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Where is God?!! My Thoughts And Feelings Right After The Tragic Virginia Tech Massacre.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where is God?!!

So, here’s the deal…if there really was a loving, all knowing and all powerful God out there in the big sky, that hovers over this earth; he wouldn’t stand(or float) by and watch 60 innocent people get shot, including 32 that were brutally murdered on the campus of Virginia Tech this week.

So, for all you die-hard God lovers and defenders out there, let me get this straight; this wonderful God, that loves everyone so very much…watched as this evil, psychopathic bastard bought his guns and ammo, hatched his plan, loaded the guns and proceeded to his personal, one man massacre and slaughter.

Of course God also knows everything that happens before it happens(one of the bragging rights, perks and qualifications for Godhood), so he even knew before this son of a bitch was born, that he was going to go on a shooting spree and slaughter innocent people before killing himself like the coward he was, and allowed him to be born anyway and then commit the slaughter. God did nothing but watch!!

It must be embarrassing to claim your God is so loving, caring and powerful, when he stands idly by and never does a goddamn thing to prove what you’re saying is actually true. What love, what compassion? Like I recently asked a TBM friend; what exactly has God done for you or this earth recently? He was silent and I kept asking and he had no answer, because the answer is absolutely NOTHING!!

How can anyone actually believe that bullshit and say it with a straight face. To the contrary; everything that happens on this earth, especially the rape, murder, torture, mass executions, genocide, starvation, etc, proves the exact opposite.

In fact, anything good that happens on this earth, is because of what MAN does and not what some mysterious candy ass in the sky does. When a criminal is prosecuted, it is man and man’s law that does the punishment, not God or God’s law.

When someone is saved, it is man that does the saving, not some God. When a killer is caught and punished, it is man doing the catching, not God. So again, I ask the question, where is God? It appears that he's no where to be found.

Oh yeah, and this is the same guy that according to the “perfect/infallible Bible”, wants us to literally die for him if needed and spend eternity on our knees, worshiping his ass? Give me a break!! That God must be an asshole!!

Like Ray says, "if that’s how we are going to spend eternity, I’ll take my chances in hell", which would be better than the “personal hell” of kissing some guy's ass and feet for all eternity, who never did a thing for me and that I never personally knew.

Also, I’m going to start addressing the “God Apologists” by the proper term, because that is exactly what they are. My advice to them is to shut the hell up and allow this all powerful God to start defending himself for a change. Isn’t it time for God to God-up? Quit babying God and let him fight his own battles for a change!! If he's so damn all powerful and can move mountains, let him defend himself and explain why he allows all of the daily atrocities to take place.

Why does he, this all powerful, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God, need some weak, pathetic creatures(that he created of course), that were born worthless sinners(all of which most Christians believe), to constantly defend his pathetic ass and lack of intervention. Oh yeah, it’s that whole free agency nonsense, I forgot.

So, if God can't do anything to ever intervene, why does Satan have so much power? Don't all the religious people always blame Satan for everything? Satan did this, Satan put it in his heart or mind, Satan has great power, etc, etc. Give me a's starting to sound like the religious fanatics worship Satan and think he has more power than God and guess what? Looking at this earth, it certainly appears that way to me, which is to say that their Satan is whooping God's ass!!

Yeah, it's really too bad that Satan has more influence than God, isn't it? I guess God's so called plan is failing miserably, but oh yeah, he knew it would, because once again, "he knows the beginning from the end", he's the "Alpha and Omega" and all that other nonsense.

Let God himself(herself/itself) come down in all his wonderful and powerful glory and splendor and defend himself against these charges on CNN, MSNBC, THE BBC or Fox News. Oh yeah, I guess that’s what the second coming is all about, right guys?

You know, when God/Jesus Christ returns to the earth and finally appears, in order to fry all the non-Jesus believers to a crisp, no matter how good of a life they‘ve lived, no exceptions? Where is God now? Is he still hiding in the clouds or maybe a burning bush? Apparently so, because he is NO WHERE to be found that I or anyone else has seen. Oh yeah, Joseph Smith saw him..LOL!!

A month or so ago, I debated a guy on a Skypecast that some of you where there for. This guy was so far mentally gone, that I truly believe there is no hope for him and he should check into a mental hospital or a padded room ASAP. He was one of these fanatical Evangelicals that I have talked so much about and a complete disgrace to mankind and all humanity. He barely even qualifies as human.

He truly believed(due to his fanatical religious beliefs), that he, myself and everyone else was a sinner from the second they were born and deserved DEATH. He admitted that he felt he deserved to be executed, burned to death, etc.

This debate happened right after all of those children in that New York apartment building, had tragically burned to death in a horrific fire. I asked him specifically about that tragedy and this pathetic guy said that they DESERVED to die, felt nothing for them and thought it was a good thing, because after all; “they were all sinners from birth.”

That was when he said that everyone, including himself deserved to burn to death, be executed, starve to death, etc. He had no mercy, in the name of his supposed loving, all powerful God. This is some seriously sick shit!!

These type of fanatical losers dehumanize everything and everyone and they‘re pathetic in every sense of the word.

These people are also very dangerous to all mankind and in reality, they have no values, morals or integrity and yet they consider me the evil, vile one, because I don’t believe as they do, in their God/Jesus combo, that makes no sense to any rational mind. Thank their God I don’t believe as they do!!

If they don’t value human life at all and truly believe that everyone deserves to die, be executed or literally burned to death; they could go out and kill anyone anyway they choose to and justify it in the name of their God, which happens all the time.

In fact, when it comes to mass murder and executions of innocent non-believers, since the time of Christ, I think the Christians, very sadly, have kicked the Muslims ass. Of course they want everyone to think that it’s the Muslims and everyone else that is doing all the killing and that they’ve never done something so awful. Ever hear of the Christian crusades?

I mean hey, after all, the Christians have the fine examples of their Prophets like Moses, who slaughtered countless thousands of innocents, which included men, women and children, in the name of his/their God, right? Ever heard of "thou shalt not kill?" Apparently Moses, nor his God from a bush/cloud were familiar with that teaching at all, since it was his God commanding mass genocide.

In all reality, what the mass murdering SOB did at Virginia Tech this week, which was horrific, pales in comparison to all of the innocent men, women and children that Moses ordered slaughtered and the virgin women raped, in the Christians beloved, perfect Bible, in the name of God. Why can’t Christians see this, when it’s so obvious? Where’s the equal outrage?

People condemn the guy from Virginia Tech, as I do and rightfully so, but then they praise Moses as a great man, who parted the red sea? What am I missing here? Moses should be condemned by all of Christianity as a very evil, vile, mass murdering man.

The Lafferty brothers here in Utah killed a young lady and her child, in the name of God, claiming that he commanded them to do it. Joseph Smith had sex with other men’s wives and little girls, in secret behind Emma’s back, all in the name of his fabricated God. Are you getting the picture here?

Brigham Young taught that blacks should be executed if they mix their seed with Caucasians, along with execution for many other different sins.

This teaching was known as blood atonement and was once again taught in the name of his God, not to mention the horrific racism and teachings that “blacks are the seed of Cain” and “cursed”, that has been taught in Mormonism since the very beginning dating back to 1830, also in the name of their God. If you don't believe me, just read the Book of Mormon and how the Lamanites were cursed with black or dark skin, due to their sins.

Now, I only make the comparison between the evil executioner at Virginia Tech and Moses, in order to point out the absurdity and evilness of the Bible, which allows anyone to justify anything, including mass murder and genocide, especially those that consider the Bible to be the “perfect” and "infallible" word of God, as many do. At least the Mormons got that right, but too bad they don't apply the same "as far as translated correctly" to their horrendous, bogus, hate-filled Book of Mormon.

Anyone that condemns the mass murders this week at Virginia Tech, which should be everyone, should also be openly condemning the Bible, in order to not be a complete hypocrite and look ridiculous.

Now, I realize that many people out there consider themselves to be good Christians, that go to church every week and that they really don’t even read or study the Bible too much. Many are not even aware of the horrific and destructive teachings of the Bible, because only the good things are focused on when their church teaches them.

The bottom line is that it’s time for people to start using their brains and trying to get things done themselves, instead of waiting for the big man in the sky to intervene or do anything, because he has no intention of ever doing anything, never has and never will. The God of the Bible is a fraud and a mass murderer and complicit in every crime that happens on earth!!

When the gunman at Virginia Tech decided to slaughter 32 innocent students this week, he did it because he wanted to and took joy in it, even smiling while killing the students. When Moses did it, he also took joy and great pleasure in it and did it all in the name and honor of his God, whom he wanted to please and obey. Brigham Young ordered the execution of innocents, like Mountain Meadows Massacre, once again, in the name of his God. Anyone seeing the pattern yet?

Whenever there have been great crimes or mass executions, it was the person or people that decided to do it and not from some direct orders from some God in the sky...or at least I sure hope not. In other words, that God and that Bible or some Biblical type book, is the inspiration and justification for most of the atrocities and wars on earth.

So, I ask; why would God stop the executions at Virginia Tech, when he was the author of and orderer of the mass executions of the Old Testament? Christians and Mormons even have a bigger problem than that; they claim that the God/Jehovah/LORD of the Old Testament, was later born as Jesus Christ in the flesh.

Of course Mormons believe that Jesus is a God, but also the Son of another God(The Father) and a separate person from God(heavenly father), while Christians believe that Jesus is God and both the son of and father of…..himself…LOL!! He prayed to himself, threw his voice from the heavens like a ventriloquist, was the only begotten of himself, spoke of a father he did not have and all the other lunacy that most mainstream Christians believe.

Either way you believe, whether it’s Mormon, Christian or some other nutty belief system involving the Bible or a Biblical book, it’s all fatally flawed and makes ZERO common sense and is a complete joke.

So the Jesus of the Old Testament was seriously, raging pissed and was ordering the mass executions of non-believers, sinners or those dancing around a golden calf, while the Jesus of the new testament, was a “turn the other cheek” pacifist?

Of course Jesus did occasionally slip into his old raging pissed-off self/alter ego of the Old Testament, when he stated that “he came with a sword” and that everyone should “hate their Mother, Father, Brother, Sister”, etc and kiss his ASS or they’d be screwed for all Eternity.

Hey maybe Jesus was just a normal guy who pretended to be the guy that was fabricated in the Old Testament and named Jehovah, to justify all of their hate crimes and mass murder and rape...ya think?!! Good thing that Jesus went and studied Buddha's teachings or he would have been all about hate and murder.

People at Virginia Tech are now praying to said God for healing, when the very same God couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t even prevent the mass murder to begin with.

Why would God heal them, when he didn’t give a shit and allowed the executions to happen in the first place?

Doesn’t it make more sense, if you were God, to prevent the horrific murders to begin with, that now requires the healing that they are praying for, than to allow 60 people to be shot and 32 of those executed by a mass murderer? If he wasn’t there for them before the tragedy, why the hell would he be there now?

One student said that “God is the one we need to be talking to.” Oh really? You need to be talking to an invisible man in the sky that can’t and won’t respond and who did nothing to stop mass executions? What makes anyone think that he's actually listening and why would he? This is the same "God" that sat idly by and watched 60 people get shot and didn't lift his pinkie and now he's going to listen to your prayers?

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time talking to him, when you should be talking and consoling students, family members of the victims, friends and meeting with live, human counselors, that are in the flesh and that can actually respond to you and help you. Talking to an invisible man in the sky, who doesn't respond and may or may not exist, isn’t going to help the situation one iota.

This week has been a very tragic one for sure and many people are suffering tremendously, due to the actions of this evil bastard, with no conscience, who butchered so many innocent people and destroyed their promising futures. He ripped apart families and destroyed countless lives.

I understand the need of people to need and want to believe in and turn to “God” or some higher force or power during their time of desperation, need and excruciating pain(I‘ve been there myself), but I wonder if they’ve ever wondered why “God” wasn’t there for them before the tragic events took place?

It just doesn’t make any logical sense at all to me. I know that it isn't popular to ask these questions during such a difficult time, but they must be raised, as many have raised them before and many will raise them in the future and that's why I wrote this post.

What’s funny is that I and many others, specifically ex-Mormons, want to believe in a God or a higher, all-powerful being, but we just can’t find any legitimate reasons to. There are plenty of more reasons to not believe in said God, than to believe in him. Why would he present us with such overwhelming evidence in the negative? Oh yeah, it's a trial of our faith, right? If that's the case, what is this life really; some type of sick game then?

Obviously we all came from somewhere and something created this planet we are living on, but I don’t believe that any of us have any idea who this being or force really is, how we got here, who created us, how we came into existence, or where exactly we are going after this earthly experience. Obviously it has to all be for something, because saying it's all for nothing, is far more illogicial then thinking life has a purpose and that we'll be reunited with our loved ones in the next realm of existence.

I cannot and refuse to believe in the pathetic, evil, racist, violent, slavery and rape promoting, mass murderer of a “Christian God” that is represented in the Bible, that has inspired so much bloodshed and death since the beginning of time.

In fact, why is anyone so desperate, that they need to believe in this horrendous being, as described and defined in the Bible?

For those that claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to talk to God and that he responds to you in return, just like another human being would, I’d like to ask you four things:

1) What does he look like?
2)What tone of voice does he have?
3)What exactly is he saying to you?
4)Are you sure that the voices in your head are a healthy thing and not just a sign of a more serious issue?

We all have thoughts and ideas in our head, which is our own self and our own conscience, not some voice from on high. I used to believe that the voices I heard were from God, directing me, but I was a Mormon cult member back then and now I realize that when I have thoughts in my mind, IT IS ME, not God. Time to give yourself credit folks for those good ideas and not some invisible God.

It’s pretty scary to me when we have a bunch of people running around obeying mysterious voices in their heads, which are telling them what to do, which they claim is coming from some invisible, all powerful man in the sky, who refuses to physically show himself and hasn‘t been seen for over 2000 years or ever. What am I missing here?

Apparently the voices in my head, that abruptly left when I discovered that Mormonism/all religion is a complete fraud, were due to my cult upbringing and brainwashing from birth, which taught me that God was always talking to me through his Holy Ghost. Organized religion has been created for money and power and completely fucks normal people up and in some cases, turns them into fanatical, irrational nut-jobs that can no longer be a part of normal society or carry on normal conversations, except in their head, with this invisible God, who never stops talking to them.

Even more scary for me, at least here in the USA, is that we don’t even want to elect someone to be the President or most other political offices, if they aren’t a “person of faith.” Somehow, we feel safer having someone in the oval office that relies on the “big, invisible man”, that "talks to God" and hears these mysterious voices in their head. Sadly, I used to count myself among this majority group.

Personally, I’d rather have someone that did what they did because it was the right thing to do, made sense, was logical, morally right, etc, then someone that did or didn’t do things, things because “God told them to.” Holy shit!! I mean what’s scarier…Mitt Romney doing what Hinckley or Monson(that claim to speak for God as his only authorized servants on the entire earth) tells him to do, or Mitt Romney following the voices in his own head, that he attributes to the "Mormon God.”

A lot of people follow the voices in their head, as we were reminded this week with the tragedy of Virginia Tech and look at the horrific results. Dictators, terrorists, mass murders and cult leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Hugo Chavez, the Lafferty Brothers, Moses, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, the current Mormon Hierarchy(Gordon B. Hinckley) and many others have either followed or now follow the voices in their head and look at the suffering that has ensued because of it.

Finally, I’d like to once again remind everyone of another thing this tragedy at Virginia Tech reminded me of; Gordon B. Hinckley is a massive fraud and doesn’t represent any God, rather a cult corporation. The Mormon doctrines claim that he, the Prophet, is the only authorized man on the entire planet, that is allowed to speak for and on behalf of God.

This only man on earth, authorized to speak for God, who claims to be a Prophet, Seer and Revelator, that supposedly receives revelations for the whole world, receives nothing.

The night before the Tsunami hit and killed 250,000+ people, he was laughing it up with Larry King and presenting him with his personal genealogy.

He can’t predict or prophesy about any natural disasters, like earthquakes, hurricanes(Katrina) or mass murder rampages, like we saw this week at Virginia Tech and a month or so ago at Trolley Square, right in the backyard of God’s only authorized man on the earth. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again; what good does this guy do? Prophet, Seer and Revelator? Of What?

In fact, very sadly, 15 year old Kirsten Hinckley, someone directly related to Gordon B. Hinckley, was brutally killed by the psychopath, proving that he can’t even protect his very own family members, let alone Mormon church members or other people of the world. Wake up folks, the guy is a fraud and very well paid for it!! He is the CEO of Mormon fraud and is laughing at all of you(all the way to the bank), that believe he walks and talks with God.

Gordon B. Hinckley can’t predict pedophilia, sexual abuse or rape, even if it’s in the very church that he pretends and claims to lead or done by leaders that “were called of God by the spirit of discernment."(John D. Lee-Seventy) In other words, Gordon B. Hinckley is a lying, fraudulent cult leader that knows nothing more than anybody else.

In fact, in any case where the Mormon cult is accused of sex abuse or crimes; Hinckley, God’s only supposed mouthpiece and CEO on earth, sends out Jesus Christ’s personal lawyers to trash, discredit and re-victimize the victims, to make sure that the image of the Mormon cult isn’t tarnished.

It is shameful behavior and Gordon B. Hinckley is the CEO of this Mormon cult of shame and destruction and responsible for it all, in the name of his God of course, just like Moses. There is no difference between the Pope or Gordon B. Hinckley, except that the Pope actually tries to do some good at some point. In the end, they are both complete frauds, along with their mass murdering God.

I wish the victims and their families from Virginia Tech and all the others around the world, that have suffered tragedy, the very best and you are all in my thoughts constantly. Every day, masses of people are brutally killed, raped and tortured on this earth and the very God that so many people are praying to for comfort, through whatever religion or God they believe in, would be the same all powerful God that is allowing it all to happen, as he sits and watches, in the name of some nonsense called "free agency."

Too bad "free agency" makes this all powerful God completely powerless, while their Satan is running the show. What good is it to be all powerful if you can't ever use your power. Maybe lex Luthor hung some Kryptonite around his neck?

I'll ask everyone again, what I asked at the beginning....

Where is God?!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Friday, May 11, 2007 3:23:00 PM, Blogger Richard said...

Hi Samuel,
I say Amen to all the things you said regarding the Christian and/or Mormon God.

I just wanted to add a quote by Judith Freeman she said on the PBS documentary on the Mormons:
"If you can get people to believe that they are doing God's will, you can get them to do anything."

I think this quote is soo strong in our age of suicide bombers and evangelical fanatics.

I have also abandoned the path of theistic religions.


At Friday, May 11, 2007 11:33:00 PM, Blogger mckay said...

dude... you have some serious issues.

At Monday, May 14, 2007 6:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMEN!! I agree with you Samuel. I too, tried to believe in Christianity, then theism, then at least God ... but logic, study, science and rationality have failed to produce "faith" in any of it (aka: delusion). It's truly sad, terrifying, sickening, bizarre ... I could go on ...

I personallly recommend "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins as a good starting point ... please read it people, you can't argue with the plain facts.

At Tuesday, May 15, 2007 10:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still having a belief in G-d I agree with you. G-d is a distant if there is one. I work for an Evangelical Christian and she tell me "I make all my decisions based on prayer." What a joke, and when something doesn't go her way, it wasn't His will. What a cope out.

At Tuesday, May 15, 2007 10:56:00 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Great post Samuel. Over the years I have come to believe that God is just that little thought we have that tells us to do one thing or another. In other words our conscience.

so, no I don't believe in God any more. There is no logical proof that a God exists.

If one did, there surely would not be so much hatred, war, violence, etc on this planet.

If God existed, would he not protect his creatures great and small?

At Wednesday, May 16, 2007 9:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Christian god.... what a joke. Excellent post Samuel. I agree completely. Where is god? What kind of propheting has Hinckley done other than the kind that involves money? It's all just a fantasy fairytale.

At Friday, May 18, 2007 5:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samuel, I still believe in God. Can't let it go. Although I no longer actively pray -- I've always felt more divine intervention in my life when I don't pray than when I do.

I just want to say one thing: I feel incredibly sorry not only for all the Tech victims, but for the shooter as well. He was clearly a very troubled young man, from a very young age, and his parents did little, if anything, to help him. Part of this, I believe, is due to Asian cultural practice. Nevertheless, I grieve for the shooter and his family.

At Tuesday, May 22, 2007 12:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BFE Girl,

I agree with you to an extent. I feel that the world is too wonderful of a place to have just happened randomly. I am 100% sure that the Christian god is false, but I definitely believe in a higher power. What that might be, I don't know. This higher power, whatever it is, certainly does not intervene much in human affairs or favor any group of people over another.

At Tuesday, May 22, 2007 10:59:00 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Hey folks,
I just saw this Youtube-video on evangelical indoctrination of children.
It looks quite shocking to me.

What I found especially dangerous was their tears, their psychological instability.

And hey, those gestures, did I see the Hitler greeting there?
Oh no, they are greeting their leader Jesus Christ, that's totally different, I mean Hitler, he wanted total obedience, while the evangelicals, oh sorry, no point to make here.

Hope you find it as sick as I do,
Richard Buruni

(P.S.: Is that Eric's daughter there in the front?)

At Monday, June 04, 2007 10:44:00 PM, Blogger ExMormon Skeptic said...

Hey Samuel. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and also for linking us.

Thanks so much for what you do here. We need more voices of reason out there telling it like it is.


At Wednesday, December 19, 2007 11:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for being a "faithful" member for 30 years, you certainly didn't seem to learn anything in all that time.

At Saturday, March 15, 2008 5:43:00 PM, Blogger sub4dreamer said...

I'd like to hear about what started you on your "journey" that lead you to the "real truth"? Please tell me how you came to your sure knowledge. this would help me alot.



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