Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Come The Mormons With "Truth Restored!!" They're Getting Ready To Blitz The World Through TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboards And The Internet.

I first want to thank Kay over at the "Ex-Mormon Skeptic blog", for writing the post that brought this to my attention. There are also a couple of condensed versions of this video over on Youtube. One is on already on their blog and here's a link to the other "enhanced version", that I highly suggest you watch.

This is the "new" marketing plan/blitz/campaign that is being rolled out by the Mormon cult Hierarchy(in order to suck more people into their cult), which was supposedly revealed to them by Jesus Christ himself, since they are his "special witnesses."

They claim to be the only men on the entire planet earth that have the authority to speak for Jesus, with Hinckley holding ALL the "keys." Has Hinckley ever used his keys even once? Does he or anyone even know what the keys really are? They claim that THEY are the "one and only true church" and all the rest are abominations, corrupt and false.

They teach in "Preach My Gospel, the official missionary teaching guide used everyday all around the world, that you CANNOT have Eternal happiness or be with your friends and loved ones in the next life, unless you are a Mormon.

Like their Book of Mormon declares repeatedly; there is the church of God and the church of the Devil and if you aren't Mormon, then you are in the church of Satan himself and there is NO disputing this TBMS and apologists, so don't even try. You're apologetic bullshit won't work here!!

They never even mention that this new cult campaign "Truth Restored", came from Jesus Christ, but it had to if they speak for him as they claim, right? Strange that they didn't give him the credit though, isn't it? Hmm...maybe since it was their idea and had nothing to do with any God or Jesus, it might explain this obvious and very grievous omission.

They are going to blitz the radio, TV, billboards, magazines(playboy?) and Internet with ads, that have nothing to do with Mormonism, rather feelings and burning bosoms. The funny thing is, that I thought they'd already been doing this for the last 20 years plus?

They are simply re-dressing and re-naming their already failed plans of the past and trying again, spinning it as something new and exciting, that will breakthrough and be wonderful and motivate the Morgbots.

Hmm...I guess all of those TV/Radio/Billboard/magazine ads that I've been seeing and hearing since my childhood and then my whole adult life, wasn't really them or they were just completely ineffective, which is what I've always suspected. No more free stuff being offered either, by toll-free 800 numbers on TV commercials, as it was ineffective and cost them/Jesus Christ too much money. They just figured this out? Mormon God/Jesus, where are you man?

Of course, these are the dumbasses that stand at the pulpit and declare with a straight face, that "they can't ever lead you astray" and "to keep your eyes riveted on them." What are we waiting to see?

Also, I thought that they were strongly against the Internet, constantly preaching to everyone how evil and dangerous it is, even banning YouTube and other dangerous sites at BYU and getting all of my videos and Chymiron's banned from Youtube. Now they say that "These people live with the Internet" and "it's a very familiar tool with them." WTF?!!

Now they are also going to give you "pass-along cards"(or maybe you'll have to buy them at Jesus' Deseret Bookstore) to pass out to all of your non-member family and friends. These cards will lead the poor suckers to Mormon.Org, where they can go and NOT learn the truth and just read a bunch of BS, half-truths and outright lies.

Any mention there of blacks being forbidden to have the Priesthood, that blacks are the seed of Cain and represent Satan, women not being able to pray in church for 10 years or Joseph Smith's polygamy and marriage to little girls and other men's wives, with the promise of Celestial glory, in the name of God, due to being threatened by a homicidal angel wielding a flaming sword?

No, of course not, because that's the meat/AKA skeletons they hope you never find out about. Trust me, there will be no mention of any of this or any doctrine at all, in their campaign scam they'll be running soon, in a neighborhood near you.

They should rename the campaign "Truth Revoked" or "Truth...what's that" or "Truth...Just Give Us Your Damn Money!!" In the comments, leave your other suggestions as to what they could name this BS PR campaign.

It's funny too, because they act like they just discovered the Internet and banner ads and are SO EXCITED..LOL!! I guess that silly Mormon God/Jesus Christ is a little behind the times as usual.

Maybe he was too busy up there on Kolob, running around doing his genealogy or having sex with his wives without number, to pay attention to what was happening here on his little earth? He's like, "holy shit, my church is going down the toilet, Satan is stronger than ever and I'd better re-tool things quickly as those dumbasses running it don't have a damn clue."

Also, watch for the human statue, barely a pulse and non-expressive Richard G. Scott, Mormon Apostle, that usually talks excessively about sexual purity and morality, to say twice; "I'm just so excited." No matter how often he tries to say how excited he is, while straining to look excited; he doesn't look excited...LOL!!

This video smacks of desperation and it just look like 2 old men, M. Russell Ballard(direct descendant of Joseph Smith, who doesn't care if missionaries get hurt or killed) and Richard G. Scott, who realize their time has come and gone and that they have failed miserably and now they are desperately trying one last ditch effort to recover something that isn't recoverable.

Ballard Not Caring If More Missionaries Die-MP3 Download

I mean hell, give me billions of dollars to work with and let's see what kind of marketing campaign I can put together. Are these guys really that dumb and clueless? Actually, they are that dumb and just plain cheap and are just now realizing that they are going to have to spend a lot more of Jesus' sacred mall and downtown reconstruction money, if they have any shot of getting any converts and more tithing money and donations rolling in.

It also helps keep them in business, when brainwashed customers voluntarily give them 10% of their money and all other kinds of donations, even though they get very little or nothing in return.

Ballard says something like "the day of waiting for something to happen is over." Well, what the hell were you thinking there Ballard? After all, aren't you the head of the Church's missionary efforts and have been for a damn long time? You have no one to blame but your old pathetic self!!

I think the average number of baptisms per missionary, all around the world, is between 4-5 per missionary per year. That of course factors in the missionaries in South and Central America, who are baptizing 20+ people on their missions. Many USA missionaries and those in Europe, are lucky to even get one in 2 years.

If this was a corporation and these were their sales numbers; they'd all be fired, starting with CEO and they'd probably be bankrupt too. Of course it helps out when the salesmen all work for free and actually pay the corporation cult for the privilege of not making any sales and their utter failure.

The magic of the late 80's and early 90's is gone forever folks and will never be regained, as people just aren't as stupid and gullible anymore, with the truth being spread around the world on the Internet. Isn't this new information age wonderful?

They can no longer hide their skeletons in the closet, while pretending that they don't exist, as they have fallen out and are now laying everywhere you look, all over the ground.

They are so far behind reality and the truth is already out there for the world, and the cat is out of the bag and can't be put back in and the massive exodus out of Mormonism is only going to continue to roll forth, like that giant stone they always reference from Daniel.

It's amazing that the Mormon Hierarchy have allowed this video to be seen by the public and that they even allow and encourage you to download it on their main site, in order to share it with family, friends, etc, as they encourage in the video itself, which is exactly what I'm doing. A big thanks to "Truth Seeker" for making this video available for all of us and for allowing me to write the description.

In addition to allowing downloading for personal and noncommercial use, they also say, "In addition, materials may be reproduced by media personnel for use in traditional public news forums unless otherwise indicated." I would say that Google video is pretty traditional, as is blogger.

Their wish is my command, so enjoy everyone, as I'm just reporting the news!!

I wonder if the influence of "Mormon Truth" had any influence on them using "Truth Restored?" They read my blog all the time from the church office building and shut down my videos, but's just a coincidence I'm sure?

But, I'm really looking forward to comments on this gem of a video and the new plan of Jesus Christ, called "Truth (now) Restored."

Thanks everyone for your support and all that you do to spread the truth of the Mormon cult to the world.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Saturday, June 16, 2007 1:12:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

This is the comment that I left Kay over on the Ex-Mormon Skeptic Blog and I just thought I'd post it here too, since I covered many things that I didn't want to have to repeat over here.

Elder Joseph left some great comments there as well, that are well worth reading. I'm sure you'll be leaving comments here too Elder Joseph and I really appreciate your opinions and input.

Hey guys, thanks for posting this video and the links and for your spot-on commentary regarding it.

I'm posting the entire video over on my site for all to see and you're welcome to link to it if you want to.

Is it me, or does the background voice sound like a robot or computer generated voice? Also, the video is very poorly done, as the teleprompter is to the right of the camera and when they are supposedly looking straight at us, they are looking to the right. Man, how irritating is that?

These guys are so desperate, it's almost sad. They look defeated and know that what they are saying is BS. It's almost like they are saying, "if we say it enough, we might believe it's true and so will everybody else."

M. Russell Ballard is about as phony as they come and then you throw in Richard G. Scott saying twice, "I'm so excited", when he looks like he barely has a pulse and is about to fall off his chair.

By the way, what are the odds of having two Richard G's on this missionary committee...must have been inspired by the Mormon God...LOL!!

All I can say is that this video convinces me that us ex-Mormons and the ex-Mormon community, mainly through the blogs, Internet and media, are having a dramatic impact, probably even more than we thought we were. To me, this is their first admission that we are winning the battle for "the truth."

Anyway, thanks guys, you rock and I'm sure this video will help expose the Mormon cult to a lot more people, as they can now see that they market the church just like any corporation.

By the way, whatever happened to their Jewish PR firm that they hired from New York? Are they behind this or did Jesus Christ already fire them?

At the end, M. Russell Ballard says:

"I cannot overemphasize how critical this is. I don't need to tell you that wickedness is flourishing in the world, that evil is abounding as the scripture said, the Devil is raging in the hearts of the children of men, all over the world.

What is the oasis, what is the one place that people can come and find answers to life's questions to determine who they are, where they came from, why they're here, where are father wants them to come?

We have it, we have it all and we have the responsibility, every member, has the responsibility to be involved and this great effort and this campaign, that we're trying to put forward here, is for the members, every bit as much as it is for the investigators. Let us never forget how blessed we are and what a responsibility that carries."

Yes, Satan is raging and out to deceive all Mormons and the rest of the world to not be a Mormon and as a proud Mormon apostate, I'm glad to represent their version of Satan, every chance I get. You knew they'd have to mention Satan, because without Satan, there would be no need for the Mormon church or any religion.

Just remember, if anyone has any questions, Mormons claim they are the only ones in the whole world, that have the answers(they "have it all!!") and everyone else is wrong, an abomination and deceived by the mighty Lucifer, who "is raging in the hearts of the children of men, all over the world."

Boyd K. Packer calls us "disease germs full of darkness", Ballard says to "run from us as fast as you can" and finally, Brigham Young calls us apostates "anti-Christs" charming!!

I'm sure that Boyd K. Packer would love to sit in on this committee, but he's too busy regulating little boy's factories, to make sure they don't masturbate and keeping his eyes on the real dangers of the world and enemies of the Mormon church..."gays, feminists and intellectuals".

Packer says:

"I suppose-I think I remember saying those things. [laughs] If it's in print, I said it."

Followed up by:

"And- but that's part of the alert-alerting, and it's very simple. Down some of those paths, you have a right to go there, and within the church, you don't have a right to teach and take others there and without having some discipline, simply because down the road, there's unhappiness."

But at least they never speak ill will of any people or churches, right? Just bring your good and Gordon B. Hinckley will see if he can add to it....that's all there is to it.

Notice the theme throughout the video, completely blaming the members if this media blitz campaign fails?

It just follows their typical and traditional themes of fear mongering and never taking responsibility for anything that fails or that they do or say or for any of their mistakes. It all started with Joseph Smith, who repeatedly lied publicly and they continue on with this proud tradition of lying and deceiving the world.

Take care guys and thanks for what you're doing to help spread the truth about Mormonism and the cult it really is.

The more I watch this video, the more pathetic it looks and the more embarrassing it is.

It also strikes me as funny and very ironic, that God's anointed, that supposedly talk face to face with Jesus, as his special witnesses, need to have "test markets", to see if it even works.

Didn't this new revealed plan come directly from Jesus Christ, as he delivered it to them in the holy of holies? If it did, then why test it because it couldn't possibly fail, right?

But they are practically begging and pleading with everyone to make it work, because if it doesn't....I don't think they have a plan B. What else are they gonna do?

Like Ballard and Scott lament....paraphrasing them; they won't be able to use it anywhere else if it goes belly up in the current test market areas, which it probably will, especially when everyone knows it's coming.

Anyway, I look forward to everyone's comments and are you TBMS excited about this new corporate marketing plan?


At Saturday, June 16, 2007 3:04:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

I always have something to say ! lol

I've been watching this Mormon PR priesthood video .

About 30 mins in Russel M Ballard talks about members having to be friendly to new faces when they come .
He says its a most tragic thing for the 12 Apostles to get letters from people who say they went to an LDS service and no one greeted them ??

I don't really believe this.Someone comes to church for the first time , doesn't feel welcomed and somehow knows to write to the 12 Apostles about it ???

The first timers I've seen in church don't even know the difference between Mormons and other churches .. never mind think to write to the 12 Mormon Apostles in Salt Lake with a complaint !

This means that Bishops , Ward Missionaries , Relief Society Presidents , Elders Quorum Presidents all failed in their duty to welcome new faces in church throughout all the meetings ?

I think its most likely that no new faces actually ever turned up and this is just putting the blame on members of the church instead of themselves for being a bunch of liars ......

And anyway we are not allowed to criticise church members (ie Bishops , Ward Missionaries , Relief Society Presidents , Elders Quorum Presidents ) even if the criticism is true so why is he criticising them .

He said that the Wards and Branches and Stakes need to be the most friendly in the history of the church for this marketing campaign to work .

I agree , lets not have a Mountain Meadows Massacre , they certainly missed a big opportunity for new members .Why didn't they teach them about the first vision and restoration instead of killing them .Lets not have a Danite moevement again as this might put them off on their first visit........... and for goodness sake don't tell them about blood atonement,or polygamy coming back in the church or the blacks ban either as it might not look too friendly to them ....

Tell them we love them , care for them , how great they are , how much God loves them ,how much growth they have made ,Baptise them and then get the tithe off them ( D&C threaten burning if needed )and put them to work in the kingdom before thay have time to figure out exactly whats happened to them !

Elder Scott then says " Use this opportunity the brethren have given us to make it successful " The responsibilty is being put on the average poor mormon member .No doubt I'll hear more about this if the campaign comes to the UK .

Then Ballard reminds us that this is the Lords Church and that he raised a prophet Joseph Smith , gave him the Priesthood and all the blessings with it ..... Well for Joseph it must have been a really big blessing , 33 wives , mostly teens , a corporate bank to run , A steady stream of assets handed over to him in the guise of Law of consecration .. Crowned King of the world !

What were the blessings for those who were threatened by the prophet and gave their wives , their daughters , their assets .What was their blessing ? Sacrifice and Testing of The Lord ?

All is well , All is well .

I'm doing what I can to bring these so called Prophets and Apostles to account.The only way I know is to ask questions amongst the members and especially missionaries . Has anyone ever seen a missionary laugh about Joseph Smith ? lol I have when we talk about the head in a hat and stone ! No one can keep a straight face and how Dan Peterson didn't laugh on the PBS documentary , I don't know but I'm sure this will haunt him now .He's famous for telling the world that "actaully" most of the Book Of Mormon was done with his head in a hat and a stone !

Actually it was all done that way because there was no Urim or Thummim like there were no Gold Plates or Angel Moroni or anything else .

At Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:35:00 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

Interesting blog. My husbands cousin was Jose Mackintosh...killed in a stairwell in Russia while serving a mission. I have spent 14 years researching this false religion. It is nice to see where you are... Keep on going it is hard but the LDS church is a *cult*

Take care

At Sunday, June 17, 2007 10:52:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Jennifer, thanks for your comments and I'm very sorry for the tragic death of your husband's cousin Jose Mackintosh. Sadly, M. Russel Ballard doesn't give a damn at all, because the work must go forward like Joseph said it would, as I'm sure you listened to that audio clip I posted. It is truly shocking that he can be such a cold, arrogant ASS.

I've written about this on my blog and spoke about it on my podcasts before, but I was surrounded by a group of guys with knives when I was on my mission and after about 15-20 minutes, and after giving them some money for booze; they left us for some reason and I lived to tell the story. So, I could have also died on my mission and it was a horrific experience.

Sadly, Both my companion and I were obeying the mission rules and we had already gone to bed for the night, and had been asleep for I think about 2 hours, when we were woken up by the zone leaders.

They were desperate to get some baptismal interviews in before the end of the month and needed to do a split with us, so that one of them could head out that night, with my comp, to the area where the interviews were and I could stay with the other zone leader in their area.

Would the church have given a rat's ass if we'd both been stabbed to death that night? No, of course not and "the work would have gone forward", because Ballard and all the other asshole GAs, would just say:

"This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work."

I'm amazed that more people aren't outraged at this statement by M. Russell Ballard and demanding an apology or retraction.

Very sadly, even the families of the deceased and injured missionaries are so brainwashed, that they seem to be okay with everything, even their son or daughter dying and Ballard not caring. In some cases, they are actually glad they "died with their boots on" or some other wording that expresses their gratitude for their dead son or daughter.

The worst ones for me, are the "he was needed more on the other side" or "he died doing what he loved the most" or "now he's doing missionary work on the other side." In other words, they are thanking God for their dead child.

Recently in my ward, it was taught that there is something very serious going on up in heaven right now(you know, the last days are upon us) and God needs his most valiant warriors to fight the impending war or battle in heaven and so that's why he has called so many missionaries home. They said that these deceased missionaries are the Generals of God's army!! Who are they fighting anyway? Did some of the 1/3 that were kicked out in the pre-existence sneak back in and form an army?

What a crock of shit, as it's beyond absurd to justify the needless death of so many great young men and women. This is a prime example of the damage brainwashing can cause otherwise normal people.

So, in other words, God is carefully plotting and planing their deaths and it was meant to be, because he's so desperate to have them on Kolob and they're needed there far more by God than here with their loved ones and friends.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if you were aware of the talk given at BYU in 1998, where they mentioned your husband's cousin Jose Mackintosh?

It was given by Janet S. Scharman, who was a BYU assistant student life vice president and the dean of students when this devotional address was given on December 1, 1998.

She said:

As we stretch and push ourselves, we grow--physically, emotionally, and, most important, spiritually. If we can just understand the importance of believing and then following, we will be blessed beyond our greatest imaginings.

Prophets of old are not the only ones to whom we can look to learn of believing and then doing. Ordinary people who act in extraordinary ways are all around us every day.

One such example was Jose Mackintosh, the young elder and former BYU student who was murdered several weeks ago while he was serving in Russia. It is hard to imagine the heartbreak experienced by his family when they received word of his death. The attack was so senseless. There must have been some expectation that Jose would be protected as he was serving the Lord. Why did this young man, who gave to others so freely, have to die? I don't have the answer, and yet I know the Lord is aware of Jose and his family and is with them as they deal with this tragedy.

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Jose's parents on the phone shortly after we at BYU learned of his death. What tremendous examples they are--humbly following the Lord and inviting his care and keeping into their lives. What strength of character and solid grounding in the gospel has been exhibited by them. Reports are that, when told of the death of their son, the most pressing considerations of Brother and Sister Mackintosh related to the well-being of Jose's companion, Elder Borden; to expressions of forgiveness for his murderer; and to love and concern for the people of Russia.

Sister Janelle Jarvis, wife of Jose's mission president, Donald K. Jarvis (who, by the way, was a BYU faculty member), wrote these memories of Elder Mackintosh:

He was really a remarkable young man. His favorite word in Russian was smile! He set a goal to smile at all public transport workers. Some would smile back, and others would ask, "Why are you smiling?"

And he would answer, "Because I am happy."

He is remembered for saving 40 missionaries from starvation at the end of a four-hour zone conference. He took a Snickers bar out of his pocket, opened it, looked at it, then said to the elder on his left, "Do you want it?"

"Of course," was the answer. He repeated the procedure with a second Snickers bar, then a third, and so on until he had fed every missionary there. . . . He believed in hard work and loved Brigham Young's words: "If you work hard you'll be happy. If you don't, you'll go to hell." [E-mail submission to, 12 November 1998]

Elder Mackintosh's story was widely publicized. On this campus, although rarely coming to the attention of many people, there are numerous others who are as choice and who are a positive influence in the lives of all those around them. This semester alone students have provided thousands of hours of service to other students, ranging from medical assistance to tutoring to reading textbooks onto audiotapes to planning and presenting campus wide activities. We know of the hours given in Church assignments in our student wards and stakes. And thousands more are given as we extend to programs and individuals within the community. As we give of our time and talents, we are literally serving as the Lord's emissary to others in their times of need.

The part that got me was the following:

"There must have been some expectation that Jose would be protected as he was serving the Lord. Why did this young man, who gave to others so freely, have to die? I don't have the answer, and yet I know the Lord is aware of Jose and his family and is with them as they deal with this tragedy."

Yeah, there is absolutely an expectation that God/Jesus Christ will keep his servants safe, because they instill that in you and literally promise you and your family exactly that. She admits that she doesn't know why God allowed him to die and didn't protect him and the Mormon Hierarchy can't either and would just rather use it as publicity to get more people into the cult. It is my opinion that the Mormon Hierarchy, in a twisted way, loves missionary deaths, because they can spin them into something so wonderful and then use the funeral as a chance to teach their "plan of separation."

Of course as I said above, when this isn't the case...well, he was needed more on the other side for missionary work. Also, if "the Lord" is aware of Jose and his family and is with them as they deal with this tragedy", why didn't "the Lord" prevent his senseless death in the first place. He was supposed to be his servant, right?

They follow the model for funerals taught by Boyd K. Packer, that says; funerals aren't for the deceased or to even talk about the deceased, rather to teach the gospel and take advantage of everyone's sorrow and pain, to try to convert them to the Mormon cult.

When speaking of the family, she said:

"What tremendous examples they are--humbly following the Lord and inviting his care and keeping into their lives. What strength of character and solid grounding in the gospel has been exhibited by them. Reports are that, when told of the death of their son, the most pressing considerations of Brother and Sister Mackintosh related to the well-being of Jose's companion, Elder Borden; to expressions of forgiveness for his murderer; and to love and concern for the people of Russia."

I'm just curious if all this is true, that his parents were just fine with his death, took it with ease and were more concerned about the church, the Russian people and his companion.

Now I can understand the being concerned for the companion part, as they usually suffer tremendously when their companion is killed, especially right in front of them and 999 times out of 1,000, they stay on their mission and get no counseling or help of any kind.

I'm sure they have untreated mental and emotional trauma, in the name of the Mormon God, that may never be treated. Is the Mormon church going to pay for the lifelong counseling if they need it. I mean how long would it take to overcome being raped for hours at knife and gunpoint, like the sisters in South Africa? Maybe never.

Of course their asshole mission president wanted everyone to know that as soon as they healed physically, they were going to finish their missions. It's just a travesty and truly unbelievable, yet makes perfect sense when you realize that Mormonism is nothing but a cult.

So Jennifer, where you or your husband ever a member? Are Jose Mackintosh's parents and family still active in the church?

Anyway, I could go on all day long and I have many times, about the abuse of Mormon missionaries, both the young men and women and also older couples, who pay thousands a month to have the privilege of cleaning toilets and apartments or fixing cars. Some of them mortgage or even sell their homes and don't even have a place to come home to when they are done.

These are the ones that just keep serving missions till they die, aren't with their sons and daughters or grandkids, while thinking they are working directly for Jesus Christ and getting cleaned out financially by the Mormon mob Hierarchy. What a travesty!!

I really hope that someday someone will infiltrate the cult, go undercover and get baptized, serve a mission, etc and keep track of everything with hidden cameras and record it all for the world to see and hear. It would truly be shocking, it really would and would cause irreparable harm to the cult and really expose them for all the world to see. The federal criminal charges would be the best part though.

I'd love to see Hinckley, Monson, Faust, Packer and all the other corrupt bastards from the Mormon Hierarchy, handcuffed and being stuffed in the back of a police care where they belong. Gee, sounds like Warren Jeffs, doesn't it?

They should all be sharing a cell together, as they deserve each other!!

Thanks for your comment Jennifer, take care, and I look forward to your response and other comments in the future.


At Monday, June 18, 2007 8:05:00 AM, Blogger Demon of Kolob said...

How many insane missionaries did you know in the mission?? How many insane companions?? I know many missionaries that had fine mental health before the mission , but were after serving for a while this was never addressed by the mission president, nobody cared I think this was the goal in my mission to drive us all insane. I barely escaped with my sanity intact.

At Monday, June 18, 2007 3:22:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

Just a side issue :)

Did you know that Joseph Smith shared one room and two beds with his five brothers !

quote from

Now the big question is when Moroni came and spoke with Joseph in the night of September 21, 1823, why didn’t this wake up Joseph’s brothers who were sleeping in the very same room with him? Surely the grand appearance of an angelic being with the countenance of lightning would have awoken the entire Smith family including his parents, two sisters that were sleeping in the adjoining room, his other sister sleeping downstairs and his five brothers in the small house they lived in. At the very least, Joseph’s five brothers that slept in the same room would surely not have slept through this grand event.

There are only two beds in the small room that Joseph and his brothers occupied in the restored Smith home owned and operated by the LDS church. With six brothers all sharing one room, Joseph would have had two brothers sleeping in the very same bed as he slept in. It is simply inconceivable that his brothers sleeping in the same room, let alone the same bed, would not have been woken up by the magnificent appearance of the Angel Moroni.

Joseph said that Moroni appeared three separate times, each time filling the room with intense light that became as bright as the noonday sun. He estimated that these three meetings took the whole of the night. Also, surely an angel with the countenance of lightening did not have a timid, meek voice. He likely had a booming voice to accompany his magnificence. But even a regular man speaking with a mortal voice in the room above Joseph’s bed for the whole of the night would have awoken everyone in the small Smith house especially the five brothers in Joseph’s room.

Also Moroni must have been a very short man to be able to float significantly off the floor and yet have his head beneath the rather short ceiling of the room Joseph slept in.

It is also very deceptive of the LDS Church to show the illustrations of Joseph with Moroni all by themselves. Why don’t they show Joseph’s five brothers in the room sleeping with him? Showing Joseph in bed by himself gazing at Moroni is very deceptive as he would have had two brothers sleeping in the bed with him.

Man this church is falling apart big time ......and this website is from church Members.

And I thought I knew all the LDS deception .

At Monday, June 18, 2007 11:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You always have the coolest stuff on this blog. Damn. I about choked when i saw this video. I can tell you that if I had not had left over 2 decades ago when I thought it was all bull shit, I sure would leave tonight after seeing this video.

This is pure horseshit, plain and simple. It is a publicity campaign and I am so glad it is online.

Go look at Mormon,org. Those people on their site look and sound like desperate people. Just like old russell Ballard.

Call down the powers of heaven, this was a hoot----THECHURCH WILL GROW, WE INVOKE THOSE BLESSING UPON YOU. WTF???? thanks for a great laugh. Unfreakingbelievable.

At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 6:44:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Elder Joseph, I just wanted to post the live link to that picture you posted and the live link to Mormon think as well.

That picture is so damn funny and shows exactly what it was like when Joseph supposedly "went like a lamb to the slaughter."

Give me a break!!

When I get more time, I'll say more and respond to everyone's comments.

Elder Joseph said...
Lamb To The Slaughter ... LDS Version

Like a lamb to the slaughter!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007 3:25:00 PM

Mormon Think

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Thanks again everyone for your comments and I'll talk to you soon.


At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:31:00 AM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...

Samuel thanks for the link for instructions on posting live links .I'm learning all the time on the internet.

In fact when I first started learning with Mormons I thought I was going to be learning about a Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and instead I've become a bit of an expert on New World History , Archeology and Anthropology .I've learnt about the colonisation of the Americas through Columbus and the europeans who brought their animals and plants with them .I've learnt about the origins of the American Indians and they are not Lehi's sons through Lamen .

I've learnt how Brigham Young , Joseph Smith , Wilford Woodruff and the rest of them spoke absolute Dangerous Rubbish throughout their deluded lives .

I've learnt how men claiming to be Apsotles of Jesus Christ Lie and decieve an unsuspecting public with a bogus Gospel . How they lie and cheat their own members by hiding information and replacing truth with spin and deception .I've learnt about a Church which splits families .

I've also learnt how good and honest are current and ex members who are brave and dignified enough to stand up to this cult at the risk of loss of family and friends.

I'm looking forward to the LDS church shrinking and I hope to be a part of its demise !

The Mormon Think website is a good all round straight to the point informative site .The pics are missing , but the site owner will address that as soon as possible .

Mormon Think

At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 11:09:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey, no problem Elder Joseph, you rock man and I love your comments and I just thought it would help you guys out. You always seem to have great links to share with everyone and so now it will just be easier for everyone to get there.

I just wondering Elder Joseph if you ever watched the entire Robert Millet video in the post I did back in October? It deals with how to talk to and be evasive/deceptive with and lie to anti-Mormons, who know nothing compared to Mormons, according to Robert Millet.

Anyway, here's the link in case you missed it and everyone should check this guy out if you haven't already.

How to deal with anti-Mormons-Robert Millet

Robert Millet was also featured in the wrap up show on PBS(that banned the ex-Mormons from participating after the Mormon Hierarchy threatened to pull its support of KBYU and Mormon donors were going to withhold their money-Demon knows about this last part) with Doug Fabrizio, regarding "the Mormons", and the audio is available on my Mormon Truth Interviews podcast, linked to on this blog, for those that want to hear it.

I believe I also included the link to PBS for those that want to go watch it.

Also, hey Demon, I knew a lot of insane missionaries that at one point seemed or were normal. My trainer was deeply depressed, slept 18+ hours a day, my second comp beat the hell out of himself for every little thing, but broke the rules quite a bit.

In other words, he'd pretend like the rules didn't matter, break them and then get depressed, pray, repent, confess, etc and then start the cycle all over again. He was one of my coolest companions, but I felt bad for him. Towards the end of his mission, he felt like he hadn't done enough, worked hard enough and had let the Lord down. He felt ashamed of himself.

I knew so many guys who at one time seemed upbeat and cool and then after a few months; they were just defeated, depressed, etc. It was really sad to see, but I began to understand it, with all of the bullshit and injustice that I was personally starting to experience and witness.

I had the other comp that wanted to rape any girl he saw on the street, right that second and wanted to kill himself due to his masturbation problems and inability to baptize 1,500 people a month, which was the goal set by the Mission President. Despite calling the mission home for 3 weeks, no one came or gave a shit and my life was pure hell, as was his.

He was so unstable, he could have killed me in my sleep. He had me hide the key so that he couldn't get out while I was sleeping, since the door locked from the inside. It's pretty scary now when I think about it, it really is!!

They of course kept him out there for the next 6 months and made him finish his mission. I had another companion who was deeply depressed and wanted to go home when I first met him, but stupidly, I encouraged him to stay and fight through the difficulties, have a positive attitude, etc. He was a great guy, but later suffered many more things while there.

One of the most fired up and hardest working missionaries that I ever knew, bailed from his mission with 1-2 months left, because A)they treated him like complete shit and screwed him over repeatedly and B) he no longer felt the church was true and that it was a fraud. He was one of the lucky ones that actually got away.

He lived in South America and just hopped a bus home...what happened after that I don't know, but he left abruptly and no one knew where he was until he was home.

I was stunned, as I still have his testimony written in the back of my Spanish Book of Mormon. When I heard that he had apostatized from the church, I couldn't believe I understand.

Anyway, just a sampling, but I knew many other guys like I said, that went from upbeat, to deeply depressed in short time.

Also, Anon that loves my blog, thanks so much for the kind words and I'm glad you like what you find here and that you found your way out of this damn cult.

But yeah, the "call down the powers of heaven bullshit" was a real crack up, wasn't it? Do those dumb shits look like they could call down the powers from heaven, with their fake, monotone, hypnotic voices?

They know about as much as my dog knows about God or life.....actually my dog might know more that those idiots.

Also, has anybody ever wondered why we don't have like 2,000+ sections in the D&C by now? They claim to believe in this so called, ongoing revelation, but where is it? NOTHING is ever canonized anymore? Why is that? Isn't that a major red flag?

Basically, other than the 2 declarations at the back of the D&C, there hasn't been one canonized revelation, from one Prophet, since the day Joseph Smith shot 3 men, killing 2 and took some bullets and jumped out the window with a hangover from getting drunk the night before.

Oh yeah and he was the one that bought the wine, giving the money to the prison guard...word of wisdom...what word of wisdom?

Where is all of this revelation? So what happens, is no matter what anyone says, including the King Prophet cheese himself, whether in General Conference or Stake Conference, or Regional Conference, etc; if it doesn't make sense or is wrong, or a flat out lie, they were just being a man at that moment and they say that it wasn't revelation and doesn't matter. What a joke!!

I mean why did Joseph supposedly get so many direct revelations from Jesus Christ himself,(including to destroy Emma if she didn't buy into his serial adultery and pedophilia) and no other Prophet since, has received those type of revelations that were worthy to put in the D&C?

When asked about ongoing revelation, Hinckley said something like, "We already got everything we need from Joseph Smith."

So, in other words, he just made himself completely irrelevant and unnecessary, along with every other Prophet and Apostles or General Authority since Joseph Smith. He also just proved that he doesn't even get revelation, which is painfully obvious for anyone with 1% of a braincell.

But does that make sense that Christ would be so in touch with Joseph Smith, from how to build buildings to creating a bogus bank, to lying about polygamy, to who to have sex with and then went silent? Give me a break!! Wake up Mormons!!

There are days where I really can't believe that anyone is falling for this bullshit cult, let alone defending it, especially after learning and knowing the "real truth."

Anyway, thanks again everyone and I look forward to your responses.


At Tuesday, June 19, 2007 4:00:00 PM, Blogger Elder Joseph said...


Yes I watched Robert Millet and how to deal with the 'oppostion'. I don't like him or his lecture .It was as you know about how to evade and never answer anything.Its quite obvious really , but the audience are just misguided young kids ..

If I confronted Robert Millet in real life , my patience wouldn't last long . I'd love to knock his house as a 'prophet' and ask his wife to marry me and his daughters ( if has any) polygamously and see how he would react !

Would he say well if its from God I guess its OK ! and its something we don't understand but we will some day and its not important to know for our salvation .

I can't believe how they just casually brush aside the obvious horror of the polgamy of these sick and demented Leaders of the past.

A good idea I heard from Mike Norton would be to collect names of deceased LDS church members and send in their resignation letters signed by us by proxy as they might want to quit now they are in the spirit world and realise its not true .They need our bodies to do the resignation work for them by proxy !

I watched the wrap up show on PBS also and its obvious that Marlin K Jensen was lying about how the church is open and honest and wishes everyone to know about the messy parts of the past ... What a big Lie , because all my church DVD's and Books and Ensigns are a Total Whitwash as you know ...and just try bringing anything up in church..

I think there should have been Grant Palmer there or someone to challenge him about that ....

My Bishop didn't want me show the messy parts to the black brothers in church for a start. He asked me not to show JOD anti black skin teachings to the black brothers in church !

Marlin K Jensen is just a slippery creep himself .He knows the church would rather the less the members know the better .....

I've read Bushmans Book on Joseph Smith and heard his Interview on John Dehlin and he's got a great way of being Honest without perhaps attracting the Hawks in Salt Lake's Luxurious Headquarters.

But Grant Palmer is my Fave BYU Historian .His book confirmed it all for me and it also liberated my friend in church ( a convert two yrs ago) who was stressed out thinking he had to do his geneology , pay tithe , mess about with Masonic oaths in the Temple , be perfect etc etc just to be saved from the wrath of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith judging him as Judges of Israel .

Well those asses and all the others like Bruce idiotic McConKie are not going to be judging anyone .How on earth do these people get to believe this nonsense ?

I've just lent Grant Palmer out to another recent convert .

I'm stepping up my challenges on the missionaries subtley.I don't put up with their Testimony drivvle anymore .It will be good for them as I can't believe they haven't been challenged properly on their missions to the extent I have been doing .. Where are all the Born again Evangelicals gone who should be doing this ?

At Monday, June 25, 2007 12:20:00 AM, Blogger Zelph said...

I am glad you enjoyed my "enhanced version", I am the one that posted the condensed versions on youtube, which exmormonskeptic put on his blog.

I was hoping that people would see right through what they are doing. I also think that many members are surprised when they start hearing the leadership talking about test markets and tag lines.

At Tuesday, June 26, 2007 5:24:00 AM, Blogger Al Jordan said...

It's okay for mormons to advertise on television and billboards and missionary work, but they freak out whenever someone of a different belief attempts the same thing. (For example, the PostMormon billboard that was taken down in Idaho recently, due to complaints of mormons who can't bear to have their pathetic little faith questioned or mocked in any way. And also John Saffron's door to door athiest campaign he tried here in Utah awhile back - the video of it might still be on's fucking hilarious.)

I'm fed up with religious zealots and extremists - I don't care what the religion - but especially mormons with their high and mighty, holier than thou, we have all the truth, bullshit! They're all fucking deluded!

Samuel, thanks for having the scrotum to stand up to the "great and powerful Oz". It's tough, especially when we're surrounded by the morgbot zombies here in Utah, and many of our friends and loved ones are wasting so much of their time and money in the damn cult. You're doing a fantastic job. Your podcasts were instrumental in helping me wake up from all the nonsense and get the hell out of that so-called "church." I'm so glad to be free of it!

At Tuesday, June 26, 2007 8:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw my LDs banner ad on the net. Now I can not even enjoy my adult web comics with the Cult in the way



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