated like a piece of crap, now both before, during and after their mission, by the very Church that they are serving? How pathetic!!

HINCKLEY, RETIRE!! Do everyone a big favor. Let's just pray to the Mormon God that Packer never takes over, he'll make Hinckley look like Bambi and already does.

Let me quote one more time, the one particular part of the above Hinckley statement, that is the most absurd:

No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?

Okay, again, I'm really trying to remain calm here, but hey, Hinckley, you must think we are really stupid, right? I mean, you just celebrated Joseph's damn birthday all year long, not to mention your own, if I recall correctly. Wasn't there like this big 95th birthday bash with Donny Osmond, Mike Wallace,Gladys Knight. sibling pianists, The 5 Browns, Brazilian singer Liriel Domiciano, world-renowned violinist Vesna Gruppman and Metropolitan Opera soloist Stanford Olsen. Maybe I just imagined him being serenaded and praised.

It was broadcast live on their NBC affiliate, KSL, and then over and over on KBYU and BYU-TV. How many times did you watch it Hinckley......over and over and over I bet. How disgusting!! Talk about self-worship!! How much did that big shindig cost? So it's okay for you, but not for missionaries, that are sacrificing a hell of a lot more than you are including in some cases, their very lives, for YOU? You can allow a huge, massive party to be thrown for you and 21,000 of your closest friends but nothing for missionaries? You disgust me!!

Hey, come to think of it, didn't Hinckley do the same BS for his 90th and then mentioned at the recent 95th bash, that he'd see us all in 5 years for his 100th? Please, spare us from you vainness and self-glory while you coldly crap on missionaries Mr. Hinckley!! Maybe you should be hiring professional entertainment like you are apparently worthy of, for missionary farewells?

Now the real joke of the above quote, is that others don't get farewells when entering a particular service, like Bishops, Stake Presidents, etc......well duh, you dumb ass, it's because they aren't going anywhere...holy crap, is he really this dumb? He's the Mormon Prophet, Seer and Revelator with a direct pipeline to God? I'm glad that I no longer believe that BS. Just so you understand Mr. Hinckley, and I'll go very slow for you, when someone is called to be a Bishop in their local ward, they aren't going to Argentina for 2 years, got it, can you understand that? DAMN!! How ridiculous!!

Now the facts are, when a new Bishop is called, there generally is a special welcome meeting and in my wards, many times, the new Bishop and his wife speak and the counselors too and their wives, to welcome themselves and introduce themselves, not to say farewell and oh by the way, the departing Bishop does say farewell and speaks to the ward too. But Hinckley puts a wrap on the subject, after saying what he said, when he sums it up by saying, "why should we have missionary farewells?

Well, let me answer that question for the Moron Prophet of fraud; you have missionary farewells because some of them may never be coming home again and it will be a great lasting memory for those Families and loved ones. But then again, why would Hinckley care about any of that, it all about numbers and money and the sacrifice or loss of missionaries is just part of it. Like Ballard said, if "more missionaries are hurt or killed", it will not stop this work. What would stop the work, is if people would just stop going on missions, then it would grind to a complete halt and I pray that it does, the sooner, the better.

I just don't want to see any more young men lose their lives for these men that couldn't care less and only have one thing on their mind....MONEY!! These men, Mormon General Authorities, don't care that missionaries are knocking doors, in sometimes very poor and dangerous parts of town, do they? Of course they don't, as long as they produce those baptisms, it's all good. By the way, just a question, that needs to be asked; why aren't the holy Mormon garments protecting these men that are dying? Just thought I'd ask. Don't give me that crap that it's based on their worthiness either.

This is truly a tragic situation and I apologize for writing all of this on the same page of this poor young mans obituary, but it comes from my heart and soul and it needs to be said by someone. People need to wake up and realize what this so called called Church is really all about and that you mean nothing to them in the end. Sadly, you are just another number, like we all were or still are. After all, after you die, they admit to keeping you on the roles and count you as a member until you are 110 years old. So this poor Elder from Bountiful, will be counted as a member for another 89 years? So, are there really only like 8-9 million actual members?

Also, one more time, for those that say I'm bashing the Families and missionaries that have died, have no heart and no compassion and that the devil will curse me for it; take a reading comprehension 101 course, it might help you out. I'm criticizing the Mormon hierarchy, not the Families.

I read another article tonight from a former companion of this Elder and according to him, it was fairly common place to be threatened with being shot. They also heard gun shots a lot too. He also said that he would have expected something like this in Richmond, Virginia but not where it happened? What does all that tell you? Yeah, it sounds like they are being protected well and taken good care off, while allowed to tract and knock doors in dangerous, unsafe neighborhoods where they can hear gunshots on a regular basis. How comforting for Parents of other missionaries, eh? Just get me those numbers Hinckley says!!

I do wish Morgan W. Young's Family the very best. They seem very steadfast, strong and comforted with the fact that "he died with his boots on." All I know is that I wouldn't feel the same way if I was in the same situation, so good for them. I know that they are in deep grief and mourning and sometimes, we say what we need to, just in order to survive the moment and each day and that may be the case with them.

Sometimes people put on a brave front when in reality, they are in pieces. I've lost loved ones, but losing a Son or Daughter, must be devastating. I can't even begin to imagine the pain associated with something so horrible. However or wherever they find peace, I just hope that they can have it.

I also hope that things go well for his two younger siblings that are both planning on serving missions in the next year and a half. They say they are more determined than ever to now live up to his legacy. I just pray that they come home safely, that's all.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Wednesday, June 21, 2006 9:24:00 AM, Anonymous mormonninjarob said...

First of all, I'd like to ask what sort of person uses the death of another person as their personal soapbox. I personally knew the whole Young family, except Morgan, and for you to attack our church on a soapbox that you placed over the graves of these dead elders is your attempt to trivialize these elders, and thus their families.

How to you justify your remarks attacking Elder Ballard's remarks over the death recent deaths? Are you the same person who would withdraw our troops from a war after the first death? Death is a trajedy, this is true, an immense trajedy that can affect the rest of a person's life, but at the same time can not be completely avoided. The church does its best to keep its missionaries safe, giving them rules to follow, and they do not send missionaries to overly dangerous places. Anywhere is dangerous tho, even Norfolk Virginia, and sometimes trajedies occur. Why do good people die? Why do bad things happen to good people? I don't know, I have no answer for why the missionaries garments didn't protect them, but I know that a few of those missionaries that died died as a result of not following missionary guidelines against swimming.

There is crime in all parts of the world, there are accidents in all parts of the world. There is no fault in the Church for the deaths of these missionaries, and you are a discraceful person to use their deaths to set up your soapbox.

At Wednesday, June 21, 2006 1:39:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well, first of all, I'd like to ask you the same thing you asked me? What sort of person uses the death of another person as their personal soapbox?

The answer is the Mormon Church of course and they do it every chance they get, unless you are blind, which you obviously are. For you to say that I am the one "on a soapbox that I placed over the graves of these dead elders is my attempt to trivialize these elders, and thus their families", is laughable and very sad.

That you can't see what the Church does to them, discarding them as just another death and number for their cause, is extremely sad. Have you ever been a missionary? I was and I know for one that they don't give a damn about you while you're out there, at least not in my mission and I almost got killed on my mission, so I can talk about this. They don't care if your area is dangerous or not, as long as your produce good numbers and baptisms.

Here was my lovely experience when I almost got killed for the Mormon cult:

Didn't you bother to read what his companion had to say about it:

"it was fairly common place to be threatened with being shot. They also heard gun shots a lot too."

Yeah, it sounds like the Church was doing a fantastic job of keeping these young men safe, doesn't it?

You then ask:

"How to you justify your remarks attacking Elder Ballard's remarks over the death recent deaths? Are you the same person who would withdraw our troops from a war after the first death?"

First of all, I would not withdraw our troops from a war after the first death, as we need to win the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism in general. We need to annihilate these evil terrorists and kill them all, before they kill us, so don't pretend to know me. I am a patriot and I love the USA and I come from a strong military family, so try again. Any death is tragic and sad, but I am always grateful, everyday of my life, for my freedom and this country, which is in thanks to these great men that have willingly given of their lives for me and my family and our country.

The difference between a military man that dies and a Mormon missionary, is that they know upfront, the risk and that what they are doing is extremely dangerous and that they may indeed die for their country.

Also, Military men are also paid for what they do and a Mormon missionary is a volunteer that is paying his own way, so big differences there, wouldn't you say?

Mormon missionaries also don't think that they may die or that death is a good possibility on their mission and aren't prepared correctly how to deal with dangerous situations, like military men are. Do missionaries write out wills before they leave, like many military men do? The obvious answer is no, they don't.

Now for you to ask how I could attack Ballard's cold and heartless words, is beyond me. You attack me, for attacking him? You've gotta be kidding or completely brainwashed beyond help if you can't see the irony is this. Just to review, right after these deaths, instead of comforting the families, Ballard says:

This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work.

Did you catch that mormonninjarob? Regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future holds, who cares if other missionaries are hurt or killed, IT WILL NOT STOP THIS WORK.

Damn, it sounds like Hitler or something doesn't it..."we will not be stopped, even if people are killed or get sick, we don't care, because Joe said so and now I say so!!"

So, you find this to be loving, comforting, compassionate, caring and all the fruits of the spirit eh? I feel sorry for you if that is the case, because you lack the very basic skills of human compassion and understanding.

One thing that we can agree on, is that I also have no clue why good people die, especially worthy Mormons, who are wearing their sacred garments, that are supposed to protect them.

Of course you have no answer to the garments not protecting them, nor does anybody else, because there is no answer and that whole fairy tale, about garments protecting people, is complete BS and we all know it. Now I somewhat agree that the actual deaths of these missionaries are not always the Church's fault but they do next to nothing to actually protect them from situations like Morgan Young and his companion found each other in and that is disgraceful. Most missionaries die in car accidents, like the 2 in New Zealand earlier this year. What does the Church do, in the way of auto safety or teaching the missionaries about auto safety or driving in foreign countries? Again, nothing!! Accidents happen, but with more knowledge, or care by the Church, some could be avoided, but they don't care.

However, the Church always brags about how the Lord protects and blesses his missionaries, how the garments protect people and this obviously isn't the case, is it? Why would he protect some and allow others to be killed? Is it all part of his grand plan, to allow young men to be killed and die for the Mormon Church, while serving a mission?

What I mainly blame the Church for, is their handling of these missionaries deaths, after the fact. The cold, heartless words of Ballard, right after their deaths and the lack of any true, public show of gratitude to these missionaries is disgraceful.

Why is it mormonninjarob, that the Mormon Church, with all of its billions of dollars rolling in, can't seem to provide any type of memorial or monument, to their precious, fallen missionaries.

It's because they don't give a damn and I don't know how many times you have to see it or hear me say it, for it to sink in and for you to see reality.

I created a Mormon missionary Memoriam page, after doing research and putting it all together from other webpages. The Mormon Church can't even bother to do this. Can't you see how wrong this is, that they don't publicly honor and thank, by name, each missionary and the family of each missionary that has died for their cause. That doesn't bother you? Well, it should and shame on you.

Also, what about the cold, cutting words of dear old Hinckley:

No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?

He even cut out special musical numbers, any family involvement and recommends that they not even have open houses. Hinckley is an arrogant, cold hearted ass, to talk to missionaries this way and basically tell them that they are worthless in his eyes. He is a disgrace and a Prophet of fraud, nothing more!!

What about these missionaries that died, that never got to have that true farewell, or open house? Hinckley says, that they can talk when they get home....well, some of them never made it home to talk again, did they? Meanwhile, Hinckley has personal birthday parties, with stars paid for and flown in from all over the world, to personally entertain him in the worship ceremony where everyone bows down and kisses his ass all night.

He had one at 90, then 95 and at the end of the last one this past July, he said, that he can't wait for the one in 5 years....God I hope not!!

So, in closing, you should be directing your anger at your beloved Mormon Hierarchy, who can't create a Memorial, can't create an Internet Memoriam or honor these fallen young men or women in anyway, shape or form. In most cases, they don't even cover or mention the deaths of these missionaries, on LDS.ORG, because it isn't faith promoting and part of their "soapbox." Only when the death is a missionary from Utah or national news, do they even mention it and even then, in most cases, it never makes it to the news section of their website. Go there and search missionary deaths and tell me what you find, okay?

You should direct your anger and frustration at evil and cold men like Ballard, who doesn't care who dies or gets sick and Hinckley, who says that they don't deserve a farewell, special musical numbers or even an open house....this is what should piss you off, not my post.

Maybe one day you'll wake up and see the light, since you haven't even realized yet, that you are a cult member of the Mormon cult. After all, I was a cult member for over 30 years, before I discovered the truth, so there is hope for you and everyone.

I'm just thankful that I didn't die for the cult and I think it is tragic that great young men, like Morgan Young, did have to die for the cult and their lies. Morgan Young and his family, strongly believed and still believe, that he died for Jesus and the only true Church on earth, but sadly, the Mormon Hierarchy, couldn't care less, because the work will go forward, like Joe and Ballard said it would, no matter who dies or gets sick.

That last statement should be your problem, not me.

Best wishes and please respond, as I look forward to what you have to say.

By the way, you are aware that Joseph Smith was a polygamist, right? Did you know that he married a girl as young as 14, others men's wives, other men's pregnant wives, Mother/Daughter combos as well as sisters.

On the main page of my blog, on the right hand side, in the links section, is the link on Joe's wives, right off of your beloved Family History website, which makes it official, that he was a polygamist and did marry a 14 year old, when he was 37. Very disturbing I know, but trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg, if you really want and desire to know the real history and doctrine of Mormonism.

Thanks for your comment and take care,


At Thursday, June 22, 2006 9:15:00 AM, Anonymous mormonninjarob said...

I think its funny how you tack on the remark about Joseph Smith. It has nothing to do with your argument, and your just trying to attack my faith. I know he was a polygamist, no news there, do you know how many of those marriages he consumated?

You ask why the church doesn't do more for the missionaries who died. President Ballard met with the Young Family. They were flown to virginia the night of the accident in president Hinkley's private jet in the hopes that they would be able to arrive before their son and brother died. Their entire stay was paid for them, and everything was done to accomedate them in their brief and tragic stay.

This is what the church does for families that lose missionaries: they provide meaningful service in their time of grief. Instead of building a monument to them, they do everything they can to make it a private affair that the family can appreciate. Instead of publicizing the family's pain, as was unfortunantely done in Morgan Young's death.

But missionary work will not stop until it has been completed. The loss of human life in the process is a tragedy, and I wish it could be avoided, but the fact is death is inevitable for almost all of us.

I have been reading your work, and I wonder where you get your hate from. You claim to be from utah, have been a member for 30 years, and then suddenly had a life changing experience?
Many of your arguments are simply filled with consuming hate, not coherant logic.
I'm sure you will tell me what I don't know, that there were many flawed people in the church, etc, etc. So what? we are all flawed, we are human, but I tell you that I have recieved a few seperate and distinct witnesses that this Church is true. While at times I may question, I know in my heart the truth, and thats what should really be on a website labeled "mormon truth"

At Tuesday, September 05, 2006 9:27:00 PM, Blogger ssjace16 said...

How can somebody be so insensitive as to use deceased missionaries a pedestool to launch an attack on the Latter-day Saints. I was Elder Jonathan Talmadge's comapnion who served in the New Zealand Wellington Mission ans died in the Timaru car crash. How dare you use him as your waypoint to attack the church. People are free to their own beliefs. The talks thats you have presented from authorities of the Latter-day Saint church have been twisted to suit your own purposes. I dont know what possess a person to have a heart so filled with hate as to attempt to destroy something that is so important to millions of people all around the world. The Church Of Jesus Christ will never be destroyed despite your efforts to pull us down. You will never succeed. It will continue to grow. And there is nothing that you can do to stop it. To those of you who read this comment I want you to know that the church is true. Time after time I have dealt with people on my mission who are just like him. The only things that the church has to offer men on earth today is salvation through Jesus Christ and true everlasting happiness. I pray that you will find this same happiness in your life. Take care all

At Saturday, December 16, 2006 3:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beliefs are one thing, "truths" are another. Honestly, for the many people that are bashing on this individual for discovering a different path in life, please ponder this. Where did you get your beliefs from? I said beliefs not "truths"! Is it something innate, or is it learned? If you are being honest with yourself, you probably would choose the latter. Where does your faith come from? It was more than likely learned. Can I say this with the upmost certainty? Absolutely not. "Truths" are different than beliefs! This guy is probably fighting a losing battle, but I give him credit for trying to find his own beliefs. How many of you have tried that lately or if ever?

At Thursday, October 25, 2007 12:45:00 PM, Blogger iPosty said...

sorry you feel that way.

As a former missionary I can say I didn't particularly enjoy my farewell, or my homecoming, or even the sendoff at the airport.

And frankly if my son was to die on his mission, while obeying the rules and doing the work in the service of the Lord and his brothers and sisters, I don't think I'd regret for one minute not having had a farewell..

I see the wisdom in Pres. Hinckley's counsel, and wholeheartedly agree with him.


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