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Will The "MORmON LORD" Step In & Cause Magic To Happen Again..Allowing BYU To Beat Utah Today Because They're "Living Right On & Off The Field?" LOL!!

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Utah Utes-48 BYU bigots-24...WOW...I guess they've been doing some pretty bad things "on and off the field" down there in Provo, because "the 'MORmON' Lord" didn't "step in" and "magic" didn't happen...OOPS...LOL!!

Time to go see your Bishop Austin Collie, along with the rest of the team(especially quarterback Max Hall, who had 4...YES...4 ints and ZERO TDS) that was obviously doing some VERY naughty things, right Austin?

Hey Bronco...what happened to your supposed "Band of Brothers" and "Stripling Warriors", as they got their ASSES KICKED from one end of the field to the other...LOL!!

It reminded me A LOT of the TCU game and how they royally kicked your asses and made Max Hall and company look like the amateur that he is. He's got NO SHOT at the NFL and will go undrafted for sure!!

Thanks for making my day guys...let's do it again next year okay?!!


Or have they NOT been living right "on and off the field" and having dirty thoughts, going on single dates alone with girls, dating interracially or non-members, masturbating(which leads to homosexuality and bestiality, according to their beloved Prophet Spencer W. Kimball), maybe getting some Levi Lovin' on the side, etc?

Well, according to Austin Collie, we'll find out today based on whether they win or loose. I don't even want to know what those BYU players or coaches were involved in that caused them to be embarrassed on national TV, getting their asses handed to them by TCU...can you imagine how naughty they must have been...what was it...32-7...DAMN!!

We're talking serious sins for the MORmON Jesus to punish them that badly and I'm sure their Bishops were very busy(but excited to hear graphic details of their confessions) that week...LOL!!

How about when they got lucky and BARELY beat Washington this year 28-27, exposing them and showing the world how shitty they really are. By the way, as of this week, Washington is 0-10 and their coach has already been fired before the season is even over. He will coach through their last game.

To prove just how shitty BYU are some other samples of Washington's other games this season and how badly they lost:

Oregon-Lost 10-44, Oklahoma-Lost 14-55, Arizona-Lost 14-48, Oregon St.-Lost 13-34, Notre Dame-Lost 7-33, Southern Cal.-Lost 0-56, Arizona St.-Lost 19-39, UCLA-Lost 7-27.

Many of those teams are also pretty shitty!!

BYU beat Utah last year again(November 25, 2007) in football, for the 2nd year in a row and Jesus' star wide receiver Austin Collie, caught a 49 yard bomb, on 4th and 18, as it was BYU's(Jesus') last gasp or they would have lost the game 10-9...which Jesus Christ wasn't about to let happen to his personal football team, that plays, hits, tackles and gets personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in his name, every week.

Do they have to repent and go confess to their Bishop when they crush a guy out of bounds, or put a late hit on quarterback after the whistle, on purpose, with the intent to hurt someone? Do they lose their temple recommends, or get put on probation, disfellowshipped or excommunicated for it?

Just to review, after the game, Austin Collie said what I've posted in this video, basically saying that because he/they(the BYU football players) were living right on and off the field, "The Lord" intervened and made "magic happen" and helped them beat Utah.

Austin Collie Said:

"I wouldn't say it was lucky, I would just say that we just executed the play..uh..well and uh..we should have had another but OBVIOUSLY you know when you're doing what's right on and off the field..uh...I..I think The Lord steps in and...and...uh...plays know...plays a part in that...magic happens."

That should pump up you Ute DAMN SINNERS!!

Austin Collie then responded with the following statement, after being heavily and rightfully criticized and laughed at for his arrogant comment, even accusing everyone that was criticizing him as being racists.(ironic coming from a white dude who is part of one of the most racist, hate-filled churches/cult/universities in the world, with BYU being named after Brigham Young, one of the most racist, hate-filled, bigoted bastards that has ever lived:

"I just think it's absolutely ridiculous that people take something like that and blow it up," he said. "I really think it's because I'm a MORMON WHITE KID from Brigham Young University. Anybody else says that from any other team and it's just how spiritual that guy is."

The flip-side of this little comment and what has pissed off and riled up Utah fans so much(and I don't blame them one bit), is that Austin Collie was basically saying that Utah lost, because THEY WEREN'T LIVING RIGHT!!(or in other words, are mostly non-Mormons who probably have sex out of wedlock, drink, masturbate, have dirty thoughts, etc, in his biased, self-righteous opinion of course)

He later denied that was what he was saying or meant, but it clearly was, as it just popped in his head naturally and then proudly slid out his MORmON mouth, because such statements and thoughts are normal for Mormons, in all of their arrogant "I'm better than the rest of the non-Mormon world", "I have the one and only truth" and "I'm a MORmON 'God-in-embryo'" attitude, that offends so many people.

BYU and UTAH hate each other with a passion and every year they play, it's called "The Holy War." Bronco Mendenhall, the BYU head coach, ridiculously calls his team "the stripling warriors", referring to "the stripling warriors" from The Book of Mormon(who NEVER existed) and makes many other irritating Book of Mormon references all the time.

It would be like Pete Carroll of USC using Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to motivate his team and quoting things publicly that they supposedly said and from their movies and comic books...LOL!! The rest of the world would think he is nuts and insane, just as I'm sure people think about Bronco Mendenhall.

Ironically, and in a twist, the Utah head coach kyle whittingham is a BYU graduate and the last Mormon Prophet of fraud Gordon B. Hinckley, graduated from the University of Utah in 1932 or what Mormons consider to be "Satan's university."


Samuel the Utahnite

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