Friday, April 04, 2008

Videos That Were Too Hot & Offensive For YouTube(I Guess It Wasn't Their Nazi Propaganda Videos) & Marked As "Inappropriate Content"...LOL...ENJOY!!

Amazing, isn't it, that YouTube quickly bans and deletes any video that I and many others post parodying ANY MORmON leader(in this case, Goddamn cartoons) or telling THE TRUTH about MORmONISM; yet cheerfully supports and allows and even passionately and defiantly fights for free speech, while freely allowing people to post terrorist training videos and Nazi Propaganda(real hate speech) despite being asked nicely to remove them.

So, in YouTube/Google's twisted, fucked up world, us ex-Mormons are more of a danger and threat than Nazis, the KKK, skinheads or even knew?!!

I guess the MORmON hierarchy were right, according to YouTube, when describing us as "disease germs full of darkness"(Boyd KKK Packer), "anti-Christs"(Brigham Young), ranked more dangerous than predators(Bishop's handbook of instructions) and that all MORmONS should "run from us as fast as they can!!"(M. Russell Ballard many times)

I just have to wonder some days if YouTube is completely run by MORmONS at the highest level, which is probably the case. It's as if the MORmON Hierarchy own them and are making all of their decisions for them, on what videos they allow, when it comes to MORmONISM.

Then again, it could just be the threats of lawsuits coming in left and right, from Jesus Christ's personal, asshole lawyers and his loving, don't cast the first stone, turn the other cheek and love your neighber MORmON cult of shame, hypocrisy and lies?

Something is going on and that's for sure. Just look up the pro-MORmON, YouTube profiles of LDS9999 and SethAdamSmith and look at the massive quantity of blatant copyright infringement everywhere, like almost every single video they have posted...and Jesus Christ's Intellectual reserve/YouTube, which know all about them; do nothing and allow them to continue posting one copyrighted video after another with no repercussions.

Coincidence...obviously NOT!! It's called discrimination folks, which is what MORmON/LDS/Jesus Inc. is all about, always has been and always will be and obviously YouTube is in their back pocket, as MORmON Inc. is running YouTube and spamming it with all of their bullshit hate and propaganda, while repeatedly deleting the accounts of those who are telling THE TRUTH about MORmONISM...ASSHOLES!!

I mean one massive billion dollar corporation that promotes hate, threatening to sue and bring down another billion dollar corporation that promotes hate, in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood that they don't hold; is fascinating, especially when it's Google/Youtube that is blinking, cowering and terrified, showing who has more power and control.

YouTube/Google has been involved in many big lawsuits, even involving countries and fights vigorously to defend themselves, no matter how much it costs, but when the MORmON Jesus Christ(the one and only true Jesus Christ on earth, as defined by Joseph Smith and confirmed by Hinckley) and his lawyers come knocking, they cower like the sorry, pathetic bitches they are and get down on their knees and say, "Anything you want Mr. Tommy Boy!!"

I'll be writing a new, much more detailed post and analysis of my latest dealings with the Nazis that run YouTube and how much they hate freedom of speech, if it has anything to do with telling THE TRUTH about the MORmON cult!!

Anyway, here are the 4 videos that were deleted on my now deleted YouTube about 2 months ago, due to "inappropriate content." You tell me folks what is more offensive; terrorist recruiting videos and Nazi propaganda movies or these 4 cartoon parodies of the bullshit, MORmON leadership, that governs by fear, lies, hate and fraud!!

I've included the description as it was posted on YouTube for each video:

Gordon B. Hinckley's Last Public Sighting W/ First Presidency

I'm telling you...Gordon B. Hinckley could bust some serious moves and Tommy Boy and Crying Eyring are pretty damn awesome too...dancing with the MORmONS, here we come...LMAO!!

Hinckley's Last Public Appearance!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Gordon B. Hinckley Is Thinking Of You...From Beyond The Grave!!

LOL...some funny shit right here!!

Of course Hinckley got the booze from Jesus Christ's new multi-billion dollar malls, that will be serving beers and all other forms of alcohol, after Jesus Christ approved it!!

Learn to laugh MORmONS, because your cult and PRophets are a JOKE!!

Hinckley Is Thinking Of YOU!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Thomas S. Monson Dedicates Song And Dance...To HIMSELF..LOL!

Thomas S. Monson always knew he could do it(become the MORmON Jesus' PRophet of fraud), after waiting over 40 years for his pre-ordained calling(which included just waiting for everyone else above him to die) and especially for the stubborn Gordon B. Hinckley to kick the bucket(which he never thought would happen) and this was his celebration dance...LOL!!

Thomas S. Monson Celebrates!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Joseph Smith Is Singing To You Ladies And He Wants Action!!

If Joseph Smith(the original MORmON pervert, serial adulterer, child rapist and pedophile) was alive today, this is how he would be behaving and trying to find more chicks to bang and little 14 year old girls to rape, like Helen Mar Kimball.

Joseph Smith's Song!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Well, I hope you all enjoyed watching those, as much as I enjoyed making them...LOL!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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