Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yet Another Mormon Missionary Sadly Dies, This Time In Washington State. Do Mormon Garments Really Protect Anyone As The Mormon Hierarchy Claims?!!

(***I'd like to thank whomever the person is that flagged this video "for mature audiences only." I know the subject matter might be difficult for some people(especially TBMS or Mormon apologists or Mormon leaders in denial) to deal with, but this video came straight off of the local 10 o'clock news here in Utah and should not be labeled "for mature audiences only." I agree that this story is tragic and horrific, but it is a fact that this young man died as a supposed servant of Jesus Christ and was not protected by his Jesus, Jesus' supposed Prophet/Apostles or his garments, which the Mormon Hierarchy promise will protect him. What happened to that spirit of discernment, AGAIN, that they're supposed to have and brag about on a regular basis? This is a story that everyone needs to see, especially future missionaries and their families.***)

William T. Anguilau Jr. was serving in the Seattle, Washington mission when he was tragically killed last week after being hit while riding his bike. His Stake President wanted to go before the news cameras, to make sure that everyone knows that the family is just fine with everything and that they accepted it as a "simply an extension of his mission on the other side" and that his family "doesn't have any ill will with either the person that hit him or the church."

The last part about the family not being upset with the church, is the most important part of course, for the church and especially their cult leader Gordon B. Hinckley and all the future Mormon missionaries. Bottom line is that everything is just fine, the works going forward, no worries people, IT'S ALL GOOD!!

Remember everyone, that the OFFICIAL position of the Mormon Hierarchy, as taught and stated by the Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard(a direct and very proud blood descendant of Joseph Smith) is that it doesn't matter if Mormon missionaries get HURT or KILLED in the future, IT WILL NOT STOP THIS WORK!! The work and the cult will always, ALWAYS trump human life, according to these evil BASTARDS sitting in their ivory tower of shame at 50 East North Temple, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Mormon Hierarchy lives the life of Kings, while missionaries suffer tremendous hardship and even give their lives for these ASSHOLES. They fail to teach the missionaries any safety tips and have them so scared to get their numbers and baptize, that they probably do things that they wouldn't normally do and go to places they would never normally go to and they end up making pressured and sometimes irrational decisions that they normally wouldn't make.

They are forced to ride bikes in cities crowded with cars and on busy roads, where bikes have no business even being. Does the Mormon Hierarchy spend time teaching auto safety in the MTC or what to do if they come across a robbery or murderer, or someone with a gun? Of course they don't, because they don't give a shit about any of them.

Was William T. Anguilau Jr. or any other missionary given a special course in the MTC on bike safety? I doubt it, as they were too busy teaching the missionaries all of their bold faced lies and fairy tales and how to manipulate people into their cult corporation and also, because nobody in the great and spacious building gives a rat's ass if missionaries are hurt or killed, as plainly stated by M. Russell Ballard.

Bottom line is that the safety of missionaries doesn't even cross the minds of the Mormon Hierarchy and it never has and never will, fully supported by M. Russell Ballard, the head asshole of the missionary department.

In this video, The Stake President Tracy Branch, says that William now has a "free ticket so to speak and WE'RE GLAD OF THAT....and that he returned with honor." So even though there is no way normally, to spin a tragic death into something wonderful, positive and faith promoting for future Mormon cult missionaries and their families, they've tried to do it once again, especially mentioning his "free ticket" to Paradise. Who wouldn't want a "free ticket", right?

Damn, it kind of sounds like a teaching of some famous cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh or what was taught in the Heaven's Gate cult, doesn't it? Isn't this what organized religion is really all about though? Doesn't everyone want that "free ticket so to speak?"

How repulsive and sad, to hear the pathetic Stake President Tracy Branch spewing the same old typical bullshit, that the Mormon leadership spews after missionaries are tragically killed. It's always a "cover your ass as quickly as possible routine", the second a Mormon missionary is tragically killed, injured, attacked, etc.

I mean after all, this Stake President gets some camera time and if he handles it well enough and defends the Goddamn cult, he might get a promotion in the cult corporation, right? I'm sure he received the congratulatory phone call from Hinckley or one of his cronies, commending him and how well he handled the situation and I'm sure good things now await the heartless scumbag.

I wish the best for William T. Anguilau Jr's family, who is just perfectly fine and have no issue whatsoever with William's death and understand it to simply be an "extension of his mission", according to their loving, caring and understanding Stake President/cult leader Tracy Branch, who would always put the family first and the cult second, right? Apparently not!!

Of course with yet another death of a Mormon missionary, which brings the total to at least 9(that we've heard of-which doesn't include robberies, car jackings, rapes, beatings, etc) in around 16 months time, it brings several issues to mind.

The other day I was reading on RFM and a poster that I highly respect named Cheryl(I think this is the same Cheryl that Steve Benson was allowed(by Susan I/S) to ridicule and openly attack, right after she announced her daughter had just been sent to the hospital) was getting a lot of grief from people that felt no one should ever mention that fact that Mormon garments don't protect missionaries or anyone else. They said that she was mocking the missionaries and making fun of them...WTF?!!

They felt that she was out of line, insensitive and many other colorful adjectives. She couldn't figure out why everyone was so pissed off and attacking her, since she was trying to save future lives and point out the truth, which is that garments protect no one, EVER and never have and that everyone needed to know the "real truth."

So, after reading her comments and those of others, I was pretty pissed off and I decided to respond and this is what I had to say about the subject:

I'm with you and support you Cheryl 100%! Thank you for this post.

The Mormon Hierarchy teaches that Mormon garments will protect you, which is a damn lie.

How many of us ex-Mormons heard the FPRs growing up about Mormon garments? J. Willard Marriott even shared his personal experience and testimony, in the 60 minute interview about his boat catching on fire, and how nothing that was covered by his garments got burned, etc. He flat out stated that garments protect you from harm and he's currently serving as an Area Authority Seventy back in the Virginia area, as a member of the third Quorum of the Seventy.

Did the Mormon Hierarchy issue a correction on their former "mistakes in the media" page, stating that J. Willard Marriott's FPR wasn't true? Of course not, because they want people to believe their cult bullshit and FPRs. Isn't it more offensive to say that he was protected by garments, while many others aren't? What does this say? Does the Mormon God only protect the elite and rich Mormons? Is he just more worthy than the rest of the "regular Mormons?"

Was it that those that died weren't worthy? It's like Benjamin Ellsworth's mission president mentioning, right after he died, that he'd just met with him a day or 2 before and that "he was worthy." Why did he have to point that out? What did that have to do with anything? Apparently then, worthiness has nothing to do with garments protecting you?
Gee, I thought it did?

Even Hinckley says you won’t get sick on your mission and cause the work to “grind to a halt”, if you are “obedient” to all the rules. Wouldn’t this include death? So I guess the opposite is also true, meaning that any missionary that dies, is considered unworthy by the Mormon Hierarchy, right? Now that’s offensive!

So, when missionaries are crushed by trains, like Benjamin Ellsworth was, or burned to death in a car crash, like the two over in New Zealand, or hit by a car and killed or like Morgan Young, who was shot and killed working in an unsafe area full of regular gunfire(as his companion said to a newspaper here in Utah), I think it is our duty, as ex-Mormons that know the truth, to point out that GARMENTS DON'T PROTECT ANYONE and many other things.

In fact, I think it is irresponsible not to point this out and by pointing it out, we can actually help to save lives, like Cheryl pointed out. We can also point out that missionaries are not being led by Jesus Christ or "inspired men of God" and that's why they are working in unsafe areas, towns and countries, every single day. Is that offensive too? What is okay to talk about?

I can't believe that so many ex-Mormons are so afraid or timid to point out the truth and facts, no matter what the situation is. Do we want to help others or not? By pointing out the fact that missionaries dying, is a glaring example of how garments don't protect anyone and is another example of the Mormon Hierarchy lying, and is very necessary and not being cold, mean or mocking in my opinion.

I mean hell, if anyone should be protected, it should be Jesus' personal servants on earth, the missionaries, shouldn't it? Maybe they were masturbating and not worthy of the protection of the garments? It's ridiculous!

Isn't the myth that garments will protect you (which the Mormon Hierarchy teaches and allows to be perpetuated by their General Authorities in national TV interviews), far worse than us ex-Mormons pointing out that they are lying AGAIN and that garments don't protect anyone?

Isn't it the Mormon Hierarchy that is openly mocking the dead missionaries and their families and then using them for PR, like when Ballard says, "In many ways, Elder Young has been transferred" and "that he continues to preach his message in another sphere."

By pointing out that garments are useless and don't protect anyone, we aren't "mocking" the dead missionary, rather just telling it like it is, exposing the Mormon cult and hopefully helping others in the process, to turn on their brain and realize the garment myth is complete bullshit and hopefully we are helping to prevent future deaths, like Cheryl is pointing out. Is this concept too deep for some of you?

Morgan Young's mom said "I'm proud that he died with his boots on." In other words, they are very strong and devout in the church, have 2 more kids getting ready for missions(they are more determined than ever now to go and say that they now have a legacy to fulfill left by Morgan) and nothing would ever affect their testimony. If the death of their son didn't phase them, nothing ever will.

They had their photo op with Hinckley and Ballard, the day of the funeral, who used Morgan's death as a PR stunt and assured everyone that "missions were the safest place for a 19-21 year old to be." Yeah, nice, loving words AT A FUNERAL of a missionary that was just KILLED.....I guess they were just taking the Boyd KKK Packer approach toward funerals?

Why are ex-Mormons pissed about people pointing out that garments didn't protect these missionaries, when it's THE TRUTH? Is that heartless and mocking the dead missionaries? Really? Are you guys serious? I guess there isn't ever a time to talk about it then, is there? I guess we all need to live in fear and utter trepidation of discussing such a touchy subject or offending "the Mormons?” Our attack is clearly on the Mormon Hierarchy, not the missionaries, so figure it out people and get a clue.

I guess it's kind of like how the Mormon Hierarchy call us apostates "evil, "disease germs", "full of darkness", "dangerous", that "they should run from us as fast as they can", "anti-Christs", etc? Yeah, I guess we need to be nice and loving to these folks, right?

Now, if us ex-Mormons want to get pissed about something and re-direct our anger to the proper place, we should all be focused on what the asshole Mormon Apostle Ballard had to say, in January of 2006, right after 5 missionaries had been tragically killed in about a month's time.

Ballard said:

"This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are HURT or other missionaries that are KILLED, IT WILL NOT STOP THIS WORK. Joseph Smith made that abundantly clear that there would be nothing that would stop this work from rolling forward till the Great Jehovah comes forward and says the work is done. And He hasn't said that yet."

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I find these words, by a Mormon Apostle, to be far worse and mocking than somebody pointing out that garments don't protect missionaries or anyone else. Where's the outrage and anger by ex-Mormons regarding this statement, by somebody official, high up in the Mormon church hierarchy? Ballard is the Mormon Hierarchy's guru and go to man on missionaries and directly blood related to Joseph Smith for Mormon God's sake! Shouldn’t his words outrage those that are so upset about garments being discussed? What hypocrites!!

Ballard, at that same time, also said this regarding missionaries:

"When you say, What kind of work do we do to see that the missionaries are kept in safe places and that they proselyte in safe places? We do the very, very best we know how, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF INSPIRED, CALLED, WONDERFUL MISSION PRESIDENTS AND THEIR WIVES."

This is another outrageous lie! "Safe places" my ass! Is that why they send sisters to South Africa, to walk the streets alone, when it is the rape Capital of the world and has one of the highest crime rates in the world? Over a million women are raped there every damn year! Oh, am I being too offensive in pointing out these truths and facts?

The US Government's website warns against all Americans traveling there, specifically to that area where they were attacked and how many of the companies over there are pulling out all of the their workers, especially Americans, due to the dangers and crime and kidnappings? Missionaries(according to those who have been there) get robbed and car jacked there every single month(it is completely unreported to the media and covered up by the Mormon Hierarchy)....does anyone care in the Mormon Hierarchy? Of course they don't. THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT!

Here are some quick stats on South Africa, according to the UN:

#2 in the world for assault and murder.

Average of 170 South African Police officers killed every year.

In 1996, it was reported that they had 50,481 rapes reported, with it being likely that only 1 in 20 were being reported, which comes out to over 1 million rapes a year, as I stated above.

Danny Brock, the mission President, right after these 2 sisters were brutally beaten, robbed and then gang raped for hours at gunpoint and one was shot, said:

"Now, they're getting the best care money can buy. When this is over, THEY PLAN TO REMAIN IN SOUTH AFRICA AND COMPLETE THEIR MISSIONARY WORK."

What heart, what compassion and what a great man! Of course, the cult always comes first, doesn't it, even after being brutally raped for hours and shot? Holy shit! Now this is something to get pissed about folks and fellow ex-Mormons. Oh yeah, did their garments protect them? Of course not and that's a fact and the truth, as painful as it may be for some of you to deal with and understand.

When interviewed, Molly Jolley of Bountiful, Utah, the daughter of the MP Danny Brock, reiterated what the asshole Ballard said:

"Bad things happen everywhere and it's unfortunate. My heart goes out to those poor sisters and their families BUT THE WORK MUST GO ON."


Now, that's something to get pissed about folks, if you are just a normal human being, that puts human life and the well being of others above a damn cult, which Molly obviously doesn't. She is a brainwashed cult member that puts the Goddamn cult above EVERYTHING else, even life itself, as does her daddy Brock, the disgraceful mission president.

Hinckley, regarding missionaries has said:

"No one else in the Church has a farewell when entering a particular service. We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE MISSIONARY FAREWELLS?"

He then ended with this:

"We know this will be a great disappointment to many families. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and friends have participated in the past. We ask that you accept this decision. Where a farewell has already been arranged, it may go forward. But none in the traditional sense should be planned for the future. We are convinced that when all aspects of the situation are considered, THIS IS A WISE DECISION. Please accept it, my dear brethren. I extend this plea also to the sisters, particularly the mothers.

We hope also that holding elaborate open houses after the sacrament meeting at which the missionary speaks will not prevail. Members of the family may wish to get together. We have no objection to this. However, WE ASK THAT THERE BE NO PUBLIC RECEPTION TO WHICH LARGE NUMBERS ARE INVITED.

Missionary service is such a wonderful experience that it brings with it its own generous reward. And WHEN A MISSIONARY RETURNS TO HIS FAMILY AND HIS WARD, HE MAY AGAIN BE GIVEN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK IN A SACRAMENT MEETING."


I guess Hinckley also isn't including his "ELABORATE birthday bashes" that he has every 5 years, on the tithe payers money, when he says, "We hope also that holding elaborate open houses after the sacrament meeting at which the missionary speaks will not prevail" and "WE ASK THAT THERE BE NO PUBLIC RECEPTION TO WHICH LARGE NUMBERS ARE INVITED." DAMN HYPOCRITE! This is the bullshit that should piss off ex-Mormons.

I guess Hinckley also wasn't including his own pathetic ass and his public birthday bashes(in the $500 million Gordydome) with Donny Osmond, Mike Wallace, Gladys Knight, the 5 Browns, etc, when he said, "We never have a special farewell-type meeting for a newly called bishop, for a stake president, for a Relief Society president, for a General Authority, or anyone else of whom I can think. Why should we have missionary farewells?"

Oh, he isn't a General Authority? Again, I point all of this out, because this is what should piss us off and outrage us, not whether we(ex-Mormons) are discussing Mormon magic underwear and whether it protected someone that was just killed or not. I find it more offensive NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Why is the truth so hard for some people to talk about? We aren't in the Mormon cult anymore guys and we can freely talk about whatever we want to now...get over the mind control and need to feel so sheepish and afraid of offending someone, when you are simply presenting the facts and truth.

We need to take every opportunity we can to point out the lies and fraud of Mormonism, in the hopes of helping someone. I don't give a damn if I offend 13,000,000 Mormons, or all ex-Mormons, or everyone in RFM, in order to help someone else see the light or not die and I wish that more of us ex-Mormons had this attitude, I really do.

Let's be honest, the Mormon Hierarchy's teachings on garments are used as a control tactic, a fear tactic and to make a shit load of money, in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They are the bad guys and the assholes, that perpetuate this bullshit, not us ex-Mormons who talk about it.

Unfortunately, their desire for power, control and filthy lucre, is costing the lives of the innocent people and MISSIONARIES we speak of, that buy their bullshit fairy tale and FPRs, which claim garments will protect you. This is outrageous and tragic and verging on criminal.

Now, any ex-Mormons out there, that want to get pissed off at other ex-Mormons for talking about this openly and freely, whenever they want, and that are not pissed off at the Mormon Hierarchy, need to re-direct their anger and frustration to the correct place, which is the Mormon Hierarchy and get a clue while your at it.

The very fact is that WE(those who are talking about garments, etc) are the ones that actually care tremendously about human life, and that’s why we are trying to point out that the Mormon Hierarchy doesn’t give a shit about human life or who dies or if missionaries get killed, repeating again what M. Russell Ballard said plainly, right after 5 missionaries had been tragically killed, “If there are other missionaries that are HURT or other missionaries that are KILLED, IT WILL NOT STOP THIS WORK.”

He’s the guy you want to go after, he's the cold, callous asshole, not other ex-Mormons that are trying to expose him and his damn cult.

It's guys like Ballard and Hinckley and all the other cronies in the Mormon Hierarchy(going back to horny Joe himself), that knowingly perpetuate their fraud to the world and the teachings like "garments will protect you from harm" and the reason that these missionaries, along with their families are brainwashed, believe they are called of Jesus Christ, have leaders directly led by Jesus Christ and are then subsequently killed on their mission representing the Mormon cult.

If the lies and fraud didn't exist and they weren't brainwashed, they wouldn't have been killed on their missions, plain and simple.

So, how does pointing these facts and truths out, make us not concerned about human life? Has anyone really stopped to think that we do what we do, because we care SO MUCH about human life and we are trying to prevent future tragedies? It’s because “they are and were someone's children, friends, grandchildren, and loved ones” that we do what we do, or at least why I do what I do.

I also added another comment to another post, regarding this issue and specifically, the 2 sisters that were brutally raped in South Africa:

Yeah, according to Molly Jolley, the lovely daughter of Danny Brock, the Mission President in South Africa, gang rapes out on a public street, could happen anywhere, even Bountiful, Utah, where Molly lives.

I'd like someone to please tell me the last time 2 women were robbed, beaten and then gang raped at gunpoint for hours, with one being shot, in broad daylight, right on a main street in Bountiful, like 5th south or 5th west? Yeah, Bountiful is just like South Africa, dumbass!

Molly ended her interview saying:

"Bad things happen everywhere and it's unfortunate. My heart goes out to those poor sisters and their families but THE WORK MUST GO ON."

NICE MOLLY! What love, compassion and understanding....but yeah, the cult must go on.

Her Daddy Danny Brock, right after the brutal attack on the 2 sisters, said:

"They were walking alongside a busy road (the old Harding highway), which they knew well. Moreover, it was one of the busiest times of the day with cars whizzing past. Safer than that, you would not get."

Yeah, apparently not safe enough asshole! Oh by the way, an estimated 1,000,000 plus women a year are raped in South Africa and it is ranked 2nd in the world in murder rate...ARE YOU AWARE OF ANY OF THAT DANNY BOY OR DO YOU JUST NOT GIVE A FLYING SHIT?! NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR YOUR MORMON GOD AND JESUS, RIGHT MR. BROCK?! IN FACT, IT WOULD BE AN HONOR TO BE RAPED AND MURDERED FOR THE MORMON GOD, WOULDN'T IT?

Spencer W. Kimball would certainly agree, and in fact, these two sisters should be ashamed to even be alive at all, because they should have died, fighting off their rapists harder, as Kimball teaches in MOF. Oh yeah and I certainly hope that they didn't "contribute to the foul dead" as Kimball also hopes.

Danny Brock also said:

"Now, they're getting the best care money can buy. When this is over, THEY PLAN TO REMAIN IN SOUTH AFRICA AND COMPLETE THEIR MISSIONARY WORK."

When this is over? When will that be? Oh yeah, being robbed, beaten and gang raped for hours at gun point, with one of them being shot, was just no big deal man and as soon as they heal PHYSICALLY, they'll return to their mission.

Danny Brock is the asshole of the century! Do these cult leaders ever stop for one second to consider the human element of the situation? EVER?!

I can't even imagine the mental, psychological and emotional trauma that these 2 sisters went through and here their President is, covering the Morg's ass at all costs, making sure everyone knows that the sisters are just fine and can't wait to get back on their mission for the Mormon cult and Jesus.

Will the Mormon cult pay their lifelong medical and counseling bills if they need it? Yeah right! Did they stay on their missions? Anyone know? I'm sure they put tremendous pressure on them to do so, as they always do.

Yeah, here's the Mormon cult faith promoting version of what happened, or how they would report it, or what they would want everyone to think was written in the sister's journal entry for that day, in a nutshell:

"Today we went tracting, were walking down a busy street, and we were robbed, beaten, gang raped for hours at gun and knife point and I was also shot. I was so upset, because we had a 3:00 appointment that we weren't able to make...I hope they understand and that we can reschedule.

Anyway, now we are in the hospital, getting the best care money can buy and I can't wait to get back on that same street again, in the rape Capital of the world, where I know that Jesus Christ and my garments will protect me next time, since I'm a representative of Jesus Christ himself and the 'one and only true church on earth.'

I just hope we can get out of the hospital by Thursday, because we have an appointment for the 3rd discussion with a family that is about to get baptized. I'm so blessed to be here and I know that what we experienced will just make us stronger, was meant to be and that lots of good will come from it."

Sick, demented, disgraceful cult of shit! Talk about a complete MIND FUCK!

I think my comments clearly explain how I feel and I'm sure the TBM apologists will have plenty to say, or then again, maybe not. Maybe they'll be too embarrassed? I highly doubt it, as they'll usually defend the Mormon cult at any cost, literally.

I mean hey, if they can defend racism, blood atonement and sex with kids and other men's wives, in the name of their God, by their "Praise to the Man/Greater than Jesus Christ Prophet Joseph Smith", why not defend this, right? This is something minor to them, I'm sure, in the big scheme of the cult.

I look forward to your comments,

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, May 10, 2007 2:31:00 PM, Blogger Demon of Kolob said...

Free ticket to paridise, this was the same promise old horny Joe used to take the virginity of young girls.

At Friday, May 11, 2007 12:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got back from the missionaries funeral. It was a good service and the family is very much convinced that he is on the other side doing missionary work there. The only "authority" that the church managed to send was Merrill J. Bateman of the first quorum of the seventy. It's rather sad, William Tenney Augilau, Jr. gave his life for the church and none of the apostles or first presidency members even bothered to show up.

As Samuel has covered well in previous posts, the funeral was not about the deceased. It was 5% about William, and 95% about the church. It was like an hour and a half long sacrament meeting; enough to last me for several more years. One lady came from Seattle, from the ward William was serving in, and wrote two songs which she sang. They were nice but again, not about him, but about church.

They referred to this tragedy as a blessing to the family. In fact, when the parents flew to Seattle to be with their son before he died, they did not grieve but went out to heal the people of Seattle. I'm not really sure what they meant by that, but they did not grieve like any normal parent would.

One thing they did say about William was that when he was 3 years old, he was dressing up in white shirt, red tie, and ready to be a missionary. He knew when he was that young what the right thing to do was.

I left the service, with not only a numb rear end, but also not knowing hardly any more about William than I did when I went in, which defeats the whole purpose of a funeral in my opinion.

It's truly sad that he had to go at such a young age. It seems that he came from a very large and loving family. I never knew him but he sounded like a very loving and caring person.

At Monday, November 26, 2007 2:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how does Satan convince you to do this stuff? Shame you will waste your life on hate. If YOU truly understood Jesus and what he teaches you also would be ashamed of yourself.

At Monday, November 26, 2007 2:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of you are just Satan's play things.

Are you really that stupid or are you just blindly following this idiot?

At Friday, December 14, 2007 1:59:00 PM, Blogger Garrett said...

I really hope that whatever anger and bitterness you have going on in your life changes and that you start to live a happier life. I find it sad to see people living such pitiful lives that they have to create websites damning other people and their beliefs. I think it is very clear that you are trying to define yourself, which is great. But defining yourself by hating others is really just a waste of potential. I hope you find enough humility to admit what you are doing is wrong. And please don't try and tell us how you are living a great and happy life because you are defined by what you do, and how you present yourself, not by what you think you are.

At Friday, February 01, 2008 11:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a sick individual. Why are you so bent on tearing down other people's faiths? It sounds to me like you need a hug.

At Monday, February 04, 2008 6:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To My Friends of Faith,

Recently a friend at our church brought this "film" to my attention.
Her son apparently was sent this web link from someone.

It's a movie clip (that has been recently released, or is about to,,, I'm not sure),,
anyway, it depicts Mormons as flesh eating ghouls, and it is just awful. www.thebookofzombie.com

On behalf of myself and my husband, and our Mormon friends,
I would like to make sure that young people are NOT subjected to this terrible conception of our faith.

please let me know if you are able to help.

regards, Betty


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