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M. Russell Ballard...Next Member Of The First Presidency?!! Well, He Sure Is Talking A lot Of Public Nonsense Lately And Who Will Be The Next Apostle?

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Wow, what exciting times for Mormons eh? You can feel the excitement in the air, as everyone anticipates and wonders who the next Apostle will be, who will slide into the First Presidency and have a few keys added to their key chain.

In order, the two videos above, are first, the EXACT words of M. Russell Ballard, regarding what he feels about his Mormon missionaries, 6 who had just been killed in a little over a month. I never get tired of sharing his hate with the world.

The second video was posted over on Google videos by Truthseeker, and are the most recent words of Ballard, as he attempted to answer various questions that are often posed regarding Mormonism. His answers are of course complete BS and double talk and more mind fucking, but that's par for the course and we should expect nothing different from any of these losers.

Finally, the audio clip is of M. Russell Ballard, at a Stake Conference, stating that "we don't know we're dead when we die." He stated it in the official capacity of a Mormon Apostle as official Mormon doctrine, that HAS TO BE TRUE, because his Grandpa personally knew it to be true and was an Apostle, therefore it can't be questioned. I apologize that the audio isn't better(with all the damn crying, Mormon babies in the background and no "crying rooms" for them to be taken to), but the main part that CLEARLY stands out, which you'll hear 3 times, is "We don't know we're dead when we die."

Here is the description I wrote for that audio, that I'll include when I post it on my Mormon Truth Interviews podcast:

M. Russell Ballard repeats at least 3 times, that "you don't know your dead when you die." He claims it's 100% true, because his Grandpa taught it, knew it personally and was an Apostle, so it can't be questioned and is 100% Mormon doctrine, now confirmed by 2 Mormon Apostles.

He says that you won't know your dead until you try to do something that you could do in the flesh, and won't be able to do it...then the light will go on in your spirit head, that you're dead.

So, I guess one day you wake up, try to go to the bathroom, take a shower, pet the cat, etc and you won't be able to do it. Then what? He never explains what you do, once you realize that you are indeed dead? LOL!!

He then tells everyone about a vision that Wilford Woodruff had, where he was in heaven, and Joseph Smith ran past him, then Brigham Young ran past him along with other famous Mormon General Authorities, all in a huge hurry.

Finally, he got Joseph Smith to stop and talk to him, just for a second and asked him why he was running and in such a hurry; Joseph explained that they were doing genealogy, or "the work" for everyone and they had to hurry, because their wasn't much time and that all of the other generations, had thousands of years to prepare and do their work, but that they only had a very short time.

Well, it's been over 160 years since Joseph Smith was shot to death in a gun battle, after he had the printing press destroyed and Christ hasn't returned yet. I wonder if he's still running back and forth, along with Brigham Young and all the other dumb shit, Mormon GAs, because the time is so short?

I guess the ALL powerful Mormon God, couldn't just snap his fingers and have the work done eh? Well, at least they're getting their exercise and I just hope they get breaks and lunch, so that they don't get too overworked, hungry and thirsty, while running around doing all that genealogy. Then again, maybe they still don't know that they're dead? LOL!! Can you guys believe this BS?!!

Anyway, Ballard is an idiot and therefore the PERFECT candidate to move into the First Presidency, to compliment the other two buffoons Thomas S. Monson and Gordon B. Hinckley.

As far as the new Apostle goes, my first guess would be Cecil O. Samuelson, for building a building for Hinckley and then naming it after him. After all, it worked for Bednar at BYU-Idaho. The other option would be Kim B. Clark, the President of BYU-Idaho, who gave up his career at Harvard, when "Moses"(Hinckley) called him. However, I don't think he's paid enough dues to be called yet, so maybe after the next guy kicks the bucket, he'll be called.

Now, the PERFECT choice for Apostle, would of course be Richard B. Hinckley, but the NEPOTISM, might terrify Gordon B. Hinckley, just like it did when he called him to be a Seventy and is therefore a long shot at best. I'm sure Hinckley would just love to slip him in before he kicked it and hey, if that's what the Mormon God wants, that's what he'll get and who is anyone to argue with King Hinckley, right?

Well, the conference just started and they had a commercial for Deseret book, advertising some 14 part video series on Joseph Smith. One lady said that "he was the most Christ-like man she's ever known or read about" and then some dumbass added that "Joseph Smith was the most loving and tender-hearted man that ever walked the face of the earth, or something along those lines. What a pathetic joke, as I already feel like puking and the General Conference hasn't even started!!

So, the semi-annual Mormon mind-fuck has begun and I can't wait to hear all of their other bullshit, that will be spewed from the Mormon pulpit. Just remember the words of the faithful cult member Van Hale, who preaches that NOTHING is official Mormon doctrine, including General Conference talks, so there's really no reason to give a flying shit about anything these dumb shits say, right? Well, at least according to Van Hale there isn't.

I'll add to this post, once they announce who the new Apostle of fraud is.


Well, the Hinckster just announced that Quentin L. (LaMar) Cook, is the new Apostle and that Henry B. Eyring(who was my second choice behind Ballard) is the new member of the First Presidency, because he crys a lot and is very emotional...LOL!! He'll be able to fire up those old bosoms and sob like a baby, for The Lord. I can't wait to hear him talk this weekend, as I'm sure the tears will flow freely, and he'll be SO HUMBLED, etc...LOL!!

Truth is, that I've had something on Henry B. (Bennion) Eyring(Demon of Kolob knows what it is), that I've been saving for a few weeks, just in case he was called into the First Presidency, so that I'd have something to BLAST the damn hypocrite on, so let the blasting begin. I'll try to write that post this weekend, so that you can all see what a damn hypocrite the new member of the First Presidency is.

Part of what I have to say regarding Eyring, is infuriating and the other part is hilarious, as you'll all soon see. It just proves that they TRULY have no "spirit of discernment" whatsoever, even when EVIL, DISEASE GERM, full of darkness, anti-Mormon APOSTATES like myself, are right next to them...LMAO!! You would have thought the Holy Ghost would have whispered to him, but to no avail, as is normal with these frauds of the " Mormon God."

Truth is that they're all hypocrites, but we just have to catch them being a hypocrite, at the right time, in the right place, which I did with Mr. crybaby Henry B. Eyring.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Saturday, October 06, 2007 1:18:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...


Keep up the good work ... I'm avoiding conference again .I have difficulty listening to them plastic apostles .

You make me laugh alot with your blogs and sometimes its 'loud laughter' hahahha

I've printed that picture of the missionaries preparing the dog for baptism to show my missionaries ! lol

At Saturday, October 06, 2007 3:08:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Elder Joseph, sorry I haven't been responding to all your comments, but I'll try to do better, as I start taking more time to respond to comments on my blog again, which I need to do, now that I'm going to blog regularly again. Also, I glad that I can make you laugh and break the Mormon temple covenants of "LOUD LAUGHTER"...LOL!! Anything I can help you with man, just let me know. The truth is, I laugh too as I'm writing them.

But hey, you don't know what your missing man...a bunch of old fart, cult leaders, standing up there, saying the same old recycled bullshit, that they've said 100 times before, mixed with some new stories that they hadn't made up yet, before this particular general conference.

But yeah, I've laughing LOUDLY, all through the Mormon cult conference, listening to them use book of Mormon characters as examples, which is, as you know, is the equivalent of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, since they are just imaginary characters.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin almost bit it though dude and I mean like died, as he was barely able to make it through his talk, was breathing heavier and heavier, shaking, moving up and down, etc and I think it was Russel M. Nelson(the man behind the famous head in the hat speech), that had to stand behind him, in case he fell over, which he was about to do. I guess the Mormon God pulled him through and gave his the strength.

I actually kind of felt bad for him though, from a human standpoint and I've never had anything personally against the guy, but I should probably research his speeches and find out if I should like him or not. Now if it had been Faust, or Packer or Ballard or even Hinckley, I would have been hoping they fell over and laughing LOUDLY...LOL!!

Did you listen to the Ballard recording? Pretty cool eh?!! So, official Mormon doctrine is that "We don't know we're dead when we die", which is I give him a standing ovation for that piece of bullshit, ripped right out of Hollywood and “I see dead people”...LOL!! I think he must watch the new Ghost Whisperer show too, as many of those dead people don’t know their dead and they causing hell.

I'd also like to get your thoughts on Ballard's response to the "proof of the Book of Mormon" question from that video. I guess I never cease to be amazed at the depth of their lies and deception, as they are desperately trying to keep the flock as brainwashed and indoctrinated with lies as possible.

I'll respond to your other comments on the missionary video, on that video, so that we can get a conversation going.

Anyway, right now, one of the Seventies is talking about the scary Devil and how he's out to get everyone, etc. Earlier, one of the Seventies talked about how all of these horrible, tragic deaths had taken place in and around his neighborhood, but that EVERYONE that was touched by these tragic deaths, loved The Lord even more and knew the church was more true than before. What a crock of shit!!

So yeah, it's a damn good thing they died, right? I mean hell, if the tragic deaths hadn't happened, they wouldn't love Jesus so much and have an even stronger testimony that the Mormon cult is true.

It's kind of like my video over on YouTube(which I'm too lazy to link to right now), with the missionary that died in Washington, whose Stake President Tracy Branch said that he "got a free ticket" and that his family now "loves the church even more." So yeah, thank the Mormon God he died eh? I mean hell, they would love the church less if he hadn't been tragically PRAISE GOD HE DIED!!

What kind of morbid thinking is this? I've been arguing with some dumb shit on my "Better off dead than immoral" video(and you’re welcome to come join us, as it’s getting pretty heated), who considers it a glorious privilege to take bullets in the head for Jesus/God. I think its idiotic and stupid!! These nut-jobs believe all that matters is what comes out of their mouth and not what is in their heart, since their all powerful God has no apparent ability to "discern" or "know" what is in their hearts. What a pathetic, worthless God!!

Wow, Jeffrey R. Holland is slamming the Christians right now on their unitarian God, and even mocking them, saying that he agrees it's incomprehensible...everyone then laughed their polite Mormon laughter. I hope that no one broke their temple covenants, by laughing TOO LOUDLY...LOL!!

However, I have to say that this is the one point I agree on strongly with Mormonism, that if their is a God the Father and Jesus, they HAVE TO BE TWO SEPARATE PERSONS, as it makes no sense that Jesus prayed to himself, was the son of himself, threw his voice from the heavens, pretending to be the Father, asked himself to remove the cup, asked himself to forgive them, etc. If it is one God and Jesus was PRETENDING to talk to another God, when was the said God; he was one lying, deceitful SOB!! I've talked about this for a long time now, that they only thing that makes less sense than the Mormon version of God, is the Christian version of God, which I find ABSURD!! Of course Joseph Smith also believed what Christians now believed and then somehow or someone, changed his mind and then he started to alter the BOM, D&C, his teachings, etc.

Anyway, it will be funny, because the Christians are all gonna go berserk over this watch!! I can already hear the shouting and anger!!

If you believe in a God, then everything that Holland is saying, makes logical sense. Wow, he just said that you basically aren't a TRUE CHRISTIAN, if you believe in the one God, 3 beings of Christianity. I guess he’s backing up Hinckley on his “we don’t believe in the Biblical Jesus, rather Joseph Smith’s Jesus.”

Oh damn, he just lost me, by saying that he knows that Jesus was born of a virgin...LOL...when Brigham Young and others clearly taught that God the Father came back to earth, was married to and had sexual intercourse with Marry, the non-virgin, that he had just loaned to Joseph for this life only, taking her back into his polygamous flock when she died. Poor Joseph...boy, did he he ever get the shaft...LOL!!

Well Holland just made Christians hate Mormons even more, by mocking them, laughing at them and telling them that they aren't TRUE CHRISTIANS, just like the Christians always say to Mormons. I guess it was payback and as they say...payback is a BITCH!! There will be HUGE fallout from this talk, I promise, with reverberations EVERYWHERE.

Russel M. Nelson is now deeply concerned about "those that cast aspersions at The Book of Mormon.”(It's okay Russ, we're just telling the truth, which doesn't interest you cult leaders and liars for The Lord and Joseph Smith) This should be a good one!! I'm sure it will be aimed at us evil, disease germ, full of darkness anti/ex-Mormons. After all, it was Russell M. Nelson, who really exposed the famous "head in the hat trick", so let's hope he brings it up again...which would be priceless!!(He didn’t...DAMN!!)

He's now telling everyone that they can't just rely on the Bible and he's talking about the "two sticks" BS from Ezekiel, which was what we used on our missions, to show people that the Bible talked about the Book of Mormon. Of course when fabricating/plagiarizing the Book of Mormon, Joseph slipped in there that it would be someone named JOSEPH, who would receive the new book and scripture/stick(maybe it was a different stick of Joseph...LOL) convenient.

It's also in the Joseph Smith translation, which he claims was there and the then removed by the Catholic church. I can't believe I bought all this shit on my mission and taught it to others, as fact and truth!! I love it, that he is now quoting from Isaiah, when Isaiah didn't even write that book which bears his name. He's like..."Isaiah said"...LOL!!

Anyway, I'm gonna run, gotta finish up cooking our brunch, as I've been cooking up some tasty bacon while I was writing this and it's done.

Take care Elder Joseph and everyone else reading this and I look forward to your comments.

Samuel the Utahnite

At Saturday, October 06, 2007 5:06:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I just found a great and very interesting comment over on the Salt Lake Tribune website, regarding Henry B. Eyring and who he's related to and I just thought that I'd pass it along to you guys.

"Josephs Myth: 10/6/2007 5:20:00 PM

In a dynastic hierarchy such as this, one has to wonder if it is relevant that Henry B. Eyring is the second cousin of the half blood to Willard "Mitt" Romney. They are both great-grandsons of Miles Park Romney, but from different wives. Look for this fact not to be widely publicized since it just highlights that old polygamy bugaboo again.

We should have known, as almost EVERY single Apostle, has some magic bloodline somewhere and Ballard is a direct descendant of Joseph Smith, who was taught to be a blood descendant of Jesus Christ himself, from his polygamous M. Russell Ballard is then himself a direct descendant of Jesus Christ...WOW!! LOL!! We should all bow down and kiss his Almighty ass!!

But to know that Henry B. Eyring is blood related to Mitt Romney, through Mormon polygamy, is no they just need to get Mitt in the white house, for everything to fall in place, which will NEVER happen, thank the Mormon God. I'll post the info I have on who is/was related to whom, as it's quite extensive and shocking. I'm still trying to figure out who poopdorf is related to and also Bednar pickle-head. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

Well, I'm off again, as I have football to watch, porno to view, drugs to do, and prostitutes to screw, like all of us ex-Mormon disease germs, as I'm NOT going to get all dressed up to go to the "we have the literal power of God" session, when I can eat, drink and be merry...LOL!!

Maybe they'll have Boyd do a sequel to his horrendous "don't mess with your little factory" talk, from October of 1977 General Priesthood session, as this is the 30 year anniversary, of Boyd shutting down little boy's factories. Too bad there is no trace of that talk on, under conference talks or even on the website or disc, listing ALL conference talks every given, despite encouraging elsewhere on, that ALL fathers need to hand out the pamphlet(that was made out of the talk), to all of their male children. I guess girls don't masturbate, according to Mormon doctrine, right? Would Boyd K. Packer also call it a "little factory" for girls? Maybe he can give that talk in April, at the General Relief Society meeting eh? Hell, even I'd tune in for that one!!

Take care,


At Saturday, October 06, 2007 6:09:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...


Yes I listened to Ballard revealing to us that we don't know we are dead when we die ! I don't know what to say to that as religion just took a step up into the realms of even more Delusional Mumbo Jumbo or something .... its amazing what these Mormon Leaders come up with .. Who needs alcohol , these guys are doing ok without ! lol

His answer to scientific proof of the Book Of Mormon is a nonsense as the church has been looking for centuries for some and FAIRS and FARMS are always showing what they hope is credible evidence anyway .... It must bother them as more and more are leaving the church over it ..

Its not a case of lack of evidence for the BofM .Its a case of overwhelming evidence against it ..

I've read the book of mormon and prayed and I got no answer of its truthfullness and that was the right answer because I am familiar with the bible and I noticed a constant lifting of biblical phrases throughout . It was obvious to me that the author was familiar ( fanatical) about the king James version of the bible... and even wrote it in the same king James English to make it appear authentic ....

Its a book which he made up and then used to exploit his followers to the absolute max ... Money ,women,followers wives , obedience, power , control, etc

Today I'm having a rest from church because of the conference .... I don't really like going anymore but the opportunity to remind them of their real beliefs in Elders Quorom is usually a good reason to attend for now ...

I've been reading Lyndon Lamborn's research .There are a few new things I didn't know about .I hope you get to interview him some time ...

I've only experienced the church for two years and wonder if they are in deep problems over the history ,polygamy and archeology and everything about the church issues which are raging on the Internet .Even TBM's have websites and blogs questioning it ! Maybe the apostles have their own blogs as well and are secretly looking for the answers ....

Henry B Eyring has always appeared fake to me .... I watched him from the beginning , that shaky emotional voice almost trying to get himself to cry never convinced me ...In fact everything about Mormonism seemed artificial from the start ....

I just wonder how they continue the facade and how do they justify it to themselves ..

The other night my missionaries read out all the racist comments from Brigham Young and the other LDS Leaders .They were shocked ..
Then they read the Alexander B Morrison talk 'No More Strangers ' quote

" How grateful I am That the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints has from its beginnings stood strongly against racism in any of its malignant manifestations "

The laughed their heads off !! me too .. I'm not sure they can be serious anymore about the church.They are even looking forward to me telling them about B H Roberts next time ... lol

The amazing thing is if they see you are committed to learning and know more than them ,then they do listen .... I'm literally the teacher now .. an amazing turn around from being spiritually bullied by them just two years ago when I knew nothing !!

The church is inviting comments on its new Joseph Smith teaching manual !! No mention of his many wives ? strange ??? lol

Teaching Manual

At Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:07:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Elder Joseph,

What can I say rock and give me things and sources that I haven't even come across in all of my thousands of hours of research, like that link to Alexander B Morrison's talk "No More Strangers."(proving the Mormon depths of deception and lies, is like a never ending black hole of skeletons, that just goes on and on and on!!) That quote of his is really mind blowing, considering "the real truth" that we both know all I can say and thanks!! I wish it was an audio talk, so that I could post the audio...DAMN!!

But I REALLY appreciate all of your hard work to help expose this cult to the world and to help your members there. I've seen your stack of books and you're better read, more passionate and more knowledgeable than the average Mormon, ex-Mormon, fanatical Evangelical or anti-Mormon and I'm seriously impressed by your deep knowledge of all things Mormon and your desire to help people, like I'm trying to do. It shows that you're just a great person with great desires to help others...THANKS A TON!!

Also, I hadn't even taken the time to look at that new Joseph Smith manual you linked to, but I'd heard about it...thanks for the link and I'll check it out. Have you gone through it pretty thoroughly and made sure that there is really NO mention whatsoever of Joseph Smith's polygamy? If that's true, I find it astounding, with all of the public talk and revelations about his polygamy over just the last couple of years and all of the wives listed on their very own Oh yeah and the book that THEY SELL at Deseret Bookstores, called "In Sacred Loneliness."

To me, that shows 2 things; that they are still intent on lying about it to their members and the world, even now, when everyone in the real world knows the truth about Joe's sexual perversions, God-ordained serial adultery and child-brides and that they are truly terrified of the whole polygamy doctrine(that isn't even doctrinal, according to Hinckley), especially with the latest media reports regarding the Joseph Smith wanna be and clone...Warren Jeffs. They do not want to be associated with this in any way, shape or form and will even blatantly lie, if they have to. Oh yeah, and they teach us how evil "sins of omission are"...damn hypocrites!!

I mean there a group of men more dishonest, in EVERY WAY, than the Mormon Hierarchy? Is there a more dishonest organization in the world? It's like having Communist China or North Korea, within the boundaries of the USA, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then they hold conferences every 6 months, pretending to be something that they aren't and never have been and then they keep putting out "OFFICIAL" manuals, lying about their communism, history and teachings and pretending that they believe in freedom for everyone.

Yeah, you certainly got me all fired up Elder Joseph, so thanks man!!

Also, I'm gonna re-post those videos of the missionaries teaching those girls, that were quickly removed, and I'll post them in 3 videos, the first 2 10 minutes long and then the final 5 minutes or so in a 3rd part. I'll try to do it tonight.

I agree that they were probably true-believers and got baptized and somehow thought they were uplifting or something and doing a good thing by posting them...but then realized they were bad, when anti-Mormons were excited to see them, post them, comment on them, etc.

Either that, or the Mormon Hierarchy, courtesy of their designated hitman, Daniel C. Peterson and the "More bullshit foundation", dropped them a nice, threatening letter, courtesy of Jesus and his lawyers. It's also possible the missionaries got involved, after someone told them that they were posted. In any case, let's spread it around YouTube and get everyone to post them!!

Well, I'm off again, as I've gotta post some things on my podcasts tonight, like the masturbation mission President from France, these missionaries teaching the girls, etc. I want EVERYONE to hear this stuff.

Take care Elder Joseph and we'll talk soon!!


At Saturday, October 06, 2007 11:25:00 PM, Blogger Ray A said...

So tell me, Sam, where did Elder Ballard say: "I don't give a damn if more Mormon missionaries are HURT or KILLED"????

Is that your "license" to make someone an "offender for a word"?


At Sunday, October 07, 2007 2:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray A is that knothead who posted or perhaps still posts at I am not sure if the site is up, but I remember that name inasmuch as he seemed to enjoy all the crap he was fed by the LDS church.

god, his breath must stink something fierce.

Anyway, interesting post. I loved it. I feel sorry for those guys who attend the conference. I prefer to spend my day doing what I want.

I took a few minutes to see if you had something written, and you did. Very good work.

Elder Joseph had some great coments, too.

I am glad I am out of the madness known as the LDS cult. It was a few years of insanity. I am so relieved to be enjoying my life instead of dealing with all the lies and ridiculous stories that come out of the mouths of the mormon leaders.

They sure seem to think of themselves as actually apostles. What a riot. How embarrassing for them that they actually think that. Oh well, I guess if that is what it takes for them to feel good about themselves, whatever.

Too bad the minions are paying their money to these cult leaders who just sit and wait for the dollars to flow in so they can do whatever they want with it.

At Sunday, October 07, 2007 4:51:00 AM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

Hi Samuel

Yes that Alexander B Morrison talk 'No More Strangers ' quote is funny to us but its also sheer deception .

" How grateful I am That the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints has from its beginnings stood strongly against racism in any of its malignant manifestations "

The Joseph Smith manual .I haven't read it all but in the Historical Summary it just shows him only married to Emma.Its clear that they are trying to hide the past and since they believe polygamy comes back with Jesus christ they prefer to hide that too from investigators and new members, current members and The world..

They like to show him as a monogomist even though the church is a polygamist church really and that its current monogomy is only to appease the law.They must envy Warren Jeffs .

You are right ...the conferences are just like communist talks , a total delusion of the real reality of the church.

If I can save one person from the church then its been worth it .I think with my missionaries i've laid the foundation for them to do their own research when they get back home and the Internet is the obvious place .No doubt they will have their own blogs too afterwards! lol

I'm chatting with one returned missionary from RFM who served in our ward 2000/2002 and he has already seen through it all and stopped going to church ... Him and his wife are trying to drop hints to their family and friends and told me that they already got another returned missionary looking into it all after they shocked him with what they knew !!

Its going to crumble . Shiz is hitting the fan ! hahaha

I'm still stunned by the whole thing. The more I look the worse it gets .I'm not surprised many Mormons daren't look too deep ...

I know what you mean about the Trinity thing and how the Mormon church have a more rational explanation .... but thats the attraction of the church , Joseph Smith put an answer to all the difficult aspects of Christianity and thats the trap which people fell into .What followed was just Sheer Arrogance of Mormon Apostles and Prophets and Bullying Of Women into Polygamy for the sole purpose of glorifying these mormon Godmen .... Its a disgrace what these men have done and said , a sad reminder of human folly .

Its all a big tragedy and injustice to women, blacks and the real Jesus Christ whoever he might be ..

At Sunday, October 07, 2007 11:07:00 AM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

Well I've endured 3 sessions of conference ... I don't know why I do it to myself ?

I saw Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin struggling , I felt sorry for him , he was so determined to continue. Like you said Samuel how can we not have compassion for him even though we know its not the church its claiming to be ...

The whole conference seems to be yet another repetition of the last 4 I have heard except I think this time they sounded like they were enforcing the bookOf Mormon as it seems members are choosing to cast dispersion on it ( Russel M Nelson talk ). His biblical support qoutes can easily be counteracted .I'm certain the bible isn't remotely connected like they say.

Same with Elder Ballards talk and Jefrey Holland's talk , it seeems the Media , The Internet and their own dissenters is starting to bite and concern them ..... maybe it will finally wipe some arrogance from them ..

At Monday, December 31, 2007 2:49:00 AM, Anonymous Open Minded said...

You Guys must have a boring life if all you can do is find ways to rubbish people... that is not what a true Christian would do.... maybe you're not even Christian... I can't tell from your comments.... there is no love in what you say... maybe you'll feeling guilty and can't handle the fact that humilty & repentance is needed in order for you to feel the love of God in your life.
If the Mormon Church is not God's church then it will come to naught. but if it is then maybe you'll feel sorry one day for what you're doing. It's your choice, your life, your problem. I hope you can do some good in the world.

Open Minded.

At Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Elder Ballard he has more on his plate.

Looks like these guys are suing him and the church for consipracy and stuff.

At Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry the link is

At Friday, March 13, 2009 10:42:00 PM, Blogger JWick said...

The church isn't for everyone. If you can't live the law, you tend to get annoyed and find fault. Finding fault is the easiest thing in the's also the best way to align yourself with Satan.


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